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    Various stores around Europe are about to release promo codes that allow users to redeem a Dynamax Crystal for a Gigantamax Centiskorch. Once used the Crystal, Centiskorch can be encountered at the Watchover Ruins. Source: Gamestop CH Gamestop DE Gamestop AT Gamestop IT Smyth Toys UK FNAC Stores SP PicWicToys FR Intertoys NL The wondercard has been uploaded to the latest BCAT and will be available on the Event Gallery as soon as the Event will be officially released. Wonder Card ID #0506: Dynamax Crystal Gift Here's what you got: ★Sgr6859 x1 | SWSH | Only One Allowed | Sep. 25 - Oct. 25 2020 0506_Orion_GCentiskorch.wc8 ID Species Crystal Level Stars Host Catch Rate Nonhost Catch Rate Move 1 Move 2 Move 3 Move 4 Shield Thickness HP% 1st shield Extra Move 1 Ex move 1 priority HP% 2nd shield Extra Move 2 Ex move 2 priority Max # of moves Gender Nature Dy level Shiny? Ability? Game Entry Index HP IV ATK IV DEF IV SATK IV SDEF IV SPE IV Dy Boost 599 Centiskorch ★Sgr6859 35 4 Guaranteed 3 Fire Lash Lunge Coil Power Whip 3 45 Coil Last move for that turn 0 Splash Disabled 1 Random Random 5 Regular Odds Hidden Ability SH 7 31 31 31 255 255 255 1.9 Rewards: ID Species Crystal Stars Shiny? Game Rand Reward Entries Fixed Reward Entries 593 Centiskorch ★Sgr6859 4 Regular Odds SW Bottle Cap 2% Rare Candy 25% Figy Berry 80% Tamato Berry 80% Rare Bone 35% Nugget 35% Big Nugget 35% TR88 (Heat Crash) 100% TR41 (Blaze Kick) 100% TR55 (Flare Blitz) 100% Exp. Candy M x3 Exp. Candy L x5 Dynamax Candy x2
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    Thanks for the great summary and testing. I have been making a lot of Milcery rank curry, but am not that organized in recording my numbers. I'll try to get better about that with my next round. I didn't realize that Pokemon's levels might have an effect ... that's an interesting initial result. I'll be using a team of level 100 max friendship Pokemon from now on. I pulled the numbers out of the initial YouTube video by だま / Dama that I found. Dama’s results below are [the number of Pokemon attracted] / [the total number of curries made at that rank]. Of course, we don’t have all the details (i.e., the level of his Pokemon, their friendship level), so take this with a grain of salt. But it looks like he did a lot of tests. Koffing: 2/170 Wobuffet: 8/170 Milcery: 1056/7063 (14%) Copperajah: 23/300 (8%) Charizard: didn’t test (the video notes it’s too difficult :)) ### If you are interested in Curry Mark Shiny hunt testing, here are some tips that might help: Obtainable Pokemon by route/area: Dama shared this list on on his Twitter, which is the only list like this that I've seen so far (https://twitter.com/monst_dama/status/1236942855538487296?s=21). I have not verified the accuracy of this list, however, from my tests on Route 1, Route 4, Route 10 (Near station), and Glimwood Tangle, it seems accurate so far. Pick a Pokemon you'd like to hunt for but keep in mind theSLAYER's theory about Curry Mark encounter rates being the reverse of that route's normal encounter rates. Easy Milcery curry: (note that theSLAYER's initial tests indicate higher ranks of curry bring better encounters) You don’t even need to touch the controller to get Milcery rank:2,200 ingredient (Smoke-Poke Tail, Large Leek, Fancy Apple, Boiled Egg, Fruit Bunch, Moomoo Cheese) + 10 berries from Wedgehust Berry Grocer. If you’re willing to button-mash (or use a Pro controller): 400 ingredient + 10 berries Stating the obvious: This is sort of stating the obvious, but it’s something I didn’t consider at first. For the Pokemon in your camp, pick small Pokemon that are easy to see around. For example, I had a Coalossal on my team during my initial testing and while Coalossal is a favorite of mine, he kept obscuring the screen and telling him to go play and move took extra time for checking if there was a Curry Mark Pokemon behind him. Pokemon with low profiles (Eevee, Yamper, Pikachu, etc.) or that are easy to see around are your best bet for quick check. If a Curry Mark Pokemon appears, you shouldn't have to adjust your game's camera to see it. You don't have to look alllll the way to the left of your camp and all the way to the right of your camp or up or down to see the Pokemon. Keep in mind if you have large Pokemon in your camp, they