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  1. I’m currently not testing since I’ve found the information that I needed for my application and interests. Maybe some day down the road I’ll look at this again.
  2. Just follow this for each generation and you’ll be fine. (I will not list Gen 8 since I’ve never used PKHeX for Gen 8 ) Gen 1: -Just change the species. Gen 2 to Gen 5; -Change the species -Optional change the friendship value to 70. Gen 6 to Gen 7: -Change the species. -Add a non original OT -Change to the non original OT (click beside the text box so it’ll turn green) -If Pokémon is traded back to its first original trainer (same ID, SID, OT, gender) set it to original OF (click beside the text box so it’ll turn green), but still make sure t
  3. Just going off what you’ve explained I’d say with high certainty that’s what’s happening. So nothing to worry about your game sounds like it’s running fine.
  4. That’s because you’ve gained hearts in PokeAmie with that Pokémon so it loves you more now and has nothing to do with nature. The more hearts you get to with that Pokémon in PokeAmie the more beneficial battle effects you’ll get like waking up early or dodging moves that are 100% accurate. Those effects only work in game and not online.
  5. That’s the the legality error box informing you what changes you need to make the Pokémon legal. You don’t even have to see that box unless you click on the error icon to see the issue. So to address your concern, no the box will not auto legal Pokémon since that isn’t a built function of PKHeX and probably will never be a built function.
  6. To expand on this question further the games themselves do not check for illegal moves since Pokémon can be brought from past games where they could learn a move that they can’t learn anymore or it’s an event Pokémon with a special move. To have an in game hack check would not be practical and is reserved for checking Pokémon being used in online play or online trading, but the server carries out those checks.
  7. Poke J

    illegal flygon

    I did control + click on the error icon and it instantly changed and it came up legal for me on both versions. PKHeX sometimes does that when it initially checks the Pokémon, but then corrects itself when you click on the error. I don't know how you got the that legality error in your first post because I can't get that result.
  8. Poke J

    illegal flygon

    I've tested with the same version as you, as well as, the newest version of PKHeX and I don't get that error. It at first says its illegal, but clicking on the error icon changes is to the legal check mark.
  9. Poke J

    illegal flygon

    Can upload the file? It’s hard to tell you what’s wrong from a screen shot.
  10. Poke J

    illegal flygon

    Did you do any edits to this or is this an unedited Flygon? Does the error go away when the ability is changed to Levitate (2)?
  11. Considering there appears to be no info online for parts 3 and 4 of the research I think it's safe to say not may if anyone has made it past part 2; therefore, nobody can say for 100% certainty. However, going off of the other Mew from GO the answer is probably not. The GO to LGPE transfer probably blocks based on Pokémon index number and not what GO research event the Mew is from.
  12. First if your Switch is not hacked or isn’t a Switch Lite check this website to see if your Switch can be hacked in the first place. If you don’t want to hack your Switch or can’t hack your Switch you’ll have to play a new save up until you can trade and get someone to trade you the other 2 starters. https://ismyswitchpatched.com
  13. This application is currently on it's third iteration build 20210312. The purpose of the application is to extract Pokémon that are in the RAM of main line Pokémon games. Currently, it supports gens 3 to 6 with support added for the Pokémon Gold Space World '97 demo. Please use this thread if any bugs or issues arise during use. Updates in current release: -UI update -Fixed oversight where gen 3 would only work for Fire Red and Leaf Green -Reworked logic -Added dumping for the Gold Space World '97 demo -All Pokémon in the RAM will now be dumped and not the 24 most
  14. @theSLAYEReven if the RAM doesn’t yield a playable game it seems that in gen 3 RAM all Pokémon are loaded in at all times. So if all else fails there is a high chance of recovering the Pokémon.
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