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    As nobody seems to know of any tool around, I decided to create one myself. I've used the "GBA rtcread" tool as base code for GUI, so if you used that tool before, you should be familiar with it. Just be advised that you are responsible to sync the "week day" value too when changing the Date. I was able to successfully do in-game events without penalties, like growing berries by changing time in increments of 4 hours, and saving again. This tool changes the RTC without modifying the "RTC Offset" data in the firmware, so games cannot detect time changes. Source code is included. RTCChangerNDS.zip
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    That's bit flags for which option is unlocked and which is marked new. If every bit is 1 you will have all the options unlocked and not marked as new. The uneven bits are for unlocking while the even bits are for the "new" mark. 7 - Relocator unlocked 6 - Relocator used 5 - Gamesync unlocked 4 - Gamesync used 3 - Battle Competition unlocked 2 - Battle Competition used 1 - unused? seems to be always 0 0 - unused? seems to be always 1 So if you set this byte to C1 you will get rid of Battle Competition and Game Sync or even set it to 01 to get rid of the Relocator as well. Nice find, thanks. It definitely makes my games tidier without those options!
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    So I was able to narrow down all my Pokemon to around 1800 and are in several locations and backed up. Now it is a matter of getting all Ultra Moon Pokemon back into Ultra moon and respectively with Moon. And I'll create the save files for Sun and Ultra Sun onto my 2DS and export it onto my SD card so I can import the remaining Pokemon and all the events I have missed. Thanks again for you help!
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    Oh geez! Thank you both for your help! I'll try this after my class tomorrow and will let you know how it goes!
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    Once you're done doing Dump Boxes on every save file, you can go to Tools --> Data --> PKM Database, then in that window, at the top, go to Tools --> Create Data Report. You can hide unnecessary columns by selecting a cell in that column and right-clicking Hide Column, and you can easily go down the list and compare PIDs and such to see which Pokémon are dupes. It might take a while to go through the entire list if you have so many Pokémon, but you only need to do it once, and it's probably worth it. Once you're done... Make a backup! And keep it in a safe place, so you never have to do something like this again.
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    Illegal shiny, don't do it. Just a warning: Any illegal trades are not allowed on our forums, just reminding you alright.
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    Update: Found the byte in question. 0x21245. Getting an old save without the "new" prompts and checking the byte on that one, the value is FD. I don't know if that is the precise value for every occasion etc, but it's good enough for me. Anyone that knows why it's that specific value is welcome to explain haha.
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    Hello everyone, today I have something different to play with. I am sure all of you are aware of the countless amount of items that sit around all over the overworld in the Pokemon series. However, finding such items can be a pain at times, sometimes no guides on the internet help with situations like this either (especially when one doesn't exist). I decided to run through the game and pick up every item, including both the hidden items and the regular items you see along your journey. After doing so, I went ahead and made a code that basically tricks the game into thinking you found every item in the overworld. This will make it easier if you wish to complete your game 100%, especially if you missed out on the hidden HP Up in Lake Valor while it is drained (once it fills up, you can't grab it anymore). Without further ado, here is the overworld items cheats for the games respectively! Note: I will not guarantee this list to be finalized as I may improve the codes more to prevent any sort of issues these codes may bring to their respected games. I prefer being thorough about making codes so I can ensure only the best for everyone and not some silly joke(s). Note #2: Using these codes WILL NOT give you the items, you will have to use other item cheats in order to get any of them. DO NOT use these cheat codes early in the game as certain items, such as the Suite Key, will disappear if you haven't picked it up already, thus locking you out of certain things, unless of course you use item cheats to fix that. Diamond and Pearl: Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Overworld Items Cheats Pokemon - Diamond Version + Pokemon - Pearl Version (USA) (Demo) (Kiosk): Pokemon - Diamond/Pearl Version (USA/Europe): Pokemon - Version Diamant/Perle (France): Pokemon - Versione Diamante/Perla (Italy): Pokemon - Edicion Diamante/Perla (Spain): Pokemon - Diamant/Perl-Edition (Germany): Pocket Monsters DP - Dialga/Palkia (Korea): Pocket Monsters - Diamond (Japan) (Debug Version): Pocket Monsters - Diamond/Pearl (Japan): Pocket Monsters - Diamond/Pearl (Japan) (Rev 6): Platinum: Pokemon Platinum Overworld Items Cheats Pokemon Platinum Version (USA/Europe): Pokemon - Version Platine (France): Pokemon - Versione Platino (Italy): Pokemon - Edicion Platino (Spain): Pokemon - Platin-Edition (Germany): Pocket Monsters Pt - Giratina (Korea): Pocket Monsters - Platinum (Japan): HeartGold and SoulSilver: Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver Overworld Items Cheats Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver Version (USA/Europe): Pokemon - Version Or HeartGold/Version Argent SoulSilver (France): Pokemon - Goldene Edition HeartGold/Silberne Edition SoulSilver (Germany): Pokemon - Edicion Oro HeartGold (Spain): Pokemon - Edicion Plata SoulSilver (Spain): Pokemon - Versione Oro HeartGold/Versione Argento SoulSilver (Italy): Pocket Monsters - HeartGold/SoulSilver (Korea): Pocket Monsters - HeartGold/SoulSilver (Japan):
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    I haven't been able to find this information anywhere online so I decided to map out how opponent Pokemon is stored in the games RAM for Platinum. I've found that the Pokemon is around the addresses 002C0BC2 to 002D5780 in a hex editor with a length of 128 bytes. The one consistency I found is the first two bytes is the Pokemon index number and the last byte is 04. With that the following is the structure of Pokemon in the RAM for Platinum if they were extracted, therefore; I'll be starting at 0x00. Offset Content 0x00-0x01 National Pokedex ID 0x02-0x0B String of bytes that seem to have some consistency, but seems to have no uses for NPC Pokemon. 0x0C-0x13 The moves known by the Pokemon with each two bytes corresponding to the move index. 0x14-0x17 IVs, IsEgg Flag, IsNicknamed Flag. Same as in Block B of PKM Structure for Gen 4 found in the tech documents. 0x18-0x1F Unused, but each byte in the string is 06. 0x20-0x21 Unused, but in all tests the bytes are set to something other than 00. This may correlate to something with further tests. 0x22-0x23 Unused, in all tests all bytes have been 00, but they may correlate to something with further tests. 0x24-0x26 Seems to closely match the met date, but most likely isn't. May correlate to something with further tests. 0x27 Ability 0x28 Unused, in all tests all byte have been 00, but it may correlate to something with further tests. 0x29 Same as 0x40, 0x83, or 0x86 from PKM Structure for Gen 4 found in the tech documents. 0x2A-0x2B Unused, in all tests all bytes have been 00, but they may correlate to something with further tests. 0x2C-0x2F Current PP of moves. 0x30-0x33 Unused, in all tests all bytes have been 00, but they may correlate to something with further tests. 0x34 Current level of Pokemon. 0x35 Happiness of Pokemon. 0x36-0x4D Pokemon nickname. If no nickname is set the species name of the Pokemon will be here. 0x4E-0x4F Unused, in all tests all bytes have been 00, but they may correlate to something with further tests. 0x50 Unused, but in all tests the byte is set to something other than 00. This may correlate to something with further tests. 0x51-0x53 Unused, in all tests all bytes have been 00, but they may correlate to something with further tests. 0x54-0x63 OT name. If NPC Pokemon all bytes will be 00 with a terminating FF. 0x64-0x67 Current EXP. If NPC Pokemon all bytes will be 00. 0x68-0x6A PID 0x6B Unused, but in all tests the byte is set to something other than 00. This may correlate to something with further tests. 0x6C-0x73 Unused, in all tests all bytes have been 00, but they may correlate to something with further tests. 0x74-0x75 ID 0x76-0x77 SID 0x78-0x79 Held item. 0x7A-0x7D Unused, in all tests all bytes have been 00, but they may correlate to something with further tests. 0x7E In tests this byte has been 01 when dumping NPC Pokemon and 02 for Pokemon dumped during playbacks with the Vs. Recorder. 0x7F This byte has been 04 in all tests. --footer--
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    No. any save injection has to be done on a hacked 3DS. The only exception is using Cyber Gadget Pro to place hacked saves on Japanese 3DS carts (only). No other exceptions as far as I remember.. (While Powersaves provide cheats, it doesn't allow users to inject their own saves 1. Any modification has to be done via PS's own codes) In any case, the above exception doesn't work for VC, so thoroughly no for your question. notes. 1. Their own saves in this context any externally modified saves (such as using PKHeX). Powersaves only allows injections of saves directly handled by that program.