might be obscuring the Curry Mark Pokemon. If you attract a Pokemon to your camp, be very careful about avoiding the B button. When a Pokemon comes to your camp, the dialogue “Oh…? <This Pokemon> has come to your camp. <Pokemon> seems to want to be with you. Do you want to add it to your team?” If you hit B, that will select “No” and the Pokemon will go back into the wild. There’s no confirmation screen or “are you sure” sort of dialogue if you say no. Once the Curry Mark Pokemon is gone, it’s gone. ### For the point "It appears that encounter rates for curry encounters are reversed.": Including my Curry Mark encounters and the encounter rate from Bulbapedia below. From my Route 4 testing (shared this in Discord yesterday -- nothing new): 8 Ferroseed (1%) 3 Joltik (10%) 3 Milcery (20%) 2 Budew (4%) 1 Wooloo (25%) From my Route 10 (near station) testing: 12 Darumaka (5%) 10 Snom (10%) 8 Klang (30%) 5 Rhydon (25%) 5 Vanillish (30%) Crazy question: Could having Curry Mark Pokemon hanging out in your camp maybe increase the odds? I don't think so because I haven't heard anything about the other Marks having other effects outside of adding a title to the Pokemon's name, but if I have the time (haha) to max out the friendship on a team of Curry Mark mons, I might try this too. Other Shiny “proof” clips: I can’t vouch if these were hacked or using CFW, but they show what a shiny Pokemon looks like in Camp. Similar to the Dama video that's already linked to. https://mobile.twitter.com/suibotu6kai/status/1257637025936596993 https://mobile.twitter.com/ntIV0zU0ROsGkJ2/status/1257846914860515330 https://mobile.twitter.com/Ludicolo_comic/status/1307684485262049283
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    This post is a compilation of some info found, including some stuff I found. Most of them will be anecdotal evidence, since it's not from digging through the game's code. The information here will be changed as there's any new discoveries. This is the TL;DR version, more details below the page break: - Curry encounters can go into Poké Ball, Great Ball or Ultra Ball. - Curry encounters draw from the "Wild Encounters Grass" (not overworld) pool. - It only works in caves along routes, or routes. - It appears that encounter rates for curry encounters are reversed. - It is believed that you need a full party of max friendship to yield the highest encounter chance. - It is believed that Shiny charm doesn’t affect odds of getting a Shiny Curry encounter - Curry encounters may potentially be able to be shiny - The berries you use may matter (not just curry rank) - Level of your team matters ? -> It is believed Milcery rank curry gives the best odds of an encounter So general curry steps/instructions: - Use one of the 2,200 ingredients: Smoke-Poke Tail, Large Leek, Fancy Apple, Boiled Egg, Fruit Bunch, Moomoo Cheese - Use 10x berries (try to use the best berries you have; they may matter.) - Use a full team of tiny Pokémon (I recommend Joltik), at max friendship, and at max level. - You can use whatever website to check for that route, what mon exists in the Grass pool (not overworld pool). Do note the encounter rate seems reversed. - Only make curries on mainland Galar, anywhere along routes (inc. caves). No wild areas. - Do not do co-op camping. - Don't press "no" nor the B button when a mon asks to join. There is no confirmation screen for rejecting them; it'll leave then and there and never come back.| More specific info: - Curry encounters can go into Poké Ball, Great Ball or Ultra Ball. (source) (will attach image soon) If your bag does not have Poké, it'll default to Great. If your bag does not have Poké & Great, it'll default to Ultra. If your bag does not have Poké & Great and Ultra, it'll default back to Poké. - Curry encounters draw from the "Wild Encounters Grass" (not overworld) pool. (source) Most clear example would be Galar Mine No.1 The encounters there draw from the overworld pool, making me question why is there a grass pool listed on Serebii (which if I'm not mistaken, the data comes being mined from the final games), and then I tested which pool curry encounters are pulling from. - It only works in caves along routes, or routes. So doesn't work in cities or wild areas (including Isle of Armor). - It appears that encounter rates for curry encounters are reversed. For example, 