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  1. There is no in game legality check, but since there isn’t simply a byte that gets set for a Pokémon to be shiny the games calculates if the Pokémon is shiny and in this case gender. That’s because it’s all tied to DVs and only certain DV combinations will result in a shiny so it’s still impossible to have a perfect shiny Pokémon.
  2. That is correct it will only appear shiny in that version of the game. It’s just unfortunate that what you want cannot exist in any manner without editing the ROM.
  3. @Halier Lockehartwithout making some sort of ROM hack so that the Pokémon appears shiny on your end what you are wanting is just impossible. As you referred to in your original post you understand why they can’t be shiny so I don’t need to go into details why, but it is just impossible to get those Pokémon in gens 1 and 2.
  4. @Spica unlike gen 4 RAM gen 5 RAM doesn’t store much of the enemy Pokémon data unencrypted. The complete Pokémon is encrypted so you’ll need to decrypt then first to have it in a readable format. The tool @theSLAYER linked you to will help you if you’re wanting the current Pokémon on the screen, but if you’re needing the info for scripting reasons then this post of mine might give you a little more information
  5. After looking through all 4 RAM dumps it turns out the Legendary Beasts will always occupy the same section of RAM. It seems you will always find the Beast at offset 0026E5A0 and it take up 136 bytes since it is encrypted. There is 102 bytes that proceeds the Pokémon which I don't know what it is for and at this point I don't care enough to find out. To determine this I encrypted all 4 PKM files and then searched for them in their RAM dump.
  6. I don’t know since I used my RAM ripper application to find them. Gen 5 RAM doesn’t have set offsets so I could give you a location, but when you look it probably will not be there. I’ll post the offsets for these 4 PKM files tomorrow evening/night (roughly this time but and hour earlier) since I know what I’m looking for in the RAM now. But, luckily they use English text headers that aren’t encrypted so I could give the header you should look for as well.
  7. Today out of curiosity I was wondering if the Black White Zoroark event was scripted for Zoroark to appear as the correct Legendary Beast without any Pokémon being in memory or was the correct Legendary Beast that it would appear as was actually loaded into memory. Well it turns out when you encounter this Zoroark the Legendary Beast it appears as is also stored in the memory. The Legendary Beast is generated separately from Zoroark thus the two will have different PIDs, IVs, and natures from each other. Additionally, the Legendary Beast does not have a set PID, IV, or nature and is generated each time you encounter Zoroark. The Legendary Beast is at level 25 and will have it usual level up move for the level. Edit: I added a second Suicune to show that the Legendary Beast isn't a static Pokémon in memory. Lostlore Forest Zoroark Entei.pk5 Lostlore Forest Zoroark Raikou.pk5 Lostlore Forest Zoroark Suicune.pk5 Lostlore Forest Zoroark Suicune 2.pk5
  8. There is no different code there is just one met date in the Pokémon structure . It is overwritten nothing of the original remains. I’ve heard other users speculate there is secret old remnant data left over in transfers, but no that just uses up memory and is useless. Anything not needed during transfer or gets updates that data is just gone. Also you keep mentioning Poke Bank, but Poke Bank does nothing to the met date unless it’s a transfer from a virtual counsel game. Gen 5 is the last time met dates get modified.
  9. Same as the met date, the level is updated when transferred to gen 4 and then again when transferred to gen 5. The new met level will be the Pokémon’s current level. Also here is a small tidbit about Pokémon hatched in gen 4. The date and location the egg was obtained does not update or change upon being being transferred to gen 5.
  10. A gen 3 Pokémon transferred to gen 4 will get a met date when it is transferred (after the Pal Park catching mini game). Pokémon that are transferred to gen 5 will get a new met date of when they were transferred to gen 5. The met date is not modified after that. In terms of an accurate met date any date from January 1, 2000 onwards is valid since the met date is based on your counsel which could be set incorrectly.
  11. I’m a bit confused about what you’re asking for in this post. Are you wanting someone to edit your save for you or are you wanting someone to trade you this Pikachu? I ask this because I think you’re asking something that might be impossible.
  12. Emerald is the first game that has the Flame Body ability halve the amount of steps needed to hatch a egg. So hatching is faster. Otherwise all 5 of those games have the same shiny encounter rates. Edit Emerald is also the easiest to RNG abuse of the the gen 3 games.
  13. Mind uploading the both Scyther? It’s easier to find the issue if we have the actual pkm files. Also did you try and make it from scratch in Omega Ruby or did you drag and drop it into Omega Ruby?
  14. The rarity is the same in R, S, E, FR, and LG. It’s just super rare to find. If I remember correctly many RNG applications omitted FRLG since at one point in time it’s RNG was deemed fickle and was much easier to manipulate the RNG in the Hoenn games.
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