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Found 7 results

  1. Okay, gonna need some help. This is on an actual cart, for ADV OU. Here's what I have: SnorlaXBOX (Snorlax) @ Leftovers Ability: Thick Fat Nature: Adamant IVs: 31/31/31/10/31/30 EVs: 118/68/136/0/176/20 - Curse - Body Slam - Earthquake - Rest SnorlaXBOX really rocks in the Battle Tower, even making a surprisingly good lead. In fact, he got me 105 straight wins (and counting!). He switches in on special hits, sponges them, and proceeds to set up. Purty (Swampert) @ Leftovers Ability: Torrent Nature: Relaxed IVs: 31/31/30/31/31/30 EVs: 250/0/220/40/0/0 - Earthquake - Ice Beam - Toxic - Protect Purty is my defensive pivot. He sponges physical attacks and threatens their users. I also use him to (A) kill bulky opponents with Toxic, or (B) Get opponents to Rest so SnorlaXBOX can come in and set up. Shifu (Alakazam) @ Lum Berry Ability: Synchronize Nature: Timid IVs: 31/14/31/31/31/31 EVs: 6/0/0/252/0/252 - Calm Mind - Psychic - Fire Punch - Thunderpunch Shifu is either my lead or my secret weapon. I set up with Calm Mind if I think the opponent is going to status me, or I simply 1HKO them. Great at stopping Crobats in the frontier, and surprisingly good at putting pressure on the opponent. Now, I'm also planning on using these three. Picasso (Smeargle) @ Salac Berry Ability: Own Tempo Nature: Jolly/Timid IVs: 31/x/31/x/31/31 EVs: 96/0/120/0/40/252 - Spore - Substitute - Belly Drum - Baton Pass Picasso will pass Belly Drums to Medicham, but I'm kinda confused on how to use him. Smogon says to "send out Smeargle against a slow threat and use Substitute". But wouldn't they just break my Substitute as soon as I put it up? Wouldn't Spore be better the first turn? Or am I supposed to use Substitute when I predict a switch? JackieCham (Medicham) @ ? (Scope Lens/Salac Berry/Focus Band) Ability: Pure Power Nature: Jolly IVs: 31/31/31/x/31/31 EVs: 6/252/0/0/0/252 - Brick Break - Rock Slide - Shadow Ball - Substitute Picasso will pass Belly Drums to JackieCham. The attacking moves are for coverage, and Substitute over Focus Punch because (A) I have terrible prediction, and (B) for the emergencies where Picasso can't pass his sub, or even worse, anything at all. Krayt (Tyranitar) @ ? (Leftovers/Starf Berry) Ability: Sand Stream Nature: Naughty IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31 EVs: 6/252/0/0/0/252 - Dragon Dance - Rock Slide - Earthquake - Ice Beam Krayt is basically the finisher. By the time he's out, nothing will be left to stop him. Please rate! I was thinking of replacing Smeargle and Medicham with Salamence and Metagross, but I like the ability to 1HKO everything in OU.
  2. I personally feel that Typhlosion hasnt gotten enough credit for its own abilities. I would not be posting this thread without support, which is as follows: Typhlosion has good base stats: 78 HP, 84 Atk, 78 Def, 109 Sp Atk, 85 Sp Def, 100 Spd. With the base stats it has, it is cut out for special sweeping in higher tiers. Typhlosion has a good move pool, including Fire, Psychic, Grass, Electric, normal, ghost, fighting, Ground, Dark, Rock, and even steel type moves, shown below (the best of each for the most part) Fire- Eruption, Flare Blitz Psychic- Extrasensory (HGSS) Grass- Solar Beam Electric- Thunder Punch Normal- Headbutt, Hyper Beam, Double Edge Ghost- Shadow Claw Fighting- Focus Blast, Brick Break Ground- Earthquake Steel- Gyro Ball Rock- Rock Slide, Rollout Dark- Fling (chuck a flame orb at face?!) There are no types that typhlosion cant do a single thing against (Dragons are usually flying in standard, thus rockslide is best, Water can be taken care of with thunderpunch or solar beam, steel by eruption, psychics by shadow claw, darks by focus Blast, Dark/Ghosts by a neutral eruption.) Sure, it has the weakness to stealth rock, but i dont think that alone is enough to knock it down to the BL tier. Typhlosion has the versatility to be a jack of all trades for a team that needs to cover two or more types at once. It also handles most Standard pokemon well (depending on moveset), and on serebii.net, apparently has a shallow move pool? 11/18 types isnt shallow to me... its not the deepest, but it isnt shallow by any means.
