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    Hi, I open this little thread to reference all possible hints of Gen8 in Alola. I noticed 3: -Backpacker Perdy which you can find in Vast Pony Canyon which speaks you about explore the world after your island challenge in USUM and says "There are so many undiscovered Pokemon" -The dark Granbull in the police station -The guy speaking about a sandman Pokemon in Iki Town (a future Ground/Fairy Pokemon?) Artwork of Fakemon Zable from ???
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    Iirc there was an ar code somewhere in this thread that allows you to reset every berry patch in the game in such a way that it acts like it's your first time visiting the route (for berries only, it doesn't affect any other events). Best of luck to you
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    Starting a topic related to reverse engineering game code, specific for the switch pkm titles. Reverse engineering code of Nintendo Switch titles is most commonly done with the Interactive Disassembler (IDA) and the Hex-Rays extension, which converts the assembly code to easier to understand c code. Using SwitchIDAProLoader, you can load the game .nso file which generates the .i64 database used for 'disassembling' the game code. With the disassembly in hand and a blind understanding of how the code is laid out, finding your bearings within the millions of instructions is hard. It is recommended to search for a sequence of values, such as the list of TM Moves (ordered TM01, TM02, TM03), then branch out from there. Keep in mind that the games were programmed by humans, but the compiler may optimize things into relative gibberish. Useful hotkeys: F5 with cursor placed on/within a function = go to function definition x = cross reference list for selected variable/function / = add new comment n = rename variable/function escape = go back (e.g. if you go to definition then press escape, this will pop you back out to where you were before peeking). Here's some hints: byte sequence (68 96 40 39 94 06 00 11 9F 02 08 6B). This will put you in the method that creates the pkm's PID, which is called every time a new Pokémon is generated (sub_71007399B0). Search "Immediate value" for '632' (Shiny Charm item ID). Filter by MOV instruction. The third result=sub_71002F6760 (which is the first that actually uses 632 immediately in a function call) is the wild catch combo shiny rate/IV determination method. Search "Immediate value" for '874' (new Silph Scope item ID). Filter results by MOV instruction again. This will get you the 'has inventory item' function (first=sub_71002BF180 and second result=sub_71002fe3c8). The latter result from above is the main wild spawn function sub_7100300B84 (gets the Height group xs/s/normal/l/xl) which is called by the above method, is also used by sub_710082D89C. This method is the 'exp boost' factor which gives bonuses based on throw type/etc. Feel free to discuss your findings about the game code here!
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    Fret not, I think PKHeX haven't added the events to its legality checker. We always get reports like these when the events were just released, and PKHeX hasn't been updated -.-
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    You have an outdated build of RNG Reporter. Recent builds (and pokefinder) list that PIDIV frame as Slot 1, not Slot 2. https://gyazo.com/e58393c0e696ea29f4593fe6ce6cfc35 Working as intended
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    All missing genre forms (gen 4) @theSLAYER NOTES: Combee, Pachirisu, Abomasnow and Croagunk do not have visual differences in the back so you can clone backsprites weavile backsprites: the male backsprites are the ones that are really missing, the feminine ones are in the repository, so I made the masculine backsprites (bigger ¿ears? in the masculine ones) in the frontsprites repository are well placed, check it if I have explained wrong krikretot: I have remade all of them because I did not like them as they were captured by pkparaíso for all those who download these files for the post and not for the mega folder remember: xxxx-f.gif (female non shiny form) xxxx.gif (male non shiny form) xxxx-s (male shiny form) xxxx-f-s (female shiny form) Any doubt or error let me know. With this I think we complete the entire 3ds sprite repository and our goal. Thanks everybody
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    @dji, PKHex recognizes some events, but not ALL events. If PKHex recognizes an event, it will not say SID 0 is fishy. If it does not recognize an event, then it will say this.
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    Because of what you said I checked everything again and found an error. Now everything works except for the the 3d model replacement but that's a minor issue. Thanks a bunch!
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    latest pk hex wont reconize a save dump using JKSM
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    Awesome! You already found the script in the Rom which I guessed we could find. Good to know! This is actually how I thought we could do this practically. We just have to change some parts of the Scripts here and there... Just for example... the Egg Event. In default it appears to be a Pichu with Surf. If we now manage to change what the egg contains... Let's say... the Pokémon Type and Moves, we're able to recreate the Event Eggs! That's basically all we have to do. To edit the text of the script is not necessary anyway, since you already discovered the text and were the text is there is also the script, just as you confirmed now. All we need now is some Text for the Wonder Cards! The Altering Cave Event has flaws, just like you said. It's because everytime you talk to the delivery guy it changes the value to the next Pokémon and you can do this until you toss the Card. That's because when you toss it and the Wonder Card and the Script gets deleted and the flag that makes the delivery visable is turned off. Therefore you stuck with the last Pokémon that was present in the Altering Cave before you tossed the card. I think this is not a too big problem, because since the Event was never released every save file stucks with Zubats anyway. But I think you're right that it could be the reason why they didn't distributed the Event. We will never know what they really were up to with this Event. Long time ago I found the RAM location in the Japanese Versions of FR, LG & Emerald and played a little bit with it. The RAM address is 0x020264D4 in FireRed & LeafGreen (JP) and 0x02026ABC in Emerald (JP). 0x00 = Zubat 0x01 = Mareep 0x02 = Aipom 0x03 = Pineco 0x04 = Shuckle 0x05 = Teddiursa 0x06 = Hundour 0x07 = Stantler 0x08 = Smeargle
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