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    Hello: This is a save game I have after I participated in the Spanish 2000s Pokemon Championship in July 2000. The save has 2 Mews: the original L5 Mew I received from the Nintendo staff during the tournament (It's been almost 20 years but I think i traded through N64 Pokemon Stadium) and a second Mew from Australia. I got a save game in a Australian Pokemon forum back then, uploaded it to my friend's Pokemon Red and traded it to my own game. I used the Australian Mew to play the game so it's at level 100, EV trained and has custom moves. I wished I had kept it in pristine condition but it was my favorite pokemon back then. The Spanish Mew was legitimately traded but you'd have to take my word on that, they didn't give us any certificate. The save game is for the Spanish version of Pokemon Yellow, it won't work on the English version. Regards, Pokemye.sav
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    The save was too big, and wouldn't open on PKHeX. Luckily, splitting it in half was enough Contains 2 LUIGIW Mew from @Allegedly137. It appears one is untrained. pokemon_red_dex_2mews1.sav
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    Ok guys! Here they are! Both of the Mews in this one file! Box one. I was stubborn and wanted to do the use the save data transfer stuff myself, mostly because it sounded like a fun thing to mess around with and I wanted to backup my gameboy camera stuff too~ I traded the mews off the the blue and yellow they were originally in onto this file. I did back up both that blue and yellow before doing this, if for whatever reason this file is a problem (missingno did briefly visit back in the day but was promptly deleted after realizing he wasn't safe. Didn't mess with him much.) I have searched high and low for my certificates of authenticity. I really really doubt I got rid of them, but alas they aren't where I expected them to be. I swear I will return to this forum if they ever show up, even if it's a few years from now. I may have higher quality pictures of my photos on a floppy they gave out, if preservationists want them and the files aren't corrupted yet. pokemon_red_dex_2mews.sav
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    Quick update: got full scans of Pokemon Power Vol. 6, thanks again to doeiqts on Twitter for the help. Really neat to see the Mew "newspaper article" they included as well. Pokemon Power vol 6.pdf
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    Hopefully this is a good place to add to this with some findings: First off, for B2W2, the block for Battle Subway starts at 0x21B00 (instead of 0x21D00), but otherwise it's pretty much the same, so just change that and you're good. 0x21D2C was indeed some "Continue" flag, specifically for Single Trains. When I did a full set of 7 wins it changed to 02. I changed the current/record wins to 14 from the info we already had and changed that to 03, and on my next set I got the subway boss (who pops at match #21). Immediately after unlocking Super Single Train, I changed its current/record wins to 49, and also changed 0x21D36 to 07, and also got the boss at the end of the next set of 7 I did. For a full list: Current/Latest Wins: 0x21D08 - Single 0x21D0A - Double 0x21D0C - Multi w/NPC 0x21D0E - Multi w/ Friend 0x21D12 - Super Single 0x21D14 - Super Double 0x21D16 - Super Multi w/NPC 0x21D18 - Super Multi w/ Friend Record Wins: 0x21D1A - Single 0x21D1C - Double 0x21D1E - Multi w/NPC 0x21D20 - Multi w/Friend 0x21D24 - Super Single 0x21D26 - Super Double 0x21D28 - Super Multi w/NPC 0x21D2A - Super Multi w/ Friend "Continue" Flag - Should be desired amount of sets completed +1: 0x21D2C - Single 0x21D2E - Double 0x21D30 - Multi w/NPC 0x21D32 - Multi w/ Friend 0x21D36 - Super Single 0x21D38 - Super Double 0x21D3A - Super Multi w/NPC 0x21D3C - Super Multi w/ Friend You can basically see that they just move in increments of two bytes, with just a single gap between the normal and single trains. I suspect that's the Wi-Fi train stats. I am currently in the process of confirming the two Double Trains and the Multi Trains w/ NPC but there should be no reason for the rest to be any different. TL;DR Assuming you have a Super Train unlocked, set it's continue value to 07 and it's current/record wins to 2A and profit. You don't technically even need the record wins but might as well. Huge thanks to Saternoir for finding the initial data >.<
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    So coincidental this has been brought back. I already made all those calculations some years ago and also came to the conclusion that the NINTEN mew in the picture did not have the standard DVs. Only piece of evidence I have is in this thread at Azure-Heights, the information being in the second post made by MewtwoSama: https://www.math.miami.edu/~jam/azure/forum/tuff/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=1;t=000106 User ryuko2002 (who has recently contributed de Spanish EUROPE and australian NAL mews) was registered there, I asked him to reach MewtwoSama in the hopes he still has the mew/backed up the savegame/calculated the DVs. There are other possible explanations: - Nintendo Power Magazine actually used gameshark to get the screenshots ( I think it may have been common practice in order to easily get trough the games and get the job done) - It was a test mew just for the magazine? - The NINTEN mew MetwoSama owned did have the normal stats, but it reached level 100 before being fully EV trained, thus preventing stat updates (read more here: https://www.math.miami.edu/~jam/azure/compendium/boxtrick.htm) ryuko2002 has tried in my stead to reach MewtwoSama at AzureHeights, let's cross fingers.