  3. FC in sig. pure standard please.
  4. ok so this is one of my many teams that i have made but is on a losing streak atm and i just want to know what i should change.... At the glance: Weavile , Porygon Z , Kingdra , Scizor , Dusknoir , T-tar :bidoof: The Lead Weavile @ Focas Sash Ability: Pressure EV's: 4 hp,252 atk 252 speed Nature: Hasty(+spe -def) -Fake Out -Counter -Nightslash -Taunt Ok well they story on Weavile is pretty simple i tested a ton of leads/anti-leads before and found that a fake-out lead was amazing so i tested a few and found weavile to be the most usefull with counter.. The Special sweeper.. PorygonZ @ Choice scarf Ability: Download Ev's: 4 def /252 spA/ 252 speed Nature: Modest ( +spA - atk) -Tri Atk -Thunder bolt -Ice beam - Hidden Power Fighting Well this is a strange story with porygon Z.. i was with my old team and it lacked a special sweeper so thats when I started using it and it is amazing, i love this ugly duck -.^~. The Dragon Dance sweeper... Kingdra @ Leftovers Ability: Sniper Ev's: 4 hp 252 atk 252 speed Nature: Adamant( +atk -spA) -Yawn -Dragon Dance -Outrage -WaterFall Well in this case i used to have a gyarados instead but later used a kingdra ( i forgot why but i did) anyways it has been good but i dont know if i should put back gyarados or something different x.x; The Choice Banded poke' Scizor @ Choice Band Ability: Technician Ev's: 248 hp/ 252 atk / 8 speed Nature: Adamant(+atk -spA) -U-Turn -Bullet Punch -Brick Break -Pursuit Scizor i have used a long time and i mainly it as a pursuit'er sometims bulletpunch is usefull and U-Turn for celebi but pursuit is what i mainly use it for..... If I should change it then i dont mind so much o-o;. The Wall/Tank Dusknoir @ Leftovers Ability: Pressure Ev's: 252 hp, 28 atk, 228 def Nature: Impish(+Def -spA) -Pain Split -Wil-o-wisp -Shadow Sneak - Fire Punch hm.With Dusknoir I lacked a wall and wanted one to also be offensive so thats why i chose it. Painsplit/Shadow Sneak Combo is extreamly effectiv and helpful... anyways it is a good pokemon to have and thats pretty much it.. Wil-o-wisp is for pokemon like t-tar and salamence where Fire Punch wont help....yeah thats pretty much it, lol.. The Physical Tank o_o Tyranitar @ Leftovers Ability: Sand Stream Ev's: 6 hp, 252 atk, 252 speed Nature:Adamant(+atk -spA) -Crunch -Stone Edge -EarthQuake -DragonDance Well i like t-tar alot... it is just so epic...anyways after a Dragon Dance This thing Kills anything in sight...anyways i would change it if needed.. Anyways please rate it and give me a good reason to change if needed
  5. Pokemon Platinum marks the newest phase in the Pokemon Metagame. For a long time, a website named Smogon has been put in charge of organizing the competitive Pokemon scene. Smogon can be related to Smashboards in terms of importance and influence. It has been accepted throughout the Pokemon community that whenever two people battle with each other they follow what we call "Standard Rules." These rules have been fashioned by Smogon.com to ensure the balance of battle. Here is what these rules contain: No Ubers First and foremost, Standard rules deny the usage of Uber Pokemon. These Pokemon overcentralize the standard gameplay and have been deemed too powerful. - Arceus - Darkrai - Deoxys (all forms) - Dialga - Garchomp - Giratina (Both forms) - Groudon - Ho-oh - Kyogre - Latias (with Soul Dew) - Latios - Lugia - Manaphy - Mew - Mewtwo - Palkia - Rayquaza - Shaymin (Sky Form only) - Wobbuffet - Wynaut Why are Garchomp and Wobbuffet banned? Garchomp and Wobbuffet/Wynaut are the only two/three Pokemon deemed Uber who are not legendary. Both have similar reasons. Neither of them have counters. Wobbuffet's ability, Shadow Tag, prevents switch-outs and draws battles into unneccessary lengths of time. Garchomp's ban was established a few months after the dreadul "Yachechomp" set was created. Yachechomp is the name for a Garchomp holding a Yache Berry, one of the 16 berries that decreases the damage of a super effective attack. Yache Berry decreases the power of Ice attacks. This berry essentially makes it so that no