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  1. While making some adjustments (fixing a bug) to the RAM Extraction application I believe I found 2 more unused trainers in the Colosseum Battle -> Solo Battle -> Mt. Battle Vs 100 -> Double Battle option. My reasons for believing these are unused trainers are the same as outlined in my previous post which I quoted to make reference easier. The first of these trainers is LEINE which yes there is a LEINE in Mt. Battle story mode, but that trainer is female where this one is male and both have different teams. The second trainer is EMOK which uses 2 Makuhita one of which is a shadow Makuhita which is different from the one you snag. EMOK also is not the name of the trainer which you snag Makuhita from. I have attached an updated file of all unused trainers that I have found so far. Usused Trainers.zip
  2. That is normal behaviour since moves are not retained during transfer and HOME assigns the correct moves when the Pokémon is deposited into the game. Refer back to your other thread as to why you shouldn’t use PKHeX for gen 8/9 transfer.
  3. BDSP to gen 7 transfer is not possible. It’s a one way ticket from Pokémon Bank to Pokémon HOME. As well there is no method to evolve a Pikachu to an Alolan Raichu in gen 8.
  4. I’d doubt there is a write up about the structure as a whole since this is beta stuff. HXD is good for this since it shows the hex and what the corresponding characters are. Names in gen 7 are stored with the hex value of the actual characters. As such a name like Bob would have the text stored as B.o.b. in the characters.
  5. Despite not being rested with an actual ram dump I imagine it should dump gen 7 (as long as the formate matches 7’s formate) because I test it with a file filled with garbage data that have encrypted Pokémon data inserted randomly throughout.
  6. The tool was never fully tested for gen 7 as I couldn’t get RAM dumps for the generation. It could also be likely that the Pokémon could be in a slightly different format.
  7. Application update... it was pretty much been done since December. Code clean up and optimization. Fixed bug with Pokérus, IV, and origins checks. (It's a wonder that the application ran prior to these fixes. Fixed bug where Pokémon with only 1 move would not be extracted. Changed framework to .NET 7 Various other fixes as well.
  8. Ash Greninja can not legally be in any ball besides a Poké Ball; therefore, having one in a Beast Ball will be illegal and thus PKHeX will not be able to match the encounter to any origin game.
  9. Unfortunately you can’t complete the national dex with just those games. If you are to include Scarlet and Violet you would still be unable to complete the dex. Pokémon like Furfrou have not appeared since the 3DS games so you’d need a 3DS that already had Pokémon Bank installed. You also need Pokémon GO to get the Meltan line and transfer them to Let’s GO.
  10. I’m not a mod here, but uploading ROMs is illegal and against forum rules. I suggest you remove the file.
  11. Just throwing this out there for others to know. Gen 1 and 2 cartridge events are not legal outside of gen 1 and 2 cartridges. Even though you edited the Mew back to its original trainer data it is still illegal because a Mew with that information can not legally exist in the gen 7 and onward games.
  12. As I said in my pervious reply, “ I haven’t seen a duplication glitch that doesn’t copy the Pokémon exactly as it is”. I’ll say be careful with that glitch since from experience you can corrupt your save. Make sure you save twice between attempts.
  13. In gens 1 and 2 female starters can never be shiny since both gender and shiny is determined by the Pokémon DVs. A female starter has an attack DV of either 0 or 1 and the lowest attack DV a shiny Pokémon can have is 2. So for a starter Pokémon to be shiny it has to be male since an attack DV of 2 will result with the Pokémon being male; therefore, starters that are female and shiny is impossible.
  14. If I’m understanding right you want to use a glitch to clone a Pokémon and want to know if it will retain its ribbons correct? I haven’t seen a duplication glitch that doesn’t copy the Pokémon exactly as it so yes the ribbons will still be on the clone. However, I believe all cloning glitches have been patched out of SwSh. A Pokémon does not need to be full evolved to participate is contests.
  15. No it’s a shadow Pokémon from XD. All shadow Pokémon from XD can not be shiny.
  16. @MIO1339 if you scrolled further down that page you would have seen that in gen 3 Deoxys is only catchable in Fire Red, Leaf Green, and Emerald. So no you can’t catch it and have it retain normal firm.
  17. The short answer is no shadow Pokémon from XD can not be shiny. The long answer is Poke Spot Pokémon can be shiny and manipulated. Shadow Pokémon you can only manipulate IVs, nature, and ability. However, in both cases PID, nature, IVs, and ability are all correlated so you can’t change one aspect and expect the Pokémon to be legal. You’ll need to find a new spread for the Pokémon where everything is legal with an application like Poke Finder.
  18. This isn’t an issue with PKHeX since PKHeX only modifies the save file. This is something with the actual game itself. You said you used a randomizer on the game make sure you didn’t change the conditions for evolution.
  19. @Hello, it's me!have you tried any of the things I questioned about in my post above yours?
  20. It’s hard to tell without seeing the actual Pokémon. Mind uploading them here? Apart from that are those the only Pokémon you can’t trade or are you still able to trade Pokémon of different species? Are you able to partake in ranked online battles? I’m asking if since another ban wave happened today and I’m trying to determine if it’s the Pokémon or you got banned.
  21. So was it called main when you imported it and now it’s a .sav? If so try remaining the file from PKHeX as main without the .sav extension. If that doesn’t work mind uploading the original save file and the one from PKHeX?
  22. @Bashfulpig @dangerous_oatmeal3 “Export SAV…” will also export a main file for gen 6 onwards. A main file is just a type of save file.
  23. Find the PID by going to Time Finder select gen 3. Them set it up for method 1 and Emerald. What it looks like you did was pull a method 1 PID from the HGSS pool of method 1 PIDs.
  24. Upon an initial check of the data of Pokémon from the Trainer House compared to the actual data that is and isn't transferred to the Pokewalker is as follows. Data that is transferred to the Pokewalker includes: PID, EXP (but if it has the Pokémon be above Lv 50 the Pokémon is rounded down to Lv 50), nature item, ability, friendship, IVs, EVs, attacks, TID, SID, and trainer gender. Data not transferred over to the Pokewalker includes: origin game, met location, Poke Ball, met level, met date, fateful encounter flag, encountered on, egg met conditions, OT, and ribbons. Data not checked includes: language, Pkrus flags, shiny leaf flags, nickname (but if my memory is right that data is transferred), contest stats, and extra bytes.
  25. Application update: Code clean up and documentation. It should be easier to read now. Application performance increased. Significantly noticeable with Colosseum and XD. Fixed issue with gen 1 and 2 where not all Pokémon were being recognized by the extractor. Fixed issue with Colosseum and XD where EV calculation check, nickname check, and OT checks did not function as intended. Fixed issue with Space World '97 where the application would crash. Other minor bugs fixed. Added application credits.
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