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  1. you can search in download gallery section, then gen 3 section, and then you search colosseum / GoD pokemon files wich you can inject into Ultra Sun / Ultra moon savedata
  2. you can use the living dex from this site just change name or anything inside the legality check you need
  3. maybe PKHeX is not updated to show as legal(? happens many times with new content~
  4. if you try that method to send gen 8 from gen 7 pokebank to home they will become bad eggs in home
  5. can i use japan codes in my usa account, game?
  6. glitched one was the normal non colored magearna, lvl 15 i think, and many ribbons.
  7. oh cool im hype i cant wait to get new update and new mons hehe
  8. you can buy lets go and play pokemon go to get your own meltan and melmetal xD
  9. oh yeah zacian, zamazenta and eternatus don't have dynamax, probably the 3 have a interesting evolution / fusion as kyurem, nekrozma , dunno is just a idea, about regi and galar birdy, they are probably shiny locked xD, probably later we have shiny gift like gen 7 did at the end
  10. Version 1.0.0


    you can send this shiny virizion from pokebank to home and then to sword shield and will become square/ultra shiny...
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