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  1. Game name: Pokemon X Sanchez (pronounced Pokemon Cross Sanchez) Game genre: Pokemon Opening date/expected opening date: Depends Your name: Dorian Black Contact info: Send me a private message here or email me at vclassx@gmail.com. Positions hiring for: Spriters, Co-Script Writer, and someone more familiar with DS rom hacking programs than me. Information about positions: I'm going to need quite a few trainer sprites to replace the Gym Leaders, Elite Four, and Red (among others); I realize that's a bit of a tall order but I'm not really that good at sprite work and I've tried DeviantArt without much success, sorry to say. It would also help if I had someone to help co-write the script of the new plot. I'd like to think I'm a really great writer (I did write all the lore and character bios for my own series, and the first 9 episodes of a reboot--available upon request, if you need them to get a better understanding of the characters and such) but I've never actually written out an entire video game script and I'm having some difficulty figuring out where to go. Finally, it'd really help if I could get at least one person on board to help tweak the game like switching Gym exteriors, coming up with new designs for some of the Gyms, and, since I kinda toyed around with the Pokemon, I also need to create a brand-new Fakemon to keep the original 151 mostly in line since I made Nidoran one Pokemon and made this new one to fill the gap after Nidoqueen. I know this might seem a bit esoteric, but just bare with me here. I want to make a ROM hack of HeartGold/SoulSilver that serves as a crossover with my own series the Sanchez Chronicles. The new plot is that, sometime between Red becoming the Pokemon Champion at the end of the original Red/Blue (or FireRed/LeafGreen, since this is the remakes we're talking), the Sanchez Clan and their forces invaded and effectively took over the world by stealing all the Legendary Pokemon (if you remember in a lot of the movies how Legendaries like Celebi or the Legendary Birds being captured kinda throws things out of balance and stuff...yeah, multiply that by the amount of Legendary Pokemon in Gen4). The player character, Oliver or Holly--or whatever you decide to name them, has moved to the Sanchez-occupied Johto region with your Dad (or Mom, I'm not sure if I want to do this with both games but if I do I want to have small things like that like how Ruby and Sapphire had you fighting Team Magma or Team Aqua respectively) and encounter The Writer, a man who effectively relinquished his own identity, who gives you your starter and the task of assembling information about the Sanchez clan, recapturing all the Legendary Pokemon, and restoring balance. However, there's a rumor being spread about how you can become a Sanchez and receive all the wealth, power, and freedom it comes with by a recommendation from an active member or simply making their leader King Zander Sanchez happy...and what better way to satisfy him then bringing down the kid trying to uproot his regime? Further details and (almost) everything I have is available here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/g24slc5pfbg3p...PaIfa?dl=0 (I'm aware that the gym rosters might seem a little too strong/weak, so I'm totally open to suggestions; I also have each major encounter with the most important members scripted; this was written before I rebooted the series, so the original draft I have might be too far into the series--I might need to fix that).
  2. I was kinda hoping to find someone to do some sprite work for this ROM hack I've been trying to work on. I can supply the reference pics myself, and I pretty much got everything else covered either on my own or by other people. I'm also considering modifying some of the lackluster shiny sprites to make them more distinct but that's kinda something I can do on my own anyway and is of low priority. Anyway, if you can't do it I understand but--if it's possible--it would be a big help to direct me to either another person who might be interested or somewhere I check around. I'm kinda just looking for some of the basics: mugshots, badges, and trainer sprites (both overworld and trainer); since this is a hack of HGSS, I'm looking for all 16 Gym Leaders, Elite Four (including Champion), and Red. This is kinda the important stuff. I also have separate plans for the Frontier Brains--for the perfectionists who want to go for that stuff--and plans to modify the rivals (this may require some re-scripting), a few cameos I decided on adding, and maybe a new Father sprite (to replace the Mom in the game; functions will stay the same); these are just developing ideas, but I'm hoping to get the rival battles to become separate, one-off mini bosses. Also, I might need to figure out if there's a way I can actually get the gyms to warp to the interior of other gyms, seeing as how I shuffled them around (the new order is Normal, Fighting, Psychic, Fire, Ghost, Steel, Dragon, Dark) so is it possible for me to do stuff like have players enter the Violet City Gym and end up in the interior of the Goldenrod Gym?
