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  1. Wow, I basically disappeared for several months (got very into a series of Ribbon Master runs, and then Skyrim) - this is amazing, all the kudos!
  2. There are people working on it (allegedly with success), that have been floating around on Discord, so at worst it's only a matter of time
  3. Yeah, sorry about that, I'm awful with names. So basically once you have the ROM open in Pk3DS, just click on the Mega Evolution button (highlighted in first picture). Then you enter the Pokemon you want to edit in the top dropdown, check "enabled" on the leftmost column (with the header "evolution 1), choose the item you want to act as the Mega Stone (in XY/ORAS, literally any item will work, even something that has a Hold effect like Leftovers), and then select the desired Mega Forme number from the last dropdown box (Pk3DS lists them just as <Pokemon name> <number>, so you'll have to go by the sprite that appears in the right-hand box (Eternal Floette is Floette 5). This works for any Pokemon that has multiple Formes. You can even give multiple trigger items for the Mega Evolution, by enabling Evolutions 2 and 3, and filling out everything else the same, but giving a different trigger item each time.
  4. The Dance moves in Gen XY are: Feather Dance, Fiery Dance, Dragon Dance, Lunar Dance, Petal Dance, Quiver Dance, Swords Dance, & Teeter Dance - there aren't many Pokemon that even learn two of them, even more so when you ignore the Feather Dance... I'd recommend doing some combination of the following: Edit Feather Dance to have a more useful effect Edit an existing Mega to have a Type/Ability combination that makes sense with some combination of these moves Make an existing Forme Change into a Mega Evolution (for example, you can use the Mega Evolution editor to make Cherrim Mega Evolve into its Sunshine Forme when holding the Venusaurite, and then edit Cherrim Sunshine Forme's stats & Ability to match that). Cherrim is a particularly tempting choice because you could make Cherrim Sunshine into a Grass/Fire Type (and still make sense), and have it be able to learn Fiery Fance, Petal Dance, and Quiver Dance as a decent moveset. You'd probably want to give Cherrim Sunshine a different Ability, though (what I usually do for things like this is only edit the Hidden Ability, and then for the trainers who I give the Mega to, I make sure to set that Pokemon to its Hidden Ability). For Tierno - Medicham, Mawile, Alakazam, Gengar. Alakazam is the most obvious. Alternately, you could make Zen Mode Darmanitan into a Mega (since it's basically all head).
  5. So as things stand now, the flags that have names next to them are wrong, those have the same values for every single move, it is the latter number-only flags that are 'real'. Conveniently, they match up in order (e.g. F17 is MakesContact, F18 is Charge (turn), etc.) Unfortunately, a number of properties, including "is a Pulse Move", "is a Punch move", etc. are not indicated by these flags, but are either hardcoded into the scripts for the things for which they matter (Mega Launcher, Iron Fist, etc.), or there are lookup tables in some file somewhere. Unfortunately, at this time, I am not aware of anyone being successful in finding the relevant scripts or lookup tables for any of these things - I suspect that we might not have a good handle on this until 3DS scripting is better understood and tools for handling it are produced (at this time, the community has only just started to really get good with the NDS scripts)
  6. I assume you are asking how to do this for trainers who have hold items disabled, and that you are using pk3DS. You have multiple options: Enable hold items for that trainer (just check the box next to "items", and you will be able to set held items for that trainer). This will have no negative impact on anything else. Set the form of the Pokemon to its Mega form - it will be sent out already in its Mega state. If it has one mega form, then you will want to select Form "<pokemon name> 1", if it has an X and a Y variant, then the X will be that one, and the Y will be 2. For extra difficulty, you can also both enable items AND set the initial form to the mega form, and give the Pokemon some useful hold item (e.g. in the example for option 2, giving that Mega Kangaskhan a Life Orb).
  7. The AI value is a byte composed of one-bit flags, add up the values of the flags you want. If the value is 0, the game will basically choose a move at random. With each active flag, that random behavior is modified in some way. Note that the numbers on the left are decimal values 1 - Will not use ineffective moves (e.g. Earthquake against a Flying Type), will be more likely to use Super Effective moves 2 - Checks to see if a move will have no effect (e.g. Thunder Wave on a Pokemon that is already Paralyzed), or if a move will very possibly have no effect (e.g. if the opponent's Evasion is raised, more likely to use something like Swift or Aura Sphere). 4 - If the Pokemon has a move that will definitely knock out the opponent if it hits, it will use it. Will always select a high-priority move if it will do so (if it has multiple options) 8 - On the first turn, will always use a Status move (Thunder Wave, Light Screen, Dragon Dance, etc) --- I'm not sure if these actually do anything in the 3DS games, I do know they did in the GBA era: 16 - Will use risky moves more often. This includes suicide moves like Explosion, OHKO moves like Horn Drill, moves conditional on opponent actions like Focus Punch or Mirror Move, moves with a high crit chance, Belly Drum, etc. 32 - Prefers to use strongest damaging moves --- 64 - Likes to use Baton Pass (so basically only useful on a trainer that is doing a Baton Pass chain. 128 - Double/Triple Battle AI (if not enabled, AI will do things like attack its teammate in Double/Triple battles). So basically all trainers you want to have at decimal 7 (= 1+2+4). If the trainer is a Double or Triple Battle trainer, you want the value set to 128 + 7 = 135. I suspect that the person you are quoting was using the hexadecimal representation, decimal 135 is hexadecimal 87
  8. Has anyone else been experiencing crashes in Shoal Cave at high tide? I think I might have tracked down the problem - working in PK3DS, the encounter data for the last few Shoal Cave rooms is all zeroed out, but when I tried editing them to add in encounter(s), it deletes the changes... So there might be some weird glitch either with something in this ROMhack, or something with Pk3DS in general?
  9. You can pull names and weights from Bulbapedia (I've done it myself, just takes a couple of minutes even to just copy+paste into Excel and manipulate it into whatever form you need).
  10. Does the reward item for completing the national trigger anything, or is it just a completion trophy? I wrote a couple of generic difficulty-increasing patching programs, I am just about done with a playthrough of this romhack with those patches on top :) Is this a NEW UPDATE??? Or just a reupload
  11. I seem to have unintentionally set the Beat Elite 4 flag in my White 2 save, and it is breaking things - does anyone know which flag that is?
  12. Could someone point me to where and how USUM stores the data on variant formes? I seem to have somehow deleted whatever reference makes Cherrim's sun forme connect to its base form. In the personal editor, Cherrim's base forme (421) has a 1 in "Formes Count", its name is rendered as just "- 823", and in the Mega Evolution editor, it no longer recognizes Cherrim as having multiple formes. I'm not sure how that happened, but I assume a value was unintentionally overwritten, so I hope to just fix it manually.
  13. How are you playing the edited game? (On Citra or on homebrew, and if the latter, which method are you using?)
  14. In the USUM trainer editor, what does the Flag checkbox next to the Money dropdown do? Whenever an enemy trainer's Blastoise mega-evolves, when it faints the game registers it as fainted (fainting animation, experience distributed) but the HP bar remains with what looks like a single HP remaining, and the battle will not end, nor can the Blastoise be hit by anything I've tried outside of Hail and Sandstorm... This does not happen for any other Mega Evolution.
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