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    Read the shortcuts list that is built into the program. Hold shift & click.
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    This are the Passimian and Oranguru HA event from Pokebank in Italian. They are both fresh from Pokebank. mod edit: They've been added to our gallery
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    Receive an Eon Ticket via streetpass. Else wait for a response from PKHeX dev to confirm.
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    What version of PKHeX are you on? Also upload your save so we can try to replicate it (or test it)
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    @Kaphotics data below is probably useful for PKHeX, for language and gender changing :3 I'm still working out how to more specfically trigger skin/hair color. Language While byte 0x1035 does display the correct language, changing this byte makes absolutely no difference in-game. To make things worse, there's no other offsets between 2 fresh saves (of different languages) that appears to have the same location for bearing language bytes. It appears that 0x5600 controls in-game language display. I can also confirm that changing this value causes the in-game displayed language to change. The ? refers to other half-byte; it's actual value is not important (example: 0x0? could be 0x01 or 0x02 etc): Value Language 0x0? JPN (Kana) 0x1? JPN (Kanji) 0x2? ENG 0x3? FRE 0x4? GER 0x5? ITA 0x6? SPA 0x7? KOR 0x8? CHS 0x9? CHT (after 0x5600 discovery edit: it seems pointless that 0x1035 byte seems to follow the in-game language; it’s the config block that controls the displayed language. I wonder if the language byte of captured Pokémon is affected by this.. edit again: no it doesn't affect captured mons too, weird.) Player's Gender Same as the language issue above, 0x1005 displays the correct gender, but changing this doesn't affect anything in-game. So gender is probably stored elsewhere, and perhaps using a different format... It appears that 0x4DE80 to 00 or 01 may change with the gender as well, but after changing this, so far I have yet to notice any effect on the game. I've found the offsets for player's gender manipulation. 0x1005 controls Cut-scenes (like petting Pikachu when it first comes out of the ball) 0x1108 controls the overworld model. If 0x1005 and 0x1108 aren't the same value, it's possible for the overworld model and cutscene model to be canonically mismatched. Starter's Gender I have reason to believe that 0x10B9 controls the starter's gender. 0x00 for Male, 0x01 for Female. I've yet to check if changing this value (before capturing it) would change the encounter's gender. edit: Editing this byte indeed changes the gender before it's capture! Avatar's-color Offset and code (for male and female) [don't bother with endianness; just replace the data in the same sequence] For the record, this is what I meant by 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th color: (top is first, bottom is fourth, go figure) BTW, it appears the 2-byte word has to be paired with the 1-byte. (0x1110-0x1111 paired with 0x1115, for example) Also, if the pairing is broken (or if user tries to throw in their own color scheme), the game will default to using the 1st color. Notes: If you're trying to follow the data above, don't forget to open your save in PKHeX, and export the save, so as to correct the file's checksums! Research portion
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    PKHeX is a save editor for core-series Pokémon games. With it, users can manipulate various save files including: .sav, .dsv, .dat, .gci, .raw, and .bin types. PKHeX can also read and write: .pk files, which are individual Pokémon files, and .pgt, .pcd, .pgf, .wc, which are Mystery Gift files. Version 19.04.02 of PKHeX has been released with improved legality checking, new features, minor changes and some bug fixes. Change log: Download | FAQ | Support Forum View full article
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    Much appreciated Been a little busy lately!
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    HA oranguru in timer ball and HA Passimian in heavy ball seems to have no problem online , so yeah apparently we can pass down the ball too
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    Hmm, thanks man. I don’t mind trading it and having it’s stats modded. The HP Ice + best possible stats sounds good. I edited my original post. i hope someone can find the time to help
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    Since the Kalos times, what matter the most to me are the aesthetics, I've always been into customization and whatnot, so I want more of it. You know, more hairstyle and hair color options (come on, GF, I want anime-esque stuff, if NPCs can have purple hair, why am I bound to use only generic, realistic colors?), clothing variety (geez, they're headquartered in Setagaya, if they're out of clothing ideas, Shibuya is north east from there, it can't be that hard to visit Harajuku for some inspiration (?)), Ball seals (I really liked using the alphabet seals back in G4 :FeelLikeAFiveYearsOld:) and, please, let MC have facial expressions other than o ͜ o Now, gameplay-wise: It'd be nice to have some PWT-like facility. I really liked it. Let us have all the damn berries. If the AI can use custap berries, a non-hacker player should be able to use'em, too. A stable chaining system. DexNav was a pain to use in areas with a low amount of grass tiles, and SOS battles take forever when it comes to Pokémon you'd actually want to chain. Bring National Dex back. I was hyped when I saw all previous gen Mons got new entries, and then got disappointed when I found out there was no national Dex. My fav Mon is Pidgeot and I'm mad cuz no new Dex entry. A better online system. Festival Plaza was awful and GF should be fully aware about the players' opinion by now. The option to selectively enable or disable animations. I wanna see the move animations, but I definitely don't wanna see item activation, status/weather damage, nor any other end-of-turn animations. They're especially obnoxious in double/triple battles. A PokéBall-specialized shop that actually sells all kinds of PokéBalls. I'm willing to pay Poké¥100000 for, say, a single Dream Ball. I just want the possibility to have it. As many of you, I want more mega-evolutions. Or, at the very least, more regional variants. Ever since G6, I've been hoping to see a pegasus Rapidash. As someone suggested above, a Jurassic Park would be nice. I honestly expexted USUM to have it, since it seemed to fill whatever was incumplete in SM, but alas.. Something I liked from USUM was the many side quests it had. Side quests make in-game worlds feel more natural, and USUM did a neat job at subtly giving us a more mature, somewhat realistic view of something aimed at children. I'd like future games to follow that road. If some half-naked masked man wants to have a foursome with me and two children, I'd like to be able to refuse (?) And, I know this is never gonna happen, but I'd like some sort of bond building with certain relevant NPCs. Not like some dating sim, of course, but it'd e nice to have'em say different lines and give you certain items according to how close you're to them. Yeah, this is merely a whim. I just want an excuse to shipp characters and more yuribait. Guess that's it.
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