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  1. I like option C. Lol thank you for the advice.
  2. It can be hacked. That's actually how i lost my save. I formated my SD by mistake. My wife uses the online features so if hacking it means going online and getting banned I definitely don't want to go this route. I may have to buy another switch and do it the old school way?
  3. Hi, I am new to project Pokémon and a little disappointed I hadn't stumbled upon this site prior as I have been a fan since the beginning. Well long story short I lost my save after beating the story mode on Pokémon shield. without any back ups I am forced to start a new game. I would like to not worry about getting banned so if this is a possibility with a VERY Vanilla Switch please tell me now. Otherwise, I would love to be able to start my new journey with all 3 of the starter Pokémon.
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