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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I was wondering how to use PKHeX to extract Pokemon data from battle videos stored on the 3DS's SD card? I want to use PKHeX for displaying Trainer's Pokemon data such as IVs, EVs, and original Trainer information, etc. Thank you for your help and support.
  2. I just got back on my DS and bought Black 2. I had a code for SS to press LR and get my party in box 1 slots 1-6. I was wondering if there was anyway to Extract all of the Pokemon from the code in PokeGen. BTW I would just trade up but I don't exactly have more than one DS at the moment. If it helps any the code is this and I found it online somewhere, and don't take credit for it. 94000130 fcff0000 b2111880 00000000 e000f710 00000088 f0c7a9fe 2b860000 1b9cbc34 e06f4ecf cae6b990 7a79e75f dbe7a463 2ea9d526 02c01f9e 54841946 17e3e2df 512b82a5 858c21f3 1e0563eb 0d2df102 521b225b 2f04202e b4ba688c d748c3e9 522ed639 797752cd d9225477 367ef4f8 1355520e fd1df9ec 229a8219 f5ea16bd 8a7fef41 3134115b 8b0978c4 ebc26cf1 82fd15ec f85b1fa6 905f4970 e000f798 00000088 9bd704f4 aa020000 69863377 5e1f2e87 dce36dad 5dc371ae 582cd620 592c20f3 807612de e90f2f7a 3e799b4d f725293b ef93fb3c fca8eb67 84f71d8b fc7616fe 8cd5b209 cd237e53 e440abc2 10e87cfa 7a6fd86b bf45865f 9e4f94c5 008ebad6 6ab7f9be 0aa6ecf2 3a2e9300 06eea8f5 00441ef2 c0e40cac 6238307b 278d9358 c45b276b ec401300 e000f820 00000088 1e63c4f0 ba230000 a95213bc 74753e5f f1d7f3cb 044ca562 034225ad 5ac956b0 0d1e537b 7f38ec28 1c388536 80e98ab4 7dede024 e5e713ec 74b0dff0 ac8dfcb2 4ff4d5ec 9f5cb2db 8a0d0a76 120e7655 265646fc 5beae45f 01976876 a3591819 6dbd1e82 ceb94a22 802f0d49 ae93c663 5ff4d10f 4bba5c2a f4ada673 cbebae76 d5fea47c 28deff99 e000f8a8 00000088 3dbd97f2 940e0000 8fa73e2f f7810a6a dbb5aed7 0afc00ae 69616c93 556ed337 130b6984 5f530c50 4223ca72 166cecc8 7bd30d57 7dc219a6 13dd7574 59ea4cd4 13a7ceef 5d890bdb 473887f3 9a20ca2a fafad341 3bed057f 3d979e35 c0742309 dcd59ff6 69ba5af4 34795dcb 4ad12293 e7544a18 aa459f71 436813ea 7cd60724 5203ece7 6b3ff2bd e000f930 00000088 1e63c4f0 c2920000 23cfcadb dca1e3c4 b12128fb 14789e1b f30167c8 c27c7a4a 654ba3e3 86ceda02 c3573b32 6b9790bd a2e6882d 5f487d0b 06d1f038 0022b44f a3d01d74 68fbd2da 416878dd 06416ca8 027bca85 b73fe873 31695dc1 bf9ee3ad aa880e64 4d2fe2d5 a172f5cd 9505d5e9 59db6765 2dd53c07 b1293d63 974b1283 a9f49351 5653b2e5 e000f9b8 00000088 1e63c4f0 21400000 89a901dd 897ba766 413940e4 fa155fce 618bc958 70c88a27 9eceb2c2 ad921f23 bab4fbbe 1756c416 782954bc fc306594 e94cd673 59db9133 91483ee3 d9531bbd 787678b6 e0bba219 764df9d6 df812a62 ae384cb6 38c03734 889c5476 6fe5cc5a aafb465c 7b766e29 1bec6e2f 9d332f35 63690eda 8848379d 9a81e7b0 482882c5 d2000000 00000000
  3. ... I'm in a long time Please let us know if there's a way that ;;;;
  4. ._. I have no idea whatsoever how to remove the .sav file from my current Pokemon Platinum Rom. I'm using the no$gba emulator. I have PokeSav, since cheats are crashing the game, and so I would like to know how to remove the .sav file from the rom, and then put it back it. .-. Any help is greatly appreciated, and you get some of this. --> :grog:
  5. I want to do this mainly to create a TRU Arceus distribution cart, but I first need the Wonder Card. I went to TRU to get the event, and have a SAV file of Platinum with the Wonder Card on it. Is there a way I can extract it? Also, I was just wondering about the status of the whole db.pokesav.org site. I used to use it to get event Wonder Cards, but it appears that it is no longer being maintained. Is there an alternate site that is hosting events? Sorry for n00bish questions, but I'm not very experienced or knowledgeable about the SAV editing scene. All I've done so far is backup SAVs and create distro carts from Wonder Card files, and I haven't done that since the TRU Regigigas event.
  6. hi im new to this site and uhhh sorry to not introduce my self and dive right in to it first but can any one tell me if i could extract pkm files that i could use in pokesav form the deposited pokemon in battle revolution i my pearl version got erased and i really REALLY need to get my pokemon back some of them were event pokemon that i really want back and i still have them saved in battle revolution so if i could get the backup from battle revolution would their be away to extract data from it that i can turn into a pkm file to just pokesav ar code them back into my pearl version and if so how THANKIES SO MUCH FOR THE HELP (sorry if this is the3 wrong form hehe (^.^)' )
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