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  1. @Hello, it's me!have you tried any of the things I questioned about in my post above yours?
  2. It’s hard to tell without seeing the actual Pokémon. Mind uploading them here? Apart from that are those the only Pokémon you can’t trade or are you still able to trade Pokémon of different species? Are you able to partake in ranked online battles? I’m asking if since another ban wave happened today and I’m trying to determine if it’s the Pokémon or you got banned.
  3. So was it called main when you imported it and now it’s a .sav? If so try remaining the file from PKHeX as main without the .sav extension. If that doesn’t work mind uploading the original save file and the one from PKHeX?
  4. @Bashfulpig @dangerous_oatmeal3 “Export SAV…” will also export a main file for gen 6 onwards. A main file is just a type of save file.
  5. Find the PID by going to Time Finder select gen 3. Them set it up for method 1 and Emerald. What it looks like you did was pull a method 1 PID from the HGSS pool of method 1 PIDs.
  6. Upon an initial check of the data of Pokémon from the Trainer House compared to the actual data that is and isn't transferred to the Pokewalker is as follows. Data that is transferred to the Pokewalker includes: PID, EXP (but if it has the Pokémon be above Lv 50 the Pokémon is rounded down to Lv 50), nature item, ability, friendship, IVs, EVs, attacks, TID, SID, and trainer gender. Data not transferred over to the Pokewalker includes: origin game, met location, Poke Ball, met level, met date, fateful encounter flag, encountered on, egg met conditions, OT, and ribbons. Data not checked includes: language, Pkrus flags, shiny leaf flags, nickname (but if my memory is right that data is transferred), contest stats, and extra bytes.
  7. Application update: Code clean up and documentation. It should be easier to read now. Application performance increased. Significantly noticeable with Colosseum and XD. Fixed issue with gen 1 and 2 where not all Pokémon were being recognized by the extractor. Fixed issue with Colosseum and XD where EV calculation check, nickname check, and OT checks did not function as intended. Fixed issue with Space World '97 where the application would crash. Other minor bugs fixed. Added application credits.
  8. Not exactly unused Pokémon, but I believe I have found team info for two unused trainers (DAGUR and EVAT) for Pokémon Colosseum in the Colosseum Battle -> Solo Battle -> Mt. Battle Vs 100 -> Double Battle option while using a registered team from a GBA save. While running tests on my PKX Extraction application I kept finding the same 12 Pokémon in the RAM stored between the NPC trainers team and the story mode party team. Initially I thought it was an error where the application will sometimes recognize data that isn't a Pokémon as a Pokémon for games without a checksum. However, when the application makes an error like that the Pokémon usually has a garbage nickname or OT and a random assortment of moves with other aspects of the Pokémon not being correct. In this case all of the Pokémon data is valid (though not legal) with no viable garbage data. Additionally, the trainers names do not match any known trainer within the games as far as I can find on Serebii and Bulbapedia. This has lead me to believe these two Pokémon parties belong to unused trainers for this battle mode in the Colosseum. Usused Trainers.zip
  9. I completely forgot about that aspect of the walker. I’ll have to check a RAM dump of one of my trainers in the Trainer House to see what the Pokémon data is like for these Pokémon.
  10. Lugia can’t know those moves in BDSP since when transferring from HOME to BDSP all moves are removed and replaced with ones it can learn in BDSP. Same goes for SWSH and PLA. Only exception with SWSH is when Pokémon are transferred from past games it will retain those moves.
  11. I won’t be able to help you since I don’t play many ROM hacks, but it might help if you state which hack you are playing since there are a lot of ROM hacks out there. Another option to get help is to find the forum where the creator of the hack posted about the hack and ask there.
  12. To answer your questions in order: 1) Battle Version are for and can only be set to Pokémon not from a gen 8 game. As well as of writing this the only valid Battle Versions are Sword and Shield. The purpose of Battle Version is to allow Pokémon from older games to partake in Ranked Battles, but it’ll wipe all of the known moves from the Pokémon which means it can only learn moves that the Pokémon can learn in gen 8. 2) It depends on multiple things, but first and foremost Toxic isn’t a TM or TR in Sword and Shield. If you set the Battle Version on Kyoger it will no longer be able to know Toxic since all of its moves got wiped and it can now only learn moves available in Sword and Shield. The other thing that could be preventing it from learning Toxic is if it was obtained from a gen 8 game which means it can only learn the moves it would learn in Sword and Shield which Toxic isn’t one of those moves.
  13. Good to know. I wasn’t aware that The pattern on Spinda was retained. With that info defiantly a RAM dump can get the important info needed to reconstruct the Pokémon.
  14. Without the original game save it isn't.
  15. From my understanding of how the PokeWalker works is that there isn't really a save file. When a Pokémon is sent to the walker the index of the Pokémon is set on the walker so it appears that the Pokémon is with you when in actuality the Pokémon is still on the game. That is why you can call the Pokémon back if the PokeWalker is lost or battery is dead.
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