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  1. Vullaby finally showed up, it should be in the second pelago slot. main
  2. Based solely on my educational background I like Diancie.
  3. I’ve seen the Vulaby once and it hasn’t returned in a long time. Hopfully another one will appear soon.
  4. The only visiting Pokémon was that Spearow and my PC Pokémon. I was just trying to figure out how to extract them in my own so I don’t have to keep posting the saves here.
  5. I am certain that I found the Spearow in the Visiting Pokemon 3 slot which does start at 3C686 in this case, but I am uncertain on how to extract it. Also, should the terminating 00s be included in the length since that changes the the block size from E8 to F6? main shellder zubat
  6. Okay, these are all I have at the moment. @jojo12100 could I get a rough estimate where the Pelago Pokemon are in the save? 041 - Zubat - 5E4279D88EC5.pk7 090 - Shellder - CB4E89BBD9EA.pk7 090 - Shellder - BB32CA80A8F8.pk7 090 - Shellder - 798FCC0A20A2.pk7 041 - Zubat - A8C1A13C263C.pk7 041 - Zubat - 051338D59FB7.pk7
  7. I’m having really bad luck. I’ve seen them all multiple times, but I only have 3 Shellder and 3 Zubat.
  8. I remember playing this demo as a kid. I remember you have Gardevoir and for the eeveelution I don’t remember which one. It probably was Jolteon, but it was the same one for both times that I played it. The demo only had the beginning of Ciphers Key Lair and if I recall the demo ended when you were to go up the stairs to go to the second floor. However, all of the trainers were different from the actual game. After that a short promo video played for the game. If I remember correctly there were 4 shadow Pokémon in the game with the first two being handled by two different trainers and the last 2 were with the same trainer (as seen in the picture on the website). As well, you were given an outrageous amount of Ultra Balls. Sorry this is the bulk from what I can remember at this time due to this being a long time ago.
  9. I don’t think there is a code out there that can remove shinyness from an already captured Pokémon due to how shinyness is determined. At best you could dump your save and change that on PKHex.
  10. She for sure does not have a bike or surf sprite. So defiantly a patch would be needed.
  11. I agree, the Beast Ball has a digital feel when the Pokemon comes out which would be perfect for Porygon. Also, the Beast Balls design reminds me of something that is more digital that multi dimensional.
  12. I used @Ruby Genseki results on my Sun just shortly after getting the Pokedex and I'm able to access the Pelago normally. There seems to be no other trigger needed other than making the icon accessible on the menu. I'm now just waiting to see if any wild Pokemon will appear. edit: Wild Pokemon are appearing. It’ll take some time to collect them all.
  13. @jojo12100 I've looked through my Sun backups and I should have a save close to the fire trial. My last final is tomorrow afternoon and then I plan of hammering this out. Best case scenario I'll have access to the pelago by tomorrow night.
  14. For sure I can do the SM. With @Ruby Genseki results I’m sure narrowing down the part of the save that needs to be altered will be easier. I’m sure there will be a difference in the offsets, but I’m hoping it’s only slightly different.