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    Funny enough @TotalTSI've been working on this on and off over the day and I've come to the conclusion that it is nearly impossible to get the correct DVs for this Mew with just the picture. There are way too many assumptions that need to be made especially if the picture was only for publication. My first assumption was that it was like every other classic Mew distributed at the time with a DV spread of: HP = 5 Attack = 10 Defense = 1 Speed = 5 Special = 12 However, at level 39 the stats would not match that of an untrained Mew at the level which would mean that the Mew would have to have been in battle meaning that it would have acquired EVs. That said the possible EV spread for a Mew with the normal DVs and to have the listed above stats would be: HP = 961 - > 1848 Attack = 0 -> 8 Defense = 16129 -> 18224 Speed = 0 -> 8 Special = 1849 -> 3024 But, the issue here is the attack and special DVs are 0 -> 8 which is impossible consider the other EVs. The second assumption would be that the person leveled it up using Rare Candies and Vitamins and again that would be impossible since vitamins increase the stats EVs by 2560 points in gen 1 and the lowest possible HP EV is 1848. That would mean that the Mew was in battle and since the attack and speed EVs would be impossible for a Pokemon that saw battle which would mean that this Mew has a different set of DVs then the ordinary Mew given out at the time. So now that it is clear that this Mew has a different set of DVs then the known Mews what are the DVs? Well this is where the largest unknown of the equation comes into picture, how was this Mew trained? Just to get the first major hurdle out of the way the Mew in the picture has been trained. There is no DV combination that will give an untrained Mew at level 39 those stats considering the picture shows a defense stat of 96 when a Mew at the same level with a DV of 15 and EV of 0 will only have a defense stat of 94. Thus, the Mew has been trained. Now the question is how was the Mew trained? For simplicity I've come up with 4 possible scenarios for how the Mew could have been trained. Scenario 1 - Rare Candy and Vitamins: The problem here is we wouldn't be able to determine how many time the Mew was given vitamins. Scenario 2 - A new game file and the Mew was obtained as early as possible: This would be easy to test with putting Mew into every battle until it is at level 39. However, the problem with this scenario is that Nintendo Power needed a trained Mew for the picture and this method would probably take too long to get the desired result and the badge level cap for Pokemon obeying the player would probably be an issue. Therefore, probably unlikely. Scenario 3 - Got the Mew mid-game and trained it to level 39: Again easy to test, but the issue is badge level and slow in actuality; therefore, unlikely. Scenario 4 - Got the Mew at the end of the game and trained it to level 39: This one is the most believable scenario in my opinion since it would be fast due to high level wild Pokemon. However, there is still some unknown factors that would prevent someone from training a Mew to level 39 and then adjusting the DVs to match the stats in the picture. Even with scenario 4 sounding the most promising to find the DVs the next biggest issue would be what level did the Mew start at. Did they get it at level 5? What about level 10 or even level 15? We just don't know which makes the task at determining the DVs at this present moment all that more impossible. As well, non of my outlined scenarios might be right or could be a combination between then. We just don't know what the DVs of the Mew in the picture without more personal information about the player of that save file. Thus, bring me back to my opening statement that it is nearly impossible to find the DVs of the Mew just from the picture alone. Others are still welcome to try and determine the DVs, but this is just my take on the question and I could be missing an obvious piece of information that would make this task trivial.
