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  1. Does anyone know how to create pokemon using PokeGen or another tool for Black/White that will be allowed in random Wi-Fi battles?
  2. Syberia

    About NOK pokemon

    Well technically none of it would be "legal," since a NOK pokemon cannot exist on a non-Korean game without cheating.
  3. Was the Celebi for D/P/Pt/HG/SS or just HG/SS? Also, how do I make an AR code out of a wonder card for HG/SS?
  4. All three of them have a pre-determined PID. Entei will always be Adamant nature with a certain PID, regardless of its IVs. So you are free to change them without worrying.
  5. You can do the same thing if you have Pokesav and watch Kazo's videos. Plus, this is the best way to determine if your opponent is a hacker using illegal stats (which would have been extremely helpful to me last night).
  6. Is there currently a way to put wonder cards into HG/SS saves? As far as I can tell, Pokesav doesn't do it (event edit is greyed out).
  7. Is there an IV Check code for these games yet? I found on somewhere, but it didn't work.
  8. If it evolves, it can get illegal trash bytes if the name of the pokemon it's evolving into is shorter than the name of what it evolved from. Its IVs, PID, and type in legit.exe will not change.
  9. Do you really want battles to be even more dependent on Stealth Rock than they are now? If Ho-oh gets into OU, that's pretty much forcing every team to run Stealth Rock (presumably as a lead, so as not to give Ho-oh any openings, and presumably on a Scarfed pokemon, as to avoid Aerodactyl's Taunt) as well as a Ghost-type to make sure rocks stay down, and on top of that you've still got to actually find a way to switch into and counter Ho-oh without dying with only 4 pokemon left. And just for the record, Ho-oh resists pretty much everything Scizor can throw at it. So whether it survives or not is irrelevant, as it can't actually hurt it.
  10. I hope shiny Altaria keeps a yellow overworld sprite when I have it following me around
  11. Charmander's name is 10 characters long, therefore it has no trash bytes. Legit.exe determines Pal Park country by looking at trash bytes, so if there are none, it can't tell. That's all it means.
  12. You could also use something like Ciro's Pokemon Maker to create a code to change your OT/ID/SID with AR.
  13. Korean characters cannot be displayed on non-Korean pokemon games. They will be displayed as blank spaces, iirc.
  14. Why not have this on NetBattle, and actually use RBY rules and mechanics? That was such a fun generation to play... EDIT: Also, what Varna said. As a totally random side note, I work for the mortgage company taking pictures of houses that are for sale. The other day, I did one on a Varna street. My mind immediately thought "hey, isn't that a Project Pokemon user?"
  15. It is definitely possible to upload videos from a flashcart; your opponent was just using some badly hacked pokemon. That being said, though, the other day I saw an Ultra Ball Celebi in a Battle Recorder video that was uploaded to the GTS. I thought Celebi didn't come in an Ultra Ball?
  16. I could see Donphan surviving in UU without breaking the game. Empoleon and Kingdra would probably end up being banned on power, and Smeargle was getting along fine in the tier for the three months or so before usage kicked him out without any official testing.
  17. I wasn't saying that join date should be the only qualification, I was just using it to address the issue of what's to stop random people from other forums that could meet the qualifications from just signing up to try and influence the process.
  18. I just downloaded the Jirachi card, imported the .pgt into Pokesav Platinum, and exported the code. However, it doesn't work on my (US) Platinum. I've done the exact same process numerous times with D/P, even with Japanese wonder cards, and it's worked just fine. Is there anything I'm missing? And by "didn't work," nothing at all happens when I press L+R.
