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Found 7 results

  1. I made a Latios and I just want anybody to check whether something's wrong with it. Its from GBA Emerald, so I putted it on Pal Park, and its got ''Type: Never Seen This. A-B-D-C'' and I don't know what it means. Btw this is my first time post on the forum so I wish i could get a help. Tnx Latios 2 (test).pkm
  2. From what I hear, the VS Recorder that allows you to record and upload video of your pokemon battles checks the legitimacy of your pokemon and your opponent's and if this is something out of place, it will state an error in either your party or their's. Now, I haven't used Platinum or anything of the sort, but I was wondering how efficient is this VS Recorder. Meaning, does everything have to be authentically made in order to pass through? I was hoping if someone could check by doing battles with a clearly hacked pokemon (IVs are to the extreme, EVs, etc.) A pokemon with generated PID/IV values and origins are all in-place, but no hex values AT ALL! And a perfectly legit pokemon. Thanks D:
  3. Alright as i posted in my private message, all of these were supposidly deemed hacked, but I checked them via legal and they check out. What do you think? Pokémon PCNY Letter ID Gloom a 408 Crawdunt c 602 Altaria D 71 Absol c 167 Absol d 3 Seviper c 169 Seviper d 2 Kingdra d 87 Flygon c 161 Milotic d 676 Exploud b 59 Shedninja b 93 Seadra d 69 Zangoose d 21
  4. Hi I have an AR and Pokesav, and wanted to hack check some stuff i got in a trade with legality checker. You have to use pkm files, how do i get them from my ds onto the computer?? really confused on this one? is there a setting on the pokesav which i need to do ? thanks for your help guys xxx
  5. First of all hi to every1 in this site:), second, can some1 Plz check these pokes for me and if there is something wrong can you help me fix it , BTW they are PalParked....soo I'm pretty sure i did something wrong there ? <<< Yours, Sarutan Shinigami MadeFromScratchPokes(GBA).rar
  6. I have 2 10th Deoxys. I've tried to get them checked before but I've been busy, could anyone check these? I believe they look ok in Sav and legal but I haven't checked them beyond that. 10th Deoxys Quirky 071507.pkm 10th Deoxys Impish 071407.pkm
  7. shiny garchomp lvl 100 Stats: lvl: 100 attack: 376 defense: 212 speed: 247 hp: 334 sp attack: 187 sp defense: 186 Ev's: attack: 252 defense: 75 speed: 55 hp: 125 sp attack: 0 sp defence: 0 Iv's: attack: 29 defense: 26 speed: 28 hp: 30 sp attack: 19 sp defense: 21
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