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    Hello all, Tony just uploaded the video.
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    Gen1-3 events were created by an external process (event machine/device) then injected to the recipient's savegame. Gen4 events onwards send the game the template, which whe game uses to generate the gift when redeemed in-game. https://github.com/projectpokemon/EventsGallery/tree/master/Released PKHeX compares the pkm against the event templates. No templates for gen1-3? Can't compare against what is not available!
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    You'll run into issues as the sprites are not the same dimension. PKHeX segregates the two dimensions so that there's no window that displays both sizes/either size. HOME will be out sometime next month, and should have all the non swsh sprites in big size. Hopefully.
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    This is a legit Norway Mew for GEN 1 Pokemon games, distributed by Club Nintendo. TID: 10595 OT: NORWAY The Club Nintendo Mew distribution ran in Norway from October 15th 2000, to November 20th 2000 and required you to be a Club Nintendo member to receive a Mew. Club Nintendo members could post their game cartridge to Club Nintendo, Nedre Rommen 5, 0988 OSLO. Once the cartridge was received by Nintendo a Mew would be distributed to it, before the game cartridge was posted back. This Mew was obtained by Digiex Member Golden Toilette back when he was 9 years old. So do send a big thanks his way for preserving this Mew 19 years later. Magazine Scans and Translation: Download: Club Nintendo Norway Mew.zip Included is the original save, the extracted Level 100 Norway Mew and also the Mew reverted to Level 5. All credit to Golden Toilette for this release, he sent everything my way on Digiex so I could write up and share it for everyone to enjoy.
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    Hold control and right click the PKM in the box slot; this will allow you to check legality directly without loading it to tabs. Checking legality from tabs will cause the pkm data to be re-saved, and misc user-error fixes are applied automatically. When batch editing, you can always exclude with "=Legal=true" etc.
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    I live streamed yesterday the other nests. (It's a pain trying to get the beam just right without clearing out all the Dens.)
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    I am very relieved that this information is finally going public. In late 2018 and early 2019, myself, YoshiMoshi, and a couple others unnamed decided to put in full effort to dig up the proof of what ourselves and community had suspected for years in regards to the GBA distribution carts being sold on eBay. YoshiMoshi and I took upon the task of rewriting a devcart, and the two unnamed dug into the actual sales market. Well after a ton of work being more lengthy than I can even remember to detail, so much information had been compiled to prove every aspect of this dirty and manipulative market that we suspected was being monopolized by individual( s ) since approximately 2014. Basically if you were one of the elite few private collectors or hoarders with access to an ultra rare rom, and happened to either have fully working rare official dev hardware AND software, or with a lot of digging found an obscure compiled custom fork of FAS1 (un-compiled source code was very old and required proper knowledge to modify and update in order to compile yourself), all you'd have to do is buy a cheap GBA devcart for approx $100-$400, then sell it anywhere between $1000-$3000 for mass profit. I don't really need to go into what I've been telling people one-on-one about this, InsaneNutter's post is pretty much a mirror of that. Key things I will reiterate which you should keep in mind: One, approximately 5 or less devices per event should exist, as before Gen IV distribution carts were not mass produced for nationwide events, rather held at select few cities around the world. The vast amount of 10ANNIV and Aurora Ticket cartridges that have sold over the years certainly does not account for this very simple fact. Two, the carts used at the events were sealed into a GBA/GBA SP via a screwed on metal brace and secured with official Nintendo non-tamper tape. No one in their right mind would physically damage the device and its physical value in order to dump the rom, when with a bit of research during that time period it can teach you how to dump the rom via the link port. Even with the possibility of a fool decision by an owner, it still certainly does not to account for all the loose carts being sold. How many sealed units have you ever seen for sale? Most likely none. How many pictures have you seen of a particular event's device that was not from the same photo session? Most likely one set. How many loose carts have you seen for sale? Many if you've kept an eye on this stuff for a long time. The nature of this market speaks for itself when you consider all the facts. Do not buy loose GBA distribution carts if your goal it to obtain something original or a piece of history. If you are a physical collector, suffice with finding a cheap devcart to rewrite, you'll save a ton of money and the insult of being scammed. I hate to say it's a lost cause if you want an original sealed unit, but all I can say is I wish you a ton of luck, they never pop up for sale and I think all have settled with permanent owners for many years now. They all appeared originally on NintendoAge around 2012, supposedly after the Nintendo HQ in Germany had its physical properties liquidated. All were seemingly sold and I think most never showed up for sale again, other than maybe an occasional private deal behind the scenes. With my retirement in March, I left an infodump containing the devcart writing details and some rather controversial market information with the preservation team and told them to make it public sometime in 2019 when they were ready. I figured the last thing I could do to benefit the community before calling quits is doing what was necessary to finally get the filthy sales market to start imploding, and to help people from being scammed, all by providing the knowledge we had obtained. With time and more public exposure that would surely happen. Look what happened with Mystery Mew FireRed cart sales since the savefiles were finally publicized in early 2016. Very few pop up for sale anymore, and when they do they do not sell quickly and sit for a long time, until the listing is either pulled or an uneducated person comes along, and usually not sold at high prices. Initially these types of things being public allows scammers to jump on a train and make some money for a small window of time, but with that they could also flood the market and raise suspicion to the cautious buyer who will then do research. With time and more and more public exposure, these dirty markets will eventually be destroyed. You can't always cry about not doing something like this because of the potential negative risks, someone HAS to take the first step towards balancing the scales. Like InsaneNutter said, at this point the damage has already been done over the last 6 or so years, keeping this information private only benefits the scammers to keep doing what they've been doing. Certain aspects of the information obtained related to the sales market I had also initially hoped to be public, but it is indeed controversial as it would be severely and directly attacking a particular individual who has indulged in these activities. As InsaneNutter said we're not about causing drama, only providing knowledge. As InsaneNutter also said, the diligent person can find this information if they really want to, as it is in private circulation. Despite the knowledge it would provide, it would be rather inappropriate and unprofessional for us to post that stuff on the forums. Myself personally, I do not want to be responsible for putting anyone under direct public attack, regardless of circumstances. They may not have a conscience but I do. What is absolutely necessary to know has been made public with this thread. The photos InsaneNutter provided above are mostly new to the public, we found those as well. As noted earlier, very few sets of photos exist of these devices. I wanted to leave off this post by pointing out the European Eon Ticket. This was something I initially wanted to maybe try tracking down in 2019, but the flame of interest for Pokemon and video games at that point was fully gone for me. Suffice to say no one has found it yet, I'm not even sure if any effort had been put into it because the loose leads toward it were ancient and unlikely to yield results. However this proves it does indeed exist with a private collector, so the rom is more than likely dumped and out there. Do not give up hope for preserving more distribution software in the future. With Christmas next week, the final distribution project I worked on from 2018 will finally culminate over a year later with it's publicity on the 25th. This stuff is out there, and when we think we've hit the end, things always pop up again and again. A recent example being the Gen 2 and 3 PCNY softwares. I recently even heard a rumor about another GBA rom that may be out there. It's also wise to keep an occasional eye on auction sites like Mercari Japan and Yahoo Japan, where YoshiMoshi found the first publicly known Japanese distribution cart in 2018. I'd like to think that public preservation of Pokemon rarities will continue for many years to come, it's essential to the future of the fanbase for decades to come. That's true whether you realize it or not, and one day in the distant future this data will be too long past for anything new to have a chance of showing up, despite what the lack of existing publicly is robbing of the fans that will, and already have, come and gone.
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    I would imagine you have the export the block that has the league card date, then hex edit that block, then reimport the block. No idea what block it is tho. While I documented the offset of the timestamp (and other data) for the WR8, no idea how it works. (It's different from the epoch timestamp they previously used.) Unrelated: Perhaps stop calling it "pre-ordered content or DLC". It's not. Granted, some events are locked to pre-orders, that barely makes them cross the threshold into pre-ordered content. I don't think anyone calls Events "DLC".
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    I don't know if the 3DS service for Nintendo Online still works, but if the Streetpass function is on, just close the 3DS (leave it at sleep), and it should auto share it with people who go online as well. You can't target who to share it with, tho.
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    ty hotfixed, redownload the zip https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/1ba271db50b885e45d60005ce51f552ef606c280
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    If you edit the forest directly, all you have to edit for a pkm is this: Species, Gender, special move, how it is animated (not saved in pkm data), and if it is hidden (not saved in pkm data). The game just re-generates from the template data that's stored in the save file. Kinda hard to screw up Species-Gender-Move1 legality.
