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  1. Wow i never heard about this scenario, how can a normal person know this damn they really like complicate things. Thanks for the infos as always!
  2. Can't be a confusion of one of this? I never see a double error from serebii and bulbapedia together and i don't find this event info for pokemon X anywhere. I don't want say that pkhex is wrong but only to be sure about everything https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_local_event_Pokémon_distributions_in_Generation_VI#Tyranitar_2 https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_local_event_Pokémon_distributions_in_Generation_VI#Tyranitar
  3. I received this event tyranitar shiny 03866 (https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Japanese_region_Nintendo_Network_event_Pokémon_distributions_in_Generation_VI#Kotone_Yasue.27s_Tyranitar) For pkhex everything is ok and pass the legality check but as shown in the picture it comes from kalos and bulbapedia/serebii say that it should be available only in pokemon oras (hoen). Someone know something about this event? i don't find anything about it for pokemon XY (kalos)
  4. in Gen 5 japanese cartridge didn't have the possibility to use an english language? i know that from gen 6 is possible because a japanese game can choose english language to play so it would be legit, but don't know how it works before 3ds
  5. wow never though that i could teach something to you it means untouched, the player has redeemed and never used that pokemon. it can exist but event moves of gen 1-5 can't be relearned via normal gameplay so it depends if there are datas of the pokemon that save every change to the moves or are saved only actual moves Are there datas that record history of ivs or also level? like if I start with a lv60 pokemon it will save the level met at 60, but then there will be datas that record every level up or if i take back it from lv100 at lv60 for the game is everything ok? Instead for Ivs game save datas of "first met" ivs or only has actual ivs saved? so that if you change them there arent any problems sorry between all threads i though it was the best for the usage of an hardware. shit i answered bad inside your answears ahah hope you can read them, edited well i hope
  6. I received a pokemon event that wasn't UT, all is perfect except for the moveset that i can't relearn anymore in normal gameplay. If i edit the moves with powersave to put the event moveset to make it an UT event, are there internal datas that makes him illegal? or would be 100% legit for the game? I play on USUM and the event is from gen 5 @theSLAYER i already know the monster for this type of questions merged: anyone know this? also if removing evs / changing ivs can create problems?
  7. I have 3ds only (from XY to USUM) shiny volcarona lv100 OT korean (06092) shiny groudon lv60 OT korean (180127) or japanese (180113) shiny kyogre lv60 OT korean (180127) or japanese (180113) FT: ask me events or legendaries you need
  8. I studied that all gen 1-4 pokemons lose forever their original date during the transfer in pokemon black and white, for gen 5-7 pokemons happen something similar during the transfer in pokemon home or they keep the original date?
  9. I mean the symbol (pentagon etc.+ the region (kalos etc). So ok i undestood these are results of the data that refers to the accurate game of origin. There are pokemon events available only for some specific version of the game in that moment. In this case i was thinking to electabuzz Spring 2014 available only in Y that i spawned in X. All is perfect in game because pentagon and kalos region are the same for both games but for a legality checker of pokemon home so would be illegal since his origin game is X instead of Y right?
  10. Then when transfered in gen8 the data structure of the pokemon will have bytes regarding the accurate origin game or only the mark + region? in this last case there would not be problems regarding a pokemon of X spawned in Y for example. Sorry for all the questions but without having access to pkhex at the moment i can only use my mind as legality checker
  11. damn only for a legality check i didn't want bang my head too much because i don't have the possibility to transfer a pkhex save in my real cartridge so i can only export my backup to do a legality check of pokemons that i have...is there something working for this on mac that i can download directly?
  12. ah ok so this is not good anymore?
  13. I read a lot of articles that from 2019 many people started to use Pkhex also with iMac but i'm not able to open it. I installed it, extracted the program but when i click on the icon nothing happens. I only need a legality checker where i can load my save and control which pokemons looks legit. If someone know how to open pkhex with an iMac OS Catalina or another program to use only for legality check would be really appreciated
  14. ah another question that comes to me right now, for pokemon events the origin game is decided when the wonder card is redeemed or when i pick up the pokemon in the pokemon center?
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