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    Not to be too nitpicky, but it's "theSLAYER", one word. Probably okay to be shortened if it's a nickname or something, but if you gonna say to full thing, please get it right Next, how am I supposed to give information regarding "when a hypothetical update to PKHeX will drop", when such information does not exist? The "wait patiently" reply I've been giving literally applies to everyone, including me. Now, learn how to have some self-control and wait patiently.
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    Hey everyone! Just wanted to share a little gem. It is a perfect Jirachi! For anyone that isn't aware, multiple events in 2003 including World Hobby Fair and Festa 2003 used Gamecube Dev systems with Pokemon Machine v2 attachments and a GBA slot to distribute Jirachi. This was the same machine that was used at PCNY for generation 2 and generation 3. Note: There are actually 6 possible PIDs with perfect IVs. None are Timid sorry RS - ネガイボシ 6IV Jirachi (D694C91C) (JPN).pk3
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    So you expect me to read the wall of text, and then comment? Okay -after some time- Lol, the very first mon I loaded up has errors. This is going to be just great. Shiny Bulbasaur that was hatched, yet has Cherish Ball, and has fateful encounter flag. Lol Shiny Original Cap Pikachu caught in HeartGold? lolol Shiny Mew not from Emerald? LOLOLOL Yup, almost everything is illegal. Whoever thought it was a good idea to hack these in: Nope, they're not "secret events". Just plain illegal. Nothing to do with the (falsely) claimed The illegality of these mons are so outrageous that they're practically plain as day to see. There are some real events sprinkled throughout, but all in all, these files are just horrible. Too much illegals. User claiming they're legal. Hiding the post cause user is misrepresenting what they are. (I'll be leaving the quoting of the post intact, but removing the upload) I can't even imagine that I'm going to thank you for this (cause I typically get mentally turned off at wall of texts without line breaks nor proper grammar usage), but thanks @Delta Blast Burn for bringing such an egregious post to my attention. Based on the content of said user, the user is also on my watchlist now. And lastly: You're such a joke. You clearly don't understand the meaning of legal (Or maybe you're a troll, which in that case, well done, now shoo). Why don't you understand what legal means, before you try to create mons, huh? Edit: Clarification for clarification's sake. I don't see the merit in critique with no constructive feedback. Getting horrible hacks to pass through online services is not the definition of legal (appears to be the basis of the misinformed point you were trying to make). Legal typically refers to a mon that is indistinguishable from stuff you can obtain in-game (or via events) without abnormal gameplay. (Stuff like glitches or ACE constitute abnormal gameplay) For example, your Original Cap Pikachu from HeartGold? Totally not legal. Pikachu variant in the form of the Original Cap Pikachu does not exist in HeartGold. And that variant will not exist until distributed in Gen 7. Not to mention, as of writing, all of the cap variants (besides Partner Cap) were distributed as shiny locked. So if we compare your mon to one that was legally available, yours fail the mark miserably. Hence illegal. PKHeX is working as intended. Keep in mind the real definition of legal when you decide to craft mons. Check various databases (online sites like Serebii, Bulbapedia etc) to see if the mon you wanna make ever legally existed to begin with. So that fellow readers have an inkling to what I'm referring to, marvel at this hot piece of garbage:
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    But it trades so must be legal. My heartgold shiny original cap pikachus forged from the dust of Arceus. Bless me oh sysbot with this mon for it is indeed legitimate and disregard pkhex since it has garbage integrity
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    Dear fellow members, Please know that every game update will cause PKHeX to not work with any saves made in that game update. (PKHeX should continue to work for any other game saves, just not for the one from the recent game update.) As such, there is no need to keep posting threads and asking about it. Everyone knows about it. This kind of thing takes time to document and resolve. Probably nobody besides the PKHeX devs will know when PKHeX will be updated. And they have no obligation to give us an expected release date either. So everyone, let's just wait patiently, and check back regularly, alright Cheers. edit: View full article
