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  1. dji

    pikachu illegal

    I have downloaded the Yokohama (ヨコハマ) Pikachu event but pk hex tells me it is illegal
  2. in pk hex I get that it is illegal..
  3. dji

    Coliseo pkhex

    the new version of pk hex, makes coloseum run out of money ... the problem with pokemon that have 2 abilities and when they evolve only have 1, they give them as illegal has not been corrected
  4. dji

    feebas localitation

    Sorry I don't understand very well how on that page I can update the plugin, will you help me?
  5. dji

    feebas localitation

    how is the plugin updated?
  6. dji

    illegal flygon

    It has also happened to me with other pokemon like shelder of the 5 generation that was from the dream world, the normal thing is that pk hex put everything legal since it is totally legal, at least trapich was totally legal, it did not put anything illegal first and legal after
  7. dji

    illegal flygon

    My question is that I suppose that pk hex has a fault or something like that, I mean it should be like the others that it says that it is legal at all times
  8. dji

    illegal flygon

    I know, that happens to me too, but if you give it control and give it to the legality, it comes out illegal, I don't know that the ability is not compatible or something like that
  9. dji

    illegal flygon

    330 - FLYGON - 34AD3D4C08EF.pk3
  10. dji

    illegal flygon

    no, it was a trapich and I evolved it with training to flygon, being a trapich it was legal with the sand trap ability but when evolving it turns out to be illegal, and pk hex only lets me put levitation 1
  11. dji

    illegal flygon

    Why do I get illegal flygon if it can only have levitation?
  12. dji


    what was it in the end?
  13. dji


    Yes, according to the error it is due to the hidden ability but it cannot be since he was born from a dream world female
  14. dji


    561 - Sigilyph - 06A3DEB21E12.pk5
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