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  1. What I meant was there are no save editors that I know of that will work for Radical Red. PKHeX does not support ROM hack save, but ROM hacks that do not modify the structure of the original save to much similar to Kaizo Emerald can be recognized as the original game. However, in that case the legality check will not work and will probably flag everything as not legal.
  2. PKHeX does not support rom hack saves. Especially ones that deviate from how the save is structured from the original game. Unfortunately, I’m not able to recommend a save editor that will function with Radical Red.
  3. Are you trying to open the ROM in PKHeX? If so that's not how it works. You need to play the game save twice using the game's built in save feature and not the emulators or save states. Then go to the Battery folder and you'll find the .dsv file that is the save file which can be opened with PKHeX.
  4. Delete the ROM file in your last post it's not allowed to be uploaded here. That would explain why you're not finding anything if your using the ROM file with the application. Basically to get a RAM dump get the Memory Viewer or something similar to the emulator you're using and dump the memory. Which emulator are you using?
  5. Japanese version of gens 1 and 2 isn't technically implemented (found that out just before release). Mind uploading the RAM dump with Sandshrew in it? Mind uploading both files here so I can take a look?
  6. For gens 3 and 4 did you dump the entire RAM or are you trying to load the ROM into the application? Gens 1 and 2 there is a high possibility to get false results since those Pokémon have less defining values and the application just looks for data that resembles a Pokémon for that gen. It could also help me make the program better if you share the files and tell me which Pokémon you were trying to extract incase they are stored differently in the RAM so I can add them as edge cases.
  7. Bank or HOME will not have any issue with that since there is no way to tell they didn't come from 3 separate saves that just happen to have the same OT, ID, and SID. Neither of those applications are able to draw correlations between separate Pokémon and determine that something odd is going on.
  8. It's still worth giving it a try. I never tested it with Japanese version, but there is a good chance it'll still work. I did test it with Japanese gen 1; however, it didn't find all of the results and had some wrong results, but it still functioned and is at least work trying.
  9. Dump the RAM and then try the extractor I’m linking you to. Gen 2 was not tested for the Japanese version of the games, but the English version will work.
  10. Important application update information: Gen 1 support added (results very for the Japanese version of the games) Gen 2 support added (results unknown for Japanese version of the games) Gen 7 support added (SMUSUM only) Gen 8 support added (SWSH only) Colosseum support added XD support added Application name changed
  11. How did you extract this file? It's the size of a save, but it actually contains 512 kb of the ROM and not an actual save. When did you purchase your copy of HG? Did you pick up the game shortly after it was originally released?
  12. If you mean Rock Head instead of Head Smash then nope it’s one or the other. Your not dealing with Calyrex here. Besides that edge case Pokémon can only have one ability at a time. Since gen 6 you can use an Ability Capsule to switch between the two main abilities of a Pokémon (that’s if it has two different abilities) or as of gen 8 permanently set it to its hidden ability with an Ability Patch. If you do mean Head Smash the attack and Strong Jaw then yes since I’m recent gens there really isn’t a limitation with attack and ability combos.
  13. Even though the room doesn’t return to state that it was in during the invasion, but have you tried speaking with the scientist that normally gives you Castform? I’m certain he’ll give it to you if you uncheck the receive flag and then talk to him. Because you can skip getting Castform if all of your boxes are full and your party is full leaving know where for Castform to be stored. Then if I remember correctly you can go back to the scientist to pick it up.
  14. You’re using the correct Mew. Gens 4 and 5 change the met location during the transfer process. So all Pokémon from gens 3 and 4 will have a met location of Poke Transfer since that is what gen 5 sets the location to. All future gens don’t change the met location. Also side note the only legal Faraway Island are the Japanese ones since the event was never released outside of Japan.
  15. Sorry about that I mistaken the GQS file as a type of ROM file.
  16. @Sherly I’m not a mod here, but posting ROMs or linking to ROMs is against the forums rules.
  17. The current version doesn’t support it but, the next version does. I wanted to add gen 8 before release.
  18. If the move is being replaced with the catch trainers Pokémon code try extracting it from RAM instead. This site has info on the RAM. https://datacrystal.romhacking.net/wiki/Pokémon_Red/Blue:RAM_map#Opponent_Trainer.E2.80.99s_Pok.C3.A9mon
  19. I like using Checkpoint to dump saves; however, I’ve never played a custom Virtual Counsel game before, but I believe that Checkpoint should still do the trick. The last part of you post isn’t very specific so I’ll do my best to answer. No there isn’t a sticky that states which games where released. No we don’t have a sticky with all Homebrew applications made since this forum isn’t a Homebrew community/support forum. There might be a sticky that lists recommended tools to dump saves, but I’m not too certain.
  20. Considering that gen 3 games were never released as virtual counsel games this isn’t possible since Pokémon Bank would never receive an update to connect to a game that was never a thing for the counsel. Now assuming you have the gen 3 games on your 3DS as virtual counsel games then that means your 3DS is hacked. So in that cases dump the Emerald save and the X save and use PKHeX to transfer your Emerald Pokémon to your X save. Then you can transfer them to the later gens be normal means.
  21. You are never guaranteed to find shiny Pokémon. By completing/perfecting dex pages, getting the Shiny Charm, and going to out breaks only increase your odds. Never assume that high odds equates to being guaranteed a shiny. The RNG just isn’t in your favour.
  22. Height and weight didn’t exist before Let’s GO Pikachu and Eevee. Therefore adding in info that the Pokémon shouldn’t have will make it illegal. Set both to 0 to fix the issue.
  23. There are a few options you can use to add these Wonder Cards to your games. 1) If you have a method of dumping your save use this application. 2) If you don't have the means to dump your save, but you have a hacked Wii use the application from above and this save dumper for the Wii. https://github.com/suloku/gba-link-cable-dumper 3) If you have a hacked Wii you could also use this Homebrew application to add them to your games without dumping the saves. https://github.com/suloku/gba-link-cable-dumper/releases/tag/0.1
  24. What you are asking falls under piracy and against this forums rules.
  25. In Sword and Shield you can pass egg moves to any Pokémon after the fact. Just breed a second Vulpix and have the 2 hang out in the Day Care for a bit. If the Pokémon you want to learn the move has an open move slot and the other Pokémon of the exact same species knows the egg move the one with the open slot will learn it. You can read more about it here: https://serebii.net/swordshield/breedingmechanics.shtml
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