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    I've been lurking for a while now, but I think I'm finally ready to add what information I know about the distribution ROM. I apologize if I repeat something that was already known, but I checked the last 5 or so pages, and I didn't find the information I have. The actual script data for the Aurora Ticket distribution starts at 0x12728. It is the raw data - unencrypted and uncompressed. Noteworthy is the fact that the checksum and header are not stored here. I edited the script to give me both the Aurora Ticket and Mystic Ticket, and it worked! This means the checksum is calculated dynamically, rather than stored elsewhere on the ROM. The Wonder Card starts at 0x14FB8. At least, that is where the checksum would be. I haven't confirmed if the checksum is calculated dynamically, but I can't find it stored anywhere in the ROM, so I'm assuming it's dynamic. I tried my hand at disassembly. Here's what I've learned: The disassemblers designed for generic ARM7-TDMI code don't like disassembling THUMB code. The disassemblers designed specifically for the GBA (e.g. luvdis) don't like disassembling ARM code. Overall, I'm bad at reading assembly code. Something (maybe) useful: the Wireless Adapter uses the 32-bit "normal" serial communication mode. (It sends data by writing to register 0x04000120.) Not strictly about the distribution ROM, but the "virtual" script functions (opcodes B8 through BF) can access data in the Wonder Card and Wonder News sections. Thus, a properly crafted Wonder Card could add an additional 320 bytes of script data. Finding a way to distribute Wonder News would add another 440 bytes of usable script data. I've been doing some digging into the decompilation projects, and I've found two functions that might be responsible for Emerald rejecting the distribution: "ValidateMEventClientHeader" / "sub_801B6A0" FireRed: https://github.com/pret/pokefirered/blob/2880cf2a51ea36fa36f00d9ecf07177e5955c882/src/mevent.c#L788 Emerald: https://github.com/pret/pokeemerald/blob/4dd3cc7b7691afb8ecd2e8af8b2ebfa717dd2414/src/mevent2.c#L380 "CheckCompatibility" Ruby: https://github.com/pret/pokeruby/blob/f839afb24aa2c7b70e9c28a5c069aacc46993099/src/mystery_event_script.c#L38 FireRed: https://github.com/pret/pokefirered/blob/2880cf2a51ea36fa36f00d9ecf07177e5955c882/src/mystery_event_script.c#L30 Emerald: https://github.com/pret/pokeemerald/blob/4dd3cc7b7691afb8ecd2e8af8b2ebfa717dd2414/src/mystery_event_script.c#L28 Given that "ValidateMEventClientHeader" appears in FRLG and Emerald, but not RS, I suspect it is this function that is used for the Wireless Adapter, while "CheckCompatibility" is used for the eReader. Regardless, as long as it is one of these two functions, the remedy is the same. Replace a 0x1 somewhere with 0x5, and replace a 0xF with 0x20F or 0x38F. Unfortunately, like the checksums, these values do not appear to be stored directly on the ROM. They are likely caused by MOVS or ADDS instructions, instead. I hope this helps, and let me know if there's anything else I can do to help.
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    I give you my most sincere opinion, I have been playing pokemon since I was 17 years old, I am already 39 on my way to 40, I have seen pokemon grow, by his side many people have grown up who have wanted to safeguard unique things from past generations, for example, Many of us want that pichu ear piku or pokemon that marked our childhoods or better times, to return, but always those of us who have understood microcomputing and programming, have respected the game itself, I use pkhex, but I almost always do it for events that may be forgotten over time, otherwise I do not edit or believe, because I like to breed pokemon, which is the grace of it, but keeping the events that are coming is like the conservation work that is now with the old games from the 80s, good jewelry is lost, because there is no mentality to preserve the good. Being here I have seen people who have kept the most wonderful events that we could not have in Europe or events that many could not have because they did not have those friends that they did, it is missing, but today, there is much interested who uses this tool for their own benefit rather than to preserve wonderful pokemon. Sorry for this long text, but I had to say it or it exploded.
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    @RetroAli made a great video on this event, you can check it out here!