1% encounters become 99%, etc. For example, I got a lot more Ferroseed, and a lot more Antique Sinistea, than everything else. - No spawns from co-op camping - It is believed that you need a full party of max friendship to yield the highest encounter chance. (source) My tests below, while mini, does seem to align with this. ? -> It is believed Milcery rank curry gives the best odds of an encounter (source) Based on the test below, I doubt this is true. While Dama has a larger sample size, which I would in general think that is a better result, we do not know whether the party members were consistent in all tests. Dama may have used different berries throughout too. - It is believed that Shiny charm doesn’t affect odds of getting a Shiny Curry encounter (source) While this probably can only be properly verified by digging into the game code, it seems plausible; Shiny charm only works for wild encounters and eggs, not raids and gifts (looking for the old source). With that, curry encounters could swing either way.. - Curry encounters may potentially be able to be shiny (source) While some may argue the video is clear cut evidence of it (being able to be shiny), I'll like to point out that the code to make all mons shiny (commonly used on Edizon) can make Curry encounters shiny. Not saying the video is faked, but I'm saying it's inconclusive evidence, that can be argued either way by bull-headed individuals. What I'll say, is there is a chance of the devs intending this encounter to be shiny, given that it plays a shiny animation when you talk to it. No other interaction with shiny mons you own in the camp brings forth that animation. Why program in the animation, if it's unintended? (of course, they could disable it at the end of the day, but it is something regardless ;x) - The berries you use may matter (not just curry rank) It's the reason why I used Starf Berries for my test. Using other berries seem to not give me as many encounters. Probably based on rarity as seen here: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Curry#Ingredients - Level of your team matters Check post below. ? -> Higher rank curry increases chance of encounter Check post below. Keep in mind of Dama's results too.
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    Join my team! I'm a pro player since Day 1 and now at stage 359. We're looking for more players to feed Snorlax and possibly future team event mons. The code is XT223C6RBVGF for those who are in mobile (so you can copy it). Thanks and please consider joining Shine Team!
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    Version .


    In Pokémon Colosseum, when the player starts a new game, these Pokémon will already be part of the player's party.
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    Version .


    In Pokémon Colosseum, after the player rescues the character Duking's Plusle, Duking will then proceed to give the Plusle to the player.
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    to be honest if i may say something. if your gonna play the gba pokemon games on 3ds, i get a emulator instead of making the cia files. it could help avoid any save corruptions that would happen later on
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    I have no idea what will happen after another E4 run. It could fix the Hall of Fame. Maybe keep a backup and try it. I noticed that the block ID of block A and B were wrong and block A contained data that doesn't belong there. Normally block A would store your Pokemon from box 5 but that wasn't Pokemon data. It looked like partial HoF data, but moving it to the proper offset wouldn't restore HoF though. So I just removed the faulty data and restored the block ID and the save loaded again.
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    Fixed it emerald.sav Your Hall of Fame is still corrupted though. Simply because the data was never written anywhere. I have no idea if this has any impacts on the game besides not being able to see which Pokemon participated. It could probably be fixed by getting the data from another save file. The corruption occured because 64KB save files end at offset 0xFFFF but Hall of Fame data would be written to 0x1C000. You really should stop using that CIA and look for a way to properly inject the GBA so that it creates full 128KB save files.
