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  1. Hello, I looked around the forums to see if there is currently any info on how to change type advantages (EX: allowing poison moves to hit steel types instead of being ineffective) for any of the past pokemon DS games(D/P/Pt/HG/SS/BW/BW2), but i didn't find anything. Any help on this info would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I have a question about this tool. I notice that the crit ratio of moves can be altered from level 0-6. Is it possible to change all moves that aren't "hi crit" moves to have no chance of critical hitting the opponent? And what are all the crit ratio values for each level? 0 - 6.25% 1 - 12.5% 2 - 25% 3 - 33.3% 4 - 50% 5 - ??? 6 - always crit (100%)
  3. Is there an editor to change which pokemon can be found by headbutting a tree in HG/SS?
  4. I've went back to check which pokemon I need to change and I noticed that there's some pokemon with a maxed movepool such as dusclops and a few others and I haven't even altered their movepool. I guess there's a few exceptions, ?
  5. Ack! So I have to replace the movepool narc for the platinum hack now? Or is it safe for me to go back and edit all other mons moves so they only reach up to 19?
  6. Has anyone ever experienced a bug/glitch when testing their hack that a pokemon may learn a few more moves or "nothing" at a particular level? I was testing my platinum hack earlier today and have Furret learn Dizzy punch at level 15 upon evolution, but somehow it also was trying to learn Grasswhistle and Fire Fang although I didn't give it those moves in ppre. The other scenario was when I have Spinarak learn Pin Missile at Lv. 22, he evolves to Ariados and is then learns Mega Drain. At level 23, it is possible for it to learn Pin Missile again, but instead it just said it was trying to learn " " instead of skipping the move since it knew the move already. Is it possible that it's because the pokemon's movelist is maxed out? I didn't remove/replace many attacks for a few pokemon including Furret/Ariados which caused them to have their movepool maxed with 22 moves.
  7. Disregard last post. The moves still work although they have weird effects.
  8. Also, the Attack Editor DS for DPPt. It shows some of the secondary effects for moves to be different than what they normal should be. For example, Blizzard has the effect of Hit+Burn(effect 4) no matter in which shape or form I insert various waza_tbl.narc into D/P to edit from the program(platinum, hg/ss). Other moves I've seen that doesn't have (I'm assuming) the correct effect is: Dig - Unlike other 2-turn moves, this one only has the effect of normal hit(effect 0), Is this possible? Or does it require a second effect? Does this allow the move to get a 2nd effect? Whirlpool - It has hit+Freeze(effect 5) instead of hit+trap like wrap or fire spin(effect 42) Bounce - It has hit+Selfdestruct(effect 7), instead of the effect saying that it reflects the effect of waiting a turn and possibly paralyze(effect ???) Thunder Fang - Lower Opp Def by 1(Effect 19), instead of chance to hit+flinch and paralyze(effect ???) Ice Fang - Lower Opp Att by 1(Effect 18), instead of chance to hit+flinch and freeze(effect ???) Fire Fang - 100% hit like Swift(Effect 17), instead of chance to hit+flinch and burn(effect ???) Defog - Hit+Poison(effect 2), instead of effect ??? Captivate - Copies Att of Opp(effect 9), instead of effect ??? Stealth Rock - Raises own Att by 1(effect 10), instead of effect ??? Chatter - Raises own Def by 1(Effect 11) instead of effect ??? Head Smash - Raises SpA by 1(effect 13) Shadow Force - Raises Evasion by 1(effect 16)
  9. I noticed that there is a thread for showing hexes and what value could be changed into another effect or number for pokemon B/W on this thread: BW - Move Data, but I couldn't find one for D/P/Pt. Does anyone know all the values and what can be changed? I am hoping that I can alter the crit ratio like B/W move data.
  10. I'm having a few problems with the results of editing my moves. I can not seem to alter a move to something else completely. I gave Ingrain the exact same effects as Aqua Ring(so it wouldn't prevent switching), but it doesn't work at all. It says that the move failed. I tried to give Worry Seed and Gastro Acid a secondary effect, but they don't perform any of their effects at all, they would only deal damage. I made Fury Cutter similar to Metal Claw, BP 50 with a chance to raise the pokemon's attack, but all it did was increase the power of the move and retained the same effect to double damage over time. I made SolarBeam, Sky Attack, and Razor Wind from 2-turn to 1-turn moves, but the move would still perform the charging animation; Although it did this, it dealt the damage of the move and ended there(so being a 1-turn move in the end regardless, just not the way i would expect it). I tried to make Beat Up a 2-5 multi-hit move, but it still had the same effects as before(# of hits determined by party), just with base BP instead of relying on pokemon strength.
  11. This is a very interesting program. Is it possible to edit/add pokemon abilities as well? For example, to make the ability Illuminate to have an effect during battle like stench, or to make a speed boost ability in the sun for fire type pokemon.
