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  1. Not a support ticket, but I just wanted to give a huge, massive thank you to whoever implemented the automatic saving of .bak files. You just saved me big time from almost losing a save file from a year ago that I sunk so much time and effort into for an Egglocke. What an absolute godsend. Thank you so much!
  2. Im not sure if this has been asked before but how does attack editing work? I input the new data for the attack and everything seams fine but I cant seam to save the changes, when I close the tab or move to the next attack all my data on the attack gets reset.
  3. Hey, keeping my request simple. can I have the PKM file for the TRU Manaphy?
  4. nevermind, it fixed itself. although oddly enough it only worked when the ID and secret ID slot was empty... perhaps a glitch to look into?
  5. anyone know whats up? I re-downloaded it and it didnt make any diffrence
  6. on the main screen where it says name AND on the Pokemon edit button where it says Original trainer name using latest vertion of the platinum edition
  7. whenever I try and enter a name for the trainer it disappears after typing it in. help?
  8. Hey, I need a team for my brother who wants to get into competitive battling, mind making one for him? My friend code is - 0130 9256 2631 Thanks much in advance
  9. What time zone are you in Ray? Im in GMT. I may or may not be able to trade today depending on your timezone, if not it'll have to be after Christmas im afraid DX
  10. sorry man, my wifi connecters playin up. if you can hold them one more day I should have this all fixed up
  11. Trust me man. I've had a groudon and an octilery (and more) with only metronome on PBR and they were fine, they should work if kept legal and only have ONE Metronome.
  12. hey can I have a PBR legal metronome team (So long as they arnt bad eggs it'll be ok) as follows: My AR DS broke so I can do it myself and I'll need to trade (after fixing my Nintendo Wifi Connector) My friend code is - 0130 9256 2631
  13. Need it to be PBR legal. If you could send the .pkm file to me that'd be lovley. thank you in advance
  14. Awesome I got it working. it was a case of changing it to [Pal Park] and re-installing my legal checker and thrash bytes program. thanks guys
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