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  1. OT effects nothing, but TID and SID could effect the PID if the Pokémon is shiny.
  2. It’s hacked. Online hack checks are terrible and should never be used to determine legality.
  3. Though not rumours, but rather claims made in official promotional media. -Gen 6 ORAS trailer Mega Blaziken used Ice Punch on Flygon. Can’t find the video anymore so this might not be true. -Gen 6 Pokémon 20th Anniversary article on the Pokémon website giving tips on how to train your gift Manaphy claimed it could learn Hydro Pump. Source https://www.pokemon.com/us/strategy/mythical-pokemon-distribution-round-up-part-2/
  4. No, mythical and certain event Pokémon like hat Pikachu can not be transferred.
  5. It is impossible to get a level 10 Magearna in any scenario, therefore it can't be legal let alone legit.
  6. Check the downloads section.
  7. I just want to clear one thing up first, you cannot generate legit Pokémon. At best you can generate a legal Pokémon. Since you are trying to make a Pokémon for a gen 4 game you need to remember that PID and IVs are linked; therefore, it isn’t as simple as rolling a shiny PID value. You need RNG Reporter or the new program that’s replaced it in popularity (I can’t remember the programs name) to generate a valued PID/IV combo. In your case Manaphy uses Method 1 to generate the PID and IVs. You also need to know that the game that picks up the egg can’t be the OT for Manaphy. The egg needs to be traded first so you’ll need to modify the info on the Met tab for how the egg was obtained from Pokémon Ranger to Link Trade (Egg).
  8. This is a common problem and the only way to avoid this crash and all future crashes is to play the game on an actual 3DS. You will probably be hard pressed to find enough saves to play the entire game.
  9. Is that Alakazam the first Pokémon in your party? If it is what’s its nature? If it is Synchronize then all wild Pokémon encountered will have the same nature as the Synchronize Pokémon.
  10. There’s a guy in the battle tower. https://serebii.net/swordshield/useful.shtml
  11. Since it sounds like it’s a ROM hack of Fire Red try dragging and dropping the save into PKHeX. If that doesn’t work the save is too different from a Fire Red save and PKHeX will not be able to open it due to the fact PKHeX only supports non ROM hack saves. Edit If it does open in PKHeX, to add a Riolu you’ll need to figure out which Pokémon Riolu is replacing in the game and set it to that species.
  12. You need to click on the "Latest (not OT) Handler" box so it turns green. Since it is from gen 5 the current handler can't be the trainer that obtained the Pokemon; therefore, the Pokemon has to be in the possession of the new handler. The green highlight of the box notates who is the handler. Edit (Possible Error with PKHeX) Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think this event was available to any other language besides Japaneses games so if someone is wanting to say that it hatched in an English B2W2 they'd need to adjust the Met tab so that the "Egg met Conditions" to "Link Trade (Egg)". Currently PKHeX flags this Charmander legal if it's "Egg Met Conditions" is set to "Pokemon Event" and it's language is set to English.
  13. Zeraora is a Mythical Pokémon; therefore, can’t be bread (exception to this is Manaphy) and Zeraora doesn’t have a Hidden Ability.
  14. @patsworldI tested it and Pokémon from Galar can’t have that mark. Also I advise against using hacked Pokémon online.
  15. Did you check Serebii? https://serebii.net/swordshield/galarpokedex.shtml https://serebii.net/swordshield/rankedbattle/series5.shtml
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