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  1. so pk hex is wrong to put it as fish since the fault is that I caught him with the rod from the ground and when you fish from the water does not happen that
  2. I know what the problem is, I just captured feebas from the water and it does not appear as fishy
  3. use the vba emulator just like you, do not use anything to alter the game, just look for the feebas blocks and I got one fishing right on the shore I show a photo
  4. 349 - FEEBAS - 9089177FB072.pk3 349 - FEEBAS - 7010AC77F9B1.pk3 349 - FEEBAS - D7396855EF19.pk3 349 - FEEBAS - 3EEF04E466B9.pk3 349 - FEEBAS - D41CA88D0030.pk3
  5. 349 - FEEBAS - D7396855EF19.pk3349 - FEEBAS - D7396855EF19.pk3349 - FEEBAS - D31BA88D0030.ek3
  6. what I want to know is because this is an event that has sid 0 does not come out as suspicious as ice in the previous thread 375 - METANG - 3E0EB59B5E62.pk3 According to what you put this intact so I guess it must be legal, I took it out of games that I downloaded a while ago but I do not remember which page was ... I leave the sav to take a lookFireRed - Gen 3 Event Compilation (3).savFireRed - Gen 3 Event Compilation (2).savFireRed - Gen 3 Event Compilation (1).savpokemon rojo fuego.savFireRed - Gen 3 In-Game Trade Compilation.sav
  7. mmm but it would not be a mistake to put it as suspicious to pokemon that are of event since it always has 0?
  8. dji

    Pikachu PokéCenter Yokohama

    The truth is that I do not remember where I downloaded it ...
  9. dji

    Pikachu PokéCenter Yokohama

    FireRed - Gen 3 In-Game Trade Compilation.savFireRed - Gen 3 Event Compilation (3).savFireRed - Gen 3 Event Compilation (2).savFireRed - Gen 3 Event Compilation (1).sav here
  10. dji

    Pikachu PokéCenter Yokohama

    025 - ピカチュウ - 0BBC25879824.pk3
  11. 4 to 5 generation change the skills ?, in bulbapedia says that 3 to 4, but from 6 to 7 it seems that yes, had a beartic in the 6th generation with mantle niveo and when passing it to 7 change to snowplows (sorry if they do not understand the skills is that in my language they are not called the same)
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