Pokemon can successfully switch into battle against Garchomp and defeat him. Evasion Clause Moves that boost evasion, such as Double Team and Minimize are not allowed. Abilities that boost evasion such as Snow Cloak and Sand Veil are still allowed. The item Bright Powder is also still allowed. The reasoning behind this is simple. If moves like these were allowed, the gameplay would be overcome with poor accuracy and would essentially turn into a game based solely on luck. Freeze Clause No two Pokemon may be frozen at the same time. There is no move as of current time that solely freezes a Pokemon, therefore this Clause cannot be enforced except for in controlled environments such as Battle Revolution and Shoddy. OHKO Clause Moves that cause a one-hit KO such as Sheer Cold and Fissure are not allowed. Similar to the Evasion Clause, luck should not win a battle but rather strategy. Sleep Clause The players may not put more than one Pokemon on the opponent's side to Sleep. The move Rest is not affected by this Clause. If it were not for this clause, Pokemon like Breloom, Butterfree and Darkrai would run rampant putting everything they see to sleep, preventing the player from essentially doing anything. Species Clause No two Pokemon of the same species may be used on the same team. For example, two Gardevoirs would violate this clause but a Gardevoir and a Gallade does not. This is because teams are suited for countering specific Pokemon only once. A team of Zapdoses would essentially require everyone to have a Blissey. It would destroy the balance of the metagame, and just imagine a team of 6 Arceus. Self KO Clause If both players have only one Pokemon remaining in battle moves that KO the user, such as Explosion or Destiny Bond, are not allowed. If a player uses a move that causes recoil damage such as Flare Blitz ends the game in both Pokemon fainting, the player that attacked LAST is announced the winner. This is largely because the player knows full well before hand that a move like Flare Blitz will have the chance of fainting their Pokemon. This clause is also available in PBR. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In addition to the Standard rules, there are also some clauses people may initiate when starting a battle. They include the following: Item Clause A Clause heavily enforced by all official Nintendo tournaments. Players are not allowed to have two or more of the same item on any of their Pokemon. Few players will initiate this rule, largely due to leftovers being very popular. Hax Clause This Clause bans the use of the items listed below: - Brightpowder - Quick Claw - Focus Band - King's Rock The reasoning behind Hax Clause is similar to the Evasion Clause. Either way, most of the time the player using Hax items would get a far larger advantage if they were to use an item like Life Orb or Leftovers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tiers There are currently six tiers in addition to the aforementioned Ubers Tier. They are Overused (OU),Underused (UU), Borderline (BL), Neverused (NU) and Not Fully Evolved (NFE). A Pokemon's ranking is determined by their overall usage. Obviously, the strongest Pokemon are used the most. Pokemon like Yanmega are strong but they are just not used that often, typically as a result of how other Pokemon are used. Even though there are six tiers, there are only three styles of gameplay. "Ubers" enable the usage of every Pokemon available. Obviously, the best Pokemon to use are in the Uber Tier which was previously mentioned. "Standard" is the style of gameplay most people play with. All Pokemon are permitted to be used in this style of gameplay except for Ubers. This is the default mode every player uses unless the player specifically states that they want to play "Ubers" or "UU" "UU", or "UU/NU" gameplay is a mode where Uber, OU and BL Pokemon are all banned. These are the tiers as of April 15 2009. Overused: Borderline: Underused: Neverused: Not Fully Evolved: Well, thats it. These are the rules we all play by. Check Smogon.com for more information. As time progresses, standards change.
