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    BIG UPDATE All of the 426 Mews are finally together and even the mysteries about their placements are solved thanks to @Sabresite's newest findings. A completely new Set of 5 Mews was discovered with the initial seed 0x5E2B. In fact it appears Mew #1, #2, #4 and #5 of the Seed 0x6065 (which I reconstructed earlier and we believed them to be in the Party) were deleted in order to generate the new Set. This leaves number #3 of Seed 0x6065 (to be found in Box 1, Slot 1) the only Mew of its Set that was actually traded/distributed, so from now on the rest of the Set will be moved to the category of "Unreleased Events". This was confirmed by Sabresite based on some old collected data and while all 5 Mews of the new 0x5E2B set were traded, 4 of the 5 0x6065 Mews weren't, so they were not on the save file when it was ready for the Distribution. The most confusing part to me is "WHY?" but then I came to the conclusion that it must have been because of how the software works. It was edited with minimal effort and otherwise works much the same as the newer Multi Boot software we know. Before the generation it checks how many Pokémon are in hand and if it's greater than 5 it returns false without generating anything with the respective error code. For Mystery Mew they changed it to greater than 1 and in addition they returned from the modified GenerateMew Subroutine (Mystery Mew is basically Hadou Mew btw...) with the loop inside and after the return they add 5 instead of 1 to the Team Slot. When I reconstructed Mystery Mew for the research I was thinking too complicated first and wanted to do it in a way that is smart, convenient and works smooth and dynamically, but from what I see now having analyzed different revisions and code from NOA they like keep it simple. Where the loop starts and where it ends was a big question to me as it could have been in or outside of the main function, but it is definitely within the function. The srand function is in it and this would result in a reseed everytime you call it, so it is very clear that the loop starts after the srand() call and it ends with a recalculation for the Team Slot and i+1 which is checked against the number 5 to end the loop. The most important thing however is the static number 5 being added to the Pokémon Team Count after the return and this can only mean that the check before the generation was changed too, they just swapped the numbers. Obviously the software was planned to generate no less than 5 Mews and this means that they were forced to sacrifice 4 Mews to finally fill all of the 6 Party Slots. Huge thanks to Sabresite for resolving this. The case was already closed to me, so I'm really happy that he gave it another shot.
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    I was going to ignore this thread, however as its been mentioned myself and others have this distribution i'll provide some context for current happenings. The above video was filmed by me and recently leaked (with my blessing) by someone in our event presentation team. Without going in to detail at this moment in time, we decided it would be a benefit for the above video to be "out there" based on information we had. The plan has always been to continue with tradition and release on Christmas day for the Pokemon community to enjoy, or sooner if a devcart with the distribution on turned up on Ebay before then. At the moment more than anything what you should take away is it’s extremely easy to re-write a GBA devcart, I can assure you the Doel Deoxys distribution wasn’t on that devcart when it came in to my posetion. We've speculated the GBA distributions that have been sold on Ebay over the last couple of years were reproductions, however have never been able to prove this until recently thanks to information provided by @Deoxyz before he retired. Things have been happening behind the scenes, so lots will soon be ready to share which will hopefully put an end to any reproductions been passed off as the real thing.
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    I found the flag to reactivate the Roamers from the basement of the Burned Tower, in Pokémon GS. For GS, tested to work on INTL, KOR and JPN version, and for C, tested on INTL version. [JPN version of event flags doesn't seem to work properly on PKHeX right now] For GS, Both of these has to be done: Unset Flag 1867 Event Constant 41: set to 0 For Crystal, Both of these has to be done: Unset Flag 1867 Event Constant 54: set to 0
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    Hopefully this is the correct place for this. So, back in the Summer/Fall of 2001, Celebi was given out at various Six Flags locations as part of the Pokémon Fun Fest. The Celebi that I got from the Agawam Six Flags was still on my copy of Crystal when it died. This is probably a long shot. I'm wondering if anyone has any save from GSC that still has a legit Pokémon Fun Fest Celebi on it?
