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  1. i posted a new one, so it stands by new threads, but the first time i posted a new one, i first didn't saw it, so i made a new one again, but i don't know how to delete a thread
  2. this one: http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=244408
  3. i am editing pokemon white, but the title screen editing wont work, could someone please edit it for me? if you wanna do it, i will pm the title screen image i wanna have to you, thank you
  4. i am sorry, but i only need to edit the title screen, then i will pm it to you, but the editing of the title screen just wont work.
  5. if you wanna be my beta tester, post it on my game thread, i only need to do a few things, then you can test it
  6. here are some tools i'm using for pokemon black & white editing: bw editing tools
  7. i've got some useful information if you are editing pokemon heartgold and soulsilver: a/0/4/6: title screen a/0/5/8: trainer front sprites a/0/8/1: overworld sprites a/0/9/3: fly overworlds a/1/2/0: new game screen a/1/5: pokeathlon a/1/7/4: ... a/1/8/6: other overworlds pbr/pokegra.narc: pokemon battle sprites but, in a/0/0/4 are also pokemon battle sprites note: you need to open pokegra.narc with pokedspic dp
  8. and with the alder fly action, i can help you, i also edited the flying sprites myself
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