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  1. Ciao, scusa se non riesci a capirmi. Sto utilizzando Google Translate. Controllerò tutti i file di salvataggio per errori nella casella 2. Se vuoi cambiare il nome devi scaricare pkhex (https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/file/1-pkhex/). "come a cambiare lingua?" - Sono sorpreso. Normalmente, se hai iniziato il gioco in italiano, la lingua del file di salvataggio non dovrebbe avere importanza. Il tuo gioco dovrebbe essere in italiano. Se intendi "come si cambiano i nomi dei Pokémon in italiano?" sarebbe un sollievo. È molto più facile. hai bisogno anche di Pkhex per que
  2. Try this: On your PC in File Explorer: Click on 'View' at the top and then on the box 'File Name Extensions'. Your file should now have the Ending '.sav', which you should delete. (There will be some sort of error message; Ignore it.) Your File should now have no extention name and just be a 'file' of no type. Give it the name 'Main'.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    I would have filled the PC Boxes with all 386 Pokémon...but you only have 8 PC Boxes! I added some useful Pokémon into boxes 7 and 8 though. 750 the most important items are in your bag. Pokémon XD: Save 1: Beginning: Michael has once again proven his superior tactical skills in another Pokémon Battle Simulation, in which he defeated Battle Coach Losten's Metagross with a Salamence. Losten thinks it's time for Michael to gather more Pokémon, than just his Eevee. On television, Michael saw an ONBS news report, in which the Captain and one Crewmember
  4. That has never happened to me before, but I also only own a 3ds. I can only recommend: 1. backing up your own save onto a pc (if you have your own save) 2. load one of my saves with Checkpoint (or an equivalent save loading app for your dsi).
  5. Version 1.0.0


    (All saves have been given the Event missions through the Mission Injection Tool by sinbad.the.saile) Start them in the Main Menu -> Ranger Net -> Play a New Mission Save 1: Beginning: Ben was pursuing two Pokémon Snatchers, who were attempting to capture Latios! While attempting to save Summer, he fell off his Staraptor and narrowly escaped death. Ben must head north to return to civilization...a Pichu, native to the island waits for him... Save 2: Mission 1: Teakwood Forest: The Pokémon Pinchers have returned! Head north and then to the west t
  6. Scenario 1: In Pokémon Soulsilver I caught 2 Vulpix and engaged in a few Trainer Battles. I open the Save in PKHex. The Vulpix appears as "caught" in the Pokédex; The XP gained from Trainer Battles is there; Both Vulpix do not appear in PKHex. Scenario 2: In Pokémon Soulsilver I caught 3 Magnemite. I open the Save in PKHex. They appear there normally. I edit 1 into Magneton. I edit 1 into Magnezone. Legality check: Tick. I export the Main. I open the Game: 3 Magnemite in their original Position. No edits carried over. (In short: sometime
  7. Ok fixed it. I was just at the second Gym Badge, so I just started a new game, edited everything to be as close to before as possible and just ran through everyone to get back to that point.
  8. I tried that too. I saved 5 times in a row and nothing...
  9. Hello! I use PKHex to make minor edits to Pokémon in Pokémon Soul Silver. (I just level them up, give them new moves to fill the dex faster.) Recently for no reason my saves get "rejected". Example: I have 3 low level Pichu. I use PKHex to make one Pikachu and one Raichu. I then export and overwrite the previous file. I open the game and have 3 Pichu. I open the save in PKHex and I have a Pichu, Pikachu and Raichu again. I've been doing this for a long time, and this is completely out of the blue. I tried saving that file on my computer -> opening up a new save game ->
  10. Hi! Weird it didn't work... I uploaded essentially Save 8, but with Brendan/Yuki as Save 9. Hopefully it works! Have a good day!
  11. If you have a 3DS/DS/DSi etc. and a copy of Heartgold/Soulsilver you can use Homebrew and Checkpoint to load a savefile into your game. There are installation guides on YouTube on how to install Homebrew and Checkpoint.
  12. Thank You! By using PKHex, you can change the Gender of the player character to your liking! (PKHex -> SAV -> Trainer Info -> Change to , and change the Character's name, if you want) If it's too difficult, I could upload a file to your liking! Also, if you are interested I posted a few Pokémon related theories and my own hypothetical Pokémon Team on my Deviantart page: Deviantart - VictorV111 - Pokémon
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Save 1: Beginning: Solana has arrived in Fiore and passed her tests to become a Pokémon Ranger! Escort Professor Hastings through Lyra Forest! Save 2: Summerland: Having aided the inhabitants of Fall City, now Solara must find clues about the Go-Rock Squad's doings in Summerland! Save 3: Jungle Relic: Solana, Plusle, Lunick and Minun have located the Jungle Relic to face 3 of the 4 challenges there! What they were not told, is that this is an ancient temple for Entei... Save 4: Wintown: The Time has come to infiltrate the Base of the Go-Rock Squad in the north! Solana is to prov
  14. Version 1.0.0


    All 386 Pokémon are available and legal, with a few shinies. Bags are always filled with 75 of the most important items. Additionally, 750 of those items are on the PC. I cannot get the Old Sea Map event to work. A legal event Mew is in the PC. Additionally, I cannot get the Mystic Ticket or Aurora Ticket to work, although they worked in FireRed. Pokémon Emerald: Save 1: Beginning: Ready for a new Pokémon Emerald adventure! (Starter obtained) Save 2: Steven: After having defeated her father in the gym battle, May continues on her journey through the Hoenn R
  15. Version 1.0.0


    I would have filled the PC Boxes with all 386 Pokémon...but you only have 3 PC Boxes! I added some useful Pokémon into box 3 though. 750 the most important items are in your bag. Pokémon Colosseum: Save 1: Beginning: The headquarters of Team Snagem has been rigged by Wes to explode! He successfully infiltrated their ranks and stole the snag machine! Will he use keep it to prevent Team Snagem from using it or will he use it for his own desires? Wes has aided a girl called Rui escape from two kidnappers. Take Rui to Mayor Es Cade! Wes could also train at th
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