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  1. I need a little more information, what part didn’t work?
  2. @Radament I'm not a mod here, but it is against the rules to upload ROMs on this forum. I suggest you remove the file from your post.
  3. My suggestions to you for the future is to edit an existing Pokémon and make sure you're paying attention to what moves that Pokémon can learn. Anyways the issues that you had with this Pokémon are 1) ability appears invalid, 2) move issues, and 3) you didn't add an encryption value to the Pokémon. So for future reference this is how you fix these issues: 1) Toggle the ability to either ability 1 or 2 then back to your desired ability should clear up that problem. 2) First make sure you're adding legal moves to the Pokémon. Second eggs, event (Pokémon from Mystery Gift), and some spe
  4. You can make the Pokémon and add it to your party, but it will retain the stats calculated by PKHeX so at some point you'll need to deposit it into the PC since when the Pokémon is in the PC the game does not store its stats and will calculate the stats when viewed or withdrawn. This is different when the Pokémon is in your party since then the game will keep the calculated stats in memory. So ultimately you just need the game to recalculate the stats of the Pokémon and the easiest way is to put them into the PC.
  5. @Delta Blast Burn, @Pokemaster9999999 DMed me earlier and it sounds like they’re trying to make Pokémon using an iPad. I’ve informed them that PKHeX does not your on iPad/iPhone.
  6. I suck at the pronoun game so can you provide a little more information about your issue.
  7. @Thother ball data is not recorded in gens 1 and 2 therefore the Poke Transporter assigns a regular Poke Ball as the ball it was caught in. With that said gen 1 and 2 Pokémon from the VC games can only be in a Poke Ball.
  8. The script is translated because localization teams where probably given all of the game text and some context of what is happening (gen 1 context wasn't provided so there are translation issues) to translate into the other language. As far as anyone in the community is aware there aren't any developers of the games apart of the community here, so all we can do is speculate why it was never released outside of Japan. My guess that is that the Old Sea Chart was planned to be distributed for other languages, but the plan got axed by someone higher up in the company.
  9. If you are trying to open the save to edit it, PKHeX will decrypt the save for you to edit and then encrypt in order to save the edits. But, if you're wanting a decrypted save for research purposes here is the save decrypted. PbrSaveData Decrypt
  10. Nope I'll be of no help here since my Switch isn't hacked. Have you tried looking for a Discord server that has a sysbot? If I remember correctly you can offer a Pokémon to the sysbot and it will give you the PK8 file and then you can edit the Pokémon. Afterwards you can get it to trade you the edited Pokémon back. But, from what I've been told there could be a queue that you'll have to wait in before the sysbot can serve you.
  11. All you need to do is click on the gender symbol next to the PID to change the gender of the Pokémon.
  12. There is no legitimate way to convert pk4 to pk3, but if you can dump both save files you could use PKHeX to remake the Pokémon on the gen 3 save. There is also this tool that can convert pk4 to pk3, but you still need to be able to dump both saves. https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/file/2240-pk2pk-a-time-capsule-transfer-tool/
  13. @savememan I'm not a mod here, but it is against the rules to upload ROMs on this forum. I suggest you remove the file from your post.
  14. It appears that when Galarian Yamask is changed to Runerigus the drop down to set its form doesn't initially appear. To fix this you need to set Runerigus to a spot on your save then view it again for the form drop down to appear. Then you just need to set the form to 49. Anyway here is the Runerigus. 867 ★ - Darius - 70B400000000.pk8
  15. Just change the species to its evolved form.
  16. If you are referring to Galarian Articuno then the issue is it is shiny locked same with Glastrier. The methods outlined in the OP are only for Pokémon obtained during Dynamax Adventure mode.
  17. Answer to your questions: 1) Yes you can edit that without changing your odds. Just different PIDs now will result in a shiny Pokémon then with a different ID and SID combo. 2) Yes that is legal and can be obtained through normal game play. Though the combo will look suspicious to other people who might look at the data of the Pokémon. 3) Yes you can get shiny Pokémon through normal means and will only effect which PIDs will result in a shiny Pokémon.
  18. @NAB the issue is the Pokémon is from the Max Lair and is a square shiny. Pokémon from the Max Lair can only be star shiny with XOR = 1. Easiest way to get a PID where the XOR = 1 hold down the Control key on your keyboard and then click the shiny button on PKHeX. Once you fix that you'll need to zero out the HOME Tracker value.
  19. Volcanion and Genesect can not be caught in the wild in any game and only Genesect has its shiny version available from a gen 5 event from Japan.
  20. Similar to the generation 4, the third generation games does not encrypt Pokémon data in the RAM; therefore, making the process of finding Pokémon data during battles becomes relatively easy. As outlined on Data Crystal’s “Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen:RAM map” enemy Pokémon start at index 0x0202402C and party Pokémon start at 0x02024284 in the RAM with each Pokémon consisting of 100 bytes. However, only the first 80 bytes is important for extracting Pokémon from the RAM with the structure looks like this. Table: Additional Reading and Resources:
  21. When dragging from one game save to another PKHeX basically make a temporary .pk1 file and pk1 files don't store game version metadata. The only reason the Bank does this correctly is because Bank reads what game save it is importing Pokemon from and adds that metadata when it converts the Pokemon to the gen 7 format. Basically the Pokemon is converted to a gen 7 format when the gen 1 save data is still stored in the app. So when you use PKHeX with two windows open the two open windows don't communicate with one another; therefore, when importing a gen 1 Pokemon to gen 7 PKHeX it only reads th
  22. PKHeX can't open .srm files as far as I'm aware. From doing a Google search it sounds like the .srm file is that emulators type of save file. I found this post that should be able to help you convert it to a .sav file. https://www.reddit.com/r/RetroArch/comments/9oqqiu/guide_how_to_convert_srm_and_sav_gba_save_files/
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