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  1. seriously? so those animation effects like turning head right or the pokemon is like vibrating in the begining of the match is telling me that he loves me ? looks so weird... like something is wrong with that pokemon...
  2. tell me.... is that a weird thing that happen?? my blastoise animation is weird... when he pop out from the pokeball in the start of the battle he suddenly looking to the right and move it back... and if the opponent is dead... he is doing it again swing his head to the righgt like he is looking to the right messed up animation? or maybe its the nature is ability i picked Rash instead of Brave
  3. one last thing... what is the fullness and enjoyment meaning ?
  4. hii please im trying to make a ClauncherClaufer from the software and its not working always aying the error Unable to match encounter from origin game
  5. they need to be in the same level or it doesn't matter? yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy it wokredddddddddddddddddddd thankls man!!
  6. wow it was so small i didn't figure it out its a gender selection... thanks man so... i got now the female squirtle i need to breed her with Clawitzer that has learnd aura spehere and dragon pulse right?
  7. how can i choose gender i didn't see there any gender option only location u met him level attcks etc etc but no gender
  8. i really dont know how to use pkhex its really complex to me.... also u cant choose gender in that software please sir is there anyway someone can help and give me a save game with female squirtle or in my dreams have a save with blastoise with dragon pulse and aura sphere?
  9. Hii please anyone have maybe a save game of Female Squirtle Starter ? please ... im playing on pokemon X and i really really want to teach my Blastoise Dragon Pulse and i know its only possible with egg breeding so.... for a squirtle with dragon pulse and aura sphere and i need female blastoise right ? please if anyone have a save game for it please upload here to me
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