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    All answers are based on Switch hacks available to public, at time of writing. Saves are encrypted per console per game, if I'm not mistaken. So no, can't gain access to save files (for view or edit) without a hacked unit. It's one of the reasons why people want a hacked unit at the first place. If people have access to save files without hacking, why risk the hacking? Normally not possible. I've seen people suggest using Ninty's official save transfer mechanic to send their saves to a hacked console, but ultimately the restrictions are: It's a one way transfer (save doesn't get duplicated, gets destroyed on sender end) Both Switches need to be firmware 8.0.0 or higher Transfer only possible locally, internet connection required (so cannot send to someone far away with a hacked Switch) Both consoles have to be linked to same Nintendo Account (risk of ban lol) You still require one of the Switches to be a hacked Switch tl;dr: not possible if you only have one switch that is unhacked/unhackable.
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    Their is no getting it working on macOS Catalina since it removed all 32Bit support from the OS. Your options are downgrading to macOS Mojave or using an updated Virtual Machine software and running Windows to run PKHEX
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    I've never used mGBA, NO$GBA is just what I'm used to. I'll try downloading that and see if I can transfer over the files. Thanks for the help! Edit: Yup, mGBA saves work perfectly! Thanks dude! No clue what's up with NO$GBA
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    In your NO$GBA.ini file, is "SAV/SNA File Format" set to "Raw"?
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    oh wow calculation is weird, well i will give a try tnx
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    Alright, I've tried it as you said, and sure enough, the B2/W2 version works perfectly on PKHeX now. I'm also unsure why GIMP causes it to not import correctly, but as you said, opening it on paint and just saving worked. Thanks for the help.
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    Ah okay, thanks! (I never change mystery gift events stats, moves, items, shinyness and etc.)
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    The string of characters that follow. Looking at the string may give you an idea of how similar the entries (within the same species) are. For example, these 2 Rattata are clones of each other, the only difference being one has a third move Bite. As you can see, most of the trailing digits are the same. This method may be laborious, but it's the only one I can think of right now. Additionally: Also, if the exact copies already exist in the folder you're trying to dump to, PKHeX wouldn't export them. This would help to reduce the amount you need to check, as PKHeX don't export out exact copies/duplicates when they already exist. edit: When I say dump boxes, I'm referring to this function in PKHeX: Also, remember when you're doing the "string comparisons", the files have to belong to the same generation. (compare PK5 to PK5, compare PK7 to PK7 etc)
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    Version 1.0.0


    Every In-game trade and static encounter throughout generations 1-7. ** If I missed any Pokemon leave a comment so I can add it. Enjoy ** Credit to Holla for the In-Game Trades, Project Pokemon for the Static Encounters, and Bulbapedia/Serebii
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    PKHeX mimics official conversion methods if you run the program *normally*. It has never been possible to transfer from GB to GBA. If you try running as HaX, PKHeX tries to convert by copying properties over as best it can.
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    Interesting stuff. Didn't expect a repeat Tapu Koko. It's good though, hopefully this one lets us get natures other than Timid.
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    thankyou very much for clarifying my doubts time to hunt
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    Thank you for the post! This webpage/forum give me a reason for return and stay with all pokemons games again...
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    Well given that Japan and Korea didn't get Shiny Zygarde event, maybe it'll finally be worth a trade for some people now. But yeah, at least it exists.
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    Hope this gets an English release eventually, and doesn't just remain exclusive to Japan and Korea. If not though, then hey, at least a legal shiny Necrozma exists regardless. It would be great to have all Gen 7 shiny legendaries from English events, but I'll take what I can get.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Projéct R. About this file: This is how we play! All Pokémon from generation I to VII. (807) All alternate forms, Z-crystals moves and mega/primal evolutions per Pokémons. All types of Z-moves held by (8) Eeveelutions and (10) Ultra-beast pokémon while exclusive z-moves are held by specific pokémon with its own exclusive moves and exclusive pokémon. Effortless: Save-File From The Start All IV's, EV's maxed, unique abilities, maxed OT's, 100% Pokédex, USUM file. All unique moveset through out of its evolution stages. I focus more on pokémon to have its own unique and exclusive moves from Gen I-VII. Bonus: Gathering all from Database Completed all kinds of moves from generation I to VII, including specific signature moves for pokémon. (moves are legal and well researched one-by-one) + bonus event-exclusive moves including: Celebrate, Happy Hour, Hold Back, Hold Hands and V-Create. (Light of Ruin included). Rename the file to "main". My 1st project and all credits/hardwork from this site. Hope you find it good as you start your journey from the beginning of the game. Though this file is not fully 100% due to Legendary, Mythical and Ultra Beasts are not "legal" but nevertheless, i will look and research more just to satisfy my fellow members. Also aiming for almost perfect pokémon. Thank you and more powers! (feel free to comment and support our website https://projectpokemon.org).