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    赤外線通信カートリッジ = Infrared Communication Cartridge
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    use Gold Bottle Cap
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    Since our site was founded, we at Project Pokemon have asked that people distribute ROM hacks using patches (such as IPS or XDelta), and not by directly distributing modified ROMs, not even individual files within them. This is because copyright law prohibits the distribution of copyrighted works, bringing stiff penalties for anyone who does so anyway. Using patches, it is possible to only distribute the modifications and not the copyrighted bits. This worked nicely for GBA and NDS games, because all GBA and NDS roms are essentially identical to each other (mostly), regardless of how they are dumped. Things got more complicated with 3DS games, however. There are a variety of different formats for 3DS ROMs that don't always store the exact same information, so traditional patching methods won't work. Some people made patches for just the romfs and exefs portions of ROMs, which for the most part works, but is rather inconvenient for the end user. That's when I created the DS ROM Patcher, an easy-to-use tool designed to make this whole process simpler. Using this tool, an easy-to-use zip file contains all the tools and patches needed to use a ROM hack. It accepts decrypted ROMs in a variety of formats, and can output ROMs in a variety of formats. As the 3DS hacking scene progressed, eventually LayeredFS was invented, and it became possible to just distribute all the modified files in an easy to use zip file without the need for additional tools. While this is undoubtedly the most convenient way to use ROM hacks, it's not exactly the most legal. Copyright law not only prohibits distributing copyrighted works, but it also forbids distributing portions of these works too. For some 3DS games it may not be an issue, as a single small file can be replaced rather easily, but most ROM hacks distributed on this site are for the mainline Pokemon games developed by Game Freak. Instead of containing individual files, these games contain obfuscated archives each containing hundreds of smaller files. When using LayeredFS, changing even one of the files within requires distributing the entire archive. Changing several files from across different archives results in needing to distribute a significant portion of the original ROM, and with each file it steps closer and closer to distributing the whole ROM. Because distributing entire ROMs has always been against the rules at our site, we decided to not allow hacks to be distributed in this way any longer. We have deleted links to ROM hacks that were already distributed this way, but because of the widespread use, no one will get any closer to a ban unless they do so after having been directly told. We are not banning 3DS ROM hacks, as there are still legal ways to distribute them, like the DS ROM Patcher. No one is required to use this tool (if you have an alternative, I encourage you to bring it up), but no one is allowed to distribute whole modified files as is commonly done with LayeredFS. If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns, please create a thread in the Feedback forum or send me a private message. If anyone has any concerns about my tool, the DS ROM Patcher, please let me know here.
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    Update: Found the byte in question. 0x21245. Getting an old save without the "new" prompts and checking the byte on that one, the value is FD. I don't know if that is the precise value for every occasion etc, but it's good enough for me. Anyone that knows why it's that specific value is welcome to explain haha.
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    There are several ways to edit saves on real cartridges, check out the tutorial. https://projectpokemon.org/tutorials/save-editing/managing-nds-saves/ Once you got your save file you can open it in PKHeX, go to Misc Edits > Pokewalker and select Unlock all, you don't need the wondercards. https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/file/1-pkhex/
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    >System.Windows.Forms.SaveFileDialog.CreateVistaDialog() Make sure your operating system is up to date (service packs etc)
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    Images above are from XY, ORAS, SM and USUM, respectively. Disclaimer This guide requires a hacked 3DS, and will use Luma3DS LayeredFS to achieve the desired result. For non-shiny locked entries, this shiny patch will shinify wild encounters, static encounters, gifts, fishing, eggs when received from breeder, and wonder card redemptions. Note: this ROM patch may affect some event redemptions that were not meant to be shiny. Wonder cards that have preset/fixed PID may get their PID overwritten and end up being shiny. Those specific cases will be illegal. (I experienced this with Ash-Greninja) Unlike shiny patches of previous generation games, these Pokémon retain their shininess even when transferred to games that do not have the shiny patch. While PK3DS does have a shiny rate editor, this guide is for people who somehow can't get it to work (maybe computer compatibility issues, unable to extract all the necessary files from the games, etc), or simply doesn't like to use it. We will not be providing any exefs.bin or code.bin, as linking to or providing data files extracted from ROMs are against our forum's rules. However do not fear, as the steps regarding how to extract them from your own purchases, are included in this guide. Additional