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    Hello! So I have been messing around with the assembly code in explorers of sky for a while now. I saw this and thought it would be interesting to try to find the code that prevents partners of the same type as you from appearing in the list. And I managed to find the exact instruction that has to be removed (turned into a NOP instruction) to make it happen. I tested it with an european rom of EoS, but it should work for any other version since the code is probably the same. To change it yourself, open the rom in a hex editor and search for this sequence: 000195e7 000088e1 000019e1 0700001a 002094e5 701392e5 There should be only one match in the whole rom (0x001e0000 in my european version). Now you just need to replace 0700001a with 0000a0e1, save and try it out. Tell me if it works for you! Fun fact: You can even pick the same pokemon as player and partner
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    https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/blame/63c705061de58fd5bc44cc04c65d51f7c05ef74f/PKHeX.Core/Saves/SAV3XD.cs#L280 and Line 298, added via https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/78cb0d87fa8f65fafa2b91c9b831f400a105010e Should be resolved in the latest commit: https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/e81e5f31daadd481c24d404072ace956e3720df1 ty
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    Oh, you meant Ultra Sun. In that case follow @BlackShark's original post, use the ITA card.
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    Looks like it's 0x001E0E00 in the US version, and 0x1800 in overlay 13, but I haven't tried it yet. I'll have to add it in Sky Editor if I can get it working.
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    Thank you for your honesty. To an extent I feel the same way as well >< Even though I don't know how to debug XD, nor could I launch PKHeX on VS for some weird reason, I followed a hunch I had and found out what was wrong: The indexes for the data are off by 1. When I purified (81) Togepi in-game, (82) Poochyena appears purified in PKHeX. I purified (72) Lapras in-game, and (73) Lugia appears purified in PKHeX. So the issue with (1) Teddiursa probably means it's reading data from slot (0), or something akin to that.
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    That is outside the scope of the project. I believe PokeDSPic works for that, though.
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    Movie 2013 Genesect This Red Genesect was distributed at movie theaters playing the 16th Pokémon movie. It was also distributed in the same manner at Fun Box stores in Taiwan from August 16th to September 15th. Its Attack and Speed IVs are set to 31. Species Genesect Nickname (default, save lang) OT えいがかん TID 07133 Distribution Local Wireless Location Pokémon Movie 13 Dates Jul 13 to Sep 30, 2013 PID Shiny PID Games BW B2W2 Lv. 100 Nature Hasty Ability Download (1) Item Choice Scarf Wishing Moves Extreme Speed Techno Blast Blaze Kick Shift Gear WC ID 136: 「あかいゲノセクト プレゼント」's receiving text 0x04 Thank you for coming to see the 2013 Pokémon Movie! Please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in any Pokémon Center.
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    VGC 2013 Nationals Ray's Metagross This shiny Metagross was distributed at the 2013 Pokémon National Championships in Birmingham, UK. It was also distributed at other European National Championship events. An identical Mystery Gift was later distributed at the US National Championships in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was modeled after the Metagross used by 2013 VGC Master Divison World Champion Ray Rizzo. Species Metagross Nickname (default, in ) OT Ray TID 05113 Distribution Local Wireless Location Pokémon Event Dates Jul 05 to Jul 07, 2013 PID Shiny PID Games BW B2W2 Lv. 45 Nature Adamant Ability Clear Body (1) Item Lum Berry Event Moves Earthquake Zen Headbutt Protect Meteor Mash WC ID 132: 「On the Way to Victory!」's receiving text 0x44 Playing Pokémon
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    Version 1.0.0


    Winter Raikou (GameStop) These shiny Johto beasts were distributed at GameStop stores in the USA. When sent to a Black or White game via the Relocator, any of the three beasts can activate an event to meet, battle and catch Zoroark in Lostlorn Forest. Wondercard ID 059 PID 919889744 Games DPP HGSS Type Local Wireless Dates 01.03.2011-01.09.2011 Nickname RAIKOU Gender Genderless Level 30 Nature Rash Ability Pressure OT GAMESTP SID 21889 Location Pokémon Event Ribbon Classic Ribbon Ball Cherish Ball Held Item Moves Zap Cannon Aura Sphere ExtremeSpeed Weather Ball
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    Version 1.0.0


    Ruby Sapphire Anniversary Kyogre This Kyogre was distributed at various department stores to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. Wondercard ID 119 PID Random Games W2 Type Local Wireless Dates 11.21.2012-01.10.2013 Nickname カイオーガ Gender Genderless Level 100 Nature Random Ability Drizzle OT サファイア SID 00000 Location Hoenn Ribbon Classic Ribbon Ball Cherish Ball Held Item Water Gem Moves Water Spout Thunder Ice Beam Sheer Cold
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