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Found 4 results

  1. well... starters i can't use my AR cord, my computer won't install it so i have to... or atleast it says i had to open the file to get the code, but i can't find the file, i tried lookin for it myself, and using the search option on my computer, can anyone help me? where it will be saved? or called? for what i've done i only edit my pokemon team then went to the main window i clicked on export ARDS code checked the boxes "1st-6th pokemon" and then clicked "save xml" now i can't find the file to get m code
  2. All I can seem to come up with is (Unrestricted). I really want a Timid 10 Aniv Celebi, anyone have any luck coming up with one? :bidoof:
  3. *Edit* Never mind, I figured out the issue and it works now. But, I still can't quite get the IV out of a PID. Could someone that knows make a quick guide how you turn PID into IV? I know and I read on smogon.com about it but it was still complicated to me. I bet you want a taste, well here you go: http://vlacula.no-ip.com/pokemon/pid/?tid=28404&sid=20506&max=20 Basically tid is trainer id, sid is secret id and max is how many results to show. It caps at 5000 because my PHP script can not allocate more space in the memory buffer. It's like a simpler version of the PID calculation program, at least I try to make it like that.
  4. First time poster. So please be gentle. I've read the extensive documentation on various sites and this forum (as well as it's previous incarnation), about PID's. As I understand it, the actual IV value of a Pokemon hatched from an egg, do not match those indicated by the PID. Therefore that PID is generally meaningless (for lack of a better word) in as so far as IV values for hatch eggs dictate, and that the various legality checkers "overlook" these discrepancies in a hatched Pokemon. Having gathered all this... PID generation for eggs are done differently than Wild Pokemon. My primary question: is there a PID generator for eggs floating about? I assume that one simply cannot use any PID they like, when assigning a PID for hatched Pokemon. That is to say: there are legal and illegal PID's for them, correct? Someone advised me, that using a PID in the Pokesav chart for Normal NDS or GBA Pokemon (Type 1), and having those IV values match accordingly for the hatched Pokemon, would be sufficient. Is this true? Can the PID's for hatched Pokemon, match those of Wild Pokemon, and be 100% legal? Regardless if hatched or wild, certain aspects of the PID would always apply: sex and ability for example... so just picking any PID off a chart wouldn't do, if someone is going out of their way to make "perfect forgery" of a Pokemon, correct? tl;dr I wanna have my hatched Pokemon have a valid PID for hatched Pokemon. How do I go about doing that and making sure I'm doing it right (without doing it the legal way of course). I'm merely worried that certain PID's are just impossible for a hatched egg to have and want to avoid them.
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