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    You can try posting the save here. Maybe some kind soul is able to see what went wrong with the save and attempt to fix it. @theSLAYER Are you willing to check this out if op posts their save.
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    I've done a small study, posted it above.
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    This is a legit Norway Mew for GEN 1 Pokemon games, distributed by Club Nintendo. TID: 10595 OT: NORWAY The Club Nintendo Mew distribution ran in Norway from October 15th 2000, to November 20th 2000 and required you to be a Club Nintendo member to receive a Mew. Club Nintendo members could post their game cartridge to Club Nintendo, Nedre Rommen 5, 0988 OSLO. Once the cartridge was received by Nintendo a Mew would be distributed to it, before the game cartridge was posted back. This Mew was obtained by Digiex Member Golden Toilette back when he was 9 years old. So do send a big thanks his way for preserving this Mew 19 years later. Magazine Scans and Translation: Download: Club Nintendo Norway Mew.zip Included is the original save, the extracted Level 100 Norway Mew and also the Mew reverted to Level 5. All credit to Golden Toilette for this release, he sent everything my way on Digiex so I could write up and share it for everyone to enjoy.
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    This post is for my mini-test results. Upfront, I'll say that 50 encounters on each rank isn't a statistically large enough sample size, but each test took around 2 1/2 hours (and that was on 2 Switches mind you), and I don't wanna sink anymore time into this. So if anyone want to try, be my guest. :3 For these tests, I'm testing purely Milcery and Copperajah ranks. For Milcery Rank, 10x Starf berries and leaving the Switch alone is enough. (1st Switch) For Copperajah rank, performing the curry making actions were enough. (2nd Switch) While the values do not seem statistically significant from each other... If we assume that the values were not statistical blips, then looking at the trends, it appears that max friendship and level of party members both have an effect on the chance of curry encounters. Adding on to that, it also appears Copperajah rank has a higher chance of encountering compared to Milcery Rank. Once again, this is just anecdotal, and shall be taken with a pinch of salt. Sample size of 50 isn't big enough to draw real solid conclusions.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Sword and shield 6iv square shiny eggs I will continue uploading as I make more.
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    Looks like your save is from a SWSH without the v1.2.0 update. Please get at least the v1.2.0 update, and save twice in-game, then extract the save and try again. Those Pokemon didn't exist pre-v1.2.0 update, and naturally PKHeX will try to stop you from bringing a mon into a game that it doesn't exist in...
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    Also make sure your save is updated. And PKHeX is updated.
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    You need the Expansion Pass (Isle of Armor) to get Kubfu or Urshifu.
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    1998 was MARIO and 1999 was YOSHIRA/YOSHIBA/YOSHIRB/YOSHIBB. I don't see the problem? For anyone wondering, the OT is YOSHI, and Red/Blue machines A/B. EDIT: Looks like from the tweet the issue is the 1998 issue. I bet he is either referencing the wrong issue, or is remembering wrong and got it on the North America Tour. Either way it is not from the 1998 giveaway. EDIT: He responded and I was right. Ok that is settled.
