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  1. does any1 know where i can download pokesav ds? the pokesav version that u can use on ds. i remember i downloaded it a while ago. but i don`t know where i downloaded from. and i don`t talking about ppse-ds
  2. have anyone tried action replay media edition or action replay dsi? got media edition but i haven`t bought the game yet.
  3. can some1 get me a movie arceus,shokotan pichu and a totodile lvl 45 with surf ice beam brick break fly holding rainbow wing (item to meet ho-oh in hgss) and arceus holding silver feather( item to meet lugia) fc 0560 7540 2184
  4. does some1 know where i can buy a good gba flash cart? please with these feature IF possible. action replay feature. and it works with GBA SP.
  5. i just downloaded the pokesavDS thing. but it doesn`t work on my R4i. it just get a white screen and nothing else happens...
  6. ok thanks.. now i know when it will come to me...
  7. i was just wondering if consolesource.com was safe to buy from. i want to buy http://www.consolesource.com/ecomm/catalog/NDS-Backup-Adapter-p-2815.html#features.
  8. can cyclo evolution play both nds and gba games? if not can u say a flashcart that can? and has action replay feature?
  9. i was just wondering why ray aren`t on? haven`t seen him in a while.
  10. can some1 get me a shokotan pichu, a movie arceus, and a wobuffet with max ivs and evs with hardy nature. holding leftovers? need them traded to my heart gold.
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