Misc. Info While it is possible to compile the edited code.bin into a .3DS/.cia, that is not the focus of this tutorial. Do note that if you're running a version of the game that is updated (i.e you have the update patch installed), you'll have to dump the exefs.bin of the update patch instead. Instructions for this step is included below as well. If you have the update patch installed, and you use the exefs.bin/code.bin from the main game (instead of the one in the update patch), it will definitely result in a crash when the game is being loaded. Additionally, this patch will not work on any entries that's shiny locked, and it also won't work on entries that use a different method of generating their PIDs, such as non-legends/non-UB wild Wormhole encounters, Partner Cap Pikachu, Poké Pelago etc. The 4 easy steps: 1. Extracting the exefs.bin 2. Decompressing exefs.bin to obtain the decompressed code.bin 3. Performing the edit 4. Pasting the code.bin into Luma Extracting the exefs.bin Decompressing exefs.bin to obtain the decompressed code.bin Performing the edit Pasting the code.bin into Luma Congratulations, shinies await you! Original source of this method is from our one and only, @SciresM. This method was adopted from his tweet back during Pokémon Sun & Moon's release. It took me a while, but I've come to realize the leading bytes were exactly the same across the 3DS Pokémon games, making this method work for Gen 6 and 7 3DS games. View full tutorial
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    The trouble is it’s the scammers who already know how to do this and have been abusing the ability to do so. GBA prototypes have already been purchased and re flashed with Pokemon distributions, destroying that prototype, so the worst-case scenario has already happened. At this point keeping the information private is only benefitting people who wish to abuse the knowledge. Most people think its basically impossible to do, so are less likely to be suspicious about buying a devcart. Its pretty hard to give anymore of a meaningful demonstration than what has already been show in the original post of this topic, without showing exactly what is done. I think with the information out there people are going to be a lot more sceptical about buying random distributions which are not sealed in a GBA unit, like the originals were. If people have the knowlage to make a more informed buying descision, that's the best we can hope for in 2019 and beyond.
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    Hello! So I have been messing around with the assembly code in explorers of sky for a while now. I saw this and thought it would be interesting to try to find the code that prevents partners of the same type as you from appearing in the list. And I managed to find the exact instruction that has to be removed (turned into a NOP instruction) to make it happen. I tested it with an european rom of EoS, but it should work for any other version since the code is probably the same. To change it yourself, open the rom in a hex editor and search for this sequence: 000195e7 000088e1 000019e1 0700001a 002094e5 701392e5 There should be only one match in the whole rom (0x001e0000 in my european version). Now you just need to replace 0700001a with 0000a0e1, save and try it out. Tell me if it works for you! Fun fact: You can even pick the same pokemon as player and partner
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    Version .


    This gift was distributed to players via Local Wireless, to players that went to the site of the Korean League, at the Seouliteum. Players with Ultra Sun received Latias, and players with Ultra Moon received Latios. Species Latios Nickname (default, save lang) OT 코리안리그 TID 190504 Distribution Local Wireless Location a lovely place Dates May 04 to May 05, 2019 PID Cannot Be Shiny Games All Regions 3DS: UM Lv. 100 Nature Random Ability Levitate (1) Item Gold Bottle Cap Bundled Item None Card Per Save Only One Allowed Moves (ITALIC means Relearnable) Luster Purge Psychic Draco Meteor Tailwind WC ID 1154: 「무한포켓몬 라티오스 선물!」's receiving text 0x2B Thank you for coming to the Pokémon event! Please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in any Pokémon Center. Classic 무한포켓몬 라티오스 선물! 2018-19 코리안리그 S3 개최를 기념하여 무한포켓몬 라티오스를 선물합니다! Format Ver.1.0.8-0, Post Updated Date:20190505_1337
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    You are correct! It was the European Shiny Zigzagoon cartridge, but that one was, too, security-sealed to a Game Boy Advance handheld console.
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    If it doesn't line up with the RNG algorithms (PKHeX nor RNG Reporter), it's likely something wrong on the user's end (emulation, active cheats, idk).
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    Thank you very much for posting this! I've been after this knowledge for ages but I had no idea how to figure this out. Thank you again, this is a simple change but such a good quality of life improvement to the games. edit: Ah, sorry, I don't think I can actually use this in my hacks. It looks like while it does make the TMs infinite, it makes everything else infinite too. So you can use Rare Candies infinitely, give/take items from Pokémon to duplicate held items etc. It's very abusable. But this is still good for a personal playthrough on vanilla Platinum/HG/SS so it's still great that you've shared this! Is there any reason you chose to replace 49 with BD specifically, by the way? I tried some other bytes in place of BD to see what would happen and I got the infinite item effect with a few others like FF. This was all tested on Platinum, by the way.
