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  1. At this point, does PKHeX allow a player to edit the amount of encounters of Articuno, Zapdos, or Moltres in the wild?
  2. I would like to point out a couple things for anyone who has experience ANY issues getting PowerSaves working. I am rather disappointed by the limitations of this product (most of which are the result of poor design and coding for the software) but I cannot deny the product is solid and a great buy. There will be a lot of people who will experience issues with operating the device. Here is how to avoid that! 1.) The device is not USB 3.0 friendly. Due to the incompatibility, the device will experience issues connecting and staying connected according to the software. You are better off using an old computer. I say use at one's own risk because I was foolish enough to be in a rush and the PowerSaves 3DS software caused my Pokemon Y cartridge to become a paper weight. 2.) Windows 7/8 use a feature for handling hardware called "Drive Enforcement" which prevents the software from being able to read the device. If this is not disabled, you cannot guarantee anything is being read or written to the cartridge properly. 3.) Make sure your cartridge connectors are clean. Your hands and fingers should ALWAYS be clean with playing your system especially when handling your cartridges. You should never touch the connector area of the cartridge.
  3. Thanks Kaphotics for getting back to me! It is with great lack of luck that Bank was not an option. The cartridge burn out as a result of this glitch making it unreadable by any 3DS (no cartridge would show.) I even tried cleaning the connectors the next day without any change. I started reading into the PowerSaves decryption method by SciresM that you laid out in PKHeX. I am able to kind of follow along (as rusty as I am.) If I am following this right. The process is to create a key which is necessary to correctly XOR into a decrypted save file. (Since this is unique, this would had only helped if I had the key generated previously.) With this in mind, the same thread seems to suggest it is impossible to take a PKHeX modded save to re-encrypt it to restore via Power Saves, is there? But furthermore, would had only helped if I had a Gateway... and they finished getting the current-ish firmware support update. :frown:
  4. At the start of the servers going down for the first days of ORAS release, I attempted to use PowerSaves 3DS to clone my Pokemon in Box 1 to keep a copy for Bank and to migrate onto ORAS. This error'd out and murdered my cartridge (no longer visible by any Nintendo 3DS.) This forced me to purchase a replacement cartridge. PowerSaves names all the saves by Game ID. Unfortunately, there appears to have been at least two separate print production runs of Pokemon X & Y for the USA. As a result, PowerSaves recognizes these games as two different titles for the purposes of Backups. Pokemon Y: EK2Af6f01757 (original) Pokemon Y: EK2A6e497c5f (replacement) PowerSaves displays the available back-ups for the game based upon file name with the Game ID at the beginning of the BIN's name. So, I tried renaming the last backup BIN that I know that I had previously loaded prior. Which only loads a corrupt save. HELP! There has to be a way to convert the BIN into something that the same game can be restored to!
  5. There have been various issues that I have noticed with CHECKSUM data when a Pokemon does not know a full 4 moveset. I do not know why but thought I would share.
  6. I just got mine today. It works perfectly!!! EVERY YouTube video out there says that the ONLY reason for it not working is the cartridge being dirty. For newer Windows users do not forget about disabling Driver Enforcement. Its the only way I can use devices like this on my computer.
  7. On a similar note, I would also like to share an interesting fact about the eShop versions of the games. It is possible to create an image of an SD card used in a Nintendo 3DS. The image can be written to another SD card to allow a player to use a different SD card with their system. I will note that if you attempt to use this method to rewind time on your eShop versions of XY you will get an error from the games. This confirms that there is data stored on the actual 3DS system about the SD card being used with the system. Furthermore, I should point out that writing the image to an SD card then plugging the SD card into another 3DS linked to another eShop account will not show any of the applications on the memory card. (I do not currently own a second 3DS.) This may be well established or documented information for the console hacking community: this testing confirms that every 3DS stores data on the system itself relating to the eShop account and the SD card the system is using. Furthermore, a brand-new key for the data encryption appears to be generated every time an app/game is launched.
  8. The issue would be with ALL back-up devices. Previous to Animal Crossing, all NDS/3DS games wrote their data to a small chip (I will keep this to lamens terms) that was mounted to every cartridge with the sole function to store the game's data. Nintendo wanted to ensure they could prevent the backing up of save files could be prevented. They found an alternate way to save the date of games going forward. Animal Crossing would become one of their most heavily ONLINE 24/7 games for the 3DS so they could not afford to risk people hacking their save files. Obviously, the exact same thought to use the same method with Pokemon X & Y was no brainer. None of these games even have that chip on the cartridge. With that said, all existing back-up devices function by reading that small chip. That is what they are designed to do. As a result, they will not work. First off, you must have read this correctly. We are NOT talking about a function added by the Pokemon Company or Nintendo. This was previously the result of a company creating a piece of equipment to read the save of all NDS cartridges based upon their original design. Nintendo will NEVER allow for a Back-Up of these games. As a matter of fact, the eShop versions of the games are one of the few games in which the SD card back-up feature does NOT work with.
  9. I must admit that my original list of requests was finished. REQUEST: I am seeking a marking code to set a Pokemon's cartridge region of origin. (For example, all the Pokemon that I catch state they are from a US cartridge.) I am seeking a marking code to set the region to Japan. (Obviously this code will help make using the Masuda Method way easier.)
  10. Games the NDS Adapter Plus does NOT (nor ever will... spoke with the crew over there) work with: Animal Crossing: New Leaf Pokemon X Pokemon Y Nintendo has changed how the data is being saved onto these cartridges (and likely all 1st party titles.)
  11. Scratch this entire thread... NDS Adapter Plus opened up the cartridges for Pokemon X & Y. The games do not have a EEPROM for writing the memory to. So, no firmware update could ever resolve the unit's ability to store save files. (Same as Animal Crossing: New Leaf.) Based upon other comments in this thread... all the game's main data is stored on the cartridge but not in a place where current devices available can even access the data.
  12. I am talking about a cartridge version NOT a eShop version of the game.
  13. I plan to fool around a little to see what the NDS Adapter can and cannot do with these new games. I will share my results and save files! I didn't know about the cartridge key encryption. Still, it stands to reason that like all methods of encryption in which the source code is view-able (people will rip the ROMs) that the code can be broken.
  14. To those brave souls working hard on PokeGen development! Hello, I am many of the fellow fans of Pokemon and the PokeGen project that own a NDS Adapter Plus. I will be picking up my games at midnight release for the physical cartridges. I will happily back-up and share some saves! Here are ones that I already plan on backing-up: A Blank Save A Blank Save (with Torchic event) A Save with Each of the Starters Selected A Save with Each of the Starters Selected and the PokeDex obtained
  15. I want to be able to transfer from a cartridge to an eShop version of the new 3DS games. So, until there more of a copy, paste, and file type convert method to this, I will wait.
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