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  1. oh wow calculation is weird, well i will give a try tnx
  2. oh thankyou so much i will look for that app (dunno what app is) but thanks anyways nwnU
  3. hi dont realy know where to ask, but i dont know much about pokemon GO since is very diferent to core games, for curiosity anyone knows how to calculate the level of my pokemon? i dont understand the cp system >_< or there is a way to move my pokemon to pokehex i wil realy apreciate a little help.. if you need to move my topic please do it ^^ thanks in advance.. uwu
  4. thankyou very much for clarifying my doubts time to hunt
  5. hello friends, i used the azure flute in platinum version, i found the hall of origins, save data before the stairs cutscene, i am very curious if is posible to find a arceus shiny... i realy want to shiny hunt it and add it to my shiny collection, but i not realy sure if is shiny locked or no. so is it posible or no? Thanks in advance
  6. guys do you think this will be the last event like XY?? or for any chance we will have magearna original variant too? Dx
  7. you can find every event in download tab then click in event gallery and you will see every generation listed with events in all regions....
  8. cool that way is more easy to collect pokemon ^^
  9. wait, i can drag a wondercard to storage like a pk file?
  10. hi etto would you create the skitty i post before? >< just asking is my favorite pokemon hehe

  11. sure, O: i will create it ^^ edited: tittle: dreams come true description: who has not dreamed of having a cat! here is your chance of fulfill your dreams! enjoy this rare kitten! 300 - Skitty - EA1A00000000.pk7 thanks in advance ^^
  12. thanks for creating my event card i forgot to thank you before xD
  13. i dont know how to create those files but here is mine >< Species: skitty gender: male or female pokeball: dream ball lvl: 5 ot: Darlet distribution: online wifi location: a lovely place games : all regions 3DS: nature : random ability: wonder skin item: normal gem bundled item: none card per save: only one allowed moves: -celebrate -swift -mimic -natural gift
  14. omg amazing i love suicune and now shiny
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