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  1. To expand on this question further the games themselves do not check for illegal moves since Pokémon can be brought from past games where they could learn a move that they can’t learn anymore or it’s an event Pokémon with a special move. To have an in game hack check would not be practical and is reserved for checking Pokémon being used in online play or online trading, but the server carries out those checks.
  2. Poke J

    illegal flygon

    I did control + click on the error icon and it instantly changed and it came up legal for me on both versions. PKHeX sometimes does that when it initially checks the Pokémon, but then corrects itself when you click on the error. I don't know how you got the that legality error in your first post because I can't get that result.
  3. Poke J

    illegal flygon

    I've tested with the same version as you, as well as, the newest version of PKHeX and I don't get that error. It at first says its illegal, but clicking on the error icon changes is to the legal check mark.
  4. Poke J

    illegal flygon

    Can upload the file? It’s hard to tell you what’s wrong from a screen shot.
  5. Poke J

    illegal flygon

    Did you do any edits to this or is this an unedited Flygon? Does the error go away when the ability is changed to Levitate (2)?
  6. Considering there appears to be no info online for parts 3 and 4 of the research I think it's safe to say not may if anyone has made it past part 2; therefore, nobody can say for 100% certainty. However, going off of the other Mew from GO the answer is probably not. The GO to LGPE transfer probably blocks based on Pokémon index number and not what GO research event the Mew is from.
  7. First if your Switch is not hacked or isn’t a Switch Lite check this website to see if your Switch can be hacked in the first place. If you don’t want to hack your Switch or can’t hack your Switch you’ll have to play a new save up until you can trade and get someone to trade you the other 2 starters. https://ismyswitchpatched.com
  8. This application is currently on build 20230705. The purpose of the application is to extract Pokémon that are in the RAM of main line and spin off Pokémon games. Currently, it supports gens 1 to 8 omitting LGPE, BDSP, and PLA with support for the Pokémon Gold Space World '97 demo, Colosseum, and XD. Please use this thread if any bugs or issues arise during use. .NET 7 is needed to run the application. Download link:
  9. @theSLAYEReven if the RAM doesn’t yield a playable game it seems that in gen 3 RAM all Pokémon are loaded in at all times. So if all else fails there is a high chance of recovering the Pokémon.
  10. General rule of thumb it’s better to edit an existing Pokémon and not a make Pokémon from scratch especially when you don’t know all the ins and outs. From a single image it’s not easy to tell you what’s going wrong. Usually it’s a better option to upload the Pokémon to the thread so someone can take a look at it. Also sometimes you can resolve troublesome errors by fixing the other listed errors.
  11. @suloku I was looking through the code of the BW_Tool application and out of my own personal curiosity was there some uncertainty to the decryption of the Trainers Records block for BW, which resulted in that part of the code being disabled in the most recent release?
  12. Poke J


