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  1. oh awesome is there a post on it somewhere when I searched for it I got a crazy amount of hits and It would take me a hell of a long time to find it. a link to the event info would be greatly appreciated. ^^
  2. randomspot555 edit I screwed up a merge, so here's a new thread. Welcome to the Event Questions thread! Before posting or making a thread, these might help more: Save/Ram editing Save/Ram Research (However, Wonder Card/event PKM assistance is on-topic discussion here too. Just make sure there isn't already a thread addressing your concerns) Also, before posting: If what you're going to post could cite discussion, make a thread. If you're just looking for a straight, factual answer, post here. Now ask away about event Pokemon! ***Lupin's original post is below*** Yea hey I heard that Regigigas was released as an event also bringing the other Regi's to the platinum game http://www.pokemonplatinum.com/#/pokemon/regigigas/ this is were I saw it was wondeing if anyone was able to get that pokemon or is able to duplicate the event
  3. Hey sorry if I put this in the wrong forum heading couldn't figure out where to ask PokeSav related questions... Anyway to the question For the Platinum version I noticed there are a couple things that are grayed out so they aren't accessible, such as Event Flags, the Completed version of the pokedex and palpark. I was wondering if that still needs to be coded or if some of them only open up when your sav file has reached a certain point in the game. Thanks
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