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  1. I'm really excited for your SM hack. I loved what you did to the trainers in Star Sapphire. I haven't come across a romhack with this much effort and thought put into trainer teams, which made battles a lot more enjoyable than before. There was a lot of variety and gimmicky teams that threw me off-guard like the Cosmic Power/Stored Power Sigilyph that easily walled my team, so battles usually felt fresh. If there was one part which I was slightly disappointed with, it was the Elite Four, as by that point, single battles became too easy to cheese with the available options in terms of moveset and Pokemon. The AI almost never switches, making it easy to set up in its face with Swords Dance/Dragon Dance etc and sweep. I found much success in Pokemon that could tank and setup such as Gliscor and Aegislash, although they weren't all-powerful due to Ice Beam and Earthquake being very commonly used coverage moves. I compared this to my experience with Eternal XY, which had Doubles, Triples and Rotations in the E4, which prevented single battle AI cheese and made them much more challenging in terms of teambuilding and actual battling. A team which is geared towards singles is often extremely susceptible to being overpowered by Doubles and Triples strategies such as weather, Perish Trapping, Trick Room, Tailwind and weird gimmicks like Justified/Beatup combo. Hoping to see NS/UM build upon the good stuff in RR/SS and iterate upon the weaknesses.
  2. How difficult is this romhack compared to Dio Vanto's? I quite enjoyed Star Sapphire's difficulty but it has a gamebreaking bug right before the Sootopolis gym that pretty much killed my motivation to continue.
  3. Seconding this as well. Just caught Kyogre on Star Sapphire and now tapping on AreaNav crashes the game instantly. EDIT: I reloaded a backup save that still had the AreaNav working. I can confirm that the AreaNav works up until Kyogre is captured/defeated, then after the cutscene it will always crash the game when tapped on the touchscreen.
  4. Hunting for the Covenant Ore in Castelia Sewers for a couple hours now... I'm starting to think that there's an error in the documentation. It says a Calcium was changed to a Covenant Ore in the sewers but checking Serebii and Bulbapedia, there isn't any Calcium in Castelia Sewers nor the surrounding areas (garden, backlot, Relic Passage, the city itself) in the vanilla game. Yeah, I combed it pretty thoroughly. Looks like I'm going to have to ninja my way through Route 9 using the walk-through-walls code to get one.
  5. Thanks, Kaphotics, this is exactly what I was looking for.
  6. Simple question here: In Gen IV, if I obtain an egg from blatantly illegal parents (invalid PID/IV combos etc.), will the baby have any trace of illegality? What about in Gen V?
  7. Could someone explain to me how to extract the files to use with the editor? I'd watch the video but Youtube's being a bitch right now.
  8. Could someone please test this code, preferably on a retail cart? [black] Toggle autorun without having to hold down B (like in HGSS). Press and release B while stationary to toggle autorun. Crashes the game for me.
  9. The PID determines the nature/gender/ability as well as the IVs. So if you want to change the IVs within legal boundaries, you have to change the PID as well. I don't think AR does that - it merely modifies the IVs which makes the Pokemon illegal. If you can change the PID, there's no point in breeding. By the way, you guys can just go to http://cheats.gbatemp.net/forum/index.php?topic=5883.0 for all your AR needs. Apparently, the OP says that BW shares the same Game ID and thereby the codes for the European English and US releases. That means there actually isn't a point having one topic for the EU release and another for the US one.
  10. You might want to put a warning for the walk through walls code or change it somehow. It's pretty dangerous compared to the previous versions'. If you turn the code on when there are NPCs scripted to walk/run in the vicinity, they will deviate from their original path and walk through walls. When you turn the code off, the game crashes shortly after. It also screws the save file if you save then.
  11. Attachment has everything except for the ROM and save file. Put your save in the BATTERY folder and save the game again. NO$GBA.rar
  12. Hm. Now that I've reread the sticky on hex values... it might seem that way. Though it wasn't very clear. If someone else can confirm this, it would be great. Pingouin, do you know first-hand if Egg Received At still changes to 'Link Trade' when the egg is traded from HGSS to DPPt?
  13. It's not suspicious at all. Just that for other Pokemon, specifically those that have egg moves, the Ball tells the opponent whether a Pokemon has egg moves or not. If the Pokemon is legit and has egg moves, it should be in a Pokeball.
  14. Sorry, I think there's something wrong with IVPID, your PID-IV relationship is correct according to Legality Checker. Just ignore that part. Have you tried changing the Met At location yet? That could be the problem. EDIT: Managed to make your Mewtwo legal (that is, it passes Legality Checker). The problem IS indeed with the Met At location and also the trash bytes. Try changing all the Met At location to Pal Park (the rest are illegal as well) and use Trash Bytes Normaliser to fix the trash bytes. The moves and (I think) Ball don't matter in a legality check, but I would recommend you stick to the correct Ball so as not to offend other battlers if you're playing seriously.
  15. I see. That answers all my questions in one fell swoop, thanks a lot!
  16. One more thing - the Met At location should be Pal Park, not Kanto Region. EDIT: Hm, now, this is a little strange - the Pokesav PID generator has inconsistencies with IVPID. Legality Checker says that your IVs are consistent with your PID, but detects the hack.
  17. If you are able to use the NO$GBA emulator at all, you should have the configuration file in the same folder as the emulator itself. It must be there. Try looking hard at each file in the folder. Its icon is a notepad with an orange gear/cog on it.