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    Street pass with something that has received the ticket. Besides that, the event has ended.
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    Thanks to all the collected cartridges we learned of many things and determined the exact position of all the Mews and even more details about how they were generated and with this one we also learned about a new initial Seed which has lead us to the Seeds of a couple of more Mews. The Mews that were placed in the Team. I was thinking about reconstructing the missing Mews as we might never get a chance to get them otherwise, but the problem is we never understood about these Trash Bytes and what kind of data they originated from. I'm happy to announce that after a long time I was able to solve the puzzle and with this I was finally able to fully reconstruct the Mews. Missing Mystery Mews.zip Edit: The collection is finally complete!
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    I'm going to assume this is about Sword and Shield and automatic save file reading is enabled (by default) on PKHeX so you are prompted with the backup file instead of the main one. If that's not the case, there's more info needed to help you.
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    It's there for Alcremie (topping), and Furfrou/Hoopa forms (days remaining until revert). The value is used in different ways for different species, hence the ambiguous lack of a label. It's still related to form.
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    so far, based on my experience, Hekate isn't able to boot into sysMMC with CFW when emuMMC exists. Meaning, the only way to do so, is to remove emuMMC. well I can't say if it'll be worth it. As it is, it is risky enough (for me anyways) to be using a CFW unit online. (to clarify: I bring a CFW'd unit for online competitions and stuff) Tho, I say it is risky, because I absolutely do not edit the save in the profile that I go online with. As such, I do not know whether it is safe or unsafe bringing an edited save online. Tho, I do disable my Wi-Fi switch on my Switch, when I go into Homebrew. I don't pirate any games nor use any installed themes (people tend to make illegal themes). So that's something.
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    It doesn't appear you can access your sysMMC stock when you have an emuMMC CFW. If you want to be mostly risk free, then: 1. First Switch has homebrew 2. Second Switch pure stock and has Bank/HOME access. First Switch allows for save editing. Then trade to the Second Switch. Then access Bank/HOME. Besides that, we can't give any other advice. Your method seems fine, but you gotta accept the risk that you might get banned, no matter how small the risk is.
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    Ah, oh well. Still gonna' be cool to archive it.
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    Zeraora doesn't exist in Sun.
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    Hello everyone, been a while since I posted cheat codes here, however I am back with something that I feel should have existed years ago but unfortunately never saw the light of day. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl introduced a method that allows you to transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, and LeafGreen. This method was called Pokemon migration, and how this method worked was pretty straight forward, you simply would stick one of the five generation three titles in slot-2 of the Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite, in doing so Pokemon Diamond and Pearl would have the ability to migrate Pokemon stored in the PC boxes of your generation three game cart, allowing you to move your previous team over to the new generation. However there was a really bad drawback to the process that made it time consuming to use, the drawback was you had to wait a full 24 hours before you could migrate more Pokemon again (after migrating six Pokemon), there has been a way around it in the past, however that loophole still required some time to do. For years it annoyed me a little bit because I didn't like having to wait a full day to migrate more Pokemon. So last night I decided to sit on the idea a bit and see if maybe I could find something about this limitation in the game with my current knowledge and see if I could put something together to either stop or bypass the limitation. The task wasn't easy since most of the data in memory is dynamic rather than static, however I got what I was looking for and I can officially say, you no longer need to wait 24 hours to migrate Pokemon anymore in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. Before someone mentions HeartGold and SoulSilver, the limitation was removed for those titles so I didn't have to make anything for HeartGold or SoulSilver, I will say however that the data for said limitation still exists in the code, and it actually works, however it doesn't function completely to stop the player from migrating multiple times. So without further ado, I present to you, a cure to a bad drawback for the generation four series! Note: I will not guarantee this list to be finalized as I may improve the codes more to prevent any sort of issues these codes may bring to their respected games. I prefer being thorough about making codes so I can ensure only the best for everyone and not some silly joke(s). Diamond and Pearl Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Remove 24 Hour Limitation for Migrations Cheats Pokemon - Diamond/Pearl Version (USA/Europe): Remove 24 Hour Limitation (Press Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 621C4D28 00000000 B21C4D28 00000000 00019484 00000000 D2000000 00000000 Pokemon - Version Diamant/Perle (France): Remove 24 Hour Limitation (Press Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 621C4EA8 00000000 B21C4EA8 00000000 00019484 00000000 D2000000 00000000 Pokemon - Versione Diamante/Perla (Italy): Remove 24 Hour Limitation (Press Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 621C4E08 00000000 B21C4E08 00000000 00019484 00000000 D2000000 00000000 Pokemon - Edicion Diamante/Perla (Spain): Remove 24 Hour Limitation (Press Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 621C4EC8 00000000 B21C4EC8 00000000 00019484 00000000 D2000000 00000000 Pokemon - Diamant/Perl-Edition (Germany): Remove 24 Hour Limitation (Press Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 621C4E68 00000000 B21C4E68 00000000 00019484 00000000 D2000000 00000000 Pocket Monsters DP - Dialga/Palkia (Korea): Remove 24 Hour Limitation (Press Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 621C2328 00000000 B21C2328 00000000 00019484 00000000 D2000000 00000000 Pocket Monsters - Diamond (Japan) (Beta): Remove 24 Hour Limitation (Press Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 621DD744 00000000 B21DD744 00000000 00019484 00000000 D2000000 00000000 Pocket Monsters - Diamond/Pearl (Japan): Remove 24 Hour Limitation (Press Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 621DD744 00000000 B21DD744 00000000 00019484 00000000 D2000000 00000000 Pocket Monsters - Diamond/Pearl (Japan) (Rev 6): Remove 24 Hour Limitation (Press Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 621C66C8 00000000 B21C66C8 00000000 00019484 00000000 D2000000 00000000 Platinum Pokemon Platinum Remove 24 Hour Limitation for Migrations Cheats Pokemon Platinum Version (USA/Europe): Remove 24 Hour Limitation (Press Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 62101D40 00000000 B2101D40 00000000 0000CD8C 00000000 D2000000 00000000 Pokemon - Version Platine (France): Remove 24 Hour Limitation (Press Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 62101F20 00000000 B2101F20 00000000 0000CD8C 00000000 D2000000 00000000 Pokemon - Versione Platino (Italy): Remove 24 Hour Limitation (Press Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 62101EA0 00000000 B2101EA0 00000000 0000CD8C 00000000 D2000000 00000000 Pokemon - Edicion Platino (Spain): Remove 24 Hour Limitation (Press Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 62101F40 00000000 B2101F40 00000000 0000CD8C 00000000 D2000000 00000000 Pokemon - Platin-Edition (Germany): Remove 24 Hour Limitation (Press Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 62101EE0 00000000 B2101EE0 00000000 0000CD8C 00000000 D2000000 00000000 Pocket Monsters Pt - Giratina (Korea): Remove 24 Hour Limitation (Press Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 62102C40 00000000 B2102C40 00000000 0000CD8C 00000000 D2000000 00000000 Pocket Monsters - Platinum (Japan): Remove 24 Hour Limitation (Press Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 62101140 00000000 B2101140 00000000 0000CD8C 00000000 D2000000 00000000
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    The official Nintendo customer support page states that you can update games through a local user group (no internet/wifi required). However, you must be on firmware 4.0.0 or above and you need at least 2 consoles. Press +/- on your controller and go to Software Update -> Match Version with Local Users -> Next ... I hope this works for Pokemon Games. I also don't want to be banned from updating the games (later for DLC Pokemon)
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    wait for kurt to update pkhex guys
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    Same issue as @Xedranort Tried to import new updated save into pkhex Would be dope if this would get fixed <3
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    You risk getting banned, it seems a pointless risk if you value online functionality on the Switch. Pokemon Home will be released soon anyway, so you can then transfer one across legitimately.
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    US Ruby and Sapphire had two versions EDIT: Not sure about other languages
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    TID and SID is 16bit; you have likely mistaken the DisplayTID/DisplaySID with TID/SID. When picking out properties to modify, double check the value type and current value (of the PKM currently loaded to tabs) to make sure you have the right one.
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    After doing what you said I JUST WANTED TO SAY THANK YOU SO MUCH! NOW IT IS SYNC UP! I Just wanted to say thank you for helping me out (A COMPLETE STRANGER TO YOU)! You might think it is not that much but it MEANS A WHOLE LOT! THANK YOU SO MUCH 1 BILLION TIMES OVER! YOU DON'T KNOW HOW HAPPY YOU MADE ME!
