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[SW] Pokemon Sword Save Files DLC (multiple option) 7.0.0

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About This File

So this is my save file in pokemon sword with multiple option you can choose, the purpose of this save file is to help who get stuck with yuzu emulator after gym battle and for those who want explore post game in pokemon sword

IGN: Yoonah

Gender: Female

  • All shiny pokemon in box (All legal, some is not shiny)
  • No legendary is captured yet
  • All DLC is not explored (Access already open, you can go by train)
  • All items +- 900pcs
  • TMs is not complete (find yourself so you can explore galar region)
  • All TRs +- 900pcs
  • All outfit
  • All trainer already beat (as far as i know)
  • rotom bike full upgrade
  • 4 shiny japanese ditto with destiny knot for breeding(1 already in day care)
  • All CurryDex is completed
  • No NPC trade has completed yet (this can be one of your completing target)

There is 3 option for now:

  • v4.0 : after beat all gym leader
    • Go to stadium to progress story (semi-finals)
  • v5.0 : before match with Leon
  • v6.0 after beat Leon (Post Game, still in player house before get masterball)

Hope this can help who that get stuck after gym battle

Have fun

Edited by Robie777

What's New in Version 7.0.0   See changelog


this will be my last version of pokemon sword save file to share

ver 7.0

  • Fix 2 illegal pokemon (from previous save file) to be legal
  • Complete The Isle of Armor DLC story
    • Urshifu i choose is dark type
    • Some digglet already found (Find it yourself to explore)
  • Complete Crown of Tundra DLC story (99.9%)
    • Catch Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno as part of the story
    • catch Regirock, Regice, Registeel, and Regidrago as part of the story
    • Go to peony to report about legendary Regidrago to open Ultra Beast in Dynamax Adventure
    • No Legendary and Beast is catch in Dynamax Adventure (You can catch them by yourself)
  • All Outfit Unlocked (All in game, include online gift, DLC etc)
  • All Items 980pcs
  • All CurryDex
  • All Pokemon level 10 Dynamax
  • Open JudgeIV features
  • Ditto with all Language (JPN, EN, FR, ITA, GER, ESP, KOR) with destiny knot for breeding
  • There is pokemon team that i build in box 30 (include from past gen that i train there)

What to do:

  • Catch all remaining Legendary and Beast
  • Build your own team for battle tower (or just use my team)
  • Find remaining Digglets in Isle of Armor
  • V-Wheeeeeel!!! 1

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