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  1. Anyone remember the rumor that Mew was behind the truck? lol Good times.
  2. That game is beyond overrated. I rank it just as high as the redundant gameplay of Multiplayer Halo. I'm sorry but KH had its moments, but not to last for over 2 damn years. Good game, just not that amazing (it's not the first to do an action RPG)
  3. Sapphire because it's the only one I've ever played (and for the least amount of time: about 7 hours)
  4. Hopefully, Game Freak will make a Pokemon MMO where we all can have little exclamation marks when we see another trainer we want to battle.
  5. Basically this. Although a nice feat to show, it's not at all surprising.
  6. The first two are a bit odd. You put blur on crucial areas and a refined focus on odd areas.
  7. Agreed, his team can take punches or can't survive one. Thus not needing Vaporeon
  8. He lied about his age when trying to get into a bar.
  9. I remember doing that Mew glitch. but instead of going for Mew, I went another path and got some other pokemon. Anyone remember that secret PC in uh... I think Celadon city?
  10. I'm glad someone agrees with how I see this.
  11. LOLDREAMANALYSIS? FREUD? Dude, that stuff is such bogus. We covered that about 2 months ago and it basically allows the psychologist to interpret the ambiguous and abstract images as something relative to your life. And Sociology is boring unless it's about the authoritarian personality.
  12. I downloaded the Missingno that is in the original OP and changed it to Arceus. Am I missing anything else? Does it have to be Missingno or can it be Missigno.
  13. Hm... so has anyone saved? I might save after I back up my real game on the computer. It'd be a nice little thing to upload in that showcase-box thing. So what exactly does Missingno look like?
  14. Haha, I just noticed is new title too. Cheers.
  15. ^truth. And what's sad is his Pikachu. I don't know where to begin.
  16. Can anyone confirm the legitimacy of these event pokemon?
  17. I disagree, starmie is always a great add, especially with reflect so it doesn't seem totally pointless. Surf Stab is a nice add to everything else. To be honest, I would switch Rhyperior with Dugtrio to fit the Sand team nicely. 1/2 dark moves, 1/2 ground moves and Life orb or something to make it very deadly.
  18. I'd use Taunting Zelf as an anti-lead. Stealth rock, taunt, and explosion + filler. Pretty clean. Sash it and it'll have to taunt and stealth rock almost anything. Weavile is just no longer useful to be honest, I'd fill it with Scizor if you want a revenge killer. Bullet Punch + STAB. 'Course, then you have two metal types on your type, lol oops.
  19. Sorry. My only complaint is how horrible the clothing styles are.
  20. Y'know, I like your whole team except for the lack of diversity. Double-waters + Ground/Rock. Hippo is good. Vaporeon is okay. But now you have Starmie. The best rapid spinner in my opinion. To me, it doesn't sound like you need a wisher if you have Slack off for Hippo, Scizor can't be saved and Starmie can withstand punches. No to Rhyperior. His cons outweight whatever pros you seem to show. I'd replace it with a mixed fire type or ghost. With a ghost type, you can switch-in on a known rapid spinner and prevent them from taking out your stealth rocks, which is always a good thing. Some use Gengar as a subpasser, which fits off nicely in your team. You have a good start, but some things need to be changed. A rare Swampert can easily fuck you up.
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