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  1. I keep forgetting to post this and I don't even have the time to test this out, but when hacking a ROM, if you set fully evolved Pokemon to evolve to themselves at level 100, would they then be considered "NFE" thereby making eviolites give them Def/SpDef boosts? I haven't done any ROM hacking/editing in a while, but I know you can change the way Pokemon evolve and choose what they evolve into. If someone can test this out, it should theoretically work on both Black/White(2) and XYORAS. Otherwise, I guess you could set them to evolve to a dummy 'mon (Mewtwo evolves to Caterpie at level 50). L
  2. It's been a loooong time, but finally, I've discovered how the BDHC files work. Please, if you are gonna copy this post in other site, give credits! First of all, I have to thank JayT, who discovered how is the file structured in different parts. Now, I'm gonna explain what does each part. Part P Sets the coordinates of certain points, used later to build rectangles or "plates" of different heights in the Part S. The structure of each element is the following one: 00 00 XX XX 00 00 YY YY XX XX are the coordinates in the X-axis, and YY YY the Y-axis ones. Keep in mind that the origin of
  3. With this article posted pokebeach. I decided to try to see If I could modify and even add new formes to the game. The data chart in the article can be found in a/0/1/6, the stats files. The files in the narc match up to each Pokemon's national pokedex number. after 649 are the stats for formes. I am not sure what file 668 is, I added my two new files as file 669 and 670. For the Pokemon you want to add a forme too, open the file that matches there pokedex number and edit these offsets. offset 0x1C(2 byte) = Nobis offset 0x1E(1 byte) = Sprite offset 0x20(1 byte) = Formes Make the Nobis eq
  4. Some simple tools to edit stuff that didn't have an editor (yet). Mart Editor (B2W2 Mart Inventory Editor) Image: Instructions: Use kiwi.ds to extract all of the files from the PokeMart NARC (a282 for B2/W2) [Open] -> Select folder with all of the files [save] to save all of your edits. Use PPNFR or kiwi.ds to build a new NARC out of the edited files. Pretty straightforward, operates like Kazo's BWTE. Egg Move Editor Image: Instructions: Use kiwi.ds to extract all of the files from the Egg Move NARC (a124 for B2/W2) [Open] -> Select folder with all of the files [sav
  5. I've tried working on my own expansion of the rather disappointing XY Pokedex, increasing it from 72 (there are actually 3 unreleased Pokemon in the game's code; look it up) to a more respectable 113 (technically 111 since there are two unstated Pokemon), and I'm thinking I want to make a Black/White (2?) hack that includes the now 113 extra Pokemon, as well as following a brand new storyline. (WARNING: THIS WILL FURTHER REQUIRE THE INCLUSION OF FAIRY-TYPE, AS WELL AS SEVERAL FEATURES THAT I'M NOT SURE CAN BE IMPLEMENTED INTO THE GAME PROPERLY). Changes: -Two new main characters (Thomas an
  6. Pokemon Hoenn White has returned! Pokemon Hoenn White EX will be: EX-tra hard EX-tra fun EX-tremely addictive to play ___________________________ To get things clear: THIS IS NOT A REMAKE OF RUBY/SAPPHIRE/EMERALD AND NEVER WILL BE. IT IS DEFINITELY NOT IN THE HOENN REGION ___________________________ Now that is said, onto the introduction Introduction ___________________________ This is my second edition of my Hoenn White hack series. I started this version of the hack about a month ago due to many requests for me to put my old Hoenn White hack back up after I took it down d
  7. (This is my first edit of a Pokemon game and my first post in the forum, so if i'm not allowed to post this then please remove it with my complete understanding) POKEMON EVlution (White hack) "Set in the Unova Region, you and your friends have just received an Eevee as your first Pokemon. Your task? To journey through the Unova Region and defeat the eight (technically eleven) Gym Leaders and stop the dastardly Team Plasma and their leader N!" FEATURES: Pokedex The game features a slightly edited original 150 Pokedex, with only a few exceptions, e.g., not enough Ghost-type pokemon for t
  8. I've managed to make a patch for the Battle Subway for BW & BW2. The list with changes made by me are at this link: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?jcp91l58n9pyrz7 Here's what the patch does: -Increase number of Pokemon in database to 1612 -All trainers in Normal line have a huge Pokemon roster -Few Super Line Pokemon were edited in terms of moveset, items and EV spread -Partner Pokemon roster is 464 (310 in Attack and 154 in Defense) NOTE: If you already have a patched rom, such as BlazeBlack2... don't worry. Use the NitroExplorer to extract the narcs from the clean rom that's been
