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  1. If I wanted to play the game and use a rom on an emulator to do it instead of using the actual cartridge, is there a way to change the time so that you can make the tide at Shoal Cave go down and access it? I can only play at specific times because I just started a new job.
  2. OK thanks for all of your help. I'm sorry for being a pain in the ass. I will try it. Thank you!
  3. That sounds good. One last thing then I promise I will stop bothering you. In order to open the .sav file through the battery save, I have to open the game up first because otherwise it is grayed out. Is that how you do it correctly? These are the steps I take. Open VBA Open Rom Go to File Click Import then Battery File That is correct right? It won't play the unedited version?
  4. Editing the .sav in the save folder.
  5. Out of curiosity how do I edit it? Just so I know for the future? I'm worried because the way I do it says that all saved games and data will be erased.
  6. There is and I tried it and it came up. So I do that and it gets the .SAV file to play?
  7. I'm talking about loading the .sav file to VisualBoy Advance. I click on the file itself and it gives me the error. I have to start the game from VBA itself in order to play it. Or is that what you are supposed to do? Open it through the emulator and not the .sav file itself?
  8. Sounds good. I hope it is fixable. PKHex seems like it is a very superior program. I would hate it if I couldn't use it when I start going through the different Pokemon generations for nostalgia.
  9. OK I got a starter, I accessed the Pokemon Boxes and I saved twice. Still the same issue. I will send you the .sav file and hopefully you can figure it out. EDIT: Here is the file. Pokemon Red.sav
  10. So I do have to go to the first PC in addition to getting a starter? Just so I know.
  11. I am hoping it is. I didn't plan on starting a game tonight but I wanted to make sure I could actually USE PKHex. I know I have to open it from the .SAV file and not the emulator once I edit it. So I have to at least get my starter?
  12. So if I didn't get a starter it won't open through the .SAV file?
  13. I'm not doing anything with it now. I was doing a test run to see if I could use PKHex. I didn't start anything with it. All I did was open a new game, save it and then tried to open it up through the .sav file. So there is nothing in it yet. But I will get the file.
  14. I have a Pokemon Red rom that I am in the future gonna use PKHex on to get around the fact that I will have trade evolutions and I know the only way to edit is through the .sav file if I read the instructions right. Unfortunately I can't open the game through the .sav file because when I click on it, it gives me an "Unsupported File Type" error. So what am I doing wrong?
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