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    Thanks @RetroAli! I attached it to the main post of the topic. One really interesting thing in there is the OT on the Mew used in the screenshots: I know @suloku originally suspected that this Nintendo Power Mew would have this OT, and was surprised to find it was MARIO. I wonder if the default OT on the Mew Machines was NINTEN, and employees just changed it based on the event/location. I'm not quite sure how Gen1 DVs work, but if someone can calculate them based off of this screenshot, that would be much appreciated.
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    I have a save file with 2 Mews, one from an Australia event and the one I got in Spain. Both Mews have the same IV but different trainer name and Id. Australia: HP 5, Atk 10, Def 1, SpC 5, Spe 12, TID 20824, OT NAL (level 100, EV trained: 383 288 270 278 292). Spain: HP 5, Atk 10, Def 1, SpC 5, Spe 12, TID 01495, OT EUROPE (level 5, no trained: 25, 16, 15, 15, 16). I got the one from Australia around April-May 2000 and the Spanish one in July 2000. My assumption is that every Mew from that time had the same stats, it would be much of a coincidence that the version in Australia and the version in Spain had the same. I haven't check other posts on this forum but I would bet the UK and Danish versions are the same.
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    Erm, that's if we assume the data you sent isn't an encrypted save. Otherwise, the data you sent is garbage data and isn't the save. If you can hex edit the rom, try looking for the save inside. or screenshot any area that have blank spaces and data at the end, that might be the footer of the save. Also take a look at the bulbapedia link I sent you, to help you figure out if it is or isn't a save. edit: Your save is in the game you uploaded (but I removed). Location.. This is your save, right? Edit again: location of another save: Both seems to be the exactly same tho.
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    Version 1.1.0


    DISCLAIMER FROM MODS (DO NOT REMOVE THIS DISCLAIMER): 1) It's not known when/if this is going to be patched. 2) There's a chance that (in a future) people can get banned for using this method. I (theSLAYER) personally don't recommend it, but I also know we can't stop people. File info: This is a game file for Ultra Moon, in which I injected the shiny form of every new Pokemon in gen 8, including Meltan and Melmetal. They are all shiny. I have separately put the non-shiny forms of the legendaries of this generation in Box 4, with the shiny forms (the only illegal Pokemon) of the legendaries in box 3 with the rest of the Pokemon. They seem illegal, however once they are transferred, they will work fine as I have used Batch Editor to change the version and locations of the Pokemons' origins. Above I have attached a picture of what it looks like in the editor in Ultra Moon compared to how it looks in Sword and Shield. All the Pokemon will be legal to use online except for shiny Zacian, Zamazenta, and Eternatus, and can be transferred to sword and shield by putting this save file onto Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon, then putting them all into Pokemon Bank, and then transferring them to Pokemon HOME. At that point, they can be put into Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield and used online. They will not appear to be the Pokemon they are listed as until they reach HOME, where the data can be recognized. What This Has: All Pokemon between #808 and #890, shiny, and copies of Zacian, Zamazenta, and Eternatus non-shiny All of the above Pokemon in National Pokedex order All of the above Pokemon with 6 Perfect IVs Due to the Form Argument being difficult to manage in batch editor, I put in Shiny Galarian Yamask instead of Runerigus. If anyone can help to make a .pk7 file for Runerigus, it would be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment on this post. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. NOTE: The shiny forms of Zacian, Zamazenta, and Eternatus are located in box 3, and you may have some difficulty transporting them from your game to Bank, and Bank to HOME, as they are shiny Galar legendaries and therefore illegal, I apologize if that is the case. If you want me to add any Galarian Pokemon, just ask. I will likely update this file once the DLC is released in June, and then again in Fall of 2020 for both the Isle of Armor DLC and the Crowned Tundra DLC. After Testing, I have decided to announce two things: The Pokebank blank screen error occurs while disconnecting, not saving, so it's safe to save, and then directly try to import to home after restarting. You