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  1. Thanks for getting this so quickly
  2. Trainer ID: 27038 Trainer Name: Tom (male) I do not have an AR but I do have access to pokesav.
  3. Recently Ive been trying to get hold of a Chansey or Blissey with Wish. This move was available only through the event a couple years back in NYPC. I would really appreciate it if someone had a sav file of one or even a real one that I would be willing to trade for. Thanks.
  4. Thanks both are working now. I'm running a scarfmence on this set, I've tried it on Shoddy and Its working OK.
  5. I just created a new team on pokesay platinum. It consists of 6 pokemon which were all legal before I changed their stats and EV's etc. I checked the first four on the latest version of the legality checker with no problem however the last two did not seem to be legal. Everything says valid yet at the bottom it says hacked. All the stats are legal and none of them are shiny. Ive posted what comes up in the checker. Starmie and the Salamence Any help would be appreciated.:wink:
  6. Thanks Pingoin07 Is there a specific place where you can find all of the events?
  7. due the fact that the event section seems to be down right now I was wondering if there was anyone out there who can either upload or email a WCS milotic SAV file. Or at the least if someone could tell me when the section will be back up. Thanks:bidoof:
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