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    Given the complexities of the various RNG systems for Gen 3 events, such as restricted seeds, OTG or SID being part of the generation procedure etc, I recommend against editing PID/IV/Nature/OTG/ability/SID any 3rd gen event. Hence, no legality guide will be linked (not sure if one even exists for those) If you're importing such a mon into one of the later gens, there isn't a real need to get flawless IVs etc. Gen 6: Ability capsule, can change the mon's ability, from (1) to (2) [and vice versa] if those abilities differ Gen 7: ^ + Hyper Training can max out IVs (they'll appear to have flawless IVs, and will function that way in battle). Gen 8: ^ + mints to change stat nature. (edit: and if the leaked content relating to Crown Tundra stays the same [GF added some CT content in the IoA update; for abilities, you can also 1/2 -> HA)
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    Back in gen 3 using a good random number generator was not possible. So they used a really shitty (but common) one. When you encounter a pokemon there are multiple random numbers that are returned from that formula. The formula is recursive meaning the result of the previous execution is used for the subsequent one. This means if you look at the entire sequence of events and all of the random number calls, the actual attributes of the final pokemon you encounter is contrived. What I mean by contrived is that the pokemon id, IVs, etc are very limited. By knowing this, you can take the pokemon id, IVs, pokemon species, level, game origin and information about encounter data from that game to validate whether or not the pokemon was actually generated by a real encounter. Fast forward to newer generations and this is not the case. Specifically because even though the algorithm is recursive, the range of possible output numbers is very very high. So if you try to do the same inference to determine if the pokemon was actually generated you will come up with most, if not all possible random number generator numbers. I tried to keep it as non-technical as possible, but I can get into more detail if you are interested.
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    Use the batch editor with the following command. .OT_Name=Whatever
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    where are you trying to trade it? (edit: late reply haha my internet went off before seeing the earlier message)
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    Updates are constant, but there are only release versions when they feel it's stable enough and/or there are significant changes. You can, however, manually compile it from the PKHeX github yourself with all the latest commits, if you have the tools and knowledge.
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    Thank you very much, that's exactly what I wanted to know. No local logs at all, server logs unknown, then. I hope they don't log it at all
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    If I recall correctly, this saying is accurate:
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    That data isn't stored on the Switch, if they do log that data, it is server side, and we don't know what they log. So this isn't the right thread, since it's not logged in the save, and to be honest, we don't know either. It would take someone that works for them to know for sure.
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    It is hard to tell if your Mew is legal by just seeing the few information you provided. There is indeed a matching Mew in the download above, but that's not enough there are far more values that can't be seen ingame and could be wrong, like PID, met location, language, SID ... The best way to find out if your Pokemon is legal is by loading your save file or the pk3 file into PKHeX. If you don't know how to use PKHeX check the following guides. https://projectpokemon.org/tutorials/save-editing/managing-gba-saves/ https://projectpokemon.org/tutorials/save-editing/using-pkhex/loading-and-saving-r28/
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    Just as a curiosity, for collectors, this mew and the European mew (https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/topic/40508-gen-1-europe-mew-denmark-event-mew/) are from the same event (Club Nintendo Mew), search a little in bulbapedia and cross both information, and well, according to bulbapedia, the OT of these mew can be EUROPE, NORWAY , FINLAND and DENMARK; Of course, there are other events where the OT is the same, however, these pokemon were distributed to members of the Nintendo club, as mentioned by both owners of these mew, only that one received a mew with OT Norway and the other with Europe , but they are from the same event. I thought for a long time that they would be different events, because there is a Norway mew, but that event was held in person during a tour in Norway, while those of this event, the players had to send their cartridges to Bergsala (Nintendo's distributor in the countries Nordic and Baltic), as mentioned by the owners. Another characteristic that they have in common and that makes them belong to the same event is that the two mew have the same IVS: 5 HP, 10 Attack, 1 Defense, 12 Speed, and 5 Special; which were characteristics of the mew distributed in the Club Nintendo event. One thing that made me doubt is that there is an event called Norway Pokémon Tour Mew (which made me think that the Norway Mew of Project Pokémon was from this event) but no, because the OT of this Norway Pokémon Tour Mew is FINLAND, and the Project Pokemon was NORWAY, so it doesn't match. Well, here I leave the link and the screenshots for you to corroborate. Regards.
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    OMFG IT WORKED AHHHHHH I even did the same process to Pokemon Shuffle (another game that was hit by this problem, but not even close to this importance). But I got my save file from 2017 of Pokemon X (it was my main game at the time, where I was keeping all my pokemon, legendaries, shinnies etc) I already put some on pokemon bank to not have any problem, and doing the backup of the save files right now!! Thank you guys sooooooo much
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    if you don't do illegal stuff, like piracy or theme manipulation, should be fine. Up to now I can use them despite having CFW.
