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  1. Kinda late for posting this, but one of my Gen 6 files (Omega Ruby one) has somehow got a female Zoroark from that Zoroark with Sludge Bomb event last 2015. Too bad I haven't took a photo/video of it years ago. The .wc6 file is extracted via PkHex Here's the compressed file with the Female Zoroark: Card # 0556 - It's a Zoroark full of tricks! (F).zip
  2. Can I request codes involving Safari Zone for the Japanese versions of HGSS? Especially the "All Safari Blocks" & "Max Level Safari Blocks". I think I remembered using those codes for JPN HGSS last 2012, but I dunno how I got them since it was years ago. When checking the latest usrcheat.dat, it still doesn't have the Safari Codes for Japanese HGSS. It seems all languages have codes for Safari Zones, except Japanese Been searching in Google, but no luck.
  3. Can you post the links again @Kaphotics? Those Dropbox links are now dead links.
  4. Can somebody please re-activate Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, & Mewtwo in my save file? For some reason, the event flag resetter won't work in PkHex (only a few will work though, such as the 3 Starters) Here's my save file... Kirby.sav
  5. Any AR codes or hex offsets to unlock being able to use party pokemon in Pokestar Studios for all scripts (whether unlocked already or still locked)? There's none so far in the internet (all I see are unlocking all scripts, but that's something else)
  6. For some reason, the option to edit battle points for Gen 5 saves is not available. It's not found in the Trainer Info nor in the Misc Edits buttons. However, it is present for Gen 4 saves though... Hope it's added to the next update too.
  7. Anyway, Smea already stated in Twitter... "it looks like browserhax is being gradually blocked on old firmware versions. i'd urge people w/ no other hax to install themehax ASAP" So try to get/re-install themehax asap, whether 2.1 or 2.5 (if it doesn't crash after turning your 2DS/3DS to sleep mode, it should be 2.5). I might probably not update unless all hax are blocked even without updating, or until my PokeBank expires on March 23 next year otherwise EDIT: There's also a tutorial on gbatemp about installing 2.5 or 2.1 Themehax --> https://gbatemp.net/threads/tutorial-how-to-install-2-5-on-themehax-manually.400784/
  8. Tried to re-install Themehax by choosing another theme to uninstall it, & trying to reinstall it via Browserhax, so I can access Homebrew e-Shop (does it only have eShop XML & eShop.smdh but no eShop.3dsx?) ... but when trying to reinstall Themehax, I always get this message: "Invalid HTTP content-size 0x0000a468. Failed to download the actual payload with HTTP: 0xfffffffd. Install failed: 0xfffffffd. Press the START button to exit." Why is this? EDIT: Still the same even if I get the latest Themehax installer & boot.3dsx files. EDIT 2 : Solved... I just got the offline themehax installer.
  9. Is the latest update also compatible with some Homebrews? Has anyone tested? Smea is working on it: https://twitter.com/smealum But he didn't mention if the Homebrew works with the latest update... Still a bit confused about this.
  10. Ahh I see. Kinda thought previously that you're unable to edit retail carts if you only have retail OoT ^^
  11. BTW, what's the disadvantage of having a retail of OoT? Is it that you can't edit your other retail carts if you're using a retail OotHax?
  12. And there's another update for the 3DS. Does this one block all homebrew?
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