  3. I've tried working on my own expansion of the rather disappointing XY Pokedex, increasing it from 72 (there are actually 3 unreleased Pokemon in the game's code; look it up) to a more respectable 113 (technically 111 since there are two unstated Pokemon), and I'm thinking I want to make a Black/White (2?) hack that includes the now 113 extra Pokemon, as well as following a brand new storyline. (WARNING: THIS WILL FURTHER REQUIRE THE INCLUSION OF FAIRY-TYPE, AS WELL AS SEVERAL FEATURES THAT I'M NOT SURE CAN BE IMPLEMENTED INTO THE GAME PROPERLY). Changes: -Two new main characters (Thomas and Pepper, the main characters of the "unofficial" Pokemon Go! manga), as well as new companions (Ashley, who accompanies you, and Kylee, who's basically more like Bianca's role in B/W), and even a new rival. -Thomas starts off with Dratini and Gengar, while Pepper starts off with Mime Jr. and is GIVEN a Chimchar (which you can have the option of refusing in order to pick your own starter) -You will be able to choose from all 18 starters. -New evil team, in this case Team Murky -The aforementioned 113 new Pokemon added to the Pokedex, including Sylveon and Draceon, the new Dragon-type Eeveelution, several new evolutions and pre-evolutions -Handful of new items both officially from Gen6 and unofficially -Redesigned Elite Four rooms to reflect new types (Electric, Rock--which I may change, Ground, Poison) -Redesigned Cities, specifically the Gyms -New Fairy-type, as well as the new moves, abilities and retcons from XY, though no Mega Evolutions -Adding/modifying new locations (Pitch-Dark Hole, Abandoned House, which will appear on Route 20, Team Murky HQ, Zi'gyr, where you fight and capture Pokemon Cthulu--literally, Torment Forest, Kanji Island and Champion's Keep, where you face the Elite Four) -In order to get to Kanji Island, which is virtually inaccessible, you will need the Tropics Ticket, which is given to you after earning all 8 badges and ride a ferry. From there, you undergo a tournament with others, including your rival Viktor in the finals and even your gender counterpart (think something like Battle Tower, PWT, or more accurately Battle Maison in XY) -Battles play out similarly to the Pokemon League in the anime, where each competitor uses 3 Pokemon each, and are healed in between rounds. If you lose, you just start from the beginning; if you beat your rival in the finals, you're given an invitation to the Champion's Keep, where you face the Elite Four in no particular order and finally take on the Champion. -New Gym Leaders, and by extension, new badges (presumably also the same 100 TM's from XY) -All Pokemon available through the wild, in-game trade, Safari Zone, etc. (some incredibly rare, but still possible to capture) EDIT: I figured out what to do with the other legendaries. Intergen Legendaries: After beating the Elite Four, and completing the Buoku Dex (registering all Pokemon by seeing them, having data on them isn’t required), fly to Victor’s Cave (ビクターズパス Victor’s Pass)—which is the Buoku equivalent of Victory Road though the high leveled trainers and wild Pokemon it’s probably closer to Cerulean Cave/Unknown Dungeon (remember, that Pokemon League is treated differently than traditional games). At the end of Victor’s Cave (though if you descend all the way down to Level B12, you’ll be able to face Groudon at Level 60), you’ll encounter and face Terry in an off-the-record battle. After defeating her, she will reward you the Golden Ticket (ゴールデンチケット Golden Ticket). Show the Golden Ticket to the ferry and you’ll sail to the Tower of Light (天国タワー Heaven Tower), a massive 40-Level (not counting the roof and basement) endurance test similar to the Sky Pillar where it’s possible to battle and capture the legendaries, with a final fight with Arceus at Level 80 on the roof. Certain Legendaries do require certain party conditions to be met. For example, Regigigas’ room is only unlocked, obviously by bringing the Regis together, with the same applying to Lugia and Ho-Oh requiring the roaming Legendary Birds and Cats respectively. Arceus himself requires BOTH the Lake and Creation trios, though most of the early floors either require fairly simple or no conditions to battle. Most of the first through fourth generation Pokemon otherwise unobtainable are included here, as well as the Aura Trio from XY & a few generation five’s that had their levels changed or scrapped (the Forces of Nature sans Landorus, the Tao Trio, Swords of Justice sans Cobalion, Heatran) Meloetta, Keldeo, and Victini are also obtainable. -In the Team Murky HQ, you'll be able to find a secret room that leads to a glass case with a Poke Ball in it labelled Project Amber prototype. Use Rock Smash on the case, and you'll receive a special Golden Genesect in an Ultra Ball named PRJ (Project) Amber with Megahorn. (Or do you?)
