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  1. Unless you add the 35 Pokemon currently unavailable into your save using PKHeX which could cause your Switch to be band, you'll have to wait until next month when Pokemon HOME comes out. For the DLC Pokemon you'll have to wait until June for the first set and then November for the second set. I recommend just wait until HOME comes out to get the 35 that are currently in the game since February isn't that far off and it's a short month so you won't have to wait long for HOME.
  2. Gen 2 to 7 Umbreon could learn Toxic with a TM. I'm going to assume that you are trying to make an Umbreon for a gen 8 save. In gen 8 Toxic is no longer a TM or TR so it can't learn the move. If you're wanting a Toxic Umbreon you'll have to wait until February when Pokemon Home comes out to transfer one from a previous gen.
  3. Are you referring to mechanic similar to how in Sword and Shield does not allow you catch Pokemon in the Wild Area at too high of a level, but in an ORAS setting? If so ORAS does not have that limiting feature. Or are you referring to when you get a Pokemon that does not have your trainer information and how it will disobey you until you have the correct badge? If that's the case you will have to edit which badges you have, but that could mess with story elements. Or are you referring to how in Secret Bases you can have all Pokemon at level 50 or use the machine in the base to battle them at their actual level? In that scenario I don't think PKHaX or PKHeX can help you since I don't think Secret Base decorations have been researched, therefore; can not be added to the program and I don't think there is a program out there that lets you edit existing bases. Does any of these answers answer your question?
  4. Now that I'm done school for the semester I figured that I would finish conducting tests to try and fill in the missing data in the structure, as well update the data that I was unsure about. Therefore, the original post has been updated to reflect my most recent tests and now I feel relatively certain that the presented data is accurate. I most likely will not be making any changes to the above table or carry out further tests on this subject.
  5. Not all of them are 5 star raids. I spawned a 3 star G Max Kingler last night.
  6. I've ran a few more tests with changing the number of badges obtained, entered the Hall of Fame, and made a new save to make sure it wasn't an issue with the save. In all of these tests as soon as I tried to release the second last Pokemon it would always come back. I'm thinking this is to try and prevent the player from missing out on double battles since the game stops you from entering a double battle if there is only one Pokemon on your team. Now I'm wondering if Pokemon Box or migrating Pokemon to gen 4 is able to mess with this restriction.
  7. @Adilson Filho BR I've looked at your save and I think I know what is happening, but I'm not 100% sure. However, I think it has to do with that the 7th gym being a mandatory double battle and to prevent the player from getting trapped the game is stopping you from releasing your second Pokemon. I've tried adding Pokemon to the save and releasing different combinations of them and I always get stopped at the last two. So I recommend either leaving two Pokemon in your PC or remove them with PKHeX. So to answer your questions from what I think is happening: 1) Just make sure you have two caught Pokemon on your save and when you start using HMs make sure you have a Pokemon somewhere on the game that knows the move. 2) You just seem to have met the criteria the game has set out to prevent you from releasing Pokemon. See my answer for question 1. 3) No. 4) See above description, as well as, my answers for questions 1 and 2.
  8. I might have an idea of what's going on, but without the save file I can not say for certain. Could you possibly upload the save file?
  9. Use a hex editor I recommend HxD and delete all of the bytes after 0007FFFF.
  10. @Ragolay I took a look at your save and it appear for some reason when you save it a whole bunch of unneeded data is added to the end of the save. So I've truncated the save to 512 KB and open just fine now in PKHeX. Just make sure the save looks to be correct. 18 - Pokémon Blanca.sav
  11. For Black and White I know if you open your save in a hex editor and change the byte at 00020160 which is the flag for which starter you chose to one of these bytes 00 = Snivy/Defult, 01 = Tepig, or 02 = Oshawatt will change your starters of you rivals to match accordingly. Just make sure you open the save file in PKHeX and save it again using PKHeX after any manual edits you make in a hex editor since PKHeX will update the check sum.
  12. Get them to trade you a Pokemon they caught themselves and get it from the OT tab when you check that Pokemon on PKHeX.
  13. @Tre you’ve only mentioned that the OT and ID matches your friends trainer information. Did you make sure the SID you inputted matches the SID on their game as well?
  14. It's impossible to make that Mew legal at the moment since there is no legitimate to transfer Pokemon from past generations to generation 8. You'll have to wait for Pokemon Home to come out before you can try and transfer Pokemon legitimately or with PKHeX.
  15. @john36 if your wanting to look at the “raw data” you’ll need to use a hex editor. I recommend using HxD.
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