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    We don't know the full formula for Hadou Regis. We also don't know the trash data. Therefore recreation is not a good idea. As for Pokecheck, I have all of the not-obviously-hacked private uploads. It's not possible to determine a formula since I don't know which (if any) are legit. As for known legits, I know of 2 Pokemon in 3rd gen format and they are with private collectors.
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    I wrote a small program that edits a/0/5/6 (trpoke) from HGSS, increasing the level curve to smoothly rise from 5 to 100 (Elite 4 are roughly the same level as they are in RBY, post-E4 trainers scale from their through 100 (by distance from Vermillion City)). The beta release can be downloaded from my Github at: https://github.com/ABZB/Gen-IV-Level-Recurver/releases/tag/0.9
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    For Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs (from digiex) two saves exist. One includes the downloadable missions with no story data, so that might help. The saves had been dumped with a gameshark / action replay, so I converted them to the standard .sav format so they can be wrote back to real game carts and used on emulators / flash cards. That's about all I can tell you unfortunately, I never personally played through any of the ranger games. Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs - Deoxys, Manaphy Egg, Heatran & Shaymin Save.zip
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    Support for this file: Reminder: 1. Wonder cards edited/made would become illegal in nature 2. I don't recommend ever going online on a save that has wonder cards made from this 3. Do not contribute faked/edited events IN ANY WAY to us. 4. Do not ask for updates (unless it is for critical bug fixing) Additionally, do not discuss how editing cards makes them illegal. Now, Started this in response to @jojo12100 review: For starters, it works for WC7 files. So it does work, at least to the originally intended degree. >< It was supposed to be an editor, not a creator, so making a new file from scratch wouldn't work. I've made a few edits so that it would, and uploading it shortly. As for TID/SID, it is presently using Gen 6 TID/SID method (first byte is TID, second byte is SID), which when keyed in correctly, it'll show the G7TID. I've also made a small edit to allow typing in the old school style TID/SID to update and show the G7 TID/SID on the left. (The functionality to show it was there; it displays the data when a wonder card was loaded, but doesn't show upon making any changes. That has been fixed.) If you prefer to directly input G7 style TID/SID, I can have that done. edit: I've added a toggle for the TID modes in version 1.0.4
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    Yeah, it seems like the “reset game/restart game” feature probably blanks out everything but that special flag on the save. At least that’s the conclusion we came too, since homebrew deletion works. If the save isn’t encrypted, and there’s a direct before sending egg AND direct after sending egg save for Ranger, I could take a look, see if anything jumps out in a hex editor. though probably should check if they info isn’t documented anywhere on the web too
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    Cant exactly remember if the player is in default clothes or not but here you go!
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    You need to fill in the TID/SID when creating the pokemon in order for it to be shiny even with an egg
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    I'm researching where Wormhole Encounters are stored on Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon saves. To explain: when you enter a non-legendary wormhole, that data of the creature you're going to encounter is stored somewhere on the save. While the other encounter details are random, the species and shininess is already determined the moment you enter the wormhole. Based on my findings, the data seems to be between offset 0x0 to offset 0x507FF. (I basically pasted half of another save into my testing save, and found the half that controls it). I intend to further narrow it down, to determine which block controls the encounter. edit: It appears that the control for this encounter, may be stored in two separate blocks. I further halved, copying 0x00 to 0x44FF from a standard Barbaracle save into a shiny Lombre save, and it resulted in some kind of hybrid, where I encountered a shiny Barbaracle. Curious indeed. edit again: I found the offset controlling shininess of non-legends, it's offset 0x4535. 0x00 for non-shiny, 0x01 for shiny. (Changing that made my shiny Barbaracle into standard Barbaracle) edit yet again: The area that controls the species, appears to be the event const area according to PKHeX. The offsets are 0x1C00 to 0x29FF. Going to compare event data using PKHeX to see if anything jumps out. This table will document the various values, as I move along. It's safe to say that WHEN you're in the correct wormhole, UnSet one of 0011 to 0015, and Set the other 4, and have constant 851 store the value that matches the unset event flag you chosen (0011 - 38, 0012 - 39, 0013 - 40, 0014 - 41, 0015 - 42). @Kaphotics is it possible to add the shiny flag and the encounters into PKHeX? Also, if you do, the event flags should only be editable when the players are in the correct wormholes.