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    I've seen people get banned in the early days, not so sure recently. At your own risk.
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    I don't have a nintendo online subscription, so that only "online" I've done is Mystery Gift redemptions for Let's Go.
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    Probably not. If I'm not mistaken, back in the 3DS days, for installed versions of the game: 1. A small amount of data, akin to the checksum of the save is saved on the devices memory (nand) 2. The save is encrypted against console and stored on the SD card. The point 1. is to prevent users from restoring an older save (for cloning etc) The point 2. is to prevent users from sharing the save with other 3DS (once again for cloning reasons). So even if you find the encrypted save in the SD card and know where to copy it to, the #1 would be incorrect, and it would force the game to restart. of course, what I'm saying is based on your report on the OFW/emunand CFW save being disconnected. Since I don't use emunand on Switch, I didn't know about that, and haven't read about that so far.
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    I didn't write the Misc3 editor and I don't really wanna spend the time to figure out what all this is abstracting
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    ROM hacks have varying amounts of differences when compared to the original game. Changing the savefile structure, and/or replacing pkm/names/stats, etc. It's probably better to make a separate program.
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    Hi, does anyone knows if there's any tool (NDS homebrew) available that allows modifications to the NDS RTC, without triggering the "anti time travel" feature that locks time events in Gen4 and Gen5 for 24h? I can do this with Gen3 using either a GBA homebrew in EverdriveGBA or a NDS homebrew for original Gen3 carts. I can also do this in 3DS using GodMode9 for 3DS Gen6 and Gen7 games. But I never found a tool that actually do this for NDS RTC, the Gen4 and Gen5. That would be a NDS homebrew for R4 carts. Thx!
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    The left button, you need to select Seen None and Caught None. Dump Boxes allows you to store all Pokémon in the save into a folder on your computer. Load Boxes allows you to transfer all Pokémon from a folder on your computer into the boxes in the save. Use these options when mass transferring in and out of the save.
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    that only stops any future mods from being set to your Pokedex, doesn't remove existing entries. You should re-enable it, then: then re-import all the stuff in your box (so that those get set into the Dex) then disable it. probably because you cheated without knowing what you were doing For the Chesnaught, your Pokédex probably has it set like this: The displayed setting value isn't the same as seen value, so if you cheat badly, it's possible for that to occur. As I've said, no one ever reported this issue before. You probably screwed up your save somehow. Maybe you'll get banned, maybe your Bank subscription gets cancelled, maybe nothing happens. No one knows. For the record, back in Gen 4, when people had Arceus in their dex before it was officially released, those players get blocked from going onto GTS, so at the very least, we know that GF/Ninty has done stuff by checking the dex before. (tho, there is no indication they are doing that now)
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    To cut your long story short, you want a Bashful Flawless HGSS Articuno right? The PIDIV combination doesn't exist. Make one of the IVs 30, and try searching again. If you can't make that shiny, reply me with the PID value
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    Be sure to decrypt the ROM in GodMode9 first.
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    Thanks for reporting, I've reuploaded the exe with the legality fix & box data as a "hotfix".
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    Korean pre-order bonus between 27 Sep 2019 to 14 Nov 2019! When players pre-order Sword or Shield or the Double Pack from participating retailers, they'll get a serial code for either Shiny Solgaleo or Shiny Lunala. Limited codes, while stocks last. Source: https://pokemonkorea.co.kr/sword_shield?Smfh6cxmWCVi&contentId=0RXBZ3G57pz
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    i think this is meant to be 14 Sep 2019 to 27 Sep 2019 Just correcting the mistake you made @theSLAYER
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    Here the Picture, i hope the Quality is okay
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    Players can obtain a code for an early purchase of the downloadable versions of Pokémon Sword & Shield. If players have a download card for the Double Pack version, they will get 2 sets of codes. US Source: https://swordshield.pokemon.com/en-us/buy-now/quickballs_offer/ EU source: (none at the moment) JP source: https://www.pokemon.co.jp/ex/sword_shield/lineup/190708_03.html KR source: https://pokemonkorea.co.kr/sword_shield?Smfh6cxmWCVi&contentId=2LKnvb1S9h1
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    Event flag names are dumped from the game data; I included some which looked interesting enough as a "starter kit" for event flags for LGPE. BGM_SILENT would possibly mute the game background music, which can be useful for people wanting to play with sound effects and their own external music. WAZA OMOIDASHI is Japanese for "Move Reminder" which is for the move relearner in indigo plateau, assumedly unlocking him (he'll unlock by the time you get there, I assume). ZUKAN is Japanese for PokeDex.