  18. 1) You make a .sav file as soon as you save the game. That's why it's called the save file - it holds data on your progress, Pokemon, items etc. I use the CycloDS, so I can't really say anything about Acekard, but the .sav file should be where your games are stored. I'm pretty certain there's a folder called 'NDS Games' in your microSD root directory - that would be where the .sav is in. Remember not to confuse the .sav file (your save, which is very tiny in size, less than 1mb) with your .nds file (the ROM image, size can be well over 100mb). 2) Use the 'Open' button in Pokesav to load your .sav file, then edit whatever you want. If you get funny characters and the data seems all screwed up, use Shunyweb's Save File Converter to convert your .sav to a format that Pokesav can read (Force 512kb or No$GBA seem the most plausible ones). Shunyweb's Save File Converter URL: http://www.shunyweb.info/convert.php Remember to convert back when you're done. 3) When you save your changes in Pokesav, you've already gotten all that you made into you game.
  19. From a certain well-known forum that I'm not allowed to mention here, on Shunyweb: "Some of the saves that you convert (from .duc etc.) may not work, which means you should back up your save files before you do anything like enable cheat codes etc. just in case." Other than that info, I don't really know much on how to help you with this issue. Sorry.
  20. I want to create traded hatched Pokemon from scratch. However, I'm utterly clueless about what data remains the same and what data changes upon trade, especially regarding hatched data. CAN EGGS BE TRADED? (lol) ********************* I am almost certain it is a positive. If it isn't, then all the other questions pertaining to traded eggs can be ignored. HOMETOWN ********************* If eggs can be traded, does the soon-to-be-hatched Pokemon take the hometown of where the egg was created or where the egg was hatched? EGG RECEIVED AT ********************* I'd like to know what happens to the Egg Received At data upon trade between (or among) certain versions. Does it get changed? Does it get deleted? Those are what I primarily want to know. Here are the specific ways the Pokemon/Egg may change hands that I'm interested to know how Egg Received At may or may not change. If anyone has had first-hand experience in doing this especially concerning DPPt-HGSS trading and can verify/correct my suspicions/predictions, please do so. 1) RSEFRLG to DPPtHGSS a.k.a. Pal Parked Pokemon -Suspecting either values 2003 (Kanto Region) or 2005 (Hoenn Region) or data gets deleted. 2) DPPt to DPPt - Hatched Pokemon -I'm thinking that nothing changes except for that whole Faraway Place issue. 3) DPPt to DPPt - Traded Egg -Same as 2). About Date Egg Received... possibly the date where the egg was received from the Daycare? 4) HGSS to DPPt - Hatched Pokemon -Suspecting either values 2004 (Johto Region) or 3002 (Faraway Place). 5) HGSS to DPPt - Traded Egg -Same as 4) and 3). 6) DPPt to HGSS - Hatched Pokemon 7) DPPt to HGSS - Traded Egg Or maybe, nothing gets changed, just like with the hex values. Any sort of information pertaining to this will be greatly appreciated.
  21. First off, I'm assuming you want to edit your save file. The ROM is the game data (maps, sprites, game dialogue script etc.), which is different from the save file. Your save file is instead, in the BATTERY folder, so search that folder for your Platinum save file and use that for Pokesav. Before actually using Pokesav, you have to make sure that the save file is correctly sized. The NO$GBA v2.6a emulator can already do this for you. Open up the config file (NO$GBA.INI) and search for the setting SAV/SNA File Format. By default, it is set to 'Compressed'. Overwrite 'Compressed with 'Raw'. Also, for the option NDS-Cartridge Backup Media, change the setting to -Auto if you haven't already. Finally, save your changes. Now that your emulator settings are properly configured, load up NO$GBA and Pokemon Platinum and save your game. Exit NO$GBA and check your BATTERY folder. Your Platinum save file should be 512kb in size. Load up Pokesav and open your save file. It should now show every bit of your save data correctly. If you want to make Pokemon from scratch, but want to make them look legitimate, the Save Editing stickies have all the resources you need. By the way, Endless Eden was talking about an old way to change the save file size that still works. I know as I used to use the NO$GBA to VBA Save Converter. However, that method is very tedious and inferior to simply having NO$GBA save in raw format.
  22. For Wake, I gave him Kyogre as his lead. The rest of his Water-based team benefit from the rain, Manaphy for instance. The AI is not very smart. In experience, the AI excels best at pulling off simple set ups. Sets that I have found that the AI pulls off very well include simple stat boosting (SD Yache Chomp, Agilgross), Paraflinching Togekiss, Trick Room sets, the typical Stealth Rock/Whirlwind Skarmory etc. However, it does not have the capability to do Baton Passing properly, and fares even worse for Substitute. I've played around with these and they're quite fun to battle against. [Candice]Froslass @ Brightpowder Snow Cloak -Double Team -Blizzard -Shadow Ball -Confuse Ray This Froslass is pretty annoying to take down without a fair amount of luck. I use this set with Candice, where the lead, Abomasnow, summons the hail that this set can't live without. [Lucian/Byron]Bronzong @ Zoom Lens/Wide Lens Levitate -Hypnosis -Earthquake -Gyro Ball -Payback The AI usually uses Hypnosis as the first move, except against Heatran or Magnezone, which in that case, will be Earthquake. Since it is almost always slower, Zoom Lens work better most of the time. [buck]Cresselia @ Leftovers Levitate -Moonlight -Calm Mind -Psychic -Ice Beam One of the sets that the AI handles well. It knows more or less when to Moonlight off damage and enjoys setting up, which is a good thing for this bulky Pokemon. I might dig up more later.
  23. Oh yeah, I meant DS to DS battling. But the Legality Checker subforum on the old Pokesav.org forums isn't loading.
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