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    Thank you for helping me over the past hour!
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    Don't worry, I will never blame you if this fails. I appreciate it a lot that you put out a lot of effort to help me! I can't thank you enough!
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    No worries. At it stands, reformatting your SD card may be our only option. If you have auto RCM installed, you should be able to boot in Hekate regardless (dragging the bin into tegrasmash with cable connected). I’ll strongly recommend you backup the NANDs (emu and sys) as well as backup your SD card contents before proceeding with the reformat. you may need to make sure your SD isn’t partitioned (disc management should be able to show you). after that, place the contents back onto your SD card (ignoring the partitioning step) then use Hekate and launch CFW into SysNAND. without the emuMMC detected by Hekate (cause SD was formatted and partition removed) the only way into CFW is sysNAND I hope this makes sense, and I think this should work. As usual, use at your own risk ><
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    @J3Xtrom and @theSLAYER The caught location for Pokemon varies depending upon whether you were the Raid Host or a Raid Guest. If you are a Guest, it has a generic met in a Den location meanwhile if you are the host it will list the specific area of the Wild Area where the Den is located.
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    ok cool, i figured as much. just didnt know where to confirm it besides here. thank you!
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    Console region, country, and region do not exist for Gen 8 origin Pokemon.
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    It's the count of shiny Pokemon seen flags in the Pokedex.
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    Since its of interest to some people, I removed the forced gym uniforms by returning 1 (E0 03 00 32 C0 03 5F D6) from the function at .text + 0x13AD310 Theres a few tables in .data containing string + function pointer pairs used by the LUA interface i believe, which makes things easy fwiw. Alternatively just replace the function pointer with the CommandNOP function GF already made at .text + 0x13B0130
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    For several years now Pokemon distributions for the Gen 3 GameBoy Advance games have been turning up on sites like Ebay. With that in mind you might think it’s controversial I have recently shared how these official GBA development flash carts these are been sold on can easily be re-flashed: Flash / Write Official GBA Development Flash Carts With An Nintendo DS This means GBA prototypes and Pokemon Distributions can now easily be duplicated, with replicas sold on as the real thing for significant amounts of money on Ebay. The Problem: Although not talked about, the sad reality of the situation is method of re flashing GBA devcarts has been exploited in certain circles to keep selling clones of rare Pokémon event distributions for many €1000’s on Ebay, passing them off as originals. Myself and others in the Pokemon community have long since suspected this was been done, however no conclusive proof has ever been obtained on how this was been done. Even asking on communities such as Assmebler Games which deal with obscure development hardware revealed little to suggest it was easy to clone these distributions, or the official GBA development hardware was readily available to purchase. With that in mind people have been happy to purchase these distribution replicas, sometimes for as much as €2000 on Ebay, believing their genuine and were used at past Nintendo events. When certain Pokemon distributions have been dumped it been possible to see remnants of what was previously flashed to the card, as these Official GBA Development Flash Carts are much larger than the actual Pokemon event distribution software. In one such example we can see Mortal Kombat Advance had simply been overwrote on this particular cart. This was always suspicious as we very much doubted Game Freak has been using second hand development cartridges obtained from Midway Games, although not impossible. What is somewhat ironic is myself and others had basically worked out how GBA devcarts were been re flashed a long time ago, it was just never possible to test the theory. It's possible to Flash / Write Official GBA Development Flash Carts With An Nintendo DS using the FAS1 homebrew application, as shown in the video below: I’d personally been using FAS1 to flash my old Flash2Advance flashcard for years, using an Nintendo DS Lite. I knew later versions of FAS1 were supposed to have support for GBA development flashcards, although at the time I had no compiled binaries of newer versions of FAS1 or even a GBA development flashcard to test this theory with. That all changed earlier this year when a compiled version of FAS1 was was obtained and two different GBA development carts were purchased for testing. Needless to say re flashing a official GBA development flash cart now took less time than it did to make a good cuppa tea. Genuine Pokemon Generation 3 Distributions: Now you might be thinking real distributions must have been on the market at some point for the distributions out there today to be dumped. You’d be correct, some of these sold in 2012 on Nintendo Age, these were of course sealed in a GBA. To assist you with potentially identifying these in the future here are images of original GBA Pokemon Gen 3 distributions that we know of, sealed in their respective units: 10 ANNIV: Aura Mew: BFG Shiny Zigzagoon: US Aurora Ticket: EU Eon Ticket: (Probably dumped, however not dumped / released that I know of): Where is the conclusive proof? You'd be right in thinking I've made a lot of claims and not posted much proof, I honestly don't have any interest in all the drama that comes with that. If you wan't to believe me thats great, if not that's cool, I'd sooner people just know how easy it is to clone Gen 3 Pokemon distributions that are on development hardware and have as much information as possible to enable them to make an informed purchasing decision in the future. Myself and various people in the Pokemon event community have seen said proof of such activities earlier in the year, so its out there and if you ask around i'm sure you will also find it. Conclusion: I think I've shared enough information on how its been done to bring widespread awareness to the practice, which will hopefully make people think twice before spending a lot of money on a distribution which has already been dumped and released just to "own something original". In the event something genuine does surface you have a good idea of what it might look like from the above images, certainly i'd be a lot more inclined to believe its an original if it was sealed in a GBA. So at least now the information is out there people can make an informed decision before purchasing a Pokemon Distribution in the future. If it’s a standalone devcart please think twice before purchasing it, hopefully meaning theirs less chance of a replica getting passed off as the genuine thing on Ebay. Approximately 5 or less sealed units of each GBA event should theoretically exist, other than clearly not accounting for as many that have been sold over the years, no one with the original unit in their right mind would destroy the seal to dump the rom when there are ways to do it via the link port if they did some research. In addition anyone wants to develop homebrew for the GBA and has an official GBA development card can now make use of it and easily write their own homebrew to it, just as developers did all those years ago. Credits: @Deoxyz and @YoshiMoshi significantly contributed with a lot of the information / research in this post.
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    @Adilson Filho BR I've looked at your save and I think I know what is happening, but I'm not 100% sure. However, I think it has to do with that the 7th gym being a mandatory double battle and to prevent the player from getting trapped the game is stopping you from releasing your second Pokemon. I've tried adding Pokemon to the save and releasing different combinations of them and I always get stopped at the last two. So I recommend either leaving two Pokemon in your PC or remove them with PKHeX. So to answer your questions from what I think is happening: 1) Just make sure you have two caught Pokemon on your save and when you start using HMs make sure you have a Pokemon somewhere on the game that knows the move. 2) You just seem to have met the criteria the game has set out to prevent you from releasing Pokemon. See my answer for question 1. 3) No. 4) See above description, as well as, my answers for questions 1 and 2.
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    Tony just put up a quick teaser trailer for the PCNY machine, a full in-depth video will be out in January. Thank you to everyone here at ProjectPokemon that has helped us so far, it's greatly appreciated. https://t.co/NNUjwDfQov
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    First, merged thread, you created an unnecessary duplicate, tho I understand you might not see it that way. I'm locking this thread (again), any further responses please go to the link I've given at the end of this post. Hopefully with the points addressed below, you'll see how I pretty much answered you. Anyhow, I'm breaking down my answer(s) so you better understand it WHY it happened, WHEN it happened, and WHO caused the error HOW to fix it WHAT to do to prevent future issues WHERE to go if you have further questions. That's the 5W1H response I gave you. It should have been sufficient. Now to repeat myself: If you have any further things to ask, ask in this thread.
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    For Black and White I know if you open your save in a hex editor and change the byte at 00020160 which is the flag for which starter you chose to one of these bytes 00 = Snivy/Defult, 01 = Tepig, or 02 = Oshawatt will change your starters of you rivals to match accordingly. Just make sure you open the save file in PKHeX and save it again using PKHeX after any manual edits you make in a hex editor since PKHeX will update the check sum.
