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    No and i doubt i'll be alive at your specified time frame op, but in the off chance i am then i'd prolly be yelling at kids that approach me with their absurd super high tech phones like "back in my day we bought a game for full price and used our skills and wits to complete it!" and whip out my belt when my own kids ask for microtransactions or whatever the new stupid gimmicky shit is then
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    From August 24-26 at Worlds 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee, you will be able to get a Meloetta at level 50 with the exclusive move Celebrate. Source: https://www.pokemon.com/us/play-pokemon/worlds/2018/pokemon-distribution/
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    They'll learn about Pokémon, as they see me playing it. Then it'll pique their interest, and they'll want to join me. Then I'll have them hooked for life! Get your kids hooked on Pokémon, and they will never have money for drugs...
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    They're separate bytes; just ignore the language portion. 0x12 = language 0x13 = flags Example of an unmodified wild Dratini: 02 is for 'FlagHasSpecies', which is true, the data does contain a species. This is essentially the equivalent of 'sanity' data for future games, as the data is outside of the encrypted&shuffled region, allowing for quick checking if the slot has data or not.
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    They should all be fixed. @Omnipotent Arceus, let me know if you find more. Note: To take advantage of the changes now, download the repository here and extract it to a folder called mgdb in the same folder as PKHex.
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    PKHeX uses this site's event gallery to validate mystery gift encounters; if it's not in the repo then PKHeX doesn't know about it PKHeX checks for 100% matches for gifts... would have to be contributed (or added fake-legal gift data) for it to be recognized!
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    let us have a debate on what is going to be the new type of eevee is comment below please tell me
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    https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Mirage_Island_(Generation_III) Although Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald include a location pointer for "Mirage Island", any Wynaut caught here will simply display "Met on Route 130" in their summary. This is because the player is technically still on Route 130's map.
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    I Would love a poison type! call it Contageon because it sounds badass
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