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    A repository for random distribution devices used across the years. Quick rundown of the images that we have presently Gen 1 (VC) UK VC Mew Redemption (and Save Restore screen on the distribution device!) JP VC Mew Redemption Gen 1 & 2 (Retail) Toys R Us security sealed Mew Cartridge and Gameboy Mew and Celebi Machine (and article) Spaceworld Mew screen (has different sprite than standard Mew) Gen 3 Pokémon Day 2004, Germany - Multilingual selection screen (Eon Ticket?) Aura Mew Distribution Device 10ANNIV/10 ANIV Distribution Device (Groudon GBA SP and Yellow GBA SP) Pokémon Festa 2005, Japan - Festa Metang Device and Redemption Mystic Ticket Distribution, Japan European Shiny Zigzagoon Old Sea Chart Redemption (device can't be seen) Gen 4 Crown Entei (Slot 2) Regigigas Redemption Video (Slot 2) Battle Festa, Diamond - Magmar (Slot 2) 10TH Deoxys (Slot 2) Misc. Distribution carts (User YoshiMoshi's collection photograph) Gen 5 Misc. Distribution carts (User YoshiMoshi's collection photograph) Gen 6 & 7 Various distribution 3DSes: Movie 18, Korea PC Birthday 2017, Japan Pop-up Store Charizard, Korea WCS Mew, Korea Eevee Friends, Korea Melemele Shiny Tapu Koko, Korea Worlds18 Meloetta distribution relay
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    Version 1.0.2


    Background I was looking for a Pokémon Channel (PAL) save, as I thought the gameplay portion to get to Jirachi, is just so freaking long. Hence, I decided to scour the internet for a save! Crediting Internal Saves NinFanBoyFTW's saves: Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD theSLAYER's saves: SkyLink24's save (link): Crediting External Saves Any saves that I obtain from the internet or from users, will be credited here. Pokémon Channel (PAL and US) from batwing321 on Gamefaqs (link) Pokémon Colosseum (JP) from @suloku, posted on Gamefaqs (link) Pokémon Colosseum (PAL) from @suloku and richardj0612, posted on Gamefaqs (link) Pokémon Colosseum (US) from thegreekweezel, SonikFire and wildgoosespeeder, posted on Gamefaqs (link) Pokémon XD - Gale of Darkness (US) from TrapperKeeperX, post on Gamefaqs (link)
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    Version 0.0.3


    I hacked this UI together in less than an hour, if there are any bad bugs I'm sorry! Randomizer for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky. This randomizer randomizes... - ... all NPCs on the overworld (with matching portraits and names) - ... all dungeon layouts (including tilesets, music, weather, darkness, traps, items, Pokémon spawns, etc.) Pokémon level are randomized between -3/+3 of the minimum/maximum level that the Pokémon on that floor had in the original game. Moves, stats, starters, boss fights etc. are not randomized. Most hard-coded values are also not randomized. Part of the SkyTemple project: Support Please join our Discord server for support: https://discord.gg/4e3X36f Install on Windows Download the Installer and install it. After this run "SkyTemple Randomizer" Install on Linux The Linux version can be installed via Pip. For this Python 3.6+ must be installed and GTK+ (which you most likely both have): pip install --upgrade skytemple-randomizer You may need to run pip3 instead and/or need to update pip by running: pip3 install --upgrade pip After this, you can run skytemple_randomizer to run it. If this doesn't work, you don't have ~/.local/bin in your PATH. Run ~/.local/bin/skytemple_randomizer instead.