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    Along with your 3DS, just change your Computer time and date to the date the event was active, BEFORE opening PKHeX or downloading or saving the wonder card event. I left an example below, sorry if anything is misspelled or anything, I was in a rush. Example to this Wonder Card Date fix Problem: Lets say you want the (2018) Get a Legendary Pokemon! "Shadowy Yveltal!" Wonder Card, which was only available/redeemable from May 4th 2018 to August 28th, 2018. Step 1. Make sure everything on your computer is closed, internet, photoshop, games, PKHeX, etc. Step 2. On your computer, go to Settings>Date & Time. Step 3. In the Date & Time settings: "Set time automatically" - Make sure this is turned OFF. "Set time zone automatically" - Make sure this is turned OFF. "Change the date and time" - Change the Date to the date the event was active, so from May 4th 2018 to August 28th, 2018. I will set my date to May 4th 2018. (Note you can only change this when everything else is turned OFF) "Adjust for daylight savings time automatically" - Make sure this is turned OFF. Step 4. Close out of settings and open PKHeX. Step 5. In PKHex go to Tools>Data>Mystery Gift Database> and find the Wonder Card your looking for. Mine is the "Shadowy Yveltal!", Right Click on the event and "Save Gift" to Desktop, or whatever folder you choose. Step 6. Load up your games Sav. file into PKHeX, then open the "Mystery Gift" box and drag and drop the event you just saved to your desktop into your events, hit save, then save your Sav. File. Step 7. Take your SD/Micro SD card out of your computer, and put your SD/Micro SD back into your 3DS. Step 8. Turn your 3DS back on, and go to your settings and change your 3DS time and date, to the time and day you set your computers too. So, I would set my 3DS to May 4th 2018. Step 9. Close out of settings, open checkpoint or whatever you use to restore your new Sav files to your game. Step 10. Start your Game and go collect your Event Pokemon, after that save your game and check your wonder card. Step 11. Restore your Computers time and date settings and your 3DS time and date back to normal. Hope I helped.
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    Project Pokémon does not support or condone cheating at the expense of others. While this community contains research, information, and utilities allowing people to create their own Pokémon, we do not agree with using them against players who are unaware that significantly hacked* Pokémon are in use because they are an unfair advantage and can ruin everyone's online experience. This includes, but is not limited to, Random Match-up and Tournaments. We also do not support the distribution of hacked Pokémon through trading with unsuspecting players. This includes, but is not limited to, the GTS and Wonder Trade. What we do allow using significantly hacked Pokémon for: Private Collections In-Game Use Battling with friends locally if they are aware that your Pokémon are hacked Battling with friends online if you have exchanged Friend Codes and they are aware that your Pokémon are hacked What we do not allow using significantly hacked Pokémon for (will result in infractions if you do any of these): Online battles against unsuspecting opponents Random Match-ups Trading with GTS Trading through Wonder Trade What we especially do not allow using significantly hacked Pokémon for (will result in an instant ban if you do any of these): Tournaments (official or otherwise) Users participating in such discussion will also be infracted. If you see anyone who's clearly cheating, please report the post, and a staff member will take care of it as soon as possible. Please help us keep everyone's online experience as clean as possible by using hacks responsibly. *Please note that when we say "significantly hacked", we mean that a Pokemon's immutable state has changed. Any illegal Pokémon (that is, any Pokémon that cannot ever be obtained using official methods) is also considered "significantly hacked". If official legality checks determine a Pokémon of yours is hacked, then it qualifies as "significantly hacked", and falls under the policy outlined above. Examples of edits that define significantly hacked Pokémon include: Species PID IVs (At least, until Sun/Moon are released) Sun/Moon hyper training doesn't modify IVs Poké-ball OT What is not considered "significantly hacked" includes shortcut-ted efforts, clones, or any edits that could be made in-game using official methods. Examples of edits that do not count as significantly hacked: Maxed out EVs (but not over the maximum) Experience Egg steps Changing an ability using an Ability Capsule Legal form changes Legal move combinations Modifying Events to work on Wonder Trade/GTS (Example: Removal of Ribbons from Event Pokémon) While I think the description above covers everything, if you have any questions about what counts as cheating, feel free to PM a moderator (like me).
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