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    O0 is Orion 0; aka galar dex R1 is Rigel 1; aka armor dex R2 is Rigel 2; aka crown dex The asterisks are duplicate entries as the galar dex has the same entry. The game uses the first available dex data. So don't edit asterisk entries. Orion is the codename of sword shield used internally by the game; Rigel is the codename for the two DLCs.
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    Hi Guys, I was feeling nostalgic last week so I decided to fire up my red and blue games to take a look at them. I also wanted to look at my mews that I got back in 1999 at Toys R Us giveaway during Black Friday. My sister, and brother and I were able to run through the line multiple times until we each got the sticker sheet that had the mew, thankfully the guy handing them out didn’t mind. I let my sister use one of my games to get the mew so I have two, though I’m unsure if my brother still has his. That led me to wonder how rare these are now which led me to here. Here are the two mews I have if you need any of their info or are interested in looking at them!
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    I just wanted to say thank you to the managers and those who keep this site running. Thank you for helping those like myself. I encourage others who have benefited from their knowledge to show some appreciation and to have some patience when new updates come out. THANK YOU!
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    if you try that method to send gen 8 from gen 7 pokebank to home they will become bad eggs in home
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    Geez can you wait. HOME is crashing right now. It'll be added when it can be claimed. edit: Here it is:
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    that's effectively the TL;DR of the long rant from that user
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    Ok so I think I have found another one. It’s a different trainer but the same one as mentioned above by @TotalTS being ヨッシー same IVs and it’s level 100. I will upload save file but just to show I’m not making this up any scrutiny of these save files is welcome and here is a pic to show I’ve gone through an aweful lot of cartridges to find these two
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    The National Ribbon is only legal on Shadow Pokemon that have been purified.
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    Oh look, everyone is asking for an update for something that just came out. Just wait patiently. It is out when it is out.
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    Just discovered this. Source: https://www.mercari.com/jp/items/m97703664853/
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    The info is now online: https://www.pokemon-movie.jp/tickets/benefits.php
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    Eventually! Having a hard time with emulation. I'll keep everyone updated.
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    It was tested. Initially: 1. They deleted anything with the same tracker ID. However it was discovered that Ninjask and Shedinja can have the same tracker ID, cause they evolved from Nincada. 2. They then blocked entry for duplicate trackers 3. They now allow entries of same trackers. It was recently tested.
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    Did you check Serebii? https://serebii.net/swordshield/galarpokedex.shtml https://serebii.net/swordshield/rankedbattle/series5.shtml
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    I have the bugged one, just haven't had the time to post it. edit:
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    only if the pokemon in question is fully legal. supposedly. if the server indeed tracks it, then yes. Do note that HOME trackers are given upon entering a different HOME account. Whether do they log the old tracker as related to the new tracker, still requires to be seen. Assumed, but not definite. Plus logging doesn't mean actively monitored. If they don't go through the records and act on it, it's rather pointless. The stats, when distributed, are clones. It's only "unique" because of HOME tracker, nickname, language etc.
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    Thanks for that! Looks like if they add any more new HA's down the line... Bank won't help us unlock them.
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    This, I'm curious about. Getting someone to test transfer from VC. I'll look into ORAS dexnav shortly. Don't think Weezing/Koffing is in friend safari. From what I can tell, anything from Entree forest will be HA, unless it doesn't have HA (at that time). (As far as I can tell, ability information isn't sent to the game. It's generated solely by the game)
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    The method has since been patched by HOME. So no point. Locking thread.
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    Hi everyone. A while back I bought a lot of japanese pokemon carts from japan. I dumped all the saves that were still there and have just had the time to go through them. On a copy of Pokemon blue I found a mew with the trainer: ルイージ and TID: 39156. I believe this may be a Nintendo Space World '97 Mew?
