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  1. @Kaiousama As far as it is know PKHeX does gen 4->5 conversion correctly, but no one is a fortune teller so no one can tell you if there will be a problem down the road. Though it is highly unlikely since no issues have came up yet. But, as you said you don’t want anything that will “taint” your Pokémon you should transfer them by playing the mini game.
  2. @SwagKey I don’t know how the others did theirs, but I just edited the HTML of a page that had a card and then took a screen shot.
  3. The in game Celebi event is already in the download section.
  4. I’ll take a look at it later today. Can you post a screenshot so I have a better idea of might be going wrong?
  5. Sorry for the delay with this update, but there was a bug that I could fix for the past month. You can see the changes and download the new file in the original post.
  6. If I remember correctly, some megas have unique descriptions on the Pokebank Pokédex.
  7. Only the Switch that was hacked would get banned if it tried to go online. If you are going to hack a Switch it’ll need to a consul that doesn’t have the 6.2 update from my understanding.
  8. Firstly, PKHeX can not do this since that would require modifications to the ROM and PKHeX only edits the save file. Secondly, I doubt that the the contest models will function properly in the over world since those models most likely lack many of the basic animations of the standard over world models eg. ledge hopping, running, biking, and surfing.
  9. What I think you're looking for is PKHeX which can be downloaded from the provided link. But, you'll need to hack your Switch first so that you can dump Let's GO save file. There are tutorials on Google or Youtube that can help you with hacking the Switch. However, hacking your Switch and going online with it will most likely get your Switch banned from being used online.
  10. This is from my own personal experience or I just very unlucky with gender roles, but from what I've found with this event is it seems that one version will only get male Gengar and the other version will only get female Gengar.
  11. Do we know if nature and speed IV is rolled when you encounter the Pokémon or at the moment of transfer?
  12. Got Onix, Machamp, and an extra Hypno if needed.
  13. Sorry, I don’t have a Dark Pulse Gengar either.