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  1. oh i will try open it, thanks for show working O:
  2. hi etto would you create the skitty i post before? >< just asking is my favorite pokemon hehe

  3. sure, O: i will create it ^^ edited: tittle: dreams come true description: who has not dreamed of having a cat! here is your chance of fulfill your dreams! enjoy this rare kitten! 300 - Skitty - EA1A00000000.pk7 thanks in advance ^^
  4. thanks for creating my event card i forgot to thank you before xD
  5. i dont know how to create those files but here is mine >< Species: skitty gender: male or female pokeball: dream ball lvl: 5 ot: Darlet distribution: online wifi location: a lovely place games : all regions 3DS: nature : random ability: wonder skin item: normal gem bundled item: none card per save: only one allowed moves: -celebrate -swift -mimic -natural gift
  6. omg amazing i love suicune and now shiny
  7. can i use this in pokemon ultra moon?
  8. there is a way to add this picachu from omega ruby to my ultra moon? ?
  9. O: seem's easy i will try with JKSV, thankyou so much, i going to play so long today xD
  10. hi, how i add this video to my game to play against zeraora?
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