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    I wrote a small program that edits a/0/5/6 (trpoke) from HGSS, increasing the level curve to smoothly rise from 5 to 100 (Elite 4 are roughly the same level as they are in RBY, post-E4 trainers scale from their through 100 (by distance from Vermillion City)). The beta release can be downloaded from my Github at: https://github.com/ABZB/Gen-IV-Level-Recurver/releases/tag/0.9
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    There are no perfect IVs. With RNGReporter use Reverse Method 1 and a seed range of 0 to 65535.
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    The phonebook is in the save file at 0xC0EC - 0xC136. An empty book is filled with 0xFF, a full book can be filled with the following values 0x4B and any higher value results into a duplicated entry of the mother. If the first entry is empty (0xFF) the game will crash. A trainer will get added again when you battle him after he was removed. Fill Phonebook with non-Trainer numbers only (Press L+R) 94000130 FCFF0000 62111880 00000000 B2111880 00000000 D5000000 00000000 2000C0FC 00000000 2000C0FD 00000001 2000C0FE 00000002 2000C0FF 00000005 2000C100 00000006 2000C101 00000007 2000C102 00000009 2000C103 0000000F 2000C104 00000018 D5000000 000000FF C0000000 00000041 D8000000 0000C105 D2000000 00000000 Edit: if any important person is missing or if any person that isn't useful gets added with my code, let me know and I will fix it!
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    Yeah, this and others we have had since 2007. We are just uploading them now to the gallery from our GitHub collection thanks to @theSLAYER
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    Heatran's hidden ability Flame body has not been released
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    GO transfer IVs are locked to a specific pattern; hacking the IVs arbitrarily usually won't align with the requirements. Speed is random, defense ivs must be equal, attack ivs must be equal, and every iv except speed must be odd.
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    Starting a topic related to reverse engineering game code, specific for the switch pkm titles. Reverse engineering code of Nintendo Switch titles is most commonly done with the Interactive Disassembler (IDA) and the Hex-Rays extension, which converts the assembly code to easier to understand c code. Using SwitchIDAProLoader, you can load the game .nso file which generates the .i64 database used for 'disassembling' the game code. With the disassembly in hand and a blind understanding of how the code is laid out, finding your bearings within the millions of instructions is hard. It is recommended to search for a sequence of values, such as the list of TM Moves (ordered TM01, TM02, TM03), then branch out from there. Keep in mind that the games were programmed by humans, but the compiler may optimize things into relative gibberish. Useful hotkeys: F5 with cursor placed on/within a function = go to function definition x = cross reference list for selected variable/function / = add new comment n = rename variable/function escape = go back (e.g. if you go to definition then press escape, this will pop you back out to where you were before peeking). Here's some hints: byte sequence (68 96 40 39 94 06 00 11 9F 02 08 6B). This will put you in the method that creates the pkm's PID, which is called every time a new Pokémon is generated (sub_71007399B0). Search "Immediate value" for '632' (Shiny Charm item ID). Filter by MOV instruction. The third result=sub_71002F6760 (which is the first that actually uses 632 immediately in a function call) is the wild catch combo shiny rate/IV determination method. Search "Immediate value" for '874' (new Silph Scope item ID). Filter results by MOV instruction again. This will get you the 'has inventory item' function (first=sub_71002BF180 and second result=sub_71002fe3c8). The latter result from above is the main wild spawn function sub_7100300B84 (gets the Height group xs/s/normal/l/xl) which is called by the above method, is also used by sub_710082D89C. This method is the 'exp boost' factor which gives bonuses based on throw type/etc. Feel free to discuss your findings about the game code here!