  6. All art is from random google search and hosted via free image hosting. Most of it is chosen for the creep factor. But credit is given when I know who to give it to. Starting out is: Bugman the Flygon w/ Choice Scarf Adamant Levitate 82 HP/252 atk/176 speed - Earthquake/Fire Punch - Outrage - U-Turn - Thunder Punch My beautiful lead. I originally had many more EVs dumped into HP so I could outrun Lead Aerodactyl, but then I figured that I wanted this guy around to be my all around revenge killer. Even though Earthquake gets STAB, I started out using Fire Punch to revenge kill Scizor. And my thought process is Heatran is never going to stay in on EQ anyway. But I've found it to be more than useful in a few Wi-Fi matches and Battle Tower runs. I almost always U-Turn right out, since Flygon usually can't score a KO. Then I switch to an appropriate counter. It hits 420 speed, so it really doesn't have anything else to outrun as a lead, besides the occasional Scarf Gengar. Usually, I u-Turn out to this d00d: Weird the Bronzong w/ Light Clay or Leftovers Careful Levitate 88 HP/252 atk/110 Defense/60 Special Defense - Reflect - Stealth Rock/Light Screen - Explosion - Hypnosis Comes in on Flygon, sets up Stealth Rock. Maybe fire off a Hypnosis and sets up a Screen. I've been contemplating Leftovers, since fire moves are running rampant, and what's the point in having a screen or two if you can't survive to set it up. 252 atk is just for a powerful explosion, though I'm considering making it less to get some more bulk out of it. Hypnosis is chosen because Bronzong can usually afford to take some hits, so it can afford to miss once. *credit to Arkeis*ICANFLY! the Claydol w/ Leftovers Bold Levitate 252 HP/252 DEF/6 Sp Atk - Calm Mind - Ice Beam - Earth Power - Rapid Spin While none of my team is weak to SR, it still piles up damage. And it's nice to get rid of spikes. This d00der comes in on Skarmory, takes no damage from spikes and resists SR, spins away, and after a few Calm Minds, can take special hits pretty well. I am considering some EVs in Sp Def, so any recommendations are welcome. The attacks are the best I could do. Ice Beam prevents dragons (sans Kingdra) from coming in unharmed, while Earth Power is there so Heatran won't get the last laugh. The star of the team: *Credit to Deviant Art, to give the "talented" artists a place to be restricted to. Wizard the Tyranitar w/ Leftovers Careful Sand Stream 74 HP/252 atk/8 Def/176 Sp Def - Curse - Sub - Brick Break/Fire Punch - Crunch I originally had Fire Punch, but then it wasn't doing me much. With Brick Break, I can hit Scizor for neutral damage, and Heatran for SE. Crunch for STAB and it has more PP than Payback. And I chose Brick Break over Superpower because of the defense/atk drop, and to break down screens. This guy is so awesome. Screw the DD set. Curse is where it's at. All it really needs is other Pokes to come in and take care of status. I am considering lowering the attack to sink more either into defense or HP. I'm already covered on special defense due to Claydol, and my 6th member. The key to playing Tyranitar is to not come in too early. Too early, and it could get hit with status, or someone has a great counter. Both of these make it harder to get 2-3 Curses in. Also, because two attacks don't allow a lot for coverage. Heatran w/ Choice Scarf Modest Flash Fire 252 sp atk/252 speed/6 HP - Fire Blast - Dark Pulse - Earth Power - Will O Wisp/Overheat/Heat Wave/ Standard set. It's also a revenge killer, but it's mainly here to take poison and fire hits, because my origianl team had a massive fire (And bug) weakness. I'm probably going to end up going for a more defensive set, perhaps a RestTalker. Suggestions are welcome. Heatran's move pool kind of sucks. The 4th slot here is