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    I understand there is a bit of a worry surrounding the lastest set of temporary online suspension bans for Sword/Shield. The mass majority of people who worry actually have nothing to worry about. The Sword & Shield titles are not like Fornite or Pokemon Go in that they are not operated on dedicated servers where the save files live. So, the save you are playing right now on Sword & Shield will never be scanned by GameFreak. The recent wave of "single title online suspensions" (or error code: 2124-4607) is issued to players who generated a LARGE number of errors on the Nintendo Online Service servers. While I cannot specifically speak to the Switch, I assume the back-end operates a lot like the 3DS does in which when a 1st party title (or in this case a title of developer whom Nintendo considers a 1st party developer like GameFreak) encounters an error which pertains to online active, a secondary error is reported to Nintendo (akin to how any Windows application can generate an error which can be reported to Microsoft's Windows' team.) This is entirely from online activity in which one or more users (players) generate enough errors in a short period of time in which it could be interferring with the Nintendo Online Service servers. This is where the recent wave of "single title online suspensions" come in which @theSLAYERtweeted and players are worrying about. The Sword & Shield Raids were programmed very flimsily. The TLDR instead of each player receiving a single ID code and checking the game's code (or downloaded Mystery Gift data), the Host transmits the all that data. This allows that data to be edited and players without a CFW Switch can interact with these edited Raids. The funny thing is while it does leave the game open to these Raids being edited, it's also a weird fail safe hacked Raids as this method programming leaves the Raids more holes than Swiss Cheese. It's very easy for an error to occur as each game attempts to patch the holes. (I am speaking on this topic as someone who tested a lot of offline edited Raids.) If you search YouTube or Twitch, you will find the majority of people Hosting online these hacked Raids are trying to do so for profit. You are 99.999999% never going to accidentally stumble into one of these Raids. These people are providing these hacked Raids for profit so their priority is ensuring happy customers by providing one of more of the following 3 things: 4-Digit Invite Code Locked Raids Friend Code for the hacked Switch so as a friend you get priority on the SwSh Stamps A period of time unlimited repeat time for customers (usually at least 30 minutes) before their access is cut-off somehow To provide the maximum amount of Raids, the Host will immediately close the SwSh program once the Raid starts which will leave the 3 joining players to defeat the current Raid. This allows the Host to get another 3 people going before the previous Raid starts. (I have done this with non-hacked Shiny Raids on a non-hacked Switch.) I would bet anything that as of v1.2.0 two things changed involving the secondary report that is issued to Nintendo: The Host and/or all players Nintendo Account IDs are transmitted with the Raid-related online errors. GameFreak and Nintendo have agreed lowered these types of errors detected to issue this type of ban. As I said above, 99.999999% of people are never going to accidentally encounter this ban. It's nothing to worry about for people not purposely hunting down these Hosts looking to make a quick buck off of you!
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    Last week, I already pre-ordered from an eBay seller (whom I have had good dealing with) for 4 of each code. The trust-worthy peeps on eBay wait until they receive confirmation of dates for receiving the codes with the movie/event ticket orders in Japan. #muchexcite (Wish I hadn't pooch'd my CFW Online this month to be able to share the loaded Gifts for the database.)
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    Got banned the other day, can say that you cannot use pokemon home whilst banned.
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    The question was "whether can it be hacked" not "whether can it be hacked via soundhax". Soundhax is software vulnerability, which I believe got subsequently patched. It's hardware vulnerability exploits that works for all firmwares. If you never could get the other methods to work, then you need to rely on ntrboothax.
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    A huge thanks man. Love you. This forum might have the fastest replies i have ever seen in my life and it is mostly you
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    You can use this to hack your 2ds https://3ds.hacks.guide/ I suggest you check point to menage your save games: https://github.com/FlagBrew/Checkpoint/releases Ps. I don't know if it was intentional but you took the same profile picture as @theSLAYER
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    If you are running Luma CFW you can always take a screenshot from the Rosalina menu (L+Down+Select by default). Else I have no idea if there's another way besides BootNTR.
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    I see that you are planning to add support for dungeon editing so I would like to help by posting everything I know about dungeon data in EoS, which I have compiled in this document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UfiFz4xAPtGd-1X2JNE0Jy2z-BLkze1PE4Fo9u-QeYo I hope this helps with the development and makes everything easier. I'll join the Discord too, so feel free to ask me anything if you want.
