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    The parses are for Index 30: Normal_encount Normal_encount_rigel Dai_encount
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    @SkyLink24 thanks, I'll add it in later :3
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    Here's my savefile, ready to claim Mount Battle Ho-Oh. All Pokémon Purified, Metagross is missing because i RNGed it to be Square Shiny and then used it to be my Ribbon Master. To get Ho-Oh, simply go to Battle Mode, select Continue and confirm. Beat the last trainer and claim your reward. Ho-Oh will fill the last slot in your party. SAVE AT LEAST ONCE IN STORY MODE before continue the Mount Battle challange in Battle Mode, or the game will fail to save after beating M. Battle. Save is in PAL format (Italian), but you can convert it to NTSC-U or NTSC-J with Game Cube Save Converter. 01-GC6P-pokemon_colosseum_01.gci
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    Thank you for the file! I'm currently looking for complete National Pokedex (or almost) but before beating Elite 4. This file really help!
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    Just drag the PK7 into PKHeX. If you're doing it in-game, the QR redemption works for SM and USUM
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    You are right. That's what I too found out today. I've added it to my collection. Will share it later this week when I got time.
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    Yeah, it works perfectly Have a great time, i'll try and update the saved mons everytime i find new ones
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    Only egg Pokemon and non-Pokemon stuff were distributed via WC3
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    Normal Encount Normal Encount Rigel
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    The copy-pasted tracker will work on the new mon. However, if they ever decide to run a check, they'll know you hacked it, cause how can a mon's details transform into a HoO Arceus? XD So best case scenario is to transfer a Arceus with the exact stats (PID, IVs, Moves etc) as the HoO one, then paste over the tracker. But at that point, won't they just be clones? Since location data gets wiped, I don't think there's any data left that shows it was HoO..
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    Yeah, Galar-born Pokemon don't go through anymore. It doesn't matter what generation it was from, the move will fail.
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    Thanks so much for this save. Ended up being my starting point to learning PkHex, and made that very easy
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    projectpokemon.org You're literally on our site. Look through the downloads section, see what has been uploaded by staff and users. There is probably an upload that has events...
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    Like I said if anyone has questions just dm on discord MrsUchihaYouTube#8374 because seems like nobody answers anyone except for me. And this is all easy for me. PS: When you dm me plz stop asking to buy me a drink or offering to owe me one. I get so many messages saying thx for the help I owe you a beer. I dont drink and im only 19 so chill lmao
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    Or just edit the melmetal to origin game sword and shield with no met location then place it in the converter then drag it to your gen 7 save and go to tools and click batch edit and edit it to .Version=43 which it has the proper origination (Lets Go Eevee) when you transfer it
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    great . thanks alot !
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    @theSLAYER I mentioned in the second paragraph that Gen 2 will be ideally uploaded in a few days, as it is still being filled up with pokemon. My limited free time, and the need to zero out the Gen 2 software's unique "one-pokemon-per-campaign" date flag in the save's hex between each distribution, all makes it take a bit of time. The reason I uploaded the Gen 3 saves now instead of waiting until I also had the Gen 2 save is because this link is needed before Saturday morning to go along with some further public documentation. Ideally I'll have the Gen 2 save uploaded by or on Saturday, but no guarantee. @TheSchilling Are you referring to the campaign data from the actual distribution machine's memory cards? All of the machine's software and data are totally unusable unless you have the original machine in your possession, so there's no point in anyone uploading them until we have an emulation or public hardware solution available. Which if you refer to my explanation in the main post, it will likely take quite some time. Don't worry, the data is in possession of enough people to where it won't end up being lost. It will eventually be public one way or another, I will make sure of that.
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    How do i download everything as a single file?
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    there isn't. If the origin game isn't Sun or Moon, then there is a problem.
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