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  1. Huh - Z-Crystals work for mega-evolutions: if the Pokemon can use that Z-Crystal, the Z-move button shows up, and works as normal, and the following turn, the Mega-evolution button will have replaced it. The other way - for the species-specific Z-moves (the ones you can set in Personal): If both the base form and the mega form have such Z-move set, then the move the Mega form has is available, and must be used before Mega-evolution becomes available. If different moves are set, the Mega form's move is the one that will be used. If only the Mega form has such a Z-move set, then it will mega evolve normally, no Z-move will be available in either form.
  2. Has anyone figured out how Necrozma's Ultra Burst and Rayquaza's Mega Evolution are encoded?
  3. I have released the program, currently only working for USUM (I only have access to the latter, I think it should also work for Ultra Sun). It can be downloaded from my Github, at https://github.com/ABZB/Pokemon-Rom-Balancer/releases/tag/1.0
  4. BST is Base Stat Total - it's the sum of the base stats. It was pretty straightforward - I used the standard tools to decompress the ROM, took the specific hex file with that data in it as input, and pointed it at the appropriate offset. Under the current forum rules, I can't post a link to the modified file, which would be a lot more efficient, unless you're using flashcart or an emulator... The patch generator of pk3ds - I need to find a tutorial, I can't seem to figure out how to work it... I think I'm just going to compile my python script and upload it and a readme.
  5. I wrote a Python script that does the following (I have it working for HGSS and USUM at the moment): Pokemon that can evolve twice more have their BST scaled to 300 Pokemon that can evolve once more have their BST scaled to 400 Fully Evolved and non-Legendary Pokemon that do not evolve have their BST scaled to 600 Shedinja is instead scaled to 400, holding its HP at 1. Slakoth and Slaking have their ability changed to Comatose in Gen VII, and Unaware in Gen IV Regigigas is scaled down to 600 and Slow Start is replaced by Sheer Force Scyther and Porygon2 are scaled to 600 Wishiwashi's base Forme is left alone, and the School Forme is scaled to 700 (the previous BST of 625 doesn't much impress otherwise) Legendary Pokemon and Ultra Beasts with BST less than 600 are scale to 600. Mega Evolutions, except for Mewtwo's and Rayquaza's, are scaled to have a BST of 700 (holding the HP base stat to be the same as the scaled HP of the base form). I'm almost halfway through a test playthrough of HG using this, and it's a blast - every fully evolved Pokemon is both viable and a real threat - even overleveled by a few levels, many battles are relatively challenging. Also, because Rattata, Sentret, and Hoothoot get scaled up to 400, they're actually kind of threatening when I first started out! the edits can be seen here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q8je9um5dsec32x/info for 600 balancer.xlsx?dl=0 Please let me know of any suggestions or errors. If there's interest, I'll post patches.
  6. Is this with regard to Pokemon in your party or boxes? The 'current Ability' of a Pokemon is part of each individual Pokemon's unique data - changing the ROM ability just tells the game to assign that ability to newly generated Pokemon of that species. In order to change the Ability of a Party or Boxed Pokemon, you need to either use Pokehex (and use the hack-enabled setting), or, if the Pokemon has two different possible abilities (and the changed ability is not the Hidden Ability), you can use two Ability Capsules in succession (IIRC the game will crash if the ROM Ability 1 is the same as Ability 2, and you use an Ability Capsule on a Pokemon whose Ability is not that ability (and its Ability is not the Hidden Ability).
  7. I had a similar experience. Try standing in the middle of the platform, waiting several seconds, mash A, then wait several seconds. Then move slightly and repeat. For some reason, the first time you enter the chamber it seems to be oddly sensitive about you standing in just the right place, and for some amount of time. After that, I just had to hit A once anywhere on the platform. If you see a green swirl rising around your character, you're almost there.
  8. Any pointers on the easiest way to run the patcher/editor when one only has access to a windows PC?
  9. Yeah... that was the first place I looked... EDIT: I found it!! https://hackromtools.altervista.org/dpp-attack-editor/ It has a number of poorly translated or unlabeled attack effects, and does not allow for editing of physical/special/status, but it does help a great deal.
  10. Several years ago, I remember using a dedicated program for editing moves in HG/SS. I do not recall if it was a program specific for them, or if it was also for DPPt. Unfortunately, it seems PPRE does not edit HGSS moves properly (the dropdown gets gets stuck if I try to select a move past the first few), and I have long ago lost that program over the course of the computer moves in between. Does anyone know what I'm talking about, or even better, hav a link?
  11. There is a second set of flags somewhere that controls a lot of stuff starting in Gen V. What and where is not yet known.
  12. I suspect that wherever this is is where the rest of the move flags whose locations are unknown are.
  13. After midterms, I'm going to keep trying to find where the extra data is. For Flash, based on my experimentation: Status moves fail to function properly when you change them to be Special or Physical moves. Moves whose targets are {any combination of opponent pokemon or single-target, special targets (field, etc.), self, allies} tend to fail when that targeting is changed. The failure mode varies depending on what was switched to what. So for Flash - you could change it to have any effect, as long as you stick to effects that existed before gen VI, do not involve a charge or recharge turn, and work as Status move effects. For example, you could alter it to confuse or flinch instead of or in addition to the stat change.
  14. Corroboration. I think the next step is me writing a program which looks through every file for every instance of each of the legendary's numbers, spit back a list of the ones that have occurrences of all of them, then narrow down from there.