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    I've made most of my builds in PKHeX just I need someone to import them in the game and trade them over, I would gladly appreciate that. Here are the files, thanks. 196 - Espeon - 480800000000.pk8 479-02 - Rotom - FB3800000000.pk8 816 ★ - Sobble - 8EB300000000.pk8 849-01 ★ - Toxtricity - 71B800000000.pk8 882 ★ - Dracovish - 848700000000.pk8 888 - Zacian - C60C00000000.pk8 889 - Zamazenta - E53200000000.pk8 222-01 ★ - Corsola - 793500000000.pk8
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    So,a guy made these amazing hd sprites,but his page was shut down and can't found any link,so if anyone has one or has a folder with the sprites pls can upload it? DOYf1_1X4AEPd5W.mp4
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    Nobody can know what exactly you've tried. Those species aren't breedable, nor can they have their hidden abilities.
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    thank you for this cheat, really hope you will update it
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    It was announced that this event would allow players to obtain a special Meowth that is capable of the Gigantamax phenomenon. This event will start from launch day through Jan 15, 2020. Interestingly enough, this Meowth would not be able to evolve. Official (EN): https://swordshield.pokemon.com/en-us/buy-now/gigantamax-pokemon/
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    I have made a list of every script command (as they are named by SDSME, so many of them have no name) that appears in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum versions. I also attach the arm9.bin offsets where each script command has its ASM code in Pokemon Platinum version, CPUE and CPUS versions (both English and Spanish), and the number of variables that can be read by the command. In SDSME, when a command has no name, the hex number must be used instead to compile the script. # (hex) English arm9 Offset Spanish arm9 Offset SDSME Command Name Nº input args 0000 0203F6C4 0203F768 Nop 0 0001 0203F6C8 0203F76C Nop1 0 0002 0203F6CC 0203F770 End 0 0003 0203F6D8 0203F77C Return2 2 0004 0203F74C 0203F7F0 0 0005 0203F764 0203F808 0 0006 0203F780 0203F824 0 0007 0203F79C 0203F840 0 0008 0203F7B4 0203F858 0 0009 0203F7D0 0203F874 0 000A 0203F7F0 0203F894 1 000B 0203F81C 0203F8C0 0 000C 0203F84C 0203F8F0 0 000D 0203F874 0203F918 0 000E 0203F89C 0203F940 0 000F 0203F8C4 0203F968 0 0010 0203F8E0 0203F984 0 0011 0203F900 0203F9A4 If 2 0012 0203F92C 0203F9D0 If2 2 0013 0203F964 0203FA08 0 0014 0203F99C 0203FA40 CallStandard 2 0015 0203FA08 0203FAAC 0 0016 0203FA1C 0203FAC0 Jump 1 0017 0203FA34 0203FAD8 0 0018 0203FA6C 0203FB10 1 0019 0203FA9C 0203FB40 2 001A 0203FAD0 0203FB74 Call 2 001B 0203FAE8 0203FB8C Return 0 001C 0203FAF4 0203FB98 CompareLastResultJump 2 001D 0203FB28 0203FBCC CompareLastResultCall 2 001E 0203FB5C 0203FC00 ClearFlag 1 001F 0203FB74 0203FC18 SetFlag 1 0020 0203FB8C 0203FC30 CheckFlag 1 0021 0203FBA8 0203FC4C 1 0022 0203FBE4 0203FC88 1 0023 0203FC0C 0203FCB0 SetValue 2 0024 0203FC30 0203FCD4 1 0025 0203FC54 0203FCF8 1 0026 0203FC7C 0203FD20 CompareVarsToByte 1 0027 0203FCAC 0203FD50 2 0028 0203FCDC 0203FD80 SetVar 2 0029 0203FD00 0203FDA4 CopyVar 2 002A 0203FD30 0203FDD4 2 002B 0203FD5C 0203FE00 2 002C 0203FFE8 0204008C Message 1 002D 02040028 020400CC Message2 1 002E 020400AC 02040150 1 002F 02040124 020401C8 Message3 1 0030 02040180 02040224 1 0031 020401F4 02040298 WaitButton 0 0032 02040284 02040328 0 0033 020402B4 02040358 0 0034 020402FC 020403A0 CloseMessageOnKeyPress 0 0035 0204032C 020403D0 FreezeMessageBox 0 0036 020404A4 02040548 CallMessageBox 0 0037 02040554 020405F8 ColorMessageBox 3 0038 02040580 02040624 TypeMessageBox 2 0039 0204059C 02040640 NoMapMessageBox 1 003A 020405DC 02040680 CallMessageBoxText 0 003B 02040714 020407B8 2 003C 020407B4 02040858 Menu 1 003D 02040354 020403F8 0 003E 020407C4 02040868 YesNoBox 0 003F 020442B0 02044354 WaitFor 1 0040 020408B0 02040954 Multi 5 0041 02040938 020409DC Multi2 5 0042 020409C0 02040A64 TextScriptMulti 2 0043 02040A2C 02040AD0 CloseMulti 0 0044 02040AE8 02040B8C Multi3 5 0045 02040B70 02040C14 3 0046 02040BF8 02040C9C TextMessageScriptMulti 0 0047 02040C58 02040CFC 0 0048 02040D08 02040DAC MultiRow 1 0049 020483F4 02048498 PlayFanfare 1 004A 02048410 020484B4 PlayFanfare2 1 004B 0204842C 020484D0 WaitFanfare 1 004C 0204846C 02048510 PlayCry 2 004D 020484A0 02048544 WaitCry 0 004E 020484C4 02048568 PlaySound 1 004F 020484D4 02048578 FadeDefaultMusic 0 0050 020482FC 020483A0 PlayMusic 1 0051 0204830C 020483B0 StopMusic 1 0052 02048320 020483C4 RestartMusic 0 0053 02048338 020483DC 1 0054 02048350 020483F4 SwitchMusic 2 0055 0204838C 02048430 1 0056 020483B0 02048454 0 0057 020483CC 02048470 1 0058 020483E0 02048484 4 0059 020484F8 0204859C 1 005A 02048530 020485D4 SwitchMusic2 1 005B 0204855C 02048600 3 005C 02048568 0204860C 0 005D 0204857C 02048620 0 005E 02040D74 02040E18 ApplyMovement 2 005F 02040EFC 02040FA0 WaitMovement 0 0060 02040FA4 02041048 LockAll 0 0061 020411C4 02041268 ReleaseAll 0 0062 020411D4 02041278 Lock 1 0063 020411F0 02041294 Release 1 0064 0204120C 020412B0 AddPeople 1 0065 02041254 020412F8 RemovePeople 1 0066 02041288 0204132C LockCam 2 0067 02041320 020413C4 0 0068 020413F0 02041494 FacePlayer 0 0069 02041420 020414C4 CheckSpritePosition 2 006A 02041464 02041508 3 006B 020414EC 02041590 CheckPersonPosition 3 006C 020415D0 02041674 ContinueFollow 2 006D 02041604 020416A8 FollowHero 2 006E 02041684 02041728 StopFollowHero 2 006F 0204C8F0 0204C994 GiveMoney 2 0070 0204C914 0204C9B8 TakeMoney 3 0071 0204C968 0204CA0C CheckMoney 2 0072 0204C9FC 0204CAA0 ShowMoney 0 0073 0204CA4C 0204CAF0 HideMoney 0 0074 0204CA64 0204CB08 UpdateMoney 1 0075 0204C6C8 0204C76C ShowCoins 0 0076 0204C718 0204C7BC HideCoins 1 0077 0204C730 0204C7D4 UpdateCoins 1 0078 0204C750 0204C7F4 CheckCoins 