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    Background These games do not save the wonder card in their saves, however some details are left behind, in the form of the Wonder Card Records Album (or Gift Records Album). Findings may be incomplete, until more events gets released. Save Offsets Starts at 0x45600, taking up every 0x140 Save Offset (First Slot) Data Offset (from 0x0) Gen 7 0x45600 to 0x45604 0x000 to 0x004 Epoch Time code of Event received 0x45608 to 0x45609 0x008 to 0x009 Wonder Card ID 0x4560A 0x00A Wonder Card Type (as listed below) 0x4560C 0x00C Gift Type 0x01 are for Pokémon type and 0x02 are for Item type. 0x4560D 0x00D Number of kinds of Items, max 06 (for Item-Type gift only) 0x4570C to 0x4570D 0x00C to 0x00D Species Value for Pokémon Item ID 1 for Items only 0x4570E to 0x4570F 0x10E to 0x10F Amount of Item ID 1, for Item-Type gift only 0x45710 to 0x45724 0x110 to 0x124 Item IDs and Amounts (2 byte of Item ID, 2 byte for amount, repeat) 0x45710 to 0x45711 0x110 to 0x111 Move 1 ID, for Pokémon-Type Gift. 0x45714 to 0x45715 0x114 to 0x115 Move 2 ID, for Pokémon-Type Gift. 0x45718 to 0x45719 0x118 to 0x119 Move 3 ID, for Pokémon-Type Gift. 0x4571C to 0x4571D 0x11C to 0x11D Move 4 ID, for Pokémon-Type Gift. 0x45720 to 0x45739 0x120 to 0x139 Original Trainer (used for Pokémon-Type Gift) (follows trainer name if it's unset) 0x4573A 0x13A Presumably end marker for OT name Potentially Multiples-Redeemability indicator Probably language tag assigned upon being received. 02 on Mewtwo and Mew (was redeemed on ENG) 01 on Chansey (forced set to JPN) Wonder Card Type Save Offset Gen 7 0 [VAR PKNAME(0000)] Gift 1 [VAR ITEM2(0008)] Gift 2 Item Set Gift 3 [VAR 0104(0001)] [VAR PKNAME(0000)] Gift 4 Mythical Pokémon [VAR PKNAME(0000)] Gift 5 [VAR TRNAME(0003)]’s [VAR PKNAME(0000)] Gift 6 Shiny [VAR PKNAME(0000)] Gift 7 [VAR PKNAME(0000)] ([VAR 01CA(0002)]) Gift 8 [VAR 01CA(0002)] Gift 9 Hidden Ability [VAR PKNAME(0000)] Gift 10 [VAR MOVE(0004)] [VAR PKNAME(0000)] Gift 11 [VAR PKNAME(0000)] with [VAR MOVE(0005)] Gift 12 [VAR PKNAME(0000)] with [VAR MOVE(0006)] Gift 13 [VAR PKNAME(0000)] with [VAR MOVE(0007)] Gift 14 [VAR PKNAME(0000)] & [VAR ITEM2(0009)] Gift 15 Downloadable Version Bonus 16 Special Pack Purchase Bonus 17 Store Purchase Bonus 18 Strategy Guide Purchase Bonus 19 Purchase Bonus 20 Happy Birthday! 21 Virtual Console Bonus 22 Pokémon Trainer Club Gift 23 Pokémon Global Link Gift 24 Pokémon Bank Gift Additional Notes Can't get WC type 14 to function properly. Keep getting "Mew & None Gift" (Mew intended, None unintended). When I swap past an item entry, the None get's updated to the third item. Maybe this type is a remnant of Gen 8's system? WC type 10 seems to work as per normal, however can't get WC type 11 to 13 to function, even after various tests. I have concluded that it is possibly leftover/unused, as those 3 entries were phrased different from WC type 10, on top of the "not working" issue. Either that, or there's a byte that controls the amount of moves a Pokemon has, and I'm clearly missing it., and so are the other 3! Images: Big thanks to @wo0ts for the various contributions for gift records!
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