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  1. When I redeem this pgt in game it all works fine. But when I save and check the file on PkHex the Lucario isn't there and there is red box where it would have been. I've tried on Pearl and Platinum, all other mystery gifts work fine. Any advice?
  2. I've been playing a Korean Rom and it has the ABC option on the trainer name section to change to English text (character name only). I'm only asking as I don't have a legitimate cartridge to compare and I'm getting the Dream World mons which I would like to be "legit".
  3. I was trying to follow the guide and couldn't edit the memory in dolphin emulator and gave up and redeemed a Jirachi normally and it turned out to be shiny Jolly one! Couldn't believe it. RNG reporter says the seed was from frame 1, wouldn't have thought I could hit that frame.....anyway still stoked
  4. I've attached one I just bred in Pokemon Black. Hatch with name all in lower case which is different from the previous gen all capitals. Pkhex flags as illegal due to nickname not matching species name. Edit - ill breed one in Emerald to see what happens. Edit - bred one in Gen 3 Emerald and Gen 4 Platinum both hatched with capitals in the nickname and with the previous spacing. Farfetch'd hatched in gen 5 appear to have the name in lower case and ones Transferred from Gen 4 using Poke Transfer have the apostrophe edited in the name. It seems the change was implemented in Gen 5 - any moved through Pkhex into gen 5 from a previous game will not pass Pokemon Transporter 083 - Farfetch'd - 832D82BACC27.pk5 083 - FARFETCH’D - 3332003171C4.pk4
  5. Here is the original Pk3 (before transfer) and the Pk5 (after Poke transfer). To clarify I never went gen 3 -4 Pal park as I could not emulate it. I did go Gen 4 -5 Poke transfer as I could emulate that transfer via Melon DS so there is only the PK3 and PK5 to compare. It appears the spacing between the apostrophe and the 'D' is closer together after going through Poke Transfer 083 - FARFETCH'D - B8E48D4CC334.xk3 083 - FARFETCH'D - 9D468D4CC334.pk5
  6. Got them through after going through Poke Transfer gen 4 -5 Confirmed to be an issue with the apostrophe - It appears going through Pal Park or Poke Transfer in Gen 3 - 4 -5 will alter the apostrophe which is what the Transporter is checking for. As I originally used Pkhex to move them from Gen 3 to 5 the change hadn't occurred and they were blocked from going into Bank via Transporter. A note is that Pkhex will flag them as illegal even though they are fine - Flags that the nickname is altered regarding the in game traded Farfetch'd and the XD Farfetch'd nickname doesnt match the species name.
  7. Please let me know what you find out. I'll keep trying and if can sort anything out I'll reply. I've managed to transfer from platinum to black using PokeTransfer via Melon DS -emulator. How accurate it emulates the transfer im not sure. However I have found the following - both are flagging as illegal on Pkhex Pkhex says their nicknames have been altered - it appears to be something with the apostrophe - like you stated I'll try move them through the Transporter now. Files attached - you can see the slight change in the apostrophe when comparing the two in pkhex 083 - FARFETCH'D - 9D468D4CC334.pk5 083 - FARFETCH’D - BC6B8D4CC334.pk5
  8. I dont have multiple DS to be able to do it. I do think you are right though about the apostrophe. Would you know how Pal Park handles the apostrophe maybe I could mimic the change on Pkhex then try the Transporter again
  9. Ok the Celebi, Pikachu and all Pokemon Bank egg Pokemon got through without any edits - I put that down to an error on part mayhaps. However both Farfetch'd will not got through - pesky ducks. Im trying to collect everything from in game trades etc.
  10. Thanks. I tried that with the Farfetch'd. Got them 100 and removed baton pass from the XD one. I've traded another ingame Fire Red one and will try that (it's a higher level). I'll raise the others and try again - let you know shortly.
  11. I've been sending old mons through trough Transporter to Bank. Recently a select few have been blocked by the Transporter namely Farfetch'd from XD and Fire Red in game trade All Pokemon box egg reward mons JPN colosseum celebi and pikachu All were obtained myself via emulator and moved to pokemon Black through Pkhex. I can't identify an issue with them myself using pkhex. Could anyone assist?
  12. Oh. So poke transporter wipes them? I assume its safe to move from gen 3 to 5 using pkhex then put through poke transporter, as the trash bytes that would have been there would be wiped anyway?
  13. Thought it was something like that. I'm sure plenty, if not, a majority of players have sent through mons to home via bank and wouldn't be aware of this issue. I'm gathering its not an issue in terms of ban worthy seeing as without using save editing software you wouldn't know about it.
  14. I've had this issue with bank. Legit mons from gen 1 and 2 when transferred through bank and withdrawn to a gen 7 game can have messed up PP. I'm not sure what causes it and why. But they go through to HOME just fine. Celebi from crystal has that issue and the bird from kanto. There's a few other as well. It doesn't appear to be the mons that cause it but the moves. As each mon with the specific move will either have an absurdly high PP amount. Anyone figured 9ut why bank might cause this to happen? And does HOME that anyone knows of fix any of the issues? I would think a mon with 300PP in move would flag but mine went through. I dont have a modded switch to be able to check them on SwSh.
  15. A little different to this. the catch rate when transferring up. Only noticeable when viewed in Pkhex. I have a dragonite. Caught a VC yellow dratini in the safari zone. This mon has catch rate of 45. When evolved to dragonite it keeps the same catch rate and pkhex says its illegal. I'm guessing that's a false positive due to yellow and r/b having diff catch rates. I know a dragonite in yellow has a catch rate of 9 however you can't catch a wild one. A dragonair with a catch rate of 27 I believe and can be caught and evolved. Pkhex says that dragonite is lega when i tested that. Do you know the reason the other mon is flagged as illegal? I've transferred through the poketransporter to home as I'm under the belief it's a false positive.
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