MUST rename the file 'main' before importing it or it will not work In the Batch Editor, with whatever Pokemon you choose to use, type in these commands(in place of X but the box number) =Box=X .PID=$rand .PID=$shiny .SID=$rand .EncryptionConstant=$rand If you doubt it worked, open a sword and shield window in PKHeX and drag it over, and press View then Set on the pokemon, if there is no illegal symbol, you were successful. I just got back from a short break from PKHeX and Project Pokemon. Not to bring up any controversy, but I’ll be available for probably at least a week straight starting most likely this Wednesday, as my school is having early dismissal tomorrow due to worries about Corona, with a chance of a full break. PLEASE send direct messages with any updates on files that don’t work, for example if you find a new one. Everyone that helps will get mentioned on this post, if you send a file or an update. Thank you all so much, I never thought I’d be getting 3,000 downloads on my first file upload! update!!! TO ALL THAT HAVE SEEN THE BLAINES VIDEO ON MISSINGNO, I AM WORKING ON GETTING A PK7 FOR IT THAT I WILL UPLOAD HERE. IT MAY NOT WORK, USE THIS FILE AT YOUR OWN RISK -Aster
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    It was on pokémon stadium 2 and gen 2. 0 catch rate due to item used/removed, nicknamed due to a "bug"(?) in stadium 2 (and I think stadium 1, but I have yet to test it) not reading the full name, but stopping at the first 0x50 terminator. When pokemon comes back to the GB cartridge data present alredy in the box/party gets "added" to the remaining characters. This doesn't happen with OT. EDIT: also, YaniM told me that the mew had been in stadium 2 and gold before I even asked about it. When trasnfered to gen 2 mew holds a bitter berry. The mew was used and brought up to level 100, being confused at some point is very likely (and thus the item being consumed).
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    This is awesome, great stuff buddy. Honestly just being able to conclude that the DVs of the Mew pictured don't match any of the other classic Mews is very intriguing; @suloku originally told me that he had heard about the "NINTEN" Mews having different DVs, this just gives more credence to that theory.
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    I see where you're seeing the error, but placing it in a position in the box makes it legal. Although, placing it in the box inherently modifies it to fix some inconsistencies. Is this your self-caught Raichu, or did you receive this Raichu as a pk7 file from someone else? There is nothing wrong with the Raichu itself, the only thing it's detecting is the Latest (Not OT) Handler, so I would believe you obtained this as a pk7 from someone else. It's detecting that the handler is still the OT of the person who caught it, but putting in a trainer name for the Not OT Handler will fix it.
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    Ok, amm... This was really tedious, here you go. Pokemon - Emerald.sav You're welcome.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This has some gen 8 pokemon along with galarian Darmanitan, Antique Sinistea and others for gen 7
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    Short answer: Make it as an egg it's not a solution... If you want to fix your Pokémon assign Method 1. Next time search, as @Kaphoticssays.
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    Gee, if only there were threads with the same exact title requesting help for this exact same issue. These "legality error codes" aren't cryptic; just google them and you'll find topics discussing them. And if that fails, the source code is public, and you can find where the legality messages are being yielded. You're playing on an emulator, which doesn't emulate the retail hardware precisely. Minor inaccuracies -> invalid PKM, occasionally. https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/topic/47343-problem-invalid-encounter-type-pid-mismtach-3gen/?do=findComment&comment=235731
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    The GUI doesn't scale. If you wanna write the code to support scaling and submit a pull request on GitHub, I'll consider merging it (assuming it's not hacky).
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    It Works I make my own pk7 files and it works perfectly, thank u so much~~
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    Post the "save" you were able to pull here. Adding a battery to a bootleg cartridge isn't unheard of, here's an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-8MaLnQbko I'm just not sure how this affects the saving functionality.