  12. Hello, I have a question. I wanted to know if anyone know the hex/byte data I need to edit to change Giga Impact from being a charge move, to become a recoil move similar to that of head smash(basically normal type version of head smash). I realize this is moreso an undeserved favor, I would do it myself, but I am uncomfortable with changing(I usually edit one or two things within the hex of a narc, not the most of the hex itself.) i would really appreciate this. thanks in advance.
  13. There is moveset adjustments for almost every pokemon. I just haven't finished compiling my list of movepool changes as of yet.
  14. I actually do believe that it matches Serperior's design. Not only does it have some color of yellow on its body. It can get away with it being some sort of voltage throughout its body. Before Black and White officially was released, many people seen the Gothitelle line as being part dark type. And not all counterparts ever really neutralized each other. No, it is just a sea serpent/monster/leviathan. The same could be said for Milotic, . any reason to no on captivate? Captivate looks similar to Charm and Charm hits any gender of pokemon. There really haven't been any moves to drop SpA stat until now(Struggle Bug, Snarl).
  15. This is a rom edit of pokemon black and white where you can obtain all 649 pokemon. The difficulty of the game has been increased as well as various changes to pokemon moves and the pokemon themselves. Changes from the original versions: -All 649 pokemon are obtainable one way or another. To have version differences in the game, a pokemon may be found later in the game instead of finding it early like the other, or a pokemon may be more common to find. -Another version exclusive is how often you will require to play in a rotation/triple battle. Each game will have more matches of each type of battle. Black Version will continue to have more Rotation battles than white, and White Version will continue to have more Triple battles than black. -All trainers have their pokemon edited. This improves the difficulty in the game and satifies players to have a challenge as they play the game. -Trade evolutions is not required to evolve pokemon that needed to do so before. -Wild pokemon are stronger as well. This helps when level grinding is necessary. -Shaking Grass now contains more rare pokemon. -Dark Grass have tougher pokemon. Attack Mechanic Changes/etc -Critical hit ratio is returned to its former glory. All critical hit moves have been raised back to 25% chance to crit from previous games. -Expect to see secondary effects on moves to happen more often. Various moves have had their secondary effect increased including freezing moves(such as blizzard). -Buffs in stat-boosting moves. Moves such as Howl and Meditate now boost more than just Att. Howl is similar to Dragon Dance, and Meditate is similar to Coil. -Charge moves such as Fly, Dig, Dive are now more powerful and have a secondary effect if it did not before. -SolarBeam is no longer a charge move. It now performs similar to Fire Blast(ACC reduced to 85%. PP reduced to 5, and 10% chance to burn). -Trap moves have similar power to Surf/Flamethrower/etc(Whirlpool/Fire Spin, Sand Tomb, Clamp), or to Vicgrip(Wrap/Bind). -All move changes will be listed below soon. Pending Move Changes -Making Captivate Genderless/SpA version Charm - opinions on this change? Y or N? -Hyper Beam and similar moves - opinions on how the move should change? -Changing type for HM Strength - opinions on which type? Pokemon Type Changes Spinarak/Ariados is now Bug/Dark and movepool now reflects this. Masquerain is now Bug/Water and movepool now reflects this. Volbeat/Illumise is now Bug/Electric and movepool now reflects this. Seviper is now Poison/Dark. Glalie is now Ice/Rock and movepool now reflects this. Luxio/Luxray is now Electric/Dark and movepool now reflects this. Electivire is now Electric/Fighting and movepool now reflects this. Magmortar is now Fire/Psychic and movepool now reflects this. Servine/Serperior is now Grass/Electric and movepool now reflects this. Pignite/Emboar is now Fire/Dark and movepool now reflects this. Dewott/Samurott is now Water/Fighting and movepool now reflects this. Watchog is now Normal/Electric and movepool now reflects this. Cofagrigus is now Ghost/Steel and movepool now reflects this. Gothita/Gothorita/Gothitelle is now Psychic/Dark and movepool now reflects this. Elgyem/Beheeyem is now Psychic/Electric and movepool now reflects this. Beartic is now Ice/Fighting and movepool now reflects this. POKEMON MOVEPOOL CHANGES Kanto Pokemon Johto Pokemon Hoenn Pokemon Sinnoh Pokemon Pending Unova Pokemon Pending ROM HACK COMPLETION DETAILS Attack Changes - 100% Pokemon Movepool changes - 80%(transferring data to rom now) Pokemon TM/HM Compatability changes - 0% Wild Pokemon Changes - 0% Trainer Battle Changes - 0% Gym/E4 Battle Changes - 0% Expect more details about the hack throughout next week! *Note: sorry for the lack of creativity in first post as well as some sort of visual for the game. The thread will be updated often.
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