1 0079 0204C780 0204C824 GiveCoins 1 007A 0204C7AC 0204C850 TakeCoins 3 007B 0204E75C 0204E800 TakeItem 0 007C 0204E7B4 0204E858 CheckStoreItem 3 007D 0204E80C 0204E8B0 CheckItem 3 007E 0204E864 0204E908 3 007F 0204E900 0204E9A4 3 0080 0204E934 0204E9D8 3 0081 0204E96C 0204EA10 2 0082 0204E970 0204EA14 2 0083 0204E974 0204EA18 1 0084 0204E9C8 0204EA6C 2 0085 0204EA04 0204EAA8 CheckUndergroundPcStatus 2 0086 0204EA58 0204EAFC 2 0087 0204EA94 0204EB38 3 0088 0204EAE8 0204EB8C 2 0089 0204EB24 0204EBC8 6 008A 0204EB60 0204EC04 2 008B 0204EB9C 0204EC40 3 008C 0204EBE4 0204EC88 3 008D 0204EC20 0204ECC4 2 008E 0204EC5C 0204ED00 2 008F 0204EC98 0204ED3C 3 0090 0204ECF0 0204ED94 1 0091 0204ED2C 0204EDD0 1 0092 0204ED68 0204EE0C 1 0093 020416C8 0204176C CheckPokemonParty 2 0094 02041708 020417AC StorePokemonParty 2 0095 0204174C 020417F0 SetPokemonPartyStored 1 0096 0204CFFC 0204D0A0 GivePokemon 0 0097 0204D154 0204D1F8 GiveEgg 0 0098 0204D1DC 0204D280 0 0099 0204D234 0204D2D8 CheckMove 3 009A 0204D2D8 0204D37C CheckPlaceStored 3 009B 02041C40 02041CE4 2 009C 02041CB8 02041D5C 0 009D 02041CBC 02041D60 0 009E 02041CC0 02041D64 1 009F 02041CC4 02041D68 0 00A0 0204E128 0204E1CC 0 00A1 02041D78 02041E1C CallEnd 0 00A2 02041E18 02041EBC 0 00A3 02041E28 02041ECC WFC 1 00A4 02041E34 02041ED8 4 00A5 020420A0 02042144 Interview 2 00A6 020420CC 02042170 DressPokemon 1 00A7 02042124 020421C8 DisplayDressedPokemon 2 00A8 0204218C 02042230 DisplayContestPokemon 1 00A9 020422D4 02042378 CapsuleEditor 2 00AA 020422E8 0204238C SinnohMaps 1 00AB 02042434 020424D8 BoxPokemon 2 00AC 02042480 02042524 DrawUnion 0 00AD 0204249C 02042540 TrainerCaseUnion 2 00AE 020424AC 02042550 TradeUnion 4 00AF 020424BC 02042560 RecordMixingUnion 0 00B0 020424E8 0204258C EndGame 5 00B1 020424F8 0204259C HallFameData 1 00B2 02042560 02042604 4 00B3 020425C0 02042664 WFC1 1 00B4 020425E0 02042684 ChooseStarter 0 00B5 02042628 020426CC 0 00B6 02048614 020486B8 1 00B7 020486E0 02048784 2 00B8 02048750 020487F4 1 00B9 02048778 0204881C 1 00BA 020426E8 0204278C ChoosePlayerName 1 00BB 02042718 020427BC ChoosePokemonName 1 00BC 02042918 020429BC FadeScreen 1 00BD 02042960 02042A04 ResetScreen 0 00BE 02042984 02042A28 Warp 1 00BF 02042AB0 02042B54 RockClimbAnimation 1 00C0 02042AE0 02042B84 SurfAnimation 1 00C1 02042B3C 02042BE0 WaterfallAnimation 2 00C2 02042B6C 02042C10 FlyAnimation 2 00C3 02042BB8 02042C5C 2 00C4 02042BE8 02042C8C 2 00C5 02042C18 02042CBC 2 00C6 02042CA8 02042D4C Tuxedo 2 00C7 02042CB4 02042D58 CheckBike 2 00C8 02042CE4 02042D88 RideBike 2 00C9 02042D84 02042E28 1 00CA 02042D9C 02042E40 4 00CB 02042DC4 02042E68 BerryHiroAnimation 1 00CC 02042DDC 02042E80 StopBerryHiroAnimation 0 00CD 020474F4 02047598 SetVariableHero 1 00CE 02047528 020475CC SetVariableRival 1 00CF 0204754C 020475F0 SetVariableAlter 1 00D0 02047570 02047614 SetVariablePokemon 2 00D1 020475F0 02047694 SetVariableItem 2 00D2 02047628 020476CC 2 00D3 02047660 02047704 SetVariableAttackItem 2 00D4 0204769C 02047740 SetVariableAttack 1 00D5 020476D4 02047778 SetVariableNumber 3 00D6 020477D0 02047874 SetVariableNickname 2 00D7 02047874 02047918 SetVariableObject 3 00D8 020478AC 02047950 SetVariableTrainer 3 00D9 020478E4 02047988 1 00DA 02047930 020479D4 SetVarPokemonStored 1 00DB 020479C0 02047A64 SetVarHeroStored 0 00DC 02047A10 02047AB4 SetVarRivalStored 1 00DD 02047A60 02047B04 SetVarAlterStored 2 00DE 02042E38 02042EDC StoreStarter 1 00DF 02047AB0 02047B54 2 00E0 02047AE8 02047B8C 2 00E1 02047B20 02047BC4 2 00E2 02047B58 02047BFC 4 00E3 02042DEC 02042E90 4 00E4 020487CC 02048870 1 00E5 020487FC 020488A0 TrainerBattle 2 00E6 02042E64 02042F08 EndTrainerBattle 0 00E7 020488E0 02048984 3 00E8 02048968 02048A0C 3 00E9 020489F0 02048A94 1 00EA 02048A24 02048AC8 ActLeagueBattlers 4 00EB 02048A44 02048AE8 LostGoPokecenter 1 00EC 02048A50 02048AF4 CheckLost 5 00ED 02048A80 02048B24 0 00EE 02048AE0 02048B84 4 00EF 02048B0C 02048BB0 2 00F0 02048B34 02048BD8 5 00F1 02048B60 02048C04 1 00F2 02042F04 02042FA8 ChooseFriend 0 00F3 02042F9C 02043040 WirelessBattleWait 1 00F4 02043034 020430D8 1 00F5 02043040 020430E4 1 00F6 0204304C 020430F0 1 00F7 0204307C 02043120 PokemonContest 0 00F8 02046C7C 02046D20 1 00F9 02046CAC 02046D50 1 00FA 02046CFC 02046DA0 0 00FB 02046E14 02046EB8 0 00FC 02046E60 02046F04 0 00FD 02046EB4 02046F58 1 00FE 02046F08 02046FAC 1 00FF 02046F5C 02047000 2 0100 02046FB8 0204705C 1 0101 02046FF0 02047094 1 0102 0204700C 020470B0 2 0103 02047048 020470EC 2 0104 02047084 02047128 1 0105 020470C0 02047164 1 0106 020470F0 02047194 0 0107 0204712C 020471D0 0 0108 0204715C 02047200 1 0109 0204718C 02047230 0 010A 020471BC 02047260 0 010B 02047200 020472A4 2 010C 02047244 020472E8 1 010D 020472E8 0204738C 4 010E 02047318 020473BC 1 010F 02047358 020473FC 2 0110 02047274 02047318 1 0111 020473B8 0204745C FlashContest 1 0112 020473E4 02047488 EndFlash 2 0113 02047424 020474C8 2 0114 02047438 020474DC 2 0115 0204744C 020474F0 2 0116 020474AC 02047550 ShowLinkCountRecord 4 0117 02047388 0204742C 0 0118 020473A0 02047444 0 0119 0204DA20 0204DAC4 1 011A 0204DA84 0204DB28 0 011B 02043080 02043124 WarpMapElevator 0 011C 02043100 020431A4 CheckFloor 0 011D 02043130 020431D4 2 011E 02043190 02043234 1 011F 020431C0 02043264 2 0120 020431F0 02043294 SetPositionAfterShip 2 0121 02043220 020432C4 1 0122 02043250 020432F4 2 0123 02043254 020432F8 0 0124 020432DC 02043380 WildBattle 0 0125 0204342C 020434D0 StarterBattle 0 0126 02043460 02043504 ExplanationBattle 2 0127 0204346C 02043510 HoneyTreeBattle 1 0128 0204347C 02043520 1 0129 020434A4 02043548 RandomBattle 0 012A 020434C0 02043564 4 012B 020434D0 02043574 WriteAutograph 1 012C 020434EC 02043590 1 012D 02043540 020435E4 1 012E 020421F4 02042298 CheckDress 2 012F 02042230 020422D4 2 0130 0204226C 02042310 1 0131 020435A0 02043644 GivePoketch 0 0132 020435AC 02043650 4 0133 020435DC 02043680 ActivatePoketchApp 5 0134 02043608 020436AC StorePoketchApp 