  9. As the title said, I'm developing a BW trainer editor. Main reason: KazoWar's BW trainer editor work great, but the user need to extract the narc, then break the narc into the respective files, which I think not very user friendly for people who's new to this. Main feature of what I'm going to do: Will do all the narc-extracting and narc-decompilation on its own; user just need to load ROM, do what they want with the trainers, and save back into the ROM. Advantage of KazoWar's tool: More light-weight, and you can also say safer way. Screen shot of how the tool looks like: C
  10. Pokémon Gray, a remake of Pokémon Black, White, Black 2 and White 2. Introduction: Hi all, I'm thinking of doing a history hackrom collecting Pokémon Unova Pokémon Black and White and Black and White 2 called Pokémon Gray/Grey. The story would be Hilbert and Hilda starring in his journey through Unova mixing history of this region of the anime and manga as main story and the remaining after the Pokémon League. For example: start the standard story of Pokémon Black and White battling the gym leaders that appear in the anime with the manga events after the league will follow the story th
  11. welcome, i am working on a new version of pokemon white, it's called pokemon lightning white many trainers have other pokemon, some gym leaders will be different, and you are playing a shadow triad, i still have to edit the fishing sprite. and instead of the elemental monkeys, you will recieve a kanto starter! and also, are you getting sick of the bicycle? now you will get a motorcycle and you will get it a lot earlier. soon there will come the first beta version, i hope you will like it progressing edit: player edit: 90%(only the fishing sprite must be edited) elemental monkey
  12. Hi. As you can see, I'm quite an inactive member of this forum, so today I decided to share a program that I create myself. A Wild Pokemon Editor. Currently, the editor is capable of editing Pokemon encountered in all the location in the game with the exception of White Forest (impossible to edit from the ROM/NARC). Notes: As of version 1.0.4, this program/tool now support both NARC and ROM (.nds). This means, for those who does not has any experience with NitroExplorer can now edit the ROM directly. I had not finished Pokemon Black, so I might made a mistake on encounters of some loc
  13. Hello people, This is the new thread of the Pokémon Hard White & Hard Black topic. We're still looking for other hackers, if you want to join in post it! This is the progress so far: Screenshots: Bugs: Downloads: Pokémon Dark Black will be created after Pokémon Bright White is done! Stay Tuned for more!
  14. Hello everybody, I'm making a new hack for Pokémon Black and White, it's going te be extremly hard. They're named Pokémon Hard Black and Hard White (if you have an idea for a better name please post it) Screenshots Progress: Bugs: Downloads: I'm still looking for other hackers who wants to join, if you want to join, please post it! Stay tuned for more!
  15. This is a rom edit of pokemon black and white where you can obtain all 649 pokemon. The difficulty of the game has been increased as well as various changes to pokemon moves and the pokemon themselves. Changes from the original versions: -All 649 pokemon are obtainable one way or another. To have version differences in the game, a pokemon may be found later in the game instead of finding it early like the other, or a pokemon may be more common to find. -Another version exclusive is how often you will require to play in a rotation/triple battle. Each game will have more matches of each type
  16. Hi guys, I'm fairly new to ROM Hacking, but I've already got a hack in production underway, which you can find information on in the ROM Edit Ideas section (Probably gonna recreate it in the Progressing Edits once I get up to the first gym done and release a beta test version). It will include things like Edited trainers, pokemon stats, pokemon types, new wild pokemon, etc. But of course, I had to learn how to edit this data. I did most of the stats and types and such by using a tool by TwistedFatal, but with changed types, of course came other things like, for example, the TMs and HMs that ea
  17. Alright, so first off, this is by no means a pretty thread yet, as i have no screenshots and no download links yet. This will all be changed when the first Beta is finished. Now onto the subject of this hack. This is a hack of Pokemon White that is supposed to make it more difficult. It will contain.... -Edited Pokemon Movesets -Edited Pokemon Stats -Every Battle will be edited -Every TM and evolutionary stone will be available before the E4. -Said Evo Stones will be given to you in greater quantities than just one (Probably 3) -Every Important trainer will have 6 Pokemon -Starters and
