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  1. Glad you found the issue... It happens Right now the tool only allows you to edit/v clone Pokemons you currently have in your party or box.. I'm slowly adding the feature of adding Pokemons from the encounter database. Not sure if I understood your issue, but there's no need to press enter, just enter the number you want and export the save file. For instance, to change the nature, select the new one on the drop-down, go to the menu "Save" on the left, and export it.
  2. If the file os not loading into a valid save file, it means that PKHeX core wasn't able to load it.. Most of the time, when it happens, it means that your save file is either corrupted or invalid. I tried opening an Emerald save file as an example, like this one and it works. So I'm guessing it is likely to be your save file. I can double check if you send me you save file through GitHub or https://filebin.net/
  3. After a bit of effort I put recently on writing a terminal app to edit pokemon save files in any platform (Windows/Linux/MacOS), making it accessible to install with a simple terminal command, I realized that some of it could actually be ported to a nice UI accessible on the browser. If you want to jump right into it, go to: https://pkhex-web.github.io I finally released this working version with a couple of features fully funcional: Open/Export save files Visualize trainer data Add/Remove items Add Pokemons from the encounter database Edit Pokemons (party/box) Legality warning Extendable with plug-ins Auto legality mode plug-in I'm trying as much as I can to make it responsible to work on big screens or mobile-ready, but there may be some aspects that are broken (if you find any, let me know on GitHub) The repository is the same of the CLI for now: https://github.com/arleypadua/PKHeX.CLI If you like what you see, share your feedback or issues here: https://github.com/arleypadua/PKHeX.CLI/issues Again, none of it would be possible without the efforts put into making PKHeX.Core, so kudos for the team.
  4. Hello people, I'm an occasional player that likes to have fun while not having to expend too much time training Pokemons. With that in mind, and not having access to a Windows machine, I started this little project that allows one to edit pokemon save files through a command line interface that will work in any platform (Mac OS, Linux or Windows) It heavily relies on PKHeX.Core, so all the kudos go to the maintainers of the library. In case you see a fit for usage, it's quite simple to use: Download the artifact related to your platform (Windows, Mac OS ARM or Linux) Unzip it somewhere Open the terminal where the unzipped files are Execute it with: pkhex-cli /path/save.bin If you're also a developer and wants to contribute, the repository is: https://github.com/arleypadua/PKHeX.CLI Just fork it and send me a PR. The project is in it's early stages, so the only thing possible right now is to see the information of the trainer and edit existing items in the bag, but serves the purpose for an MVP
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