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  1. A-Tack does not work for me on Windows 8 or on Vista, so looking for a good attack editor, wanting to change a lot of moves for my mod, Pokémon Excelsior
  2. OP not updated but the links have updated themselves. I now have all the trainers (except all the grunts just quite yet) up until Route 118 edited, and made a start on getting more Wild Pokémon edited, so in a logical progression, all Wild Pokémon up until just before Fiery Path have been edited. Norman is about Level 50, whilst the last Gym leader is about 73. For thsi version, see Route 118 as the last place to go, past it, nothing has been edited.
  3. Heh true that, I felt it was more exciting sharing a work in progress. Anyways not done a lot lately, had a lot of coursework for uni and I am approaching final exams. All my coursework will be done by Wednesday so hoping to spend Wednesday afternoon doing the rest of the gyms, in terms of trainers and leaders. Then I will work on the villainous teams - each GRUNT wil actually have a name. Keep the suggestions for type changes coming in Done some work today with YAPE - all Pokémon who received a Gen IV evo have now had base stats changed to reflect their evo
  4. Heh thats something I could do. Just really contemplating it to be honest, Groudon is an interesting one. Maybe ground/grass. Yes I know he doesn't really suit the grass type, but Grass is related to earth and nature It would cancel out the water being super effective. That way I could then roll with Water/Ice for Kyogre.
  5. Updated it to B eta One just now. A few more Pokémon changed - and in terms of trainers, all of the trainers up to Mauville Town are edited including the gym. In terms of gyms, what I have right now is Gyms 1-4 set, trainers edited etc... as well as the layout of Rustboro Gym. This is really quite exciting. Gym 1 - Ice Gym 2 - Ground Gym 3 - Poison Gym 4 - Fire/Water Gym 5-7 - Still deciding Gym 8 - Dark So yeah, felt I would update you all on it.
  6. There's a good idea, thank you. Water/Ice versus Ground/Fire. Should in theory cancel out some of it. Since posting the update, I have since changed Glalie to Dark/Ice, and Ledyba/ian to Bug/Fighting but will not put that in an IPS just yet. May make Rayquaza pure Dragon.
  7. Thank you. That's one of the things I have been thinking. Maybe Ground/Fire. It definitely suits fire - the thing is though how do I change Kyogre to offset this. It always seemed odd to me that they were meant to be on equal footing when Kyogre clearly had the type advantage
  8. Updated the original post with a changelist, I hope that was okay. I have now changed a variety of Pokémon types and I look to you, the Project Pokemon Community to help suggest more types for me to change
  9. Dear Readers Hi. Some of you may recognise me from around here or on PokeCommunity. I am a University Student and have been passionate about Pokémon ever since Blue game out. I have spent the past few months working on a Crystal mod (that I could share if anyone wants) to give me some experience and I have now upgraded to working on Emerald. What is it? Well basically, it is a revamp of Emerald. By this I mean that there is no new storyline and no new pieces of text (unless someone can give a good link to a tutorial on it). The trainer names will be edited and references to trainers (such as changing SIDNEY to Sidney in aTrainer, the text will be changed to call him Sidney as opposed to SIDNEY) will be changed to reflect this. It will aim to let you get all of the available Pokémon that existed in Gen 3. In addition to this, many of them will have their typing and stats edited to, whilst maybe not be wholly balanced, make any one within the game viable. For example Gyarados has been changed to Water/Dragon Charizard is now a Fire/Dragon Pinsir is Bug/Dark Pidgeot is pure Flying etc... A lot of Pokémon have stats edited. In this game, the starters are Numel, Cacnea and Wailmer and as such, I have ensured that Camerupt, Cacturne and Wailord have BST's of 540. What I really want to do and what I am striving to do is make a game where within reason, you can use a team of Pokémon that you love and enjoy without having to compromise. Trade evolutions are being worked on - some will be level based, others not so much. Particular evolutionary note to Eevee. Sun Stone = Espeon, Moon Stone = Umbreon Where am I at? Right now, I have got the gyms up until Lavaridge Town edited, and most of the trainers up til Mauville are edited. In addition, WIld Pokemon are edited up until Mauville I believe. One sprite has been edited, and that is Professor Birch, to try and resemble Zetsu from the popular Naruto franchise. How can you the people help Well it will mainly be an independent one, but what I am looking for is people who can give me links to scripting tutorials so I can get the advanced features of aMap under my belt. I am also looking for people to give me feedback on it, so for example stuff that does not sit right, glitches etc. Link please But of course http://www.mediafire.com/?al6nj91vvvou298 Here are some images too Thank you all for taking the time to read this and I hope you can enjoy it. I have played so many great mods in my time and I felt it was about time I gave back to the community. Changelist - http://www.mediafire.com/view/?jhhj0itnwgtn608
  10. Hey Guys and Gals So I have been having fun editing Pokemon Crystal (may post the link [albeit unfinished] if someone can tell me how to make an ips patch from it), but I have decided to move onto Emerald now. I am going to change each of the gyms and the Elite Four, as well as a lot of the trainers. I will also revamp the overworld (not necessarily a 386 hack but close enough), including changing map themes, changing weather effects and so on and so forth. I am presently looking for ideas for good challenging gyms? For reference, the starters are Numel, Wailmer and Cacnea. The overall aim of the hack is to make the game more challenging whilst also showcasing/upgrading some Pokemon (i.e. making Pinsir Dark/Fighting, Teddiursa/ring Ground/Normal, Pidgeot into pure flying) So far, I have Roxanne's gym changed to an Ice Type gym, and will be looking to change the look of it too. If anyone can give any ideas, that would be great. Part of me is thinking of maybe having the latter gyms specialise in two types but I dunno right now. I also wish to ask if there is a tool available to let me change the typing of a move? Also, is there a tool to change overworld sprites (i.e. may, brendan, mother etc...) Thank you, Robbie
  11. Thank you. Interestingly enough, I managed to find a tool, and good set of tools on Skeetendo, really brilliant selection - http://hax.iimarck.us/forum/6/
  12. Thank you very much for the reply aninymouse. Are you perhaps able to recommend any good hex editing tutorials? Yeah, I was thinking there are not a lot of tools. Some of them are brilliant such as the Pokemon changer. Been able to make Pokemon I want now, so as I said above, changing Pinsir to Dark/Bug for example to be a true parallel to Heracross. Changing the stats of the Unown to make them truly worth of the name legend. I have been using Crystal Complex as a base, and am really enjoying the wild pokemon editor.
  13. Apologies if this is a double post but I felt it was relevant. Whilst we are at it, is there a tool to allow editing of normal trainers? I am aware, and have been utilising the gym leader edit tool, but is there one for normal trainers? Yes, I know it is odd doing a Gen 2 hack, but I have so many fond memories of Crystal, and want to revamp it from the ground up almost
  14. Crystal is my favourite game, and I particularly fancy modding it. However, I don't appear to be able to find a tool to edit the level up movesets. I have already started changing some types of Pokemon (Pidgey line to pure flying, Charizard to Dragon/Fire, Blastoise to Water/Steel), but it would be useful to have a tool to change the level up moves. Is anyone able to help out possibly?
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