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    Along with your 3DS, just change your Computer time and date to the date the event was active, BEFORE opening PKHeX or downloading or saving the wonder card event. I left an example below, sorry if anything is misspelled or anything, I was in a rush. Example to this Wonder Card Date fix Problem: Lets say you want the (2018) Get a Legendary Pokemon! "Shadowy Yveltal!" Wonder Card, which was only available/redeemable from May 4th 2018 to August 28th, 2018. Step 1. Make sure everything on your computer is closed, internet, photoshop, games, PKHeX, etc. Step 2. On your computer, go to Settings>Date & Time. Step 3. In the Date & Time settings: "Set time automatically" - Make sure this is turned OFF. "Set time zone automatically" - Make sure this is turned OFF. "Change the date and time" - Change the Date to the date the event was active, so from May 4th 2018 to August 28th, 2018. I will set my date to May 4th 2018. (Note you can only change this when everything else is turned OFF) "Adjust for daylight savings time automatically" - Make sure this is turned OFF. Step 4. Close out of settings and open PKHeX. Step 5. In PKHex go to Tools>Data>Mystery Gift Database> and find the Wonder Card your looking for. Mine is the "Shadowy Yveltal!", Right Click on the event and "Save Gift" to Desktop, or whatever folder you choose. Step 6. Load up your games Sav. file into PKHeX, then open the "Mystery Gift" box and drag and drop the event you just saved to your desktop into your events, hit save, then save your Sav. File. Step 7. Take your SD/Micro SD card out of your computer, and put your SD/Micro SD back into your 3DS. Step 8. Turn your 3DS back on, and go to your settings and change your 3DS time and date, to the time and day you set your computers too. So, I would set my 3DS to May 4th 2018. Step 9. Close out of settings, open checkpoint or whatever you use to restore your new Sav files to your game. Step 10. Start your Game and go collect your Event Pokemon, after that save your game and check your wonder card. Step 11. Restore your Computers time and date settings and your 3DS time and date back to normal. Hope I helped.
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    Hi, does anyone knows if there's any tool (NDS homebrew) available that allows modifications to the NDS RTC, without triggering the "anti time travel" feature that locks time events in Gen4 and Gen5 for 24h? I can do this with Gen3 using either a GBA homebrew in EverdriveGBA or a NDS homebrew for original Gen3 carts. I can also do this in 3DS using GodMode9 for 3DS Gen6 and Gen7 games. But I never found a tool that actually do this for NDS RTC, the Gen4 and Gen5. That would be a NDS homebrew for R4 carts. Thx!
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    i think this is meant to be 14 Sep 2019 to 27 Sep 2019 Just correcting the mistake you made @theSLAYER
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    Event flag names are dumped from the game data; I included some which looked interesting enough as a "starter kit" for event flags for LGPE. BGM_SILENT would possibly mute the game background music, which can be useful for people wanting to play with sound effects and their own external music. WAZA OMOIDASHI is Japanese for "Move Reminder" which is for the move relearner in indigo plateau, assumedly unlocking him (he'll unlock by the time you get there, I assume). ZUKAN is Japanese for PokeDex.
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    Not for the moment unless we found the cardriges used for. @BlackSharkfound in game text mentions about Hoenn Pokemon in hidden grotto which is a discovery but that's all we can do for now.
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    DOWNLOAD NDS MAP MAKER 1.2.0 This toolchain allows us to create maps for NDS games (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HG, SS...) without knowing any aspect of 3D modeling. There's a Excel template for creating the maps by composing images (included with the tools). IMDbuilder is a tool that creates directly the .imd model from it, while OBJbuilder creates the .obj (and .mtl) model if you want it to be imported in 3DS Max or Maya (if you know to use these programs and you want, for instance, apply vertex colors or something like that). Please, try to read the document. It is in English and will help a lot to understand how to use the tool. There's a screenshot of the Excel template, along with the in-game 3D model: If used, credits are required
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    I finally made it work, I just turned off the cheats with the edited PKhex save file and is now working! THANKS! I wonder if I turned on cheats with a PKhex save dont know if will still be corrupted
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    I merged your posts. Please do not make multiple posts in succession. If no one replied you, edit the new information/question into your latest unreplied post. For known values, they're in the save structure recorded by Bulbapedia.. For unknown values, compare the save files using HxD. (note: you gotta align the blocks in correct order first) If comparison impossible, do trial and error. See which half of the save actually has the change, then keep doing halves and halves until you can narrow down which block has the value. Finally, compare that block for before and after, to see which offset(s) has been changed I feel as though the bulbapedia page explained it sufficiently I don't understand what you are trying to say. What "highlighter"? In regards to your save B consisting of nothing but 0xFF, I'm assuming you only saved in game once or something? To be completely honest, I nowadays use PKHeX to fix checksums. Once again, the checksum fixing is in the bulbapedia page: erm.. It basically means it's an area that has the data you're looking for. Whatever the data is, that's the area that has data in it. In any case, I don't understand why you're doing this. PKHeX probably is able to edit whatever value you seek. If it is for practice, sure go ahead, won't stop you. Rather than ask so many questions, you probably should take this one step at a time. Figure out for sure how to do one thing, then move on to the next point. I suggest: 1. Learn how to identify which save is the more recent save (because the game loads that one. Whether Save A or Save B is the more recent save, isn't fixed) 2. Learn how to identify the blocks. 3. For starters, locate the block for money (based on bulbapedia's guide) 4. Locate the offset for money (based on bulbapedia's guide) 5. Fix the checksum for money's block 6. Fix the checksum for the overall save. If you cannot get past these, you probably won't be able to make any other edit. As it was said that Ruby/Sapphire's Money isn't XOR'd against the Security Key, I recommend you try to edit a RS save first.