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    To @shinykitty, @Funsparce, and many others out there, REVIEWS ARE NOT THE PLACE TO ASK FOR HELP RELATING TO YOUR PROBLEMS. Maybe start a thread and ask for help. Or maybe leave a comment, see if the author gets back to you. Imagine a Yelp review. You can say why something is good or bad, but you can't say "I have issues with your app/the shop/whatever, please help me".
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    Version 1.1.0


    DISCLAIMER FROM MODS (DO NOT REMOVE THIS DISCLAIMER): 1) [Added via edit] I’ve been told it is patched, so locked 2) There's a chance that (in a future) people can get banned for using this method. I (theSLAYER) personally don't recommend it, but I also know we can't stop people. File info: This is a game file for Ultra Moon, in which I injected the shiny form of every new Pokemon in gen 8, including Meltan and Melmetal. They are all shiny. I have separately put the non-shiny forms of the legendaries of this generation in Box 4, with the shiny forms (the only illegal Pokemon) of the legendaries in box 3 with the rest of the Pokemon. They seem illegal, however once they are transferred, they will work fine as I have used Batch Editor to change the version and locations of the Pokemons' origins. Above I have attached a picture of what it looks like in the editor in Ultra Moon compared to how it looks in Sword and Shield. All the Pokemon will be legal to use online except for shiny Zacian, Zamazenta, and Eternatus, and can be transferred to sword and shield by putting this save file onto Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon, then putting them all into Pokemon Bank, and then transferring them to Pokemon HOME. At that point, they can be put into Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield and used online. They will not appear to be the Pokemon they are listed as until they reach HOME, where the data can be recognized. What This Has: All Pokemon between #808 and #890, shiny, and copies of Zacian, Zamazenta, and Eternatus non-shiny All of the above Pokemon in National Pokedex order All of the above Pokemon with 6 Perfect IVs Due to the Form Argument being difficult to manage in batch editor, I put in Shiny Galarian Yamask instead of Runerigus. If anyone can help to make a .pk7 file for Runerigus, it would be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment on this post. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. NOTE: The shiny forms of Zacian, Zamazenta, and Eternatus are located in box 3, and you may have some difficulty transporting them from your game to Bank, and Bank to HOME, as they are shiny Galar legendaries and therefore illegal, I apologize if that is the case. If you want me to add any Galarian Pokemon, just ask. I will likely update this file once the DLC is released in June, and then again in Fall of 2020 for both the Isle of Armor DLC and the Crowned Tundra DLC. After Testing, I have decided to announce two things: The Pokebank blank screen error occurs while disconnecting, not saving, so it's safe to save, and then directly try to import to home after restarting. You MUST rename the file 'main' before importing it or it will not work In the Batch Editor, with whatever Pokemon you choose to use, type in these commands(in place of X but the box number) =Box=X .PID=$rand .PID=$shiny .SID=$rand .EncryptionConstant=$rand If you doubt it worked, open a sword and shield window in PKHeX and drag it over, and press View then Set on the pokemon, if there is no illegal symbol, you were successful. I just got back from a short break from PKHeX and Project Pokemon. Not to bring up any controversy, but I’ll be available for probably at least a week straight starting most likely this Wednesday, as my school is having early dismissal tomorrow due to worries about Corona, with a chance of a full break. PLEASE send direct messages with any updates on files that don’t work, for example if you find a new one. Everyone that helps will get mentioned on this post, if you send a file or an update. Thank you all so much, I never thought I’d be getting 3,000 downloads on my first file upload! update!!! TO ALL THAT HAVE SEEN THE BLAINES VIDEO ON MISSINGNO, I AM WORKING ON GETTING A PK7 FOR IT THAT I WILL UPLOAD HERE. IT MAY NOT WORK, USE THIS FILE AT YOUR OWN RISK -Aster edit: Credit to @Sienna Uchiha for all the help!
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    I think your right. Might be updated on digiex. I'll have to check and fix it here. Deoxyz is retired so I also don't expect any updates.
