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  1. Yes, if a Pokémon from a gen 1 virtual console game to a gen 2 virtual console game will still have the Game Boy icon since both of those gens use that symbol. The only visbale difference would be in the summary would say the Pokémon was from Jhoto instead of Kanto. Yes, adding ribbons to your Gengar that weren't in SM, USUM, and SwSh will make it illegal. As I stated when answering the second question this is because virtual console games can only connect with them selves and Bank.
  2. That is possible and can be done with by changing what game it is from; however, I wouldn't recommend that since depending what generation you pick Pokémon can't have any random combination of PID, nature, gender, ability, and IVs and by time those values are less coupled you have already missed out on a lot of ribbons. Since you said your last Gengar didn't have a game icon and could have ribbons leads me to believe your Gengar originated from a gen 3, 4 or 5 game. I suggest getting a Gengar from a gen 3 game base your base since then it can get almost all of the ribbons.
  3. To answer your questions: 1) It really doesn't matter what generation of games the Gengar is sent to since PKHeX can add any ribbons that are available in that generation and from previous generations. However, it matters what game and generation the Pokémon is from. For example a Pokémon from gen 4 can not have gen 3 ribbons since any Pokémon from gen 4 games can not go to gen 3 games. Another example a Pokémon from Emerald can't have all ribbons from that gen since it didn't come from XD or Colosseum. 2) Yes, you can do that, but it will be illegal. Virtual console Pokémon can only have ribbons from SM, USUM, and SwSh at this point. 3) Technically no, but virtual console version is the only one that can legally go to Bank. Cartridge version of Red can only connect with gen 1 and 2, versus virtual console version of Red can connect with Bank to go to gen 7 and later gens. 4) Read my answer to question 2.
  4. ORAS Pokeblocks do not raise Sheen so a Pokémon that originated from a gen past gen 4 can't have Sheen. PKHeX working as intended.
  5. I’ve never used a Discord bot before, but in this case I think you might be alright leaving it blank.
  6. The "Latest (not OT) Handler" is blank if the Pokémon is from that save and has never been owned by another trainer. It gets fill when the Pokémon is with a trainer that is not it's original trainer and then you will need to select that box so it turns green by clicking in that area. If the Pokémon returns to its original trainer after being with another trainer the "Latest (not OT) Handler" will remain filled; however, the "Trainer Information" box should now be green.
  7. PKHeX supports all generations of Pokémon games. How far did you make it into the game? Because from what I can tell the save is from very early in the game and you don't even have a starter yet. Try playing until you get your starter since people have reported similar problems due and the problem seems to be they are trying to do edits too early in their playthrough. Then save twice and try editing the save again.
  8. For some reason the file got truncated by 64 bytes so the bytes at address 0x6040 didn’t line up properly and the header looked off. I changed the header to match one of my savefile (I don't know if this was the true cause of the issue) then I added in some padding so the data would line up at 0x6040 and fixed the checksums with PKHeX. I tested it with Dolphin and it seem to work now. PokemonXD.gci
  9. Nope, lowest level in level 2 which can be found on early routes and eggs in gens 2 and 3 produce level 5 Pokémon.
  10. Could you upload the pre edited save and post edited save to the thread?
  11. In the future you can upload files directly to the post it helps keep you a little more anonymous verses Google Docs. The problem with the Pichu is you set its level to 1 where the lowest level in the game is 2 and apparently the game can't load the summary for level 1 Pokémon. Just set the level to 5 for Pichu since that is the level Pokémon hatched at prior to gen 4.
  12. Poke J

    Sheen editing

    In the tab that had IV information go to the bottom and you’ll see the contest stats such as Cool and Cute. The right most contest stat box is Sheen. The contest stats and sheen max out at 255 so play around with those.
  13. No your game or save is not glitched that is the intended effect of Expanding Force. The problem is your Expanded Force user is not grounded so it does not gain the effects of the terrain. This is how all terrains work for Pokémon with the Levitate ability or is a Flying type they will not gain the effect of the terrain. For further reading check out Bulbapedia's page https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Expanding_Force_(move)
  14. You would have to make a ROM hack to add it into the game. I know nothing of making mods so I'll be of no help. PKHeX will be of no assistance here since Zeraora does not exist in the game in the first place so PKHeX can't add something that isn't already in the game.
