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  1. Your save will be fine because the game has no in game legality check. So the game does not care what Pokémon you edit onto your save just as long as the Pokémon is a valid Pokémon in that game. Ex 1) Hack a Darkrai into a gen 4+ game at the beginning is fine. Ex 2) Hack a Darkrai into Let’s GO Eevee or Pikachu is bad.
  2. You'll want to use this download from the link that @theSLAYER provided you with.
  3. A spinner is a Pokémon that uses Rapid Spin and a defogger is a Pokémon that uses Defog. Rapid Spin removes entry hazards on your side of the field while Defog removes entry hazards on both sides of the field. Defog is considered the superior choice since it is harder to block Defog over Rapid Spin.
  4. Just looking at your team I’d say you need either a spinner or a defogger on your team. Also, it might be a better idea to ask this question on Smogon since that is a competitive battle community verses asking it here.
  5. I think some of those flags have already been found in this thread.
  6. The picture of the Charmander isn't only in the European FireRed manual and is also in the North American manual. My scanner is really bad so this is the information of the Charmander is as followed: Nature: Serious Met Location: Viridian City Met Level: 5 OT: RED ID: 40060 Current Level: 13 In the LeafGreen manual the picture is replaced with a legal looking Bulbasaur. I've also took the liberty to check all of the instruction manuals for gens 3, 4, and 5 and this is the only potential debug Pokemon that I could find.
  7. Since you're trying to learn how to find specific values in a save file and you're using HxD you 100% know that nothing is labelled in the file. So to find a particular thing in the save you will have to compare before and after saves to find the differences between them. In your case you are you're looking for where money is stored in the save so I'll run through an example how to find that value. 1) Go to the Poke Mart and save the game in front of the store clerk. 2) Make a backup of the save. 3) Purchase an item from the clerk and save the game. 4) Make a backup of the save. (Now you'll have two save files with one before buying an item and one after buying an item.) 5) I recommend copying either one of the save files to make a third save file to do the edits on. 6) Now compare the first two saves and the only differences that should be between them is play time, item quantities, and money. 7) Since you should know what money you started with and what money you ended with you should be able to identify which values correspond with your money total. 8 ) On the third save file try and edit those values to something else and then save the the save file in HxD. 9) Open the third save file in PKHeX and then save it with PKHeX. (This will update the checksum of the save so that when you load the save you won't get the "Save file is corrupt" error message.) 10) If the money amount did not change go back to step 5 and try a different value that is different between the two saves. Note 1: When ever you do any editing always make backups of your save in case you mess up. More save backups the better. Note 2: If I remember correctly any money value greater than 255 or FF in hex is stored in the save in the reverse order. For example the 256 would be saved as 00 01 and not 01 00. If you follow these steps you should be able to find any value or flag in any save as long as you make a before and after save.
  8. You might want to try Trigger’s PC. However, it only supports gen 3 games.
  9. The badge flag is on the trainer card. By selecting that you have the badge on the trainer card you set the flag that you’ve obtained the badge. Also what game is this for? Because “unlock everything” differs between games. Also I suggest to not try and unlock certain flags such as all fly locations because you can end up skipping story elements and be left unable to trigger them. As well, the flags that are available in PKHeX are the ones that have been researched to determine what they actually do. It would be awesome to figure out what every flag does, but that would be very time consuming and not practical. I suggest if you’re wanting to skip elements of the game or story copy the flags from a completed save using a hex editor.
  10. Since no body has responded to this thread yet I can only assume that what you are requesting has not been researched before. However, these are the steps you can take to find the data yourself. 1) Backup your save in front of the attendant for the Battle Line that you want the win streak for. 2) Do one round on that battle line so that you get your BP and have a win streak of 7. 3) Make another save backup in front of the attendant that you saved in front of for the first save. 4) I recommend editing the play time and the BP total of the second save in PKHeX so that it matches the the play time and BP of the first save. This way there will be less differences between the two saves. 5) Make a copy of the second save so that you can make edits without permanently messing up the save. 6) In a hex editor (I recommend HxD) compare the first save to the third save. If you started at a streak of 0 you'll mostly likely be looking for an offset who's value changed from 00 in the first save to 07 in the third save. 7) On the third save change the value to 2A and save the change. 8 ) Load the third save into PKHeX and save it again with PKHeX in order to ensure the checksum is correct. 9) Load the save up in your game and check the streak for that battle line and it should now be at 42. 10) If the save is corrupt or the change didn't happen go back to step 5 and try a different offset. Note - Make backups of everything so that you don't mess up your good save and if you do mess up you have a restore point. This part is super important!!
  11. From my experience with using Pokebox with Nintendont playing the game on the TV doesn’t work, but you should still be able to store your Pokémon just fine. Are you unable to store Pokémon as well?
  12. I can confirm that this is an existing problem since I’ve never been able to get Pokebox running on Nintendont to load legitament cartridges in order to play RS on the TV. However, I no longer see the point in playing RS on Pokebox since you need to use the GBA as the controller (or that’s what I’ve been led to believe). Also I know it’s a different theard, but had it been confirmed that Pokebox has the potential to generate different spreads due to it using emulation?
  13. It’s a little tedious, but totally do able. I did that before the Bank can out in XY. However, I believe if Ditto isn’t available that would encourage players to hack Pokémon.
  14. @drago856 This is the info That needs to be the same.
  15. From what I can tell without seeing anything is that you made a Pokemon that the game is considering was obtained in a trade and you haven't progressed far enough in the story for that Pokemon to obey you. Make sure that the trainer data of the Pokemon matches the trainer data of the save file.
  16. Considering that there are games coming out for the 3DS over the next few months I think it’s safe to say there is same time left before the servers are sit down. Also, in past investor meetings Nintendo has talked about continuing support for the 3DS.
  17. @zakhUse RNGreporter to find a valid PID and use method 1 since it is a stationary Pokemon. Also with gen 4 games it usually isn't possible to get a 6 IV shiny Pokemon with the correct nature if you didn't RNG abuse your TID and SID at the start of the game. This is due to how PID, nature, and IVs are all related to one another in gen 4. Therefore, you'll need to find a TID and SID that corresponds with a PID that has the correct nature and IVs.
  18. You can not open Powersave files in PKHeX since they are encrypted and there is no known way to get the files decrypt and then re encrypt them.
  19. You can evolve a HA Rockruff and it will still retain its HA after evolution. Evolving Pokémon does not change which ability it has. A Pokémon with ability 0 will evolve into a Pokémon with ability 0. Same goes for ability 1 and HA.
  20. Ya! Woooo! Gen 8 is here, but I feel we're missing the bigger picture here. We need to start pressuring Game Freak to base gen 9 on Germany.
  21. If I remember correctly the original Pokemon Ranger only lets you send one Manaphy egg per game cart and is not tied to the actual save file itself. I'd imagine that the sent or not sent flag would lie outside of the save file as well. For the other two Ranger games I'm not sure how they keep track if the egg is sent or not.
  22. Sorry for voting twice, wanted to see if it prevent people voting a second time.
  23. Just get them to trade you a Pokemon that was caught/hatched on that save and then look at that Pokemon's Trainer Tab in PKHeX to get their TID and SID.
  24. @SwagKey I don’t know how the others did theirs, but I just edited the HTML of a page that had a card and then took a screen shot.
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