1 0135 02043648 020436EC 1 0136 02043694 02043738 1 0137 020436A0 02043744 1 0138 020436D0 02043774 0 0139 02043708 020437AC 4 013A 02043978 02043A1C 0 013B 02043988 02043A2C 0 013C 02043748 020437EC 0 013D 020437B4 02043858 1 013E 020437C4 02043868 0 013F 020437FC 020438A0 1 0140 02043894 02043938 1 0141 0204391C 020439C0 1 0142 02043964 02043A08 2 0143 0204399C 02043A40 ExpectDecisionOther 2 0144 020439D8 02043A7C 0 0145 02043A30 02043AD4 0 0146 020438CC 02043970 0 0147 02046AD4 02046B78 Pokemart 1 0148 02046B9C 02046C40 Pokemart1 1 0149 02046BF4 02046C98 Pokemart2 0 014A 02046C34 02046CD8 Pokemart3 0 014B 02043BD4 02043C78 DefeatGoPokecenter 0 014C 02043BE0 02043C84 1 014D 02043C0C 02043CB0 CheckGender 1 014E 02043C3C 02043CE0 HealPokemon 0 014F 02043C54 02043CF8 0 0150 02043C58 02043CFC 0 0151 02043CA4 02043D48 0 0152 02043CB4 02043D58 3 0153 02043A94 02043B38 UnionRoom 5 0154 02043AA4 02043B48 2 0155 02043AE0 02043B84 2 0156 02043BA0 02043C44 3 0157 0204E3CC 0204E470 0 0158 0204E3FC 0204E4A0 ActivatePokedex 2 0159 0204E410 0204E4B4 0 015A 0204E440 0204E4E4 GiveRunningShoes 0 015B 0204E45C 0204E500 CheckBadge 2 015C 0204E4A4 0204E548 EnableBadge 1 015D 0204E504 0204E5A8 DisableBadge 0 015E 0204E4D8 0204E57C 0 015F 0204E554 0204E5F8 1 0160 0204E568 0204E60C 3 0161 0204E594 0204E638 2 0162 0204E5A8 0204E64C 2 0163 0204E5BC 0204E660 2 0164 0204E5E8 0204E68C 1 0165 0204E5FC 0204E6A0 2 0166 0204E610 0204E6B4 1 0167 0204E63C 0204E6E0 1 0168 02043F6C 02044010 PrepareDoorAnimation 1 0169 02043FC4 02044068 WaitAction 2 016A 02043FDC 02044080 WaitClose 2 016B 02043FF4 02044098 OpenDoor 3 016C 0204400C 020440B0 CloseDoor 1 016D 0204CA84 0204CB28 0 016E 0204CAA4 0204CB48 0 016F 02044024 020440C8 2 0170 02044034 020440D8 2 0171 02044044 020440E8 0 0172 02044054 020440F8 0 0173 02044064 02044108 2 0174 02044074 02044118 2 0175 02044084 02044128 1 0176 020440A0 02044144 1 0177 0204D840 0204D8E4 CheckPartyNumber 1 0178 02042658 020426FC OpenBerryPouch 0 0179 020426A8 0204274C 1 017A 02043CC4 02043D68 2 017B 02047BB8 02047C5C 1 017C 02047C30 02047CD4 2 017D 0204B64C 0204B6F0 1 017E 0204B680 0204B724 2 017F 0204B6B4 0204B758 2 0180 0204B6E8 0204B78C 1 0181 0204B71C 0204B7C0 2 0182 0204B750 0204B7F4 1 0183 0204B784 0204B828 1 0184 0204B7CC 0204B870 1 0185 0204B7FC 0204B8A0 1 0186 02043D04 02043DA8 SetOverworldPosition 2 0187 02043D54 02043DF8 1 0188 02043DE4 02043E88 SetOverworldMovement 3 0189 02043E1C 02043EC0 ReleaseOverworld 3 018A 02043E54 02043EF8 SetDoorPassable 1 018B 02043EA4 02043F48 SetDoorLocked 1 018C 02043EF4 02043F98 2 018D 02040868 0204090C ShowSavingClock 2 018E 02040898 0204093C HideSavingClock 3 018F 02043F40 02043FE4 3 0190 020401A8 0204024C 1 0191 02041790 02041834 ChoosePokemonMenu 0 0192 020417F0 02041894 ChoosePokemonMenu2 0 0193 02041814 020418B8 StorePokemonMenu2 2 0194 02041A28 02041ACC 3 0195 02041AB0 02041B54 PokemonInfo 2 0196 02041B24 02041BC8 1 0197 02041B68 02041C0C 2 0198 0204D08C 0204D130 StorePokemonNumber 2 0199 0204D0E8 0204D18C 0 019A 0204D86C 0204D910 CheckPartyNumber2 2 019B 0204D8C4 0204D968 0 019C 0204D94C 0204D9F0 3 019D 0204D9C8 0204DA6C 4 019E 02044168 0204420C 1 019F 02044208 020442AC 1 01A0 02044254 020442F8 3 01A1 02044260 02044304 2 01A2 02044288 0204432C 2 01A3 0204C938 0204C9DC 3 01A4 0204CB20 0204CBC4 1 01A5 0204CDA4 0204CE48 0 01A6 0204CDBC 0204CE60 0 01A7 0204CDC0 0204CE64 1 01A8 0204CAD4 0204CB78 1 01A9 0204CAEC 0204CB90 1 01AA 0204CB80 0204CC24 3 01AB 0204C9AC 0204CA50 2 01AC 02044158 020441FC EggAnimation 1 01AD 0204CDC4 0204CE68 1 01AE 0204CBD4 0204CC78 3 01AF 0204CC24 0204CCC8 3 01B0 0204CC78 0204CD1C 2 01B1 020442B4 02044358 3 01B2 020442E8 0204438C 2 01B3 0204431C 020443C0 Mailbox 2 01B4 02044328 020443CC 0 01B5 02044354 020443F8 RecordList 1 01B6 02044374 02044418 2 01B7 02044398 0204443C 2 01B8 020443D0 02044474 2 01B9 0204D5CC 0204D670 CheckHappiness 2 01BA 0204D614 0204D6B8 2 01BB 0204D6E4 0204D788 0 01BC 0204CCB8 0204CD5C 2 01BD 020414C4 02041568 CheckPosition 1 01BE 0204CD44 0204CDE8 1 01BF 0204CD74 0204CE18 1 01C0 0204DC98 0204DD3C CheckPokemonParty2 5 01C1 02044408 020444AC CopyPokemonHeight 2 01C2 02044444 020444E8 SetVariablePokemonHeight 1 01C3 02044468 0204450C ComparePokemonHeight 1 01C4 020444BC 02044560 CheckPokemonHeight 2 01C5 02044510 020445B4 0 01C6 0204EDA4 0204EE48 MoveInfo 0 01C7 0204EDEC 0204EE90 StoreMove 1 01C8 0204DACC 0204DB70 2 01C9 0204DB74 0204DC18 DeleteMove 2 01CA 0204DBB8 0204DC5C 3 01CB 02047D00 02047DA4 0 01CC 02044528 020445CC 2 01CD 02044558 020445FC 3 01CE 0204466C 02044710 1 01CF 0204E650 0204E6F4 0 01D0 0204E6AC 0204E750 1 01D1 0204E704 0204E7A8 3 01D2 02044670 02044714 2 01D3 020446B4 02044758 1 01D4 02044710 020447B4 2 01D5 02044774 02044818 1 01D6 020447A4 02044848 1 01D7 02042330 020423D4 BerryPoffin 0 01D8 02042368 0204240C 1 01D9 020423BC 02042460 BattleRoomResult 1 01DA 0204950C 020495B0 0 01DB 020494DC 02049580 2 01DC 0204951C 020495C0 0 01DD 02049538 020495DC 2 01DE 02049800 020498A4 4 01DF 02049880 02049924 0 01E0 020498A8 0204994C 3 01E1 020498D0 02049974 2 01E2 020499BC 02049A60 2 01E3 02049A68 02049B0C 2 01E4 02049AB4 02049B58 1 01E5 02044908 020449AC 1 01E6 02044928 020449CC 0 01E7 02044980 02044A24 1 01E8 020447E8 0204488C CheckSinnohPokedex 2 01E9 02044820 020448C4 CheckNationalPokedex 1 01EA 02044858 020448FC ShowSinnohSheet 1 01EB 02044888 0204492C ShowNationalSheet 1 01EC 020448B8 0204495C 3 01ED 020448C8 0204496C 3 01EE 0204DC18 0204DCBC 2 01EF 020448F0 02044994 1 01F0 0204DC60 0204DD04 0 01F1 0204E240 0204E2E4 CheckFossil 3 01F2 0204E370 0204E414 5 01F3 0204E374 0204E418 5 01F4 0204E28C 0204E330 1 01F5 0204E2E0 0204E384 1 01F6 0204D3DC 0204D480 CheckPokemonLevel 2 01F7 0204D398 0204D43C 1 01F8 02041D88 02041E2C 4 01F9 0203F734 0203F7D8 1 01FA 0203FD70 0203FE14 2 01FB 0203FDBC 0203FE60 1 01FC 0203FE20 0203FEC4 1 01FD 0203FE60 0203FF04 1 01FE 0203FEAC 0203FF50 0 01FF 0203FF34 0203FFD8 2 0200 02042A60 02042B04 1 0201 