  4. Is there a program out there that can actually allow me to extend the Pokedex indefinitely to include all 650 Pokemon in a hack of Blue? I already have the working title Pokemon 649/0 (Six Four Nine Divided by Zero) better known as Project Retroscape. So, can I do this and include the stuff from later games including but not limited to Steel and Dark types, the complete Movelist through B/W, etc.? I'm willing to settle on doing the same thing in Crystal or something.
  5. I could really use some help with a hack of HeartGold I'm trying to make. Here's the basics: - major story/plot changes, though Kanto and Johto are now counted as the same region (which I may rename) - every major character (gym leaders, Frontier brains, elite 4, Red, as well as some generic characters to fill background roles) will be replaced. - Upon defeat, the gym leaders/elite 4/etc. will give up a Legendary Pokemon (more on that later) - Levels will be increased for difficulty - some types may be changed such as Gyrados, Charizard, and the Porygon line (Water/Dragon, Fire/Dragon, and Normal/Electric respectively except Porygon-Z might be an Electric/Psychic) - NO TRADE EVOLUTIONS! (or have the trades given by random trainers who trade said trade evolutions, i.e. Slowpoke w/ King's Rock for Magikarp or something) - in addition to aforementioned gym leaders, the player character(s), Professor Elm and Oak, and even Mom (or Dad in SS) will receive new sprites (or new in the Dad character's case). - Legendary Pokemon will be unobtainable through any other means aside from defeating their respective Gym Leaders (or an option battle in Kanto Route 25 for a Phione) (I know this one doesn't sound as fun, but I'll get to something better). - Safari Zone/Pal Park houses all 493 Pokemon and serves as the Safari Zone; may or may not redistribute Type levels (Tundra- Ice, Mountain- Rock, Desert- Ground, Factory- Steel, etc. but may be difficult to program). - One-off sprites in random trainer battles (unobtainable Gen5 Pokemon, recolors such as black Meowth, Shadow Lugia, and Primal Dialga) (I may not keep this one around if it seems like a bad idea). - Rival Battles are now totally gone; instead, they will be replaced with "Nemesis Battles" which are basically one-shot rival battles, each one (except the first) netting a Legendary of their own. With that, let's move on to how each of the Legendary Pokemon are distributed: 1- Shaymin, 2- Regirock, 3- Jirachi, 4- Entei, 5- Giratina, 6- Registeel, 7- Rayquaza, 8- Darkrai, 9- Articuno, 10- Palkia, 11- Deoxys, 12 & 13- Lugia and Ho-Oh (double battle), 14-20- Moltres, Mewtwo, Celebi, Groudon (who may or may not become Fire/Ground), Regigigas, and Arceus w/ Draco Plate (the champion will net 3 random Legendaries and the rest on rematch, which may be difficult to execute in future rematches), 21- Heatran, 22- Uxie, 23- Cresselia, 24- Manaphy, 25- Kyogre, 26- Latias, 27- Suicune, 28- Regice, (Nemesis battles in order of appearence, not in chronological order to the above Kanto/Johto Leagues) 29- Mew, 30- Mespirit, 31- Latios, 32- Azelf, 33- Zapdos, 34- Raikou, (the final battle, Red's fight at Mt. Silver, is not available until all 35 prior--not counting the optional Phione battle--have been obtained; Mt. Silver itself, however, is accessible) 35- Dialga; you'll also get the option of naming them upon obtaining them. I need a sprite editor, map editor, trainer editor (obviously), script editor, wild PKMN editor, starter editor (I had the idea of making version exclusive starters--with evos shortened or edited where needed to reach final stages earlier than their canon versions; Shinx, Ralts, and Dratini in HG and Duskull, Aron, and Larvitar in SS), and lastly, I could really use someone to do some sprite editing work for me since I lack the talent.
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