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  1. Not sure. I always choose grass type starter. Chespin?
  2. Ah of course the Dream world ... *fell idiot* I rarely go on that site. Thanks.
  3. Not sure if we need to create a topic to say it but ... A promotional code is send via email to people who buy Pokemon b2/w2 on amazon.uk and T'RU in German. (To get a Pikachu) "Old" information from Serebii.net (Monday and Thursday) I know. Not the thread to talk about that ... Then event question ! How to use this promo code in game? oO
  4. http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-news/op_2012_league_pokemon_distribution-2012-11-13/ Nobody talk about this cool Pokemon? If you participate to Pokemon League and have a Pokemon Trainer Club account you could receive a red scrizor ! Yeah red ! ... Between December 20, 2012, and February 21, 2013, visit the Pokémon Global Link to get Scizor. He know: - Poursuit - Stell Wing
  5. Here is Keldeo from Belgium. The only date to get it. I don't check if it's the same ID than France version but I guess yes. 7hour to get it uff ... Enjoy ! I know someone who get the event with different version (Spain, Dutch, etc ...) That's work. Keldeo Belgium..zip
  6. Sure. Belgium event is always the same than France for the south part and English for the north part. Edit: Belgium Keldeo uploaded in Contribution thread. Enjoy.
  7. Keldeo in Belgium. 1 day only. (6 oct.) In Fnac and Makro.
  8. If nobody can get the switzerland Keldeo I going to try to get it. Not sure ... But if it's ok I try with different versions (french, spain, english ...)
  9. http://ja.pokemon-gl.com/#/information/405 Hey. If I'm not wrong here is a link about a guide with a code to unlock a special Gothorita on DW. Egg move "Mirror Coat" and DW Special Cap Shadow Tag. PS: Since I'm not really good in japanese I let you update my post.
  10. Yep sorry. ^^" Some hour. The day was correct when I checked the last nigth. 5-8 July !
  11. Pokegen. But I check again and the hour was wrong. Sorry. << *fixed*
  12. Japan expos officially open 5 july. (to 8july) Edit: I don't know why the card say 07-04-2012 ... My ds said 07-05-2012. I checked before to download.
  13. Strongest Pikachu (France Japan expo) -Lv:100 -Move: Volt Tackle Thunder Grass Knot Quick attak. -DO: ÉTÉ2012 -ID: 70120 -Event Ribbon -Item: Light Ball
  14. I'm back. Thanks for the update. I upload the Pikachu.
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