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Found 7 results

  1. My friend got a dragonite on the GTS in HG. http://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=2749621 He's the one who got it the ribbons and PKRS, though. So, I was wondering how such an awfully made pkm file could even go on the GTS(Note that it said it was hatched, only I pokecheck wouldn't let me upload it like that, since "Egg recieved" was still "---", so I had to upload it as a gen5 pokémon). I took it's pkm file and opened it in pokégen with "Target game Black/White" selected, and it's name changed into Dragonite, and the OT changed into JEESE. It also lost 2 shiny leaves, which were apparently a glitch. I tried to reverse engineer the process and figured most of the info must be a glitch. However, I tried to make it look more legal, just for the lulz. It seems the trash bytes were completely screwed, so I tried fixing them with TrashBytes.exe, but they're still illegal. http://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=2749653 Any ides on how to fix them? tl;dr What's wrong with this Dragonite(pal parked)? http://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=2749653
  2. Ok, so I've downloaded the Wonder Card package in the Event Contributions thread. There are some events that weren't shared, though, and that I'd like to get. These are the following: I alerady got them over Wi-Fi from people who went to the event, so take all the time you need to get them. The reason why I'm trying to get them is so my friends and my sister can have them. I think this should be the right place to post this, according to the warning message randomspot sent me.
  3. I love Dratini and Dragonair, but Dragonite isn't all that good to me. I think they need to give it one of those special stone evolution forms. Does anyone else support me? EDIT: This idea was started before the movie featuring "Z" was announced. It took a while after the movie was announced for Nintendo to even reveal that it has a new Pokemon in it, so Generation IV was unheard of.
  4. I'm still not sure of the details on how it works on Platinum (the hex values of Pokemon from HGSS transform when put into Platinum...), so I just need this: I'm actually going to put this in Platinum before I transfer it back to HGSS, so... yeah. I need a .pkm for the above. I will also hatch it in HGSS, too. I don't have an AR.
  5. I am simply requesting either just the wonder card to the tru dragonite event if it can be traded over wifi(not sure if it can) or the dragonite itself though it must be completely legit, so that legit checks will not get me booted off of tournaments if I use it. Platinum FC: Silver 5327-7766-3836 Thanks again! :kikkoman:
  6. So here we have two Pokemon that are inevitably compared with each other... [sprite]149[/sprite] [shinysprite]149[/shinysprite] DRAGONITE Type: Dragon/Flying HP: 91 Atk: 134 Def: 95 SpA: 100 SpDef: 100 Spe: 80 BST: 600 Based on the friendly Chinese dragon Advantages: - Looks much cuter - It possess a whole bunch of support moves - It has a much larger offensive movepool - Inner Focus can help against Fake Out users - Is a bit more bulkier than Salamence in general - Can play many roles, such as sweeper, cleric, supporter, wall, etc... - It is friendly to its trainer and saves drowning people - One of the original 150s Disadvantages: - 4x weakness to Ice - Stat distribution suggests offensive beast, but is largely outclassed by Salamence in that manner - Dragon Dance + Outrage combo now stolen by Salamence - Is often looked over for its lack of speed - Evolved from a beautiful elegant blue serpentine dragon into an orange barney-esque Pokemon (LOL) - Ability doesn't help as much as Salamence's - Evolves later than Salamence and is banned in official tournaments - Shiny form looks bizarre (subjective really) [sprite]373[/sprite] [shinysprite]373[/shinysprite] SALAMENCE Type: Dragon/Flying HP: 95 Atk: 135 Def: 80 SpA: 110 SpDef: 80 Spe: 100 BST: 600 Based on the fierce European dragon Advantages: - Looks much tougher - Is a better sweeper overall with more speed and more attack on both sides - Intimidate helps with its physical defense somewhat - Dragon Dancer is very fierce, and outclasses Dragonite's Dragon Dancing sweeperish sets - Specsmence possesses OU's most powerful Draco Meteoring Pokemon - Salamence is able to learn Wish to support its teammates (via event though) - Shiny form actually looks decent for the most part - Learns Fly naturally (for in-game purposes) - Evolves earlier than Dragonite Disadvantages: - 4x weakness to Ice - It's pre-evo had better defense - Has a much smaller movepool than Dragonite - Its role is usually locked into sweeping and stat distribution gives little room for other roles - Can be quite predictable - Can be nasty to its trainer and other Pokes Vote which one you like and give a reason why. I pick Dragonite out of personal preferences. Why? Because it is much friendlier, had a Dragonair in my old RBY versions (never got it to Dragonite stage unfortunately) and its support moves helped me a lot in battling. Salamence is cool, but I prefer old Dragonite.
  7. I know a couple of members here, you may recognise me from the chat on the occasion. Unfortunately the nick Dragonite is already taken so I couldn't use it, and went for my secondary nickname. RJFLA convinced me to sign up so I did So yeah, hi guys, maybe see you around on here and on IRC!!
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