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    Germany and Italy distributed the Shaymin in FRE language, so GER and ITA can't exist for it. The wondercard is extracted from the correct distribution but the language was a mistake by the people who made it.
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    omg thank you so much!! I posted about this before because I love mint cream alcremie! ty ty
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    Shadow Pokémon found in XD cannot be shiny. use Eligor to calculate PID if you want to change nature.
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    I will upload to github one day. One day. But don't expect it to be any time soon. Happy downloading. edit: I've updated the github for now, and added other Gmax entries I plan to release in the future.
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    Just yesterday, I found a store still with two Brand-New-In-Box PokeBall Plus just yesterday. I paid way too much money for this DLC! I highly do not recommend it. I was reviewing my save to day for Dens and noticed that my legit Mew is flagged by PKHeX as illegal. The only way for this to be true is if my Mew is different from the one in the ProjP database which suggests the one in the ProjP database is the issue. So, I compared my brand new legit one against the for download here and noticed yours is missing the meeting memory data: I redeemed my Mew while in the Wild Area. As a result, it was met in a "vast field". Meanwhile the one for download here on this site and presumably in the PKHeX database has NO meeting memory when generated. Clearly the one here is incomplete. Was it just a clone of the Let's Go version? Cause it is clearly not legit.
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