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    There won't be a way to have those Pokémon be legal until the future. Unovan Darmanitan, while in SWSH right now, is unobtainable without HOME releasing in February 2020. Nidoran♂ is not available in SWSH and will be a part of the patch that'll release come the time The Crown Tundra DLC releases in Fall 2020. PKHeX correctly flags these two as illegal since, as of now, they're unobtainable without cheating.
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    I've downloaded the latest version of Pkhex and a file data of a Pikachu from the forum and it's now working. I don't know why, but the Pokemons I had create are not in the boxes. I'll have to be more careful with the websites I download the files. Thank you for your patience theSLAYER, you have been very helpful. The problem is solved. I'll let you know if I have more problems creating Pokémons from PKhex.
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