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  1. Does anyone know where to edit on my save file to get 10 fans on Pokemon Musicals? Like offsets, etc... Please help Picture of 10 fans in-game: Edit: I tried messing with the event constants. I had a save "before 1 fan" and a save "after 1 fan". There was a difference, so I tried editting the "before 1 fan" save file with the difference but there was no change.
  2. Where is 0x572 and 0x570? I just tried checking.
  3. Someone please help. I’m interested in this too. My berries in my Ruby version will not grow. When I reset the rtc in pkhex, all my berries are gone. Can someone explain what’s happening and how to make berries grow again? Clicking “berry fix” option makes my “elapsed days” to 784 days and does not make the berries grow.
  4. Kurt please explain to me what this is... I don’t understand? Is this the Battle Tower from RS or Battle Tower from the Battle Frontier in Emersld? Or are the records for both the same? What offset is “current wins”? And what’a the flag to “continue”?
  5. Could someone help me edit Battle Tower records in Ruby and Sapphire? Is there a separate program for that anywhere?
  6. Lollobly in Nacrene City Hey do you have a backup of the same save BEFORE connecting to the Dream World?
  7. I want a new pid, please make me one ty I’m too lazy to follow the guide and last time I tried for a gen iv, it didn’t work
  8. I did but it gives me invalid paid mismatch and I have no clue how to make it legal..
  9. Hi can someone make me a legal Berry Forest Hypno from FRLG with the following? TID: 18250 SID: 35877 OT: LUCAS Origin: FireRed Game: FireRed Gen III
  10. I want the medals and special npc unlock from connecting to the dream world.
  11. Np thanks so much for it. I'm still looking for the saves for other games especially B2W2 so please if anyone has it, please give it to me. Or else I'd just have to wait until someone creates a private Dream World server...
  12. Yeah could you give it to me here or through DM? Thanks so much. Is it only for Pokemon Black? How about the other games like White and B2W2?
  13. Hi, I want to request some contest codes that exist for Pokemon Platinum (U) but not for Diamond & Pearl (U) They are: Contest Codes: 1 Round Judging For Performance 92244A12 0000FFD8 E20002B0 00000018 68212023 22040100 5C08540A 47104A00 02244A1D 46C046C0 520002B0 68212023 02244A14 47004800 02244A18 020002B1 D2000000 00000000 And Contest Codes: High Score For Performance But Opponents are 0 | (Press R+Left): Gives you the highest score in performance and sets the opponents scores to 0. 94000130 FEDF0000 9224605A 00002418 E20002D0 00000020 5E182418 1C495F14 D1012901 E0014803 46C02000 47204C00 02246065 000003E7 520002D0 5E182418 0224605C 47204C00 02246060 020002D1 D2000000 00000000
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