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    Hi! A few months ago I wondered if there are any tools to make custom PMD2 ROM Hacks. I found out that much work on the games had been done, but there wasn't really any user friendly GUI editor to make custom ROM hacks. So I decided, I'd give it a shot and try to make my own. This tool can edit both the ROMs of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky EU / NA. Now, before I begin, I want to stress that NONE of this would have been even remotely possible without people like @psy_commando, @Nerketur, @evandixon, @MegaMinerd or any of the other PMD ROM hackers. I'm not somebody who's good at reverse engineering ROMs or actually finding out how stuff works. They did all the hard work (especially Psy!) and they deserve all the credit for it! All I did was filling some gaps and building this editor, that I'll now present to you...: Features Map Background Editor Let's you view and edit the backgrounds of the map. Supports importing map backgrounds from image files. The collision of the map can also be changed. Scene Editor Let's you edit how the sprites of Pokémon and Objects are placed on the map and how cutscenes are built. Script Editor / Debugger Let's you edit the script files of the game and debug them in realtime. > Script Editing You can edit all scripts in the game with features like auto-completion and calltips. > Debugging You can set breakpoints and let the game halt at different parts of the code. > Debug Overlay A debug overlay shows you where objects, triggers and Pokémon are rendered and what their hitboxes are > Game State View the current state of the Ground Engine, the game's script engine: What scripts and scenes are currently loaded and which actors and objects are placed on the map? > Variables View and modify the current game variables in real time. > ExplorerScript ExplorerScript is a new high level language that the scripts in SkyTemple are written in. It is compiled to the binary code (SSB) that the game uses. ASM Patches Apply ASM patches to the game, with support for importing custom patches via ZIP files. Pokémon Data Basic support for editing Pokémon data and portraits also exists. Planned Features - Sprite editing via integration of Psy's Sprite Editor - Basic dungeon settings (layouts, floors, Pokémon, names, boss fights) - Editing Dungeon graphics - Editing items, moves, abilities (text and maybe some settings?) - Editing the credits - Editing the personality test and settings for the default Pokémon and available starters Source Code Can be found on GitHub: https://github.com/skytemple Downloads (Linux, Mac, Windows) Discord We have a Discord community for support: https://discord.gg/4e3X36f
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    Closing this thread. Zarude isn't Legal. If you don't even see if, you don't have a v1.2 save file open.
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    The Isle of Armor coverage has started, first commit here.
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    Since downloading the update for Pokemon sword for the new Dlc my save file is flagging as too large to open, not sure if will have to wait for a new pkhex update or not for this to be resolved but felt like it may help others just in cass they run into the same issue i am if it's noted on the forums that it is flagging for that
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    Real life events: In-game event: These are the only gen 3 Celebi events. There is an unused Celebi overworld sprites in FRLG (no subroutine known) and an unused Celebi in-game event for non-Japanese Colosseum, but none of them are "TIMEFLT". Probably just a way for people to get Celebi without Colosseum or external events..
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    Hello, I have this card and want to upload the scan of it to Bulbapedia as it's not on there yet but I can't upload due to not being a regular contributor. Not really sure how to get around this. In the meantime I would at like to at least get a scan of the card out there somewhere as it's quite rare. Here's the scan. https://imgur.com/OBkEoEn Thank you
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    Currently I don't have a higher quality scan of it, but I've dumped the card's data through an e+ reader. https://datomatic.no-intro.org/index.php?page=show_record&s=41&n=3212 The dump should be good as I scanned the card many times and got mostly the same data.
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    Just made some. To make them shiny, use Method 1 Reverse PID. Gen 3 - Shiny Unown incomplete.sav note: It's gonna be hard to control the forms, since forms is tied to PID in Gen 3. probably easier to simply gen a TID/SID combo that is legal with the PID of existing Unowns additional note: it appears PKHeX doesn't verify the forms legality in terms of location. (edit: it doesn't at time of writing. It does now) it might not check for encounter slot too.
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