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    Here's a hint: Partner Cap is a USUM exclusive form.
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    @Funsparce I think the problem may be that you're running the wrong IOS, here's a guide to installing the right one on your wii https://wii.guide/cios.html And as theSLAYER said, leaving a question in a review generally isn't a good idea as it both makes the average rating go lower because of a problem that doesn't have anything to do with the thing you're reviewing itself, and it makes it much harder for other people to answer.
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    To @shinykitty, @Funsparce, and many others out there, REVIEWS ARE NOT THE PLACE TO ASK FOR HELP RELATING TO YOUR PROBLEMS. Maybe start a thread and ask for help. Or maybe leave a comment, see if the author gets back to you. Imagine a Yelp review. You can say why something is good or bad, but you can't say "I have issues with your app/the shop/whatever, please help me".
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