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  1. I figured out the problem, I'll update in 24 hours. Thanks guys. EDIT: Uploaded fix, my check sum line was missing "Csum +" so it ended up as the last two bytes every time.
  2. @Bond I have time now, I'll make an arithmetic function and re-up the program. @Juan There is a check in the program that won't make a VRD if are no Pokemon are present for the battle. I can't imagine anyone having a legit replay with Pokemon in it. EDIT: The "with non-bitwise" zip has both, tested on Vista 32bit.
  3. Ouch, I can't do 64 bit, and I know now it is the decryption that's messing up. 64-bit utilizes a different bit count for variables, and I'm using a bit-wise command for decryption. I'll see if I can get it going without the said command.
  4. Hmm, it could be OS issues, are you running Mac or Linux? I can't test on those myself, so the road to fixing there is bumpy.
  5. Its going nowhere, eviction sucks, it sucks out time I don't really even have in the first place. This program has an ETA of "When have a real amount of free time available and I can grab my programming computer out of storage." I'll find the old one and put it back in a couple of days when I get back to a computer with my drive.
  6. I will get it back, I'm working on a GUI for that reason, but life has caught up to me and I've been very busy. I should have much progress if not done by the end of August. I really don't feel like putting up the first one I made again, it was one of those "Holy Crap!" moments and it's actually horrible. Don't expect anything over the weekend, I'm actually not going to be able to touch my computer.
  7. I just tested against the GTS with a few replays holding my Latios edited in various ways with something at would be advantageous in battle: Edited final stats (SpA at 255 at Lv 50 - Original is 162) Illegal Ability (Wonder Guard) Illegal Move (Sheer Cold) EV cap (Additional 255 EVs in ATT) Illegal PID/IV combo (Random generation and checked against the equated generations) Only the last one, the PID/IV combo got through, the rest said on uploading that there was "something wrong" with the Pokemon, not the replay itself. I made the replays in frontier, Battle Hall I believe. (go in with
  8. The Structure goes: (and there are buffers in between some blocks) Opening buffer, some throw off bytes to prevent guess and checks. Both Trainer's Names (or all four in mutli battles) Trainer's eye's commands Trainer's eye's opponent's commands Trainer's eye's battle necessary PKMs Trainer's eye's opponent's battle necessary PKMs Owner of video's name End buffer. That's how the main block lays out, how the battle's choices are recorded are in words, like in a single battle, say my first move is (01 01), that's attack, first attack option on the current Pokemon, then say my next is (0
  9. Updated with an additional requested program, details in first post.
  10. The small problem is the large amount of implementation, I'd have to check for the video being yours, being a native video, and other small things. Although, if I get this program the way I want, it would end up bypassing every check except owner's name, but you can change yours in the .sav and thus extract the .pkm files. So, until I finish or come close, I won't put the .pkm extraction back up and it'll be up for debate. I also noted that this was intended for Platinum, no guarantee on HGSS, and that would come after GUI. You can grab replays from Wifi from HGSS to Platinum. Small updat
  11. Ok, I'll update next with a backup/upload for .vrd files, and the current .vrd files are still encrypted, and it'll be best to leave it that way. I'll take my current file down for now to prevent stolen PKMs in this moment of time. I'll update with an option box for upload/backup, and do an open box to a save box. Eventually I'll make a simple GUI that tells what the replay is like the in-game Vs. Recorder.
  12. Yes, it's your PID to IVs, to make it hatched, do both dates, met at let = 0, Met = 4, Hatched = 2000. For "apparently met" you need the OT, TID, SID, OT Gender, Region, and Hometown to be the same as the cart you want it on. It will always be "apparently met" to everyone else, because the idea is if you didn't catch it, you don't "know" for sure so it is "word of mouth."
  13. After starting since I made the ShinyViaSID Program, I've been working on getting the Vs Recorder data cracked (Early April-ish...) Thanks to KazoWar for confirming my theory of replays containing PKMs. I just finished the cracking part at 2 AM today, and I have a presentable program for placing the recorded fights into individual files which I placed the extension: .vrd (Vs Recorder Data). Pick a .sav file and it should take out all 4 of you videos, named accordingly to placement. Now extracts PKMs using a GUI. Because of B/W progress, there should be little issue with this program. It o
  14. I was working on a rental system, but it isn't finished and is now a halted project. I have up to 151 done, I just need to make the PKMs and then I could get the AR code for you. I should have that ready for you if you'd like to even test out that by Sunday.
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