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  1. PPRE 2.2.0 has some problems with Pokemon editing... I'm editing the ROM for Black 2 and here's the problems I have with this Pokemon editing bugs so far: 1. Doesn't save edited data for the following: -Staryu -Electabuzz -Elekid -Magby -Torterra -Chimchar -Roserade -Magmortar -Togekiss -Pansear -Excadrill -Sawk -Lilligant -Garbodor -Zorua -Vanilluxe -Amoonguss -Klinklang -Golett line -Heatmor -Meloetta Forget it... this program DOES NOT export to a new rom
  2. a/2/1/4 & a/2/1/5 (Pokemon narc & Trainer narc) for BW a/2/1/1 & a/2/1/2 for BW2
  3. I've managed to make a patch for the Battle Subway for BW & BW2. The list with changes made by me are at this link: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?jcp91l58n9pyrz7 Here's what the patch does: -Increase number of Pokemon in database to 1612 -All trainers in Normal line have a huge Pokemon roster -Few Super Line Pokemon were edited in terms of moveset, items and EV spread -Partner Pokemon roster is 464 (310 in Attack and 154 in Defense) NOTE: If you already have a patched rom, such as BlazeBlack2... don't worry. Use the NitroExplorer to extract the narcs from the clean rom that's been patched for the Battle Subway and reinsert them in the rom you're currently playing. Leave feedback and any suggestions of who should I fix in the Super Line and enjoy fighting in the ultimate Battle Subway. Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/io1214wdgsufxad/BattleSubwayPatch.zip
  4. Have anyone forgotten about the fact that there were event Pokemon that seemed to be a once-in-a-lifetime event? Before I had a personal computer or learned of PokeGen and whatnot... I've NEVER in my life had an event Pokemon because I lived too far to go to where it was distributed and there was limited transportation for me. With PokeGen I had the event Pokemon I needed and in the Battle Facilities... how come the enemies and CPU-controlled-partner PKMN have maximum IVs. If they rid of PokeGen for Gen VI... it will be unfair because the CPU-Pokes have Max IVs in Battle Facilities and we players don't. I'm not complaining here because there are chances you can get a Pokemon with 31 IVs in one or more stats.
  5. Hey, Drayano, I really enjoy your BlazeBlack2 a lot! I haven't found any problems at all so far, and I'm already on the path to the 7th badge. I was wondering of contributing to your hack by modifying the entire Battle Subway data (Trainers and Pokemon). Thanks to a tool by Andibad, and Andibad himself, I'm currently compiling a list of non-Unova Pokemon I'm planning to add to the Battle Subway and modify the current Super Line Pokemon that's already there. It will take me some time, believe me because I'm doing this using a Hex editor... If you ever plan on a re-release... hopefully I'll be finished.
  6. I managed to add 2 more slots to Emmett's list... but how I fix the Pokemon list ID? edit: nevermind... i figured out how... thanks to your pwt/subway viewer once again.
  7. I'd to greatly thank those who came up with the Hex editor and Andibad for his PWT/Subway viewer. I've finally finished coming up with the list of possible EV spreads for the enemy Pokemon in the Battle Subway/PWT Here's an example: A000 7F00 F200 1801 0800 0A03 0A01 The 2 digits in red on this line is the EV spread. This is the Feraligatr I modified... giving it the exact moves my Feraligatr have. Anyway... Those 2 digits "0A" mean that Feraligatr has 255 EVs for Attack & Speed. Here's the link for the complete list of EV spread via Hex to view: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?t812v8mdih5dwe2 This might make you come up with your own version of the Battle Subway/PWT. Now if only someone can come up with a Battle Subway editor to add more Pokemon and enlist them in a trainer's roster... I would've done it myself... but I don't know anything about compiling stuff together to make an editor.
  8. Is there an option to add a battle line or this has to be done differently?
  9. I think they did that with Marill in Gen III because Azurill's a Normal type and has a different gender ratio than Marill. Well I've got nothing else at the moment.
  10. It depends on their stats through in their final evolved forms, but I personally will choose Froakie.
  11. I really like this tool! I can't wait to test my PWT Downloads out when I'm finish editing!
  12. You can try doing an all-in-one tool. Just make sure to double check everything.
  13. I really enjoy this tool but it doesn't let me save the IVs of the Pokemon when I edit them. Everything else is good.
  14. Maybe the PWTMT? (Pokemon World Tournament Managing Tool?) I'm just trying to help out here with a suggestion...
  15. I like that tool but I agree with Prof. 9. There should be a better name other than PWT Editor. Can't think of a good name as a suggestion...
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