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    I think @Poke J helped me in the past calculating DVs/EVs. Made a fake/hacked NINTEN Mew using as a base a YOSHIRA Mew, just randomized the EVs until some things matched. In a strange way, made Attack and Speed EVs 0 since if you barely change the EVs beyond 10, it goes to Attack 91 and Speed 93. Also the Defense has too high EVs to get to 96. Which makes me think that maybe the stats of NINTEN were different of the other ones. Also added the moveset from the screens of Pokémon Power Magazine to get a closer replica. 151 - FAKENINTEN - 9739.pk1
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    Yeah, the file has not gone online before. I've kept my cfw on airplane since I've gotten it so I have no chances of getting banned Just ran a diff, same exact files Thanks for all your help, I'm going to keep looking but I appreciate the insight
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    To anyone looking in this forum for answers to this problem. I changed the new desmume.ini file's graphical/video settings to something different and the solution above no longer works. There arent any other differences which is unfortunate because the game runs/looks like shit without the different graphical settings.
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    This is to run the PK8ToPK7 Exe https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-core/thank-you/runtime-desktop-3.1.2-windows-x64-installer This is the exe https://github.com/easyworld/PK8toPK7/releases/download/1.0/PK8toPK7-x64.7z here's the source code I usually have the exe and source code in a file together https://github.com/easyworld/PK8toPK7/archive/1.0.zip then just place a pk8 file in the folder with the exe and drag it on top of the exe and a pk7 version of the pk8 file with be in the folder which u can now drag to a gen 7 save file
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    Some encounters are different (some in the grass or overworld are different, you can check serebii) Some max raids are different (some max raids encounters are different from their counterparts, but they can be hosted for the other version, luckily. Check serebii) Some Gyms are different: Fighting(SW)/Ghost(SH) for Stow-on-Side, and Rock(SW)/Ice(SH) for Circhester Some NPCs are different: Gym trainers, Gym Leaders, Sordward and Shielbert (they both appear in the story, but who you battle against changes) Some clothes are obtained differently (ultimately you can get all the clothes, but because gym leaders are different, this shifts around what you'll receive from completing the challenge, and what you have to buy) I think this covers it?
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    An .iso is basically the game disc itself in digital format in this context. You just need to obtain it (just google "pokemon xd rom usa", can't share it since that's not allowed/legal) and follow the instructions page 1. Make sure the ISO is around 1.36GB.
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    hi so i am very stupid and i don't understand how to use or how to downloand pk3ds with this new site or how you want to call it
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    Hello! I have a problem with the download link, the error is 502 Bad Gateway and nginx/1.10.3. Can someone help me, please?
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    INGLES (Hello, I am a player, my name is Jimmy, I am a collector, I have some Pokemon which I want to edit the ID and EO, others that I just want to change their nature, put some tapes. I am not looking to upload the evs or ivs and even less to make them shiny I need a little help We can duplicate them so we can all be fine please. Please I need help) ________________________________________________ ESPAÑOL (Hola, soy un jugador me llamo Jimmy soy soy coleccionista, tengo unos pokemon el cual quiero editar el ID y EO, otros que solo quiero cambiar su naturaleza, poner algunas cintas. No busco subirles los evs ó ivs y menos volverlos shiny necesito una pequeña ayuda Podemos duplicarlos para así estar todos bien por favor. Porfavor necesito ayuda)
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    sobble, rillaboom, Nickit, thievul, and a few others dont work, You also yes can only have one specie in your box at a time
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    You have to make sure u only have melmetal in your box, you have to go to storage in pksm and delete every other pokemon except melmetal to put it on bank and rinse and repeat for any other gen 8 pokemon u wanted to transfer
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    Hello! I ripped my save from my VC Crystal out so I could play it faster in BGB. While playing I used this headbutt guide to find trees that would give me Aipom and Heracross. Both show up as illegal saying they can't find a tree that matches my save. Given I used only a guide to pick the tree, I'm not sure how that is so I'm clearly missing something. Attached the whole save for reference. Aipom and Heracross are in BOX 1 crystal.sav
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    Hello, my name is Chaostic, but call me Chaos. I discovered the forums by downloading PKHeX, and I have downloaded PKHeX a lot of times in different computers, but in this time, I created a forum account. I ued to use PKHeX to only change Hidden Powers, but recently, I'm also creating Pokemons. My favorite Pokemon are Gengar and Tyranitar. And as last thing, I'm a Mexican guy who loves playing Pokemon and CS:GO. If you need help with PKHeX, I can help you, and I'll thank if you could help me too if I need help.