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    Yeah, gotta add them to some form of Exception list. My antivirus does that with every new download or every new update. It won't allow me to make any modifications to any files/directories without adding those programs into the Exceptions. (to prevent any viruses or malware from making changes without you knowing)
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    I guess you're looking for this. 115 - KANGASKHAN - E68229424806.pk3
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    The problem is that PMD uses different animations for sleeping in a dungeon vs. sleeping in a bed. I think it might be possible to copy them over for specific Pokémon using @psy_commando's sprite editor, but I've never done that before myself.
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    https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/blame/63c705061de58fd5bc44cc04c65d51f7c05ef74f/PKHeX.Core/Saves/SAV3XD.cs#L280 and Line 298, added via https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/78cb0d87fa8f65fafa2b91c9b831f400a105010e Should be resolved in the latest commit: https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/e81e5f31daadd481c24d404072ace956e3720df1 ty
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    That is outside the scope of the project. I believe PokeDSPic works for that, though.
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    You need to load save files instead of save states. .sa# (save state) is not a .sav (save file).
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    @HenboBaggins as opposed to following video tutorials, I say read one that we have. In any case, throw everything you think you've watched so far out the window. Here's an alternative take, if you're displeased with the one we already have: 1. Play game on 3DS, save twice in-game. 2. Enter JKSM, Refresh Titles/Refresh Games (if the option is there); This only needs to be done if game title doesn't appear. Note: I'm not sure if you trying to edit the e-shop version or cart, since you mentioned both, so I'm listing it as e-shop/cart version. Stay consistent with which option you choose. 3. Go to the e-shop/cart version (depending on which one you want to backup) 4. Export save (it dumps the save from e-shop/cart version), and give it a recognizable name. For this example, I'll be referring to it as My save 01 5. Open your SD card on your Computer 6. In the JKSM folder location for the game, copy the folder of My save 01 and paste it there. If you did that, it should show something like My save 01 - Copy 7. Open My save 01 - Copy 's main in PKHeX. Make a simple edit (give yourself Shiny Celebi, for example). 8. Export Sav in PKHeX, overwrite My save 01 - Copy's main. (note. the file MUST be called main. Make sure there's no other file in the folder.) 9. Re-insert SD card in your 3DS, open JKSM, Import Save back into e-shop/cart version With this: (i) You have a backup of an unedited save (My save 01) [can be imported back into the games at any time] (ii) You have a modified save (My save 01 - Copy) (iii) You have imported the modified save into e-shop/cart version. (iv) As a word of caution, never Export Save over an existing file. Thus, name a folder/create a new file. Also, in your next reply, if it doesn't work, specify what CFW you're on, and what's the entrypoint used to enter the CFW. Also show screenshot of what's in the folder for My save 01 - Copy
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    true, figured i check. i need to stop trying to find difficult hunt XD im stock full of them. thansk again
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    Recover my Pokémon game and my progress, I only have a backup with the checkpoint, but I'm not so sure of trying to change my game again after this, in all the ways thank you very much for answering, this was the only one help that I found that worked for me ___________ In an earlier version of pkhex I received this error, we recommend someone to update pkhex, so I did, and the beginning if it was opened in the current version of pkhex, but as you say, my files may be registered ... I guess the game I have now is solved and that is that that generates that error in the pkhex when I modified it, and as I did not find a correct save between my files because accidentally, the game that I have the use now is the one that I only have All my friends and I have no problems or mistakes when starting the game ... Here is an image of the main file that I open, and if I modify it, I gave myself an error and I will have to restore it again. and this new one is the main file of my pokemon game and I'm sorry if these images are too big, I do not know how to edit them so they look smaller director de escuela //-----merged-----// I was going to edit this response, and upload another part and leave the first one, but you said not to upload one after another, I think you would not have read this edit, if I left it that way. In the end I solved the problem with a little help, I had to delete JKSM because it only served to give me problems (literal). I'll tell you what I did for future tutorials: I had to use cheakpoint (save a copy of the game in case of doubt) then modify my game with pkhex, then save the main file in the cheakpoint saves, and restore the file that I modified and ready Ultraluna opened me without problems.