  19. www.gamebattles.com You might consider starting a team here, and playing on the ladder against other teams. It seems to be along the lines of what you're looking for. The link to the Pokemon ladder is here: http://gamebattles.com/ds/pokemon-diamondpearlplatinum/ladder/singles?season=1156
  20. Usage does not equal power. Scizor is used a lot because it fills the role of revenge killer/dragon resist better than just about anything else, but it's far from broken. Hell, it even has a few 100% paper counters, which is better than we can say for the likes of Gengar or Lucario, and even they do not deserve to be uber. As I just pointed out in another post, the main place we can differ from Smogon, for the better at least as I see it, is in regards to the UU/OU split. Under Smogon's system, usage determines everything, and pokemon such as Yanmega seem destined to constantly walk the line between UU and OU, being moved up and down repeatedly as new usage statistics come out. Surely it's not only myself who sees this whole process as just a bit ridiculous. There's no reason pokemon like Yanmega can't simply stay in the UU tier regardless of fluctuations in usage from one month to the next. Usage is a good enough proxy for power that we can use it as a starting point, and by that I mean that pokemon that get low enough in usage should be tested in the UU tier. If they're not broken, that's where they stay, regardless of whether or not they rise back up to the 49th or 50th spot in OU during any given month. By using this process, we'll end up with a larger, more stable, and hopefully more balanced lower tier than Smogon could ever come up with. IMO, tiering based on power and performance, especially since I have just outlined a feasible way to go about doing it, is a much better alternative than simply falling back on the old rhetoric that "usage = power." As I've pointed out above, anyone that's ever used Scizor knows that it's simply not true. Before anyone tries to argue the trivial point that it's called overused and underused, I know that. Since I'm obviously saying that there's a better way to go about doing this than simply counting up usage, I'm not opposed to changing the names of the tiers if it comes to that. In regards to the whole Wi-Fi vs. Shoddy argument, I treat them as the same metagame. I prefer Wi-Fi, but my preference has nothing to do with legitimacy. I prefer it simply because the interface is much better, the mechanics are guaranteed to be 100% correct (except I wish they'd fix that unfortunate Pursuit/weather glitch), and it's much easier in general to tell what's going on. I battle with hacks if I need to, I'm sure I play against just as many, and in the end as long as everyone's moves and stats are legal, it's still pokemon.
  21. A vote is the only reliable and unbiased way of doing things. Sure there's going to be debate and discussion, but if you start following Smogon's lead of restricting voters based on their ability to make a "well-reasoned argument," you run into the problem of you simply cannot judge what is a "well-reasoned argument" without injecting personal bias into the process on the part of the judge. What one person thinks is a good argument, another might reject for whatever reason. Of course, you could follow the Smogon method of pretending the judge is infallible and infracting anyone who attempts to insinuate otherwise, but I hope we're above that type of elitism here, and realize that everyone has their own personal biases, no matter how "fair" they may claim to be, and whether they even realize they have them or not. Using certain set "criteria of being uber" also introduces a ridiculous amount of bias into the system from the beginning, as by requiring people to adhere to them when making their arguments already restricts their thinking to within predetermined limits, and if you think something should be uber for a different reason, you're forced to try and make it "fit" into one of the existing criteria, and more than likely will not get their vote counted. Now, of course, I'm not saying that we should not debate and discuss the issue of pokemon tiering. Of course we should, and I'd encourage potential voters to look over the arguments, I'm sure in some cases they might even change their minds. A requirement of a certain rating, or at the very least, a certain deviation/games played is a nice way to ensure the voters have the necessary experience, without injecting bias and subjectivity into the process. Unless you want Breloom ripping through teams unchecked (and Darkrai doing the same thing in Ubers), I strongly urge you to consider Sleep Clause to be a standard rule as well. The others like OHKO clause and evasion clause are at least debatable, although I'd be in favor of implementing both of them. Species Clause, I agree with you. If you start allowing people to carry more than one of a pokemon, the game utterly stops being competitive, with matches being decided almost entirely on what pokemon the players brought to the table, before any fighting actually begins. "You have to have registered before xxx date in order to vote." Stops people from signing up accounts just to make their voice heard. If you're not a part of the community, you don't get to make decisions for the community. I have to disagree with your proposed method for the reasons I've hopefully made clear above. "Knowledge of competitive battling" and "...helpfulness" are very vague terms, and in a sense still put the decision in the hands of those who are "in charge" of the forum, just one step removed since they're now determining who gets to vote, as opposed to simply voting amongst themselves. If the game is going to be played and enjoyed by all, decisions about how it is going to be played should be made by the players themselves. I don't see any reason at all why a pokemon can't exist "in two tiers." For example, if Roserade began in UU, and through testing proved itself to not be broken in that tier, but suddenly a rash of people began using Roserade in OU, there is no need to immediately kick it out of the lower tier because of something as arbitrary as people used it more. Nothing about Roserade itself has actually changed to make it better or worse, in actuality it's probably the OU tier, or simply the style of battling or teams used by the majority of players, that changed. By testing each pokemon in UU as it's moved down, and then allowing them to stay if they've proven themselves to not break the metagame, regardless of arbitrary fluctuations in usage, we can actually create a larger, more stable and balanced tier, instead of the state of constant flux that Smogon seems content to maintain. By using this method, we'd take usage as a starting point, but in the end, through testing, we'd establish tiering by a pokemon's actual power and performance, rather than simply using usage as a proxy for such.
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