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  1. This is from my own personal experience or I just very unlucky with gender roles, but from what I've found with this event is it seems that one version will only get male Gengar and the other version will only get female Gengar.
  2. Do we know if nature and speed IV is rolled when you encounter the Pokémon or at the moment of transfer?
  3. Got Onix, Machamp, and an extra Hypno if needed.
  4. Alright I’ve got the Omastar. I’ve found a guy with the Grimer, but it took me until this evening in a drunkended statate to figure out how to get it off of him. He wants a shiny for it and finding Eevee I got a shiny Houndour which should be enough to get it off of him tomorrow. I’ve got 7\18 shiny Eevee in 3 hours.
  5. Community day will start in a couple more hours here so I’ll see what I can find. I’ve contacted the individual with the Omastar so I should hopefully get that and fingers crossed to finding the Gengar. @jojo12100 how common is Grimer appearing in your area? They very rarely appear where I live so that evolutionary line will be a pain to get.
  6. I’ve been looking around on discord groups in my area and I’ve tracked down an individual with the Omastar. I should be getting it from them this Saturday and I’ll see if they have any of the others at that time as well.
  7. Alright, @TotalTS from what I've calculated your Togetic's stats should be: HP IV 8 DV 14162 -> 16129 Attack IV 15 (Why I say it is 15 and not 11 is because you would need almost double the DVs to get a stat of 82 and that wouldn't make scenes from what I've seen with my own Pokemon in play through.) DV 17162 -> 19321 Defence IV 10 DV 17162 -> 19321 Special IV 10 DV 12322 -> 14161 Speed IV 10 DV 16130 -> 18225 All of the DVs are within these ranges since they are practically impossible to calculate an exact number.
  8. I've done this once before and got perfect results. In this case you are lucky because the Pokemon is shiny meaning that its Special, Speed, and Defense IVs are all 10. So by chance can you post what Togetic's HP stat is at and what its Hidden Power is. By finding its Hidden Power type it'll allow us to discard half of the possible Attack IVs that a shiny Pokemon can have. Also from my calculations it has ~18000 points for each DV so I can only assume that the Attack and HP stat will have similar DVs. Since there isn't a Hidden Power checker in the game you'll need to teach him Hidden Power from the TM that is in the north west house in the Lake of Rage. Then you'll have to battle a Pokemon and find out if the Hidden Power is super effective, neutral hit, or not very effective. Doing that will allow you to determine which Hidden Power type you don't have. Then repeat the process with battleing different Pokemon until you narrow down the type. In this case the Hidden Power will be either Dragon or Grass.
  9. Besides the event ones I’m sure @theSLAYER had already contributed those Pokémon.
  10. Right I forgot about the save backup part.
  11. @theSLAYER it looks like we can actually trade you the Pokémon online as shown in the latest footage.
  12. So are these Pokémon being added to the list? Sorry didn’t finish reading the whole thread before posting this.