02042A8C 02042B30 3 0202 02044A50 02044AF4 1 0203 020429F4 02042A98 1 0204 02042A50 02042AF4 WarpLastElevator 2 0205 0204229C 02042340 Geonet 2 0206 02044AE8 02044B8C GreatMarshBynocule 1 0207 02041E64 02041F08 2 0208 02041E84 02041F28 PokemonPicture 1 0209 02041FAC 02042050 HidePicture 0 020A 02042028 020420CC 1 020B 0204205C 02042100 1 020C 020400E8 0204018C 0 020D 02044AF8 02044B9C 2 020E 02044B28 02044BCC 0 020F 02044B38 02044BDC 0 0210 02044B70 02044C14 1 0211 02044BA0 02044C44 1 0212 0204D4CC 0204D570 2 0213 0204D540 0204D5E4 2 0214 02044BB8 02044C5C 3 0215 0204CDDC 0204CE80 3 0216 0204CDF0 0204CE94 1 0217 0204CE1C 0204CEC0 2 0218 02044BE8 02044C8C 1 0219 02044C64 02044D08 0 021A 02044C90 02044D34 2 021B 02044CBC 02044D60 0 021C 02044CCC 02044D70 1 021D 02048BD0 02048C74 3 021E 0204EE38 0204EEDC 0 021F 0204EE3C 0204EEE0 2 0220 0204EEFC 0204EFA0 0 0221 0204EF00 0204EFA4 RememberMove 1 0222 0204EFA0 0204F044 2 0223 0204EFA4 0204F048 1 0224 0204EF40 0204EFE4 TeachMove 0 0225 0204EFE8 0204F08C CheckTeachMove 1 0226 02044CE4 02044D88 1 0227 02044D08 02044DAC 1 0228 02044D38 02044DDC CheckPokemonTrade 2 0229 02044D68 02044E0C TradeChosenPokemon 2 022A 02044D9C 02044E40 StopTrade 0 022B 02044DB4 02044E58 1 022C 02044DC8 02044E6C 1 022D 02044DDC 02044E80 2 022E 0204DE94 0204DF38 2 022F 0204DF08 0204DFAC 1 0230 0204DFB0 0204E054 3 0231 0204E01C 0204E0C0 4 0232 02047D68 02047E0C 4 0233 02044E40 02044EE4 2 0234 02044EDC 02044F80 1 0235 02048DD8 02048E7C 0 0236 02048F74 02049018 0 0237 02049018 020490BC 4 0238 020490F0 02049194 2 0239 02044F04 02044FA8 DecideRules 1 023A 02044F24 02044FC8 3 023B 02044FA4 02045048 HealPokemonAnimation 1 023C 02044FCC 02045070 1 023D 0204500C 020450B0 ShipAnimation 0 023E 0204B85C 0204B900 2 023F 0204F02C 0204F0D0 0 0240 0204F038 0204F0DC 1 0241 0204F044 0204F0E8 0 0242 0204F048 0204F0EC 0 0243 02042810 020428B4 PhraseBox1W 0 0244 02042868 0204290C PhraseBox2W 2 0245 020428D4 02042978 2 0246 0204504C 020450F0 3 0247 0204D7AC 0204D850 1 0248 0204D7D4 0204D878 1 0249 02045068 0204510C CheckPhraseBoxInput 0 024A 02045134 020451D8 1 024B 02045160 02045204 PreparePcAnimation 1 024C 0204517C 02045220 OpenPcAnimation 1 024D 02045198 0204523C ClosePcAnimation 3 024E 020480A8 0204814C CheckLottoNumber 1 024F 020480D8 0204817C CompareLottoNumber 4 0250 02048254 020482F8 1 0251 02047818 020478BC 0 0252 0204521C 020452C0 CheckBoxesNumber 1 0253 0204C500 0204C5A4 1 0254 0204C554 0204C5F8 1 0255 0204C59C 0204C640 0 0256 0204C638 0204C6DC 2 0257 02046C6C 02046D10 SprtSave 0 0258 02045250 020452F4 RetSprtSave 0 0259 02045274 02045318 ElevLgAnimation 0 025A 0204528C 02045330 1 025B 020452B4 02045358 0 025C 020452C4 02045368 1 025D 020452D4 02045378 1 025E 02045304 020453A8 0 025F 02045314 020453B8 0 0260 02045324 020453C8 3 0261 02047C68 02047D0C CheckAccessories 0 0262 02045344 020453E8 0 0263 02045384 02045428 6 0264 02045404 020454A8 1 0265 020454C0 02045564 1 0266 020454D4 02045578 1 0267 020454E8 0204558C Pokecasino 2 0268 0204550C 020455B0 1 0269 02045530 020455D4 2 026A 020455C4 02045668 1 026B 02045628 020456CC 1 026C 02045650 020456F4 1 026D 0203FFAC 02040050 UnownMessageBox 1 026E 020456E8 0204578C 2 026F 02045708 020457AC 1 0270 02045720 020457C4 1 0271 02042784 02042828 ThankNameInsert 3 0272 02047CA0 02047D44 2 0273 02045760 02045804 1 0274 0204C808 0204C8AC 2 0275 02045798 0204583C 1 0276 0204C8AC 0204C950 3 0277 020457D0 02045874 3 0278 0204D470 0204D514 2 0279 020457FC 020458A0 3 027A 02045840 020458E4 LeagueCastleView 2 027B 02045850 020458F4 2 027C 0204912C 020491D0 1 027D 02045860 02045904 3 027E 02045900 020459A4 3 027F 020458CC 02045970 3 0280 0204771C 020477C0 3 0281 0204D74C 0204D7F0 3 0282 02045938 020459DC 3 0283 0204858C 02048630 3 0284 0204598C 02045A30 3 0285 020459BC 02045A60 3 0286 02045A88 02045B2C 1 0287 02045AB8 02045B5C 1 0288 02045AE8 02045B8C 1 0289 02045B18 02045BBC 0 028A 02045BA8 02045C4C 1 028B 02045C10 02045CB4 3 028C 02041F14 02041FB8 PokemonPartyPicture 3 028D 02041FC4 02042068 4 028E 02041FDC 02042080 3 028F 02045C50 02045CF4 CheckFirstTimeChampion 2 0290 02045CB8 02045D5C 2 0291 02045CFC 02045DA0 4 0292 02045D70 02045E14 2 0293 02045E14 02045EB8 1 0294 02049B24 02049BC8 ShowBattlePointsBox 1 0295 02049B54 02049BF8 HideBattlePointsBox 0 0296 02049B6C 02049C10 3 0297 02049B8C 02049C30 1 0298 02049BBC 02049C60 0 0299 02049C00 02049CA4 1 029A 02049C44 02049CE8 2 029B 02049C94 02049D38 4 029C 02043B48 02043BEC 2 029D 020409E8 02040A8C ChoiceMulti 2 029E 02045DB0 02045E54 HiddenMachineEffect 2 029F 02045E44 02045EE8 CameraBumpEffect 0 02A0 0204887C 02048920 DoubleBattle 3 02A1 02040DD8 02040E7C ApplyMovement2 5 02A2 02045ECC 02045F70 2 02A3 02045E78 02045F1C 4 02A4 02045EA0 02045F44 2 02A5 020417C0 02041864 ChooseTradePokemon 0 02A6 0204E378 0204E41C 3 02A7 02045F04 02045FA8 2 02A8 0204C7D8 0204C87C 2 02A9 0204C854 0204C8F8 1 02AA 02045F48 02045FEC ComparePhraseBoxInput 1 02AB 0204169C 02041740 1 02AC 02046038 020460DC ActivateMysteryGift 0 02AD 0204163C 020416E0 2 02AE 020482D4 02048378 0 02AF 02046050 020460F4 1 02B0 02046080 02046124 1 02B1 0204608C 02046130 1 02B2 02046098 0204613C 2 02B3 02047DAC 02047E50 1 02B4 020410F4 02041198 0 02B5 020460A8 0204614C 1 02B6 02046108 020461AC 1 02B7 0204E094 0204E138 1 02B8 02048F98 0204903C 1 02B9 02040A78 02040B1C 0 02BA 02043854 020438F8 3 02BB 02043C8C 02043D30 0 02BC 02048AB0 02048B54 CheckWildBattle2 1 02BD 02043330 020433D4 WildBattle2 4 02BE 02046144 020461E8 0 02BF 02042D70 02042E14 BikeRide 0 02C0 02040064 02040108 1 02C1 0204616C 02046210 ShowSaveBox 0 02C2 0204619C 02046240 HideSaveBox 1 02C3 020461C8 0204626C 2 02C4 020461E0 02046284 0 02C5 0204F04C 0204F0F0 0 02C6 020427B4 02042858 SpinTradeUnion 0 02C7 020427E0 02042884 CheckVersionGame 1 02C8 02046340 020463E4 1 02C9 020440BC 02044160 1 02CA 02046294 02046338 FloralClockAnimation 1 02CB 0204DD28 0204DDCC 0 02CC 0204F13C 0204F1E0 0 02CD 020462DC 02046380 1 02CE 020462F4 