  18. Ok so my whole idea behind this ROM hack is to basically up the difficulty level of Black and White. Here are the ways I am doing this. -Increasing the level curve -Adding in Stronger and more diverse wild pokemon -Giving every gym leader six pokemon -Modifying the stats of some pokemon (including things like type and ability) -Modifying move data to make some moves more useful -Editing Item locations So far, I have edited the stats of every pokemon I wanted to edit, and I have changed the movepools of the starters and the monkeys and all their evolutions. I have also edited quite a few
  19. I have been editing attacks using prc_bw. My goal is to make various 'useless' attacks that generally are not beginning moves (like tackle) have improved power, accuracy, additional affects, etc. I have recorded my changes thus far here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AvoKYffiN3-zdG42aWpKTjBLdUUxY29GdXZPLXRFSVE&hl=en_US Any constructive comments would be appreciated. I am especially concerned about making moves too powerful. A few notes: - A multi hit move with an additional effect-I think each hit has a separate chance to work, I still have not tested this. - A move th
  20. After seeing many Pokemon ROM hacks, and not liking most of them. I have decided to make my own, suiting my own desires; that in which I like to call "Absurd level of difficulty that is absolutely not for the faint of heart" As a rule, I dislike breaking the game by editing bases stats and adding moves that the player can have access to. Instead, I like to give advantages to the AI to make up for their lack of perception of danger, one in which is giving AI moves that they cannot learn normally (most of the time would be because that I cannot give a specific type of Hidden Power to the AI,
  21. Hey guys this is my first post. I wanna introduce you to some old face, battle Steven. Battle Barry, Team Galactic boss Giovanni, battle legends in B/W like Rayquaza, Giratina, etc. And have new starters, choise 3 starters off ALL starters (bulbasaur, charmander, blastoise, chikorita, cyndaquil, totodile, treecko, torchik, mudkip, turtwig, chimchar, piplup, snivy, tepig, oshawott) and with some old school wild pokemon. I got al the tools but idk how to use them, can someone make me a B/W rom with these kinda things, i would be happy with the rebattles, but the starters just make it happen.
  22. It's been a couple of weeks since BW has been out in English, so it's time to release the new Project Pokemon ROM Editor. This version includes a heavy amount of Pokemon and Move editing as well as Trainer editing. In addition, Map editing has been improved with overworlds incorporated and a full 3D editor. Sprites can be edited too. Example of the map edit screen: Download link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2030539/ppre/V/ppre-v_b04.exe
  23. Hack of: Pokemon White Wish Unova played like a more Difficult Pokemon game while still following the Unova Rule*? Wish the Pokemon of Unova had decent Level-Up movepools? Wish the Trainers were tougher without being stupidly tough? Wish Certain Pokemon were available earlier earlier? Wish You could be a shut-in and still get those pesky Trade Evolvers? *Unova Rule-Only Unova Pokemon Pre-Game Well Look No Further! Pokemon Purest White! Level-Up Moves have changed. Later Trainers all carry Eviolites on their Unevolved Pokemon (All Gym Leaders bar-Straiton use it) Veterans use Max R
  24. I'm making a PokeTex file list(yes, there is Kazo tool, but i have free time ) Here you are, there are only 25 for now. I use the 9.nds file hero, 53DC hero_cycle, 9804 hero_swim, BA6C heroine, C384 heroine_cycle, 107AC heroine_swim, 12A14 BW_Over, 1332C BW_Over, 1515C BW_Over, 160C8 BW_Over, 17034 BW_Over, 17FA0 BW_Over, 18F0C BW_Over, 19E78 BW_Over, 1B870 BW_Over, 1C7DC BW_Over, 1D748 BW_Over, 1E6B4 BW_Over, 200AC BW_Over, 21AA4 BW_Over, 2349C BW_Over, 24E94 BW_Over, 25E00 BW_Over, 26D6C BW_Over, 27CD8 BW_Over, 28C44 BW_Over, 29BB0 BW_Over, 2AB1C BW_Over, 2BA88 BW_Over, 2C9F4 BW_Over, 2D
  25. We all remember the Translation work our amazing team did, right? I was wondering if we can take all the english from an English version of the game and load it into the Kanji fileset of a Japanese version (setting up so we can swtich between a Japanese version and an English version on the fly!) I remember this being implimented with the translation patch. I figure it shouldnt be to hard to take the ALREADY translated files from an english game and plug them into a Japanese one where the Kanji tab's script would go. If anyone knows how to do this, or has a patch already, could it be menti
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