  15. Anytime you take advantage of 3rd party hardware or software you will be running the risk of something going wrong and in worst case scenario could result in a ban. However, all Pokémon should be legal doing this so I think there shouldn't be a high risk. I won't give you a direct yes or no because I can't see the future. EDIT The reason I suggested skipping gen 4 here is due to the fact PKHeX can figure out what a pk3 file should be formatted like as a pk5 file and it'll save you time in the end. It has nothing to do with trash bytes.
  16. PKHeX can handle transfers properly because no new data is being created. Transferring a Pokémon the legitimate way basically copies the important values and makes the Pokémon and then deletes the Pokémon in the original game. PKHeX can mimic that the creation process. The only gen I’d suggest to transfer the official way would would be gen 3-> gen 4 based solely how trash bytes are generated and I’m not sure if that is fully understood yet. However, gen 4 -> gen 5 wipes out the trash bytes so you can skip transfer to any later generation and there shouldn’t be any issues. That’s said if you want to be 100% sure there is no issues you need real games and hardware. In terms of dropping stats I have no idea what you mean or referring to. Only gens 5, 6, 7, and HOME have any comparability with Bank. So no things don’t have to be on one central save file. Bank is tied to your 3DS so and gen 5 game can send to your Bank with your 3DS and any gen 6 or 7 games can deposit or withdraw from your Bank with your 3DS. (Note Pokémon once entered a gen 7 game can not return to a gen 6). I you want to think about it this way your Bank save is your central save before moving them to HOME. Lastly, I’d like to clear one thing up anytime you use PKHeX on a save file the Pokémon on the save are no longer legit and are legal at best. Same goes for emulation and R4 those Pokémon will be legal at best. The only way to get and have legit Pokémon is if the Pokémon was obtained with official Nintendo hardware playing an official game that the save file has never been dumped.
  17. PKHeX transfer isn’t legit, but it mimics the method of transfer properly. You have some convoluted transfer paths. You’re transferring all of your gen 3 and 4 Pokémon to one file before transfer isn’t necessary and will waste time. A more simple path would be Sapphire->White Ruby->W E->W FR->W LG->W D->W P->W Pl->W SS->W HG->W W->B2 PKHeX can skip in between gens like gen 4 if you’re wanting it in gen 5.
  18. No one can see the future here so nothing can be definitively said until the release of the games. However, I would say having Pokémon with a catch date prior to the games release will not cause a ban. This is simple due to the fact you can set your Switch to a different date on your own. So it could be a case that the person just doesn't have their Switch updating its date/time from the internet and they have the date set incorrectly. Things could be said differently if a server was assigning the caught date to the Pokémon, but again I haven't heard of anyone being banned for having a Pokémon from GO with a wrong date. Which leads me to believe there will never be a ban for that and that isn't even checked. Side note reviewers get the games in advance and their Switches are never banned for playing the game early so again I do not believe that would lead to a ban, but as I said in my opening sentence no can see the future so you never know.
  19. In generation 3 the PID, IVs, and nature are all linked and that applies to eggs. So to try and answer your question these factors also apply to eggs and by changing these values on an egg will cause legality issues. So don’t modify these or check with a RNG program to find a new valid combination.
  20. It depends on the generation. What game is this for?
  21. There is no in game legality check, but since there isn’t simply a byte that gets set for a Pokémon to be shiny the games calculates if the Pokémon is shiny and in this case gender. That’s because it’s all tied to DVs and only certain DV combinations will result in a shiny so it’s still impossible to have a perfect shiny Pokémon.
  22. That is correct it will only appear shiny in that version of the game. It’s just unfortunate that what you want cannot exist in any manner without editing the ROM.
  23. @Halier Lockehartwithout making some sort of ROM hack so that the Pokémon appears shiny on your end what you are wanting is just impossible. As you referred to in your original post you understand why they can’t be shiny so I don’t need to go into details why, but it is just impossible to get those Pokémon in gens 1 and 2.
  24. @Spica unlike gen 4 RAM gen 5 RAM doesn’t store much of the enemy Pokémon data unencrypted. The complete Pokémon is encrypted so you’ll need to decrypt then first to have it in a readable format. The tool @theSLAYER linked you to will help you if you’re wanting the current Pokémon on the screen, but if you’re needing the info for scripting reasons then this post of mine might give you a little more information
  25. After looking through all 4 RAM dumps it turns out the Legendary Beasts will always occupy the same section of RAM. It seems you will always find the Beast at offset 0026E5A0 and it take up 136 bytes since it is encrypted. There is 102 bytes that proceeds the Pokémon which I don't know what it is for and at this point I don't care enough to find out. To determine this I encrypted all 4 PKM files and then searched for them in their RAM dump.
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