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  1. I cant tell but the drag and drop method doesnt seem to work anyway. I was more interested in how to accomplish the process when it does matter. Like gen 6/7. But the dag and drop method seems to do nothing. Or im doing it wrong. I tried dragging from a Gen 4 to a gen 4 alternate save and nothing changed. I tried from gen 4 to gen 7 and nothing changed. I tried from gen 7 o gen 7 and nothing changed. So im either doing it wrong or that method doesnt work.
  2. When I was testing out transferring a gen 2 pokemon to gen 7 with pkhex it gave me the error that the pokemon didnt go through the correct transfer methods. Im assuming that because of the massive differences between gen 1/2 and gen 7 that I must first push the Gen 2 to a gen 4 or 5 or something befor going to gen 7. So can anyone give me the rundown on how I would do this? i heard mention of a program called PK2PK but i havent looked into it. Just curious how I would do it in PKHex and what is the save/appropriate method of accomplishing this.
  3. this sounds like a great method. Does PKHex simulate the trade as it happens? or do you need to save and reopen the files before trading it back. Or can I just drag and drop and then immediately drag and drop back? I have yet to ever open 2 saves at once before I was unaware you could do that. Thats actually going to save me a lot of time.
  4. this is the part that gets me. When I set the non OT trainer.. do I just make up some random name? and trainer ID? (i dont remember if the ID was part of it. )
  5. I've seen this question asked a bunch but the answers are confusing me. I'm currently using Desmume or whatever it's called to play through heart gold. I am currently playing through all the old games to build a living dex in Pokémon home. The biggest issue is trades on the older games. Googling around a lot of people mention changing the species to the evolved form and then messing with the memory and the OT. Well I don't know if that's something that happens when you are working with newer PK files but I can't find anything on memories or previous trainers or anything like that for trades when working with pk4. I also don't understand needing to change the OT. I could trade someone to get the evolve and then have then trade it back which I have done several times on let's go. So what I have done temporarily is just adjust the species and nothing else. This gets the Pokémon in the right state obviously and the legality checks out but I'm worried about the PID being identical. I tried re rolling the PID but it comes back illegal saying the encounter can't be matched. I'm assuming because you can't catch them. So I've been leaving the PID alone. For example. I catch an Kadabra and save. Load PKhex and export the Kadabra then bring it back in and save it as an Alakazam I now have an Alakazam with the same PID as the Kadabra.. Is this an issue? When I export them to Pokémon home will home be worried about the Pokémon having the same PID? Or should I go catch a different Kadabra? Kadabra is just an example I don't need him but some of the others are harder to come by.
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