basically filler. Overheat can burn at 30%, Will O Wisp if I think I'm forcing a switch, Heat Wave because why not? *Credit to DEviant Art for creepy picture* Suicune w/ Leftovers Bold Pressure 252 HP/252 Def (no others, from a trade from eons ago) - Calm Mind - Protect - Ice Beam - Surf Not only was my old team heavily fire weak, but it was bug weak too. Which meant Scizor could rip through it. So here is my check on Scizor. Since it already needs 2 calm minds to do any worthwhile damage to non SE hits, I'm thinking of turning it into a complete support set. Or maybe digging through my boxes and see if I have any other options so I can EV train a new one to run Calm Mind. Mybe this 252/252 spread could run a nice Mirror Coat, Swagger, Roar, Toxic set? It might get replaced by Marvel Scale Rest Talk Milotic. Maybe. Overall, I got the following things covered with my team: Status: No one can really absorb sleep or paralysis, unless I change Suicune or Heatran to RestTalk. But Suicune won't mind the paralysis, and T-Tar's sub prevents status altgoether. Heatran absorbs fire, and all steels absorb toxic. Other weaknesses: Bronzong and Flygon cover ground weakness, Heatran covers fire and can take a variety of other hits, Suicune doesn't resist much but is incredibly bulky. Flygon revenge kills like nothing matters. Tyranitar will stay out of danger so it can keep changing weather patterns in my favor. My original team included the following: Skarmory w/ Leftovers Impish Keen Eye 252 HP/252 DEF/6 sp DEF - Roost/Counter - Stealth Rock - Spikes - Roar I quickly ditched Counter because I wasn't taking much damage from physical attacks. It served it's purpose well, but it mostly just sat there. It could still be viable on this team, but I'm not sure how beneficial it would be. This is why Bronzong now carries SR. Though if I continue to fail to set up screens and explode, this guy might make his way back. Torterra w/ Leftovers Impish Overgrow 212 HP/252 DEF/44 Speed - Leech Seed - Protect - Earthquake - Wood Hammer Standard set from Smogon. 44 Speed didn't help at all in outrunning Swampert. I guess most are running more speed nowadays. Otherwise it just added another fire and bug AND Ice weak Poke. I got Leech Seed off quite a few times, but I'm not sure how worth it it was. It could force switches because of Leech Seed, but other Pokes can do that too. So, go on, rate the team.
  7. Hey guys, thankyou to anyone who reads this even if you can't help Basically my problem is every time I load my save file into pokesav it comes up gibberish =] messed up pokemon and weird 'default' settings, because of this i can never load my save file back into platinum no matter what i do (the game starts from the beginning as if there is no save file, luckily i do have a backup) the save file i'm using works fine, i've just got my pokedex and pokeballs and one pokemon, but when i load my save into pokesav it says i have no pokemon and puts me somewhere screwey on the map =D so the first thing for me to try would be if anyone could tell me what to put into each of the boxes to have a foundation to start from (yeah i know its a pain in the backside but i tried changing all the obvious ones and still my save file wont load after i edit it) perhaps i'm doing something wrong, if anyone could think of something off the top of their heads that i could be doing wrong i'll put the time in to trouble shoot it lastly i'd like to add that i'm pretty sure i had it configured right at one point because i did manage to get all the pokeballs onto a previous save though the pokemon i added to my party never showed up oh and my overall goal is simply to get the other two starters and 995 masterballs...thats it =/ thanks guys =]
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