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  1. to trigger the rematch you need to finish E4 first time, if you find aron with the same team i am not sure but his level should be higher and you didn't fight the rest yet?
  2. yes i tried it once, have a pokemon platinum card and injected the flute item got a shiny Arceus from Hall of Origin leveled it to 100, then sent it to pokebank, later to HOME when the bank/HOME connection released and nothing happened. i was little scared about the thing because many people was sending shiny locked mythicals and they got bad eggs, so later i decided to delete it, instead i sent my GTS Arceus from my old pokemon White card.
  3. i hope it become available worldwide like zarude celebi xd , theSLAYER what is the pokemon you have in your profile pic? i think i saw it somewhere but not in the game haha
  4. Version 1.0.0


    another untouched legendary from GO lol
  5. aaa i did the same i put every mon from VC/FireRed/Sapphire/Platinum/White/UltraMoon/GO/LEt's Go Eevee/Shield/ in HOME xD
  6. i usualy catch most of them in the game, and just trade specials / event ones, or the ones i am missing because the game exclusivity.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    have fun.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    have fun.
  9. yo aun no, sigo atorada con los tipo dragon y tipo fantasma pero cuando lo tenga de seguro lo subire aqui
  10. ooooo, i was curious but i see, i will try find a hack rom for cuiosity haha xD
  11. i keep wondering if there is a way to get a fake meltan in ultra sun ultra moon x)
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