02046398 2 02CF 0204F398 0204F43C 2 02D0 02041860 02041904 1 02D1 0204F360 0204F404 1 02D2 0204FAB4 0204FB58 3 02D3 0204FCAC 0204FD50 3 02D4 020418E0 02041984 2 02D5 0204FBB4 0204FC58 2 02D6 02043568 0204360C 0 02D7 02043578 0204361C 1 02D8 02046314 020463B8 1 02D9 0205003C 020500E0 1 02DA 020501D8 0205027C 3 02DB 02041984 02041A28 3 02DC 0205013C 020501E0 1 02DD 0204DE00 0204DEA4 2 02DE 021F6454 021F665C 1 02DF 0204CF68 0204D00C 1 02E0 0204CF8C 0204D030 0 02E1 0204CFC4 0204D068 1 02E2 020463B4 02046458 1 02E3 020463E4 02046488 0 02E4 02046400 020464A4 3 02E5 021F77E8 021F79F0 4 02E6 021F7C04 021F7E0C 3 02E7 02041BA8 02041C4C 1 02E8 02041C00 02041CA4 0 02E9 021F7844 021F7A4C 2 02EA 021F789C 021F7AA4 0 02EB 021F7998 021F7BA0 0 02EC 021F82B8 021F84C0 1 02ED 021F8358 021F8560 5 02EE 021F6B3C 021F6D44 5 02EF 020474B8 0204755C 3 02F0 020440CC 02044170 0 02F1 021F6E50 021F7058 0 02F2 020440DC 02044180 0 02F3 02047DE8 02047E8C 0 02F4 0204645C 02046500 0 02F5 0204777C 02047820 2 02F6 020465AC 02046650 3 02F7 02046624 020466C8 0 02F8 020485C0 02048664 0 02F9 020485D4 02048678 1 02FA 020485F4 02048698 1 02FB 02046658 020466FC 0 02FC 0204666C 02046710 0 02FD 020475B8 0204765C 0 02FE 0204E8BC 0204E960 2 02FF 021F6FC0 021F71C8 2 0300 021F71B8 021F73C0 0 0301 021F7208 021F7410 0 0302 020466A4 02046748 1 0303 021F6E9C 021F70A4 0 0304 021F6F44 021F714C 4 0305 021F7270 021F7478 1 0306 02040CB8 02040D5C 2 0307 02045BE4 02045C88 2 0308 02041364 02041408 0 0309 020413D8 0204147C 2 030A 02046868 0204690C 1 030B 02048FD0 02049074 2 030C 02048FE0 02049084 1 030D 02048FF0 02049094 1 030E 020420AC 02042150 1 030F 021F72B8 021F74C0 1 0310 020422B8 0204235C 1 0311 02046888 0204692C 2 0312 020468AC 02046950 1 0313 020468E0 02046984 3 0314 02048BA8 02048C4C 2 0315 02041C8C 02041D30 1 0316 021F7414 021F761C 2 0317 020440EC 02044190 3 0318 020433D8 0204347C 2 0319 02043384 02043428 2 031A 020451F8 0204529C 3 031B 020493C8 0204946C 2 031C 0204E12C 0204E1D0 0 031D 021F6C60 021F6E68 1 031E 021F6D80 021F6F88 1 031F 020468D0 02046974 1 0320 0204693C 020469E0 1 0321 02046958 020469FC 1 0322 0204697C 02046A20 0 0323 0204698C 02046A30 2 0324 0204F6D8 0204F77C 1 0325 0204F8A8 0204F94C 0 0326 0204F950 0204F9F4 0 0327 02040C7C 02040D20 2 0328 020469D0 02046A74 PortalEffect 1 0329 020493F4 02049498 1 032A 0204F9D4 0204FA78 0 032B 02046A4C 02046AF0 2 032C 021F7418 021F7620 4 032D 021F7538 021F7740 1 032E 021F7604 021F780C 0 032F 0204E1D0 0204E274 1 0330 021F7774 021F797C 0 0331 021F76A0 021F78A8 1 0332 021F76D0 021F78D8 0 0333 021F7788 021F7990 1 0334 020449F4 02044A98 1 0335 02044A28 02044ACC 2 0336 02042524 020425C8 1 0337 021F77A8 021F79B0 1 0338 021F7704 021F790C 1 0339 021F7754 021F795C 2 033A 02040D34 02040DD8 1 033B 02040D54 02040DF8 2 033C 02047E20 02047EC4 3 033D 02047E58 02047EFC 2 033E 02047E90 02047F34 1 033F 02047EC8 02047F6C 1 0340 02047F00 02047FA4 1 0341 02047F38 02047FDC 1 0342 02047F80 02048024 1 0343 02047FB4 02048058 1 0344 02047FEC 02048090 1 0345 02048024 020480C8 1 0346 02048060 02048104 2 0347 02048080 02048124 DisplayFloor 1
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    Okay guys. It took me months to create this save file and i copy the movesets from the websites pokemonking.com They been organized through the alphabet order They're all have their stats maximized. Some with perfect IV's and others with Hypertrained to keep them legal because not all of them can have perfect IV's. Otherwise, they will be iligal Most of them have the OT "Oscar" except for those pokemon obtained through event They're all available to be used online or Battle Spot I hope you all enjoy this little gift and this is the main reason i wanted to create an account to share this with you all in case of any problem please leave me a comment i i'll try to resolve it enjoy!!! main.rar
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    You have to set the memories. I think this is one of the main problems causing the bans. In this case, OT is the same that notOT because I use the same name in 6 gen and 7 gen games.
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    Pokémon Fire Red Evolution Version: 0.95 (Length: Main Game/No Post-Game) Introduction: Pokémon Fire Red Evolution is a difficulty hack of Pokémon Fire Red which not only has improved trainers but also features several enhancements over the original game such as a PSS split, new moves/abilities from future installments, an updated type chart and much more. Features: →All cross-generation (pre)evolutions are added, meaning that there are 416 Pokémon in the game. →All Pokémon are available for capture in at least one area before the Elite Four. →All mechanics updated to Gen VI standards as closely as possible, this includes move buffs and Pokémon updates such as Fairy typing, stat increases and Gen IV abilties →Some TMs and Move Tutors have been updated to teach more useful moves, in addition, TMs are now scattered throughout PokéMarts for purchase. →Most Pokémon sprites have been updated to give the hack a modern feel alongside the new mechanics changes. →Trade Evolutions and other inconvenient evolution methods have been replaced. →Several Pokémon have received alterations in base stats, abilities and learn sets to make them more unique and/or viable in gameplay. A majority of these are inspired by Hidden Abilties and Mega Evolutions in future games. (Not available in the basic version) →Several moves have received alterations to make them more viable in gameplay, examples include the HM moves Cut and Strength. (Not available in the basic version) (More details in the documentations) Screenshots: Additional Notes: →Blaine is now the 6th gym leader and Sabrina is now the 7th, the Tea used to access Saffron City is now found in Three Island. Credits: Download (V0.95) Future Plans: Any feedback be it positive or negative is greatly appreciated.
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