    I just want to make sure I'm understanding your issue correctly. The Litwick on your save started as a male, then you edited it to be a female and then after loading the save the Litwick was still male? Is that correct? If that is the case it sounds like you are not setting the Pokémon. Whenever you make an edit to a Pokémon in PKHeX you need to right click on a spot in either your party or PC where you would like to save the Pokémon whether it overwriting an existing Pokémon or placing it in an empty slot. Then all you need to do is save the changes you made to the save.
  13. @Jollygator can you send me the save? I might have an idea, but I make no promises.
  14. Exactly, what block of data are you looking at or is the whole save still encrypted? If it is the party or PC block PKHeX can allow you to access that information.
  15. Obtaining a Blissey with Teleport + Wish is impossible due to the fact Teleport is gen 1 only and Wish is gen 3 event move. Gen 1 and gen 3 are unable to connect in any way shape or form legally so; therefore, that is impossible and you'll not be able to create a legal one at this time. Clefable on the other hand can have Teleport + Wish, but only in gen 8. You need to get a Clefairy or Clefable that knows Teleport from gen 1 and transfer it to gen 8. Then in gen 8 breed a Cleffa that knows wish and evolve it into the same stage as the Clefairy or Clefabe that you transferred from gen 1. Make sure the Clefairy or Clefable from gen 1 only knows 3 moves and the Clefairy or Clefable with Wish has Wish in its first move slot. Put both into the Day Care and run around for a little bit, then take back the gen 1 Clefairy or Clefable and it will know both Teleport + Wish.
  16. @lolololololok knowing the frame made this a lot easier. It's strange, I didn't change any of the information on my end, but I was able to find the frame this time. Anyways here is the save with your requests. Pokemon Emerald.sav
  17. I've looked into this and I have a some questions and comments. I'm assuming from your post that the shiny Treeko and and Groudon is from your Pokémon Ruby, but I was unable to find the frame that would yield a shiny PID for the ID/SID combo of 14002/29131. I've checked up to frame 400000000 which would translate into having the counsel on for almost 952 hours straight. I've found similar IV combos with an Adamant nature that would be shiny, but not that exact combo. Are you sure that your fake Ruby cart can generate Method 1 PIDs correctly? When you found the shiny frame did you by chance look up Method 2 or Method 3 frames and acquired the Pokémon with those frames instead? If it is the latter case your cart is preventing the generation of Method 1 frames and the Pokémon will most likely not be legal. In regards to having all of the tickets in your bag will not give you the results that you want. Someone can use PKHeX to add all of the tickets to your bag, but they will not work since additional flags need to be checked in order to get then to function. The best thing to use is the gen 3 Wonder Card injection application found in the downloads section. But, I believe you need the Pokedex first and filled in the secret message in the questionnaire that can be found on the counter of all marts to be able to get the tickets in the first place. Considering what you mentioned about your computer you'll probably will need to play the game up to that point and get someone to add the tickets in for you at a later date.
  18. In super simplified terms the RNG is based on when you launch the game. You can easily manipulate the RNG in gen 5, but it's nearly impossible to manipulate the RNG in gen 6 without additional software running. So to answer your questions: 1) Yes, your system date and clock affects the RNG. 2) The IVs and nature of the Pokémon will be generated off of your system settings (when you launch the game) and not when the Wonder Card was received.
  19. When you teach the Pokémon a TR move you need to click the "Technical Records" button at the bottom of the Attacks tab and check off that the Pokémon has learnt those TRs. This is needed so if the moves gets deleted the Pokémon can relearn it from the move re learner. Also don't forget to set the height, weight, and encryption constant for the Pokémon.
  20. @Encryption34655I am not a moderator, but uploading or linking to ROM files is considered piracy and is not allowed allowed of these forums. I highly suggest you edit your post to remove the link to those files.
  21. @boyfriendcoma if I remember correctly in order to get Landorus to appear the game checks the Tornadus (Black) or Thunderus (White) in your party to see if it is the one from your save. So the Pokémon needs to have your OT, ID, SID, and probably the flag checked that the one in your version is caught.
  22. No, that is not possible since the save file needs to be extracted using a save manager which needs CFW to install in the first place.
  23. From what you described you're not extracting the save correctly. You'll need to install custom firmware (CFW) onto the Switch and install a save manager application. But, as you have stated you're using a Switch Lite which can not be hacked at the moment so it'll be impossible to install CFW in the first place. You'll have to wait for someone to discover a method to add that kind of software for the Switch Lite.
  24. The journal does not keep everything you've done. The journal only records back 7 days and if you have a long play session not everything stays recorded. Think of the journal as way to recall what happened last time you played similar to the flash backs in Fire Red and Leaf Green. However, you never have to open the journal and the only time you probably actually look at it is if you haven't played the game in the last 24 hours since upon load it opens the journal. Also the journal is only a Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum feature and no other games use it; therefore, don't worry about Pokémon Bank since every game after didn't have the feature and on top of that gen 4 games are not compatible with Pokémon Bank.
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