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Pokemon Box Legit Shinies: Surfing Pichu (Male and Female), PayDay Skitty (Male) , False Swipe Swablu (Male) 1.0.0

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Someone else on here already has Shiny Extreme Speed Zigzagoon if you're looking for it, for Gen 7 games (aka Sun/Moon)

With help from my last post I did I finally got the hunts done, I was able to get at least one of each pokemon and I thought to share since I know not everyone has the time and patience to hunt the specific PID,TID,and SID for the right ESV and TSV match up

If you have an egg you want shiny hunted for these three or maybe even Zigzagoon, or a certain nature or gender other than male just send me the pokemon sav for Ruby, FR, LF, Sap, or Emerald (with the egg or a pokemon box save for Dolphin would be nice) and I'll try to get them for you to send back in game or via file^^

(The male is Naive)                                                                                                (Female is Brave) 

(Skitty is Adamant)                                                                                          (Swablu is Mild) 

0172 ★ - PICHU - 6A1EEFC53913.pk3 0172 ★ - PICHU - A98EDA5FF2E5.pk3 0300 ★ - SKITTY - 572724F841EA.pk3 0333 ★ - SWABLU - 2B7D2E1869BA.pk3



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