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    First, thank you for trying to help. Now, his goal was to back up his copy of HeartGold. He mentioned Dream Radar because that is the requirement for using Homebrew version of TWLsavetool. I have the the chain of events in my previous post. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get Checkpoint to work when a) it doesn't dump the save and b) the cart is recognized by checkpoint PM the OP. I'm locking this thread, since all the user can do is raise the issue with Checkpoint devs. :3 (and once again, I'm bringing up Checkpoint because this whole issue started from checkpoint. Read my prev post for details)
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    @Kaphotics data below is probably useful for PKHeX, for language and gender changing :3 I'm still working out how to more specfically trigger skin/hair color. Language While byte 0x1035 does display the correct language, changing this byte makes absolutely no difference in-game. To make things worse, there's no other offsets between 2 fresh saves (of different languages) that appears to have the same location for bearing language bytes. It appears that 0x5600 controls in-game language display. I can also confirm that changing this value causes the in-game displayed language to change. The ? refers to other half-byte; it's actual value is not important (example: 0x0? could be 0x01 or 0x02 etc): Value Language 0x0? JPN (Kana) 0x1? JPN (Kanji) 0x2? ENG 0x3? FRE 0x4? GER 0x5? ITA 0x6? SPA 0x7? KOR 0x8? CHS 0x9? CHT (after 0x5600 discovery edit: it seems pointless that 0x1035 byte seems to follow the in-game language; it’s the config block that controls the displayed language. I wonder if the language byte of captured Pokémon is affected by this.. edit again: no it doesn't affect captured mons too, weird.) Player's Gender Same as the language issue above, 0x1005 displays the correct gender, but changing this doesn't affect anything in-game. So gender is probably stored elsewhere, and perhaps using a different format... It appears that 0x4DE80 to 00 or 01 may change with the gender as well, but after changing this, so far I have yet to notice any effect on the game. I've found the offsets for player's gender manipulation. 0x1005 controls Cut-scenes (like petting Pikachu when it first comes out of the ball) 0x1108 controls the overworld model. If 0x1005 and 0x1108 aren't the same value, it's possible for the overworld model and cutscene model to be canonically mismatched. Starter's Gender I have reason to believe that 0x10B9 controls the starter's gender. 0x00 for Male, 0x01 for Female. I've yet to check if changing this value (before capturing it) would change the encounter's gender. edit: Editing this byte indeed changes the gender before it's capture! Avatar's-color Offset and code (for male and female) [don't bother with endianness; just replace the data in the same sequence] For the record, this is what I meant by 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th color: (top is first, bottom is fourth, go figure) BTW, it appears the 2-byte word has to be paired with the 1-byte. (0x1110-0x1111 paired with 0x1115, for example) Also, if the pairing is broken (or if user tries to throw in their own color scheme), the game will default to using the 1st color. Notes: If you're trying to follow the data above, don't forget to open your save in PKHeX, and export the save, so as to correct the file's checksums! Research portion
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    PKHeX is a save editor for core-series Pokémon games. With it, users can manipulate various save files including: .sav, .dsv, .dat, .gci, .raw, and .bin types. PKHeX can also read and write: .pk files, which are individual Pokémon files, and .pgt, .pcd, .pgf, .wc, which are Mystery Gift files. Version 19.04.02 of PKHeX has been released with improved legality checking, new features, minor changes and some bug fixes. Change log: Download | FAQ | Support Forum View full article
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    Done: https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/0156958f1aa330b73d19ca7978829465108eff5a
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    Cant exactly remember if the player is in default clothes or not but here you go!