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    I periodically check this upload to check if I'm wrong but, is the newest changelog not reflected in the files at all? Current save file for In-Game Trades doesn't show any fixes that the changelog made.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Many people are playing custom Virtual Console versions of Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal. The saves of these games cannot be easily edited with PKHeX though, since PKHeX expects a different file size for Gen II saves. Direct support for these kind of files will surely be added by Kaphotics someday but in the meantime, you can use this converter right here to easily modify the size of your save file so that it can be used with PKHeX. It also works the other way around of course so that you can actually use your edited save files in your Virtual Console games. The usage is really simple: Just export your sav.dat file from the Virtual Console game using any available method, then drag the file onto sav_converter.exe. This will add a couple of additional bytes to end of the save file, afterwards you can just open it with PKHeX like you normally would. After you've finished your work with PKHeX, drag the sav.dat file onto the converter executable again to remove the additional bytes that were added before. Then you can simply import the file back into your game using any of the methods available for your specific 3DS setup. Due to the nature of the tool, I can't provide any screenshots, since there's just nothing to show, the program does not have a GUI. If you have any questions, just send me a PM
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    Following the submission phase of the art competition, it is now time for the voting phase! Please look at the submissions below and use the poll associated with this thread to vote for your favorite. The winning entry will be used on external sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Patreon, and may eventually be adapted into a site theme. This poll will be open for approximately 1 month. Once the poll is closed, only votes made by members with the following criteria will be counted: Voters must have 50 or more posts Voters must not be banned And now, for the submissions. Submissions BlackShark wrathsoffire76 theSLAYER Jovie Got_Eevees
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    Full Documents Related to the Distribution, the full copy of Pokemon Power Volume 6 is attached to this post: In the Fall of 1998 Nintendo Power held a contest to “Win Mew for your Pokémon collection!” 151 winners of this contest would be given the chance to mail their cartridge into the Nintendo Power Headquarters and receive it back with a brand-new mew on their game save. Contest winners were notified by mail by 2/28/1999 that they had won the contest, making this the earliest known Mew distribution in the west. Recently while browsing reddit, I ran across a post from Th4tGuyUKn0 showcasing his Original Red cartridge that was one of the lucky recipients of this contest. After scrolling through the thread, Th4tGuyUKn0 stated that the battery on the game had not yet dried out; upon reading this I immediately messaged him explaining Project Pokémon and asked him if he would be interested in dumping his game save. Luckily, he was all for it! The only problem was he could not remember which of his five Pokémon cartridges he left the mew on, and did not want to risk draining the more than two decades old cartridge battery by checking. Th4tGuyUKn0 graciously decided to send me all of his cartridges so that I could backup the saves and hopefully find the mew. With the amazing research done by @suloku on these save files, we are confident that we have found the Mew in question. In the Pokemon Blue game save we discovered a Mew with the TID 51273 (the same Mew ID# printed on the back of the cartridge) and the OT ‘MARIO’. Suloku has concluded that this Mew is definitely legit. It shares the exact same DVs as the YOSHIBA Mew, matches Mew machine distributions data-wise, and has the same OT Nintendo character naming convention that several forum posts from 2000~ reference. While this does raise questions about what distribution the supposed ‘NINTEN’ Mews are a part of, this Nintendo Power Mew is most certainly legit. Suloku was also able to find the Mew in the red save file as a deleted Pokémon (moved or deleted pokémon can be found in box savedata if it was not overwritten by another pokémon being stored in the same slot). Attached is the the .pk1 of the 1998 Nintendo Power 'MARIO' Mew. Thanks very much again to Th4tGuyUKn0 for sending and trusting us with these cartridges and Suloku for all of the great research, none of this would have been possible without them. Happy holidays and enjoy! 151 - MEW - C23C.pk1 Pokemon Power vol 6.pdf
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    You're right, I've been able to transfer Fake Out to it. (I managed to transfer the move without needing an egg) So while it seems legally possible, it being blocked may be an oversight for the trading whitelist on the server. Nothing we can do but remove the move..
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