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  1. Not sure if this is the right place to ask this question and if it isn't please move it to where it would be since I am kind of stumped. I know there is a Universal Pokemon Randomizer that gets rid of trade evolutions for Gens 1 to 5. Is there a tool that does it for Gens 6 to 8? I tried looking into PK3DS but there are a LOT of steps and me not being very computer literate I'm afraid I'm gonna screw up. I'm not asking for the link if there is one, just asking for the name if its out there. Help would be appreciated!
  2. I only ask because I saw some people who may have accidentally given Pokemon invalid moves have a dialogue box that comes up and I thought that the box wouldn't let you do it and reverted the changes after you clicked on it. A box basically like this and once you press "OK", your changes are reverted. You can still save the move even if it is an invalid move? https://projectpokemon.org/home/uploads/monthly_2019_05/image.png.27f037bbdece2999655757641b20b9c6.png Screenshot from Ghoulplays found on Google.
  3. Let me just quantify this post by saying I don't plan to do anything competitively or do any online matches or anything else and I only plan on using PKHex to play the game and not interact with anybody in real life over Wi-Fi or get into any tourneys. I just want to play the game. Here is my question: I don't want to make any Pokemon HM slaves so I came up with the idea to teach a Pokemon an HM through PKHex and then delete the HM once again through PKHex and bring back the previous move. My question is can I play through the game if I give a Pokemon an illegal move? Or do I have to use PKHax instead?
  4. So I have a question. When you are generating everything for PkHex, do you have to have the emulator shut off and the game not playing or can the game being playing in the background?
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