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  1. Zeraora is a Mythical Pokémon; therefore, can’t be bread (exception to this is Manaphy) and Zeraora doesn’t have a Hidden Ability.
  2. @patsworldI tested it and Pokémon from Galar can’t have that mark. Also I advise against using hacked Pokémon online.
  3. Did you check Serebii? https://serebii.net/swordshield/galarpokedex.shtml https://serebii.net/swordshield/rankedbattle/series5.shtml
  4. Did you take them to the man in the Battle Tower to get their moves wiped and the Battle Ready mark added?
  5. @ryoverdejust out of curiosity when did you first notice that you couldn’t access this save with Pokémon HOME?
  6. If PKHeX doesn’t have the option to change that flag (I’m not sure if it does or not) you could clone the Eevee in PKHeX and use a program like RNG Reporter to generate new Method 1 PID and IVs for the new Eevee.
  7. Since all of those Pokémon are only available as a transfer from a previous generation Pokémon, you should first make the Pokémon legal for the generation of game you are getting the Pokémon from and then use PKHeX to convert it to a gen 8 format. I suggest starting with a legal Pokémon and then making the necessary edits to reduce the possibility of mistakes being made. You can find legal versions of all the legendary Pokémon in the Downloads section of the site.
  8. I don't know what you wanted edited about the Pokemon so I updated the species, level, and a few other minor things. Don't for get to update the OT, ID, and SID to what you want. It should be different from your save file info since Pokemon HOME has its own OT, ID, and SID for your account. Also, it doesn't appear that these events haven't been added to PKHeX's Mystery Gift database so they will always be flagged as illegal. 818 - Inteleon - D55C5E6F4B09.pk8815 - Cinderace - 94EC94F5A289.pk8812 - Rillaboom - CEDE5C98E287.pk8
  9. Sure, but I don’t know what I’m editing.
  10. Upload the Pokemon here so I can take a look I think I know what’s wrong, but sharing pictures isn’t telling me the whole story.
  11. Yes Pokemon HOME is correct and try changing the date to a valid data since I'm not sure if it uses the date on the server or the date on your phone.
  12. From what I can tell from those pictures you have the met level set too high, those Pokemon are met at level 5. and the "Fateful Encounter" box needs to be checked. Also it's better to edit existing Pokemon instead of making them from scratch since there is small things that is easy to miss. You can find the this Pokemon in the Download section. https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/category/216-pokémon-home/
  13. @CheenoDGmind uploading the files so we can get a clearer idea of might be causing the error?
  14. @Rimandias did you check the downloads section because this sounds like what you want or at least it’ll be a good start.
  15. @SpringtraP-MasK for starters it would probably be better to ask this question on Smogon forums since they're a competitive battle community. But, any ways this is what I suggest: Hydro Pump Set Modest or Timid Sp. Att 252/Speed 252 put the rest where you feel will help you Leftovers -Hydro Pump -Dragon Claw -Fire Blast -HP Grass or Electric Protect Set I know you said that you don't like using Protect since it isn't in your play style, but if you're using Wish you kind of need Protect to get any form of effectiveness out of it since Salamence isn't bulky enough to shrug off 2 hits waiting for the Wish to occur. So just use Smogon's set for Wish I promise you'll not find a better set for that move. Iron Defense Not a great move for Salamence since it fears Ice type moves which will force you to switch out thus making you loose you Defense buffs, but here's a set. Calm HP 252/Sp. Def 252/Speed 6 Chesto Berry -Iron Defense -Flamethrower -Rest -Toxic
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