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    In here are your pokemons, for HG, SS, Diamond, Pearl, and Patinum. 399 - BIDOOF - AB08F0EE31E4.pk4 228 - SHELLDON - DDFA3AE40EEC.pk4 418 - RENACUAJO - D8A9F0EE31E4.pk4 483 Dialga.pkm
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    You can edit this Pokémon only by Batch Editor I made all Pokémon gen 8 (no sobble no rillaboom and thievul and evo). and also square shiny
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    Hello, I've been redirected here by the guys from CEAL. I used to play Pokemon on my old gameboy and I got to participate in the Spanish Pokemon Championship in the summer of 2000 in Madrid (in the Amusement Park). I think those events where held worldwide that summer because I remember the final took place in Australia. During the championship we were allowed to get a Mew from Nintendo, the only way to get one without the using glitches or exploits. Back then I also owned a Bungy Gameboy Xchanger so I was able to download the savefile before the battery went dead. As a result I've got a savefile with a L5 Mew with Id number is 01495 and trainer name EUROPE. If you guys are interested I could gladly send you the file, this is a direct dump from my Spanish Pokemon Yellow, 100% legit and haven't been transferred to any other game (I played crystal in japanese so I couldn't send it over). Those days I also got a save file on an Australian msg board with an Australian Mew. I uploaded the save file to my pokemon red and used it play. This Mew is most likely legit but i put moves on it and raised it to level 100. Id number is 20824 and OT is NAL (I'm assuming it stands for Nintendo of Australia maybe?). If you guys are interested in any of the Mews I'd be happy to send them over. I kept the save files just in case and I hope it could serve some purpose. I even read that it was possible to use a 3DS with a custom firmware and upload the old save files into the 3DS and then transfer to Pokemon Bank and Pokemon Home! Regards, PS- I posted previously on the link the person from CEAL suggested but I think this would be more appropriate.
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    Version 1.0.1


    Acerca de este archivo/ESP: Es un Mew del evento de "OLD SEA MAP" Repartido en japón para los juegos de Esmeralda. Fue capturado y trasladado desde Pokemon Esmeralda a Pokemon Shield, cuenta con todo el chequeo legal de pkhex y aceptado en el Pokemon Home. Contamos con ambos archivos uno para Pokemon Esmeralda y otro para Pokemon Sword/Shield About this file / ENG: It is a Mew of the event "OLD SEA MAP" Spread in Japan for the Emerald game. He was captured and transferred from Pokemon Emerald to Pokemon Shield, has all the legal check of pkhex and accepted in the Pokemon Home. We have both files one for Pokemon Emerald and one for Pokemon Sword / Shield If you need to edit the mew, pls download PokeFinder to edit PID correctly Credits Red/Fernando for Competitive set :3
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    In Pokeball Friend code bobby Trainer bobby
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    Ok so this is what I got now: 0x21D08 is current wins - single subway 0x21D1A is record wins - single subway 0x21D0A is current wins - double subway 0x21D1C is record wins - double subway 0x21D0C is current wins - multi subway with npc 0x21D1E is record wins - multi subway with npc I didn't test but I suspect that 0x21D0E and 0x21D20 are for multi subway with friends and last 0x21D12 is current wins - super single subway 0x21D24 is record wins - super single subway didn't test the others in super yet (i might do it now and come back with the exact offsets) I suspect that 0x21D2C could be a flag that sets either if you are still in a challenge or not (since it changes from 00 to 01 as far as I saw) either way, i saw that if you change the values here, they don't change the flag of super subways, i might have to check the events offset and compare it to my clean save (no subway battles)
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    To compile this,download https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=48146 (web or iso,and then install only the first option,uncheck the rest of the tools,not needed) Then download https://github.com/kwsch/pk3DS/archive/master.zip Extract everything and doble click in "pk3DS.sln" and press "control+shift+b" in the visual studio. The compiled exe is in pk3DS-master\pk3DS\bin\Debug\pk3DS.exe
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    I created a sprite sheet for Kris using Kotone's as a base. Is it possible for someone to make a mod to replace Kotone with Kris? And would anyone here be interested?
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