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  1. Egg/Relearn Moves

    When it comes to eggs the "Relearn Moves" is filled with the moves that the Pokemon knew when it hatched. Pokemon from eggs can inherent moves through many methods which are, egg moves, if a parent knows a TM move that the offspring can also learn then the child will also have the move, if both parents know a move that the child can learn at any level then the child will get the move, and lastly the moves that the Pokemon should know at the level which it hatches at. In your case Flamethrower was most likely learnt by one of the parents knowing the move and since it is also a TM move your Cyndaquil knew it from birth.
  2. Under Level Collection

    If you can't extract them maybe tell us which ones that can be lower and where to find the Pokemon to trade.
  3. Event Pokemon, Dream Radar - Language, PID

    If you're wanting to find valid PIDs for Dream Radar Pokemon fallow this guide. I don't remember who wrote the guide anymore since that was a few years ago, but I'm sure the original source of the guide is from Smogon. Dream Radar RNG Abuse Guide.pdf
  4. Met Date Pokemon Transporter Black2/White2

    When a Pokemon is transferred by the Transporter app the Pokemon's met date and met location does not change even though that information is not visible. Gen 3 -> Gen 4 met date is set to the current date of the DS and met location is updated. Gen 4 -> Gen 5 met date is set to the current date of the DS and met location is updated. Gen 5 -> Gen 6/7 met date and location is unchanged.
  5. Under Level Collection

    @wrathsoffire76 since you’re now the one in charge of this tread now, I just want to get your permision to edit the original post to highlight what is still missing and to update the download folder. I can’t update the spread sheet that @HaxAras was using, so I’ll add in a list of something.
  6. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    I did a quick search for this glitch and didn’t find results that aligned with what you found. Do you remember the source of this article?
  7. Visiting unavailable Ultra Spaces

    In terms of the Ultra Spaces all of them are in both versions. You can find the map coordinates for each location in the thread below.
  8. Every NPC in-game Trade and Gift Pokémon

    For the gen 2 Rhydon and Rapidash I can confirm that they are from Gold/ Silver as they look like the ones from the lowest possible level thread.
  9. To do that you'll either need to find a ROM hack with those modifications already made or you'll have to make the hack yourself. I'm not to much into making hacks myself, but you might be able to find a ROM editing program in the download section of the site that might allow you to do that. https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/category/54-rom-editing/
  10. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    Funny, my original plan included getting all of Bianca's and Cheren's Pokemon from every encounter to see how their Pokemon changed between battles, but as you can see I only got the final battle ones.
  11. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    No body has asked for this, but here it is anyways. Full Pokemon teams of notable trainers from Black and White, as well as, the 3 shiny Pokemon that NPCs have in the Trainer Tower from Fire Red and Leaf Green. For the shiny Pokemon I had to edit their ID and SID in order for them to retain their shininess. Also, fun little tidbit the flag in BW that keeps track of your starter Pokemon is at 00020160 where 0 = Snivy/Defult, 1 = Tepig, and 2 = Oshawatt. Changing this flag changes the Pokemon that Bianca and Cheren use. I've not tested, but can assume that it also controls who the player battles at the Striaton City gym and Bianca's and Cheren's team that they use in BW2 after the memory link is used. Black White Special Trainers.zip 052 ★ - MEOWTH - AD710000008A.pk3 119 ★ - SEAKING - FF4700000017.pk3 196 ★ - ESPEON - 97350000000A.pk3

    In gen 4 PID, IVs, and nature all correlate to one another. Therefore, your issue is these aspects are not correlating. Use RNG Reporter to find a valid combination. https://www.dropbox.com/s/i0cv5te2pbab6ha/RNGReporter 9.96.6 ALPHA 3.zip?dl=0#download .
  13. Since VC Crystal is not yet released there is no way of knowing if that Celebi can be transferred. In terms of a Mew I'm going to lean towards because a Mew obtained using the trainer fly glitch in Red and Blue can't be transferred because the OT and ID of the Mew is checked to see if it matches the event Mew. However, if ID and OT of the Mew is changed to match the event either through glitches or hacking the Mew can then be transferred. By changing the OT and ID the Mew will be seem as legal by the game. Now this is my personal theory about how the Celebi transfer will work but, I'm assuming that when Crystal is released later this month the Poke Transfer app will check the met information to ensure that the Celebi is from Crystal.
  14. Malamar/Mega Absol Deck

    You can definatly make use of the Shadow Circle and 2 Hoopa and Recyclers will probably be good enough. Also, I forgot that you run Pokemon Communication with is a decent Pokemon search card so just ignore my Ultra Ball suggestion.
  15. Malamar/Mega Absol Deck

    3 Skyla might be a little too much, but ultimately it comes down to how vital you feel that card is for your deck. Also that many cards to get energy back from the discard pile might be a little much since as far as I can tell from the list you posted earlier there isn't too many cards in your deck that require you to discard cards in the first place. For example in my current deck I run 7 energies and only 2 Super Rods where I usually only use to get back 2 to 3 energies per game. Darkrai GX is a very good card and you could make it work with Malamar EX. Just remember it's better to discard Darkrai GX early on and then use its ability to get it into play. Again it sounds like you have too many cards to get energy from your discard consider running search cards like Ultra Ball or some other search method to get the exact Pokemon you want into play. As I stated earlier it ultimately comes down to how vital you feel that card is for your deck and the risk factor you're willing to take with how many you want to run. But, remember to have fun and learn from play testing and the tournament to know what should or shouldn't be in the deck. As well, the more decks you face will help you get a better idea of the speed and flow of the deck and how to best run it.