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  1. Obtaining a Blissey with Teleport + Wish is impossible due to the fact Teleport is gen 1 only and Wish is gen 3 event move. Gen 1 and gen 3 are unable to connect in any way shape or form legally so; therefore, that is impossible and you'll not be able to create a legal one at this time. Clefable on the other hand can have Teleport + Wish, but only in gen 8. You need to get a Clefairy or Clefable that knows Teleport from gen 1 and transfer it to gen 8. Then in gen 8 breed a Cleffa that knows wish and evolve it into the same stage as the Clefairy or Clefabe that you transferred from gen 1. Make
  2. @lolololololok knowing the frame made this a lot easier. It's strange, I didn't change any of the information on my end, but I was able to find the frame this time. Anyways here is the save with your requests. Pokemon Emerald.sav
  3. I've looked into this and I have a some questions and comments. I'm assuming from your post that the shiny Treeko and and Groudon is from your Pokémon Ruby, but I was unable to find the frame that would yield a shiny PID for the ID/SID combo of 14002/29131. I've checked up to frame 400000000 which would translate into having the counsel on for almost 952 hours straight. I've found similar IV combos with an Adamant nature that would be shiny, but not that exact combo. Are you sure that your fake Ruby cart can generate Method 1 PIDs correctly? When you found the shiny frame did you by chance loo
  4. In super simplified terms the RNG is based on when you launch the game. You can easily manipulate the RNG in gen 5, but it's nearly impossible to manipulate the RNG in gen 6 without additional software running. So to answer your questions: 1) Yes, your system date and clock affects the RNG. 2) The IVs and nature of the Pokémon will be generated off of your system settings (when you launch the game) and not when the Wonder Card was received.
  5. When you teach the Pokémon a TR move you need to click the "Technical Records" button at the bottom of the Attacks tab and check off that the Pokémon has learnt those TRs. This is needed so if the moves gets deleted the Pokémon can relearn it from the move re learner. Also don't forget to set the height, weight, and encryption constant for the Pokémon.
  6. @Encryption34655I am not a moderator, but uploading or linking to ROM files is considered piracy and is not allowed allowed of these forums. I highly suggest you edit your post to remove the link to those files.
  7. @boyfriendcoma if I remember correctly in order to get Landorus to appear the game checks the Tornadus (Black) or Thunderus (White) in your party to see if it is the one from your save. So the Pokémon needs to have your OT, ID, SID, and probably the flag checked that the one in your version is caught.
  8. No, that is not possible since the save file needs to be extracted using a save manager which needs CFW to install in the first place.
  9. From what you described you're not extracting the save correctly. You'll need to install custom firmware (CFW) onto the Switch and install a save manager application. But, as you have stated you're using a Switch Lite which can not be hacked at the moment so it'll be impossible to install CFW in the first place. You'll have to wait for someone to discover a method to add that kind of software for the Switch Lite.
  10. The journal does not keep everything you've done. The journal only records back 7 days and if you have a long play session not everything stays recorded. Think of the journal as way to recall what happened last time you played similar to the flash backs in Fire Red and Leaf Green. However, you never have to open the journal and the only time you probably actually look at it is if you haven't played the game in the last 24 hours since upon load it opens the journal. Also the journal is only a Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum feature and no other games use it; therefore, don't worry about Pokémon Ba
  11. Gen 5 met data is still present in gen 8.
  12. All of the met data is discarded and replaced during transfer to gen 5 so no it isn't stored anywhere in the Pokémon data. The only met data that doesn't get overwritten from gen 4 to 5 is when and how the egg was obtained if the Pokémon hatched from an egg.
  13. Since the save is from an emulator it will be larger then the Virtual Console save; therefore, you'll need to open the save in a hex editor and trim the end of the save to be the same length as the Virtual Console save.
  14. No, because it can't learn old moves anymore and can only learn moves that it would learn in Sword and Shield.
  15. Because giving a Pokémon the battle ready symbol in game wipes all moves the Pokémon knew prior and replaces them with the moves it would learn by leveling up in Sword and Shield. That way legacy moves can't be used in competitive play.
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