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    Just an FYI: Timid is one of the best natures for Suicune. Regardless, you could simply edit the nature of your Suicune to be Calm - it wouldn't impact the legality of it.
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    Wow, this brings back a ton of memories!
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    This guide to resolve any issues users get when they try to change nature or PID of a Pokémon from Gen 3 or Gen 4. DO NOT USE ANY POKéMON WITH MODIFIED PID ONLINE! Foreword The reason why people get various PID-Mismatch or Invalid Encounter type of messages, is because they did not modify the Pokémon correctly. In Generations 3 and 4, due to an in-depth understanding of how the Pseudo-Random Number Generator works (as well as game mechanics), the Personality Value (PID) is tied to various other values related to the Pokémon generation procedure in-game, such as Individual Values (IVs), Gender, Ability slot, Nature, and Encounter Slot. (Encounter slot refers to the programmed data in a table, that hosts a list of level and species that can be encountered in a map) TL;DR: Due to how RNG is called, PID, IVs, Nature, Gender, Ability, Encounter slot are related and can be derived. Basic Preparation 1. Pokefinder will be the tool we use to find correct information (PID/IVs etc) 2. Time and patience. I cannot stress this enough. 3. Know whether the specific Pokémon is Stationary/Gift or Grass/Cave/Surfing/Fishing/Rock Smash wild encounters. 4. Begin with 'priority of information' in mind. Which is more important: PID or IVs? That will be your starting point. This will be basis for choosing Search via PID or Search via IVs below. Note: Do know that there are scenarios where the PID or IVs you want would be impossible. Learn to adapt to such scenarios. 5. If you're trying to make a shiny, and TID/SID isn't all that important to you, ignore shininess for now. (There's a Shinification portion further down. Run through the regular steps first) Search via PID - Stationary/Gift Search via PID - Wild Encounters Search via IVs - Stationary/Gift Search via IVs - Wild Encounters Shinification
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    Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald - TV-Events The following codes will activate some events that would be announced on TV randomly. Included is the Clear-Out-Sale (or Rooftop Sale)! They are made for EU/US versions in ARv3/4 format. Ruby/Sapphire Watch the TV announcement first! Today is Clear-Out-Sale (Lilycove Department Store) (Press L or R) 57A0ECFC 32CDF928 B808F811 120CC725 Today is Big Sale (Slateport Energy Guru) (Press L or R) 57A0ECFC 32CDF928 E9C96ACD 6F2FEDFA Today is Service Day (Mauville Game Corner) (Press L or R) 57A0ECFC 32CDF928 C9A2052E 4974C01A If you don't want to watch TV you can use this code instead. It activates the above events immediately. Activate TV events immediately (no TV announcement) EC5E1AB0 1AFAE623 058D9CFE B9FFF420 F6DF366D E948230B Emerald DMA-Disabler codes are required for Emerald! Watch the TV announcement first! Today is Clear-Out-Sale (Lilycove Department Store) (Press L or R) 57A0ECFC 32CDF928 2EC20ABB 0EB974DC Today is Big Sale (Slateport Energy Guru) (Press L or R) 57A0ECFC 32CDF928 443F5A7D CB19CFF0 Today is Service Day (Mauville Game Corner) (Press L or R) 57A0ECFC 32CDF928 9726B859 046C24C9 Blend Master is in Lilycove today (Lilycove Contest Hall) (Press L or R) 57A0ECFC 32CDF928 A3DEB6B3 F7913C38 If you don't want to watch TV you can use this code instead. It activates the above events immediately. Activate TV events immediately (no TV announcement) 951FA97A 2D104C4D E2CD8FB7 D036AB2F 2790B937 62B6E80E A3DEB6B3 F7913C38 Remove the data To clear the data just use these codes. Ruby/Sapphire Clear TV-Events 8E38EAE7 14C15A57 Emerald Clear TV-Events 92BAE299 B3E5F8B3 Structure Here is the structure of these events.
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    It's about going online with a CFW. It doesn't matter if it's emunand or sysnand, as long as the nand w/ cfw went online and they detected error reports that shouldn't be there, among other things, if I'm not mistaken.
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