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    or maybe nintendo's hack checker is still shitty
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    Hi,I want to make a FireRed ROM hack in a new region with a Shadow World counterpart, Shadow Pokémon, Shadow type, and Pokémon from Gens 1-7. Probably Mega Evolution, too. I made a list of possible features:New movesNew abilitiesNew PokeballsApricorn ballsComplete Pokemon availabilitySecret bases (FireRed)Increase bag limitDouble wild battles100 TMsRock ClimbDefog10 HMsDay/Night wild Pokemon encountersDeoxys form change abilityExpanded Pokemon breedingHorde encountersSwarmsTrainers, etc., Speak in Battle SometimesOverworld Music Depends on Time of DayDay/Night battle music changeReplace Pokemon in Party with Newly Caught One and Send Replaced one to PCEvolutions Based on Specific TimeAI for new movesBerry systemMultiplayer compatibilityWonder trade systemNew evolution methodsNew itemsExpanded itemsBug catching contest(Not So) Hidden PowerComplete HabitatsExpanded Pokemon breeding Ditto fixExtended sethealingplaceExtend Direct Sound tracks to 12Dark ballMega Evolution implemented(FireRed) Ability CapsuleNew typesNew type iconsLevels expanded to 250TMs fully mappedRocksDaily eventsNuzlocke OptionApricornsExtend sethealingplaceExtend song tableNew musicBest AILevel scalingStadium / Showdown styleLaptopBank systemRoaming PokemonVs. Seeker battlesHacked Title ScreenSecondary message boxesPokemon selectionMoves selectionBattle ArenaFollowing PokemonSnag MachineQuests (money or rare / special items)InnsMore doublesAuctionsTrainer battles that reward you with items afterwardRematches with trainers after gym winsHM itemsRandom weather scriptsShadow movesThose are all to be decided for or against. All I have is a basic starting script and a starter town right now.Edit: I'm planning more for the game right now. I'd like to form a team. I have a post called "Team Salamence" on here that I have some members from working on this ROM hack already. I need just about any Gen 3 Pokémon ROM hackers to join, but particularly I need: 1. People who can edit, create and insert tilesets 2. Spriters who can make trainer sprites, in-battle and out-of-battle (overworlds) I could also use spriters who like to make Pokémon overworlds, too Let me know if you're interested via private message or on Discord. I'm Petuuuhhh#1611. You can add me as a friend if you're interested in joining the team. The project's Discord is https://discord.gg/z857WpP if you would like to spectate or ask about recruitment there as well. Screenshots: http://prntscr.com/kc5hoahttp://prntscr.com/ka47eh
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    Can we please get the locations and days of the island scan Pokemon?
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    Pokémon UnovaHGSS Rom info: Hack of: Pokémon SoulSilver (USA) (HeartGold will be supported at a later date) Language: English Current Version: Alpha v1.1 (goes up to Ilex Forest) Last Updated: 10th April, 2012 Summary UnovaHGSS is a hack of Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver that integrates the new fifth generation Pokémon from Black and White into the game. The new Pokémon are not meant to replace the original 251, rather, my intention is to have them alongside the original Pokémon. Not all Pokémon will be included in this hack – very few third and fourth generation Pokémon appear. To include the Unovian Pokémon, I had to replace existing Pokémon, so most third and fourth gen Pokémon are gone. This is my first actual hack, so I’m still new at this. The battle sprites for the new Pokémon are placeholders, simply taken from Black/White and put into the game until I create original sprites for them. All but a few overworld sprites for the new Pokémon were created through a community endeavor over at DeviantArt; I made a few myself, notably the larger Golurk sprite. Shiny Pokémon are also fully supported, in-battle and overworld. Features: -Every Pokémon from Unova will be obtainable in this game, alongside every first and second generation Pokémon! Some third and fourth generation Pokémon also available! -All Unovian Pokémon will follow you around for the first time! -Slightly increased difficulty – stronger trainers, wild Pokémon, etc. -More features will be added in future versions FAQ: Screenshots: Videos: (Might be loud - complete silence for a few seconds, then music starts) [YOUTUBE]dkB8NwL0xQ4[/YOUTUBE] Credits: Tools used: DeviantArt community – for making all the Unova overworld sprites. Link Chaos Rush – for his wonderful endeavor in creating resized sprites. I’m using the Reshiram and Zekrom in the game for now - Link Poryhack – for pointing me in the right direction for hex editing Pokémon icon palettes (whenever I learn how, I will make a program that will make editing the icons and palettes easier than hex editing them). Also thanks to Poryhack and the Project Pokémon community for creating a list of the HGSS File system - Link Stratocaster - for creating a guide on how to change every aspect of a Pokémon. This hack would not have happened without it - Link PokeCommunity – for giving me the desire to hack Pokémon games back in 2007 when I knew even less than I do now MediaFire – for continuing its services through this stupid anti-piracy craze… Bugs: Changelog: Downloads and Documentation: Link to patch and xdelta (used to patch the original rom) List of Changed Pokémon
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