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  1. I have a question regarding save files of different regions: For example, are offset positions of the save file generated by Pocket Monsters Pt (J) different to than that of Pokemon Pt (U)? Please help me find the answer to it.
  2. Can someone make Pokéathlon cheat codes to make it so that the timers of the some of the 10 mini games become instantly 5 seconds? The mini games that I need this cheat codes are the following: 1. Pennant Capture 2. Relay Run 3. Block Smash 4. Circle Push 5. Goal Roll 6. Snow Throw 7. Ring Drop 8. Lamp Jump 9. Disc Catch I don't need one for Hurdle Dash and please make the code for Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver (USA) Here are some screenshots to clarify what I'm trying to request - 1 - Pennant Capture Timer 2 - Relay Run Timer 3 - Disc Catch Timer 4 - Goal Roll Timer
  3. Um there’s a bug with pkhex when editting Battle Hall records with pkhex currently and Kurt said that I have to either wait for a future update or use older versions. Older versions still have the same bug so I don’t know what to do. Also, the win streak can go over 9999 but pkhex only allows to edit up to 9999 win streak with the Battle Hall so I’m also confused on that. But anyways, I can’t even edit the win streak to 9999 because it gives me an error message when I try to access Battle Hall win streak records. Could you possibly try to do it on your save file if you have one available?
  4. I'm trying to edit the Battle Hall win streak records in my platinum save. I found out that they are offsets 46924 - 46927. However, there is some sort of encryption at 46928. If I just edit 46924 - 26927, then load + save the save in pkhex and load the game, it says the data is corrupt and the game reverts the save back to its previous save. Can someone help me with this?
  5. I fed my legit Monferno a legit level 4 blue poffin that I made in-game by talking to the woman in HeartHome City. In PKHeX it gives me this error: Please fix this bug in PKHeX.
  6. Hey, block 38 for BW1 is encrypted like shown in the above screenshot. Can you give us the option to decrypt and dump that block with your tool?
  7. I'm trying to decrypt block 38 for Pokemon White which is the Trainer Card Records block. It looks like this (It's encrypted): But it should look like this which is what I want (Below is block 38 from B2W2 which the BW Tool has the option to decrypt) Suloku's BW Tool doesn't have the option to decrypt BW saves. Any ideas?
  8. How can you decrypt a save block extracted from BW_Tool by suloku? When it's encrypted, it looks like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo
  9. Can someone tell me how to make the medal guy APPEAR with this tool? (Not just make it "obtained" in the medal box) I swear I was able to do a few months ago unless I'm wrong. Setting flag 3 & a date doesn't make the guy appear in the pokemon center. Edit: I'm also unable to untick "obtained" after setting a date. Edit 2: Nvm, made the guy appear
  10. Hi, does anyone have the .wr8's for the Pokeball Guy's Casual Tees and willing to share? I need .wr8's for the following events: - Poké Ball Guy Casual Tee (https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/file/4072-poké-ball-guy-casual-tee/) - Great Ball Guy Casual Tee (https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/file/4170-great-ball-guy-casual-tee/) - Ultra Ball Guy Casual Tee (https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/file/4171-ultra-ball-guy-casual-tee/) If you have them, please let me know here, or PM me! I'd really appreciate it
  11. Game Sync/Global Link has long been gone and we can't connect to their servers (https://www.pokemon-gl.com/) There's no way to get a Game Sync ID legit anymore. I just input a random Game Sync ID using PKHex but it doesn't show as it does on the right image (the save file that legitimately connected to Game Sync when it was open from 2013 - 2016 for Gen 6) I'm wondering how I can get it to that state on the right image by save editting.
  12. Hi, I have a question: How do I make the circled part appear? (Image below) This is when I click on the "Game Sync" button in Gen 6 games. I tried giving the save file that never connected to Game Sync (left one) a Game Sync ID using PKHex and the circled part still didn't show up. I'm guessing there's a flag that can be checked or a location where the ID needs to be written so the circled part shows up. The same for Gen 7 games. It's obviously impossible to do it legitimately now that Game Sync is gone. Any help would be appreciated if anyone has any knowledge about this. Thx a lot.
  13. What exactly happens to your save file if you save on Sword v.1.3.1 and then revert the update then save on v1.3.0?
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