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  1. This one is hard for me...x_x KH1 had a sort of numb feeling to it; just seemed boring. One of those games where you regret doing something because it'll force you to complete some huge task. I never played the original CoM but by the looks of it I wouldn't even buy it anyway. KH2, now that was fun. The graphics were awesome, you rarely ever grew bored, and you almost always had something to do (like attempting to whip Sephiroth >.>) The Reaction Command system was awesome and really added an epic twist to the fights, if only it were a bit more difficult than pressing triangle *.* Re:CoM wasn't bad, but the card system just didn't feel right for KH. Made it too sttategic to actually enjoy the action, you were always either looking at their cards, looking at yours or dodging what they were pulling off, but it was still a lot better than the original CoM 358/2 days,hmm... well I liked it, a lot. The graphics were...not the best (as you would expect from a DS) but the storyline was mind-blowing on my opinion. Not only did it explain half of the KH storyline but it kept you playing it, it got you addicted. The multiplayer, I never got to try it, but I'm sure it was pretty fun. And just as they made a Re:CoM, as I've said before, I'm guessing they'll mostly make a Re:358/2 days, or at least hopefully they will, we all want better graphics for it I would have to pick 358/2 days. Can't beat a storyline like that. Typically.
  2. Spamming? I don't remember myself spamming at all. I guess tha's what a year or two does to you. Can I get information on how I spammed?
  3. I havn't posted on this forum in well over a year or two :creep: One of the most populated PC games on the market, Counter Strike: Source is a general duplicate of its predecessor Counter Strike, revamped with better graphics using the Source engine. Awesome game, any Steam user has to agree. I wonder if there are any Steam social groups on this forum board o_o Anyone who owns this game, let yourselves be known, maybe we can start a Steam group. My profile page is located here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/PurgedPatriot
  4. i just like sleekness so i have to go with lugia thats basically my only reason for votin 4 him. and now that i think about it....ugh, lugia wouldnt look so good with a beak. who cares, i just pick lugia . and dont mind my typing, i kno it has no punctuation or anything, get used to it, i get lazier by the day.
  5. <p><p><p><p><p>Hi, D@t@ G@l@de#3!</p></p></p></p></p>

  6. theyre both so friggin ugly, but based on appaearance i vote shiftry. in competitive battling ludicolo would win. it annoyed the living crap outta me when i was up against wallace. it not only has a huge amount of defense, it has few weaknesses that can much of anything to it. but i go with shifty, im just a tiny bit racist of mexicans... the sombrero kills me. i hae ludicolo so much id have to go with shiftry.
  7. yes but then when you turn it back on you get to apart three minutes after that and get stuck AGAIN i wish that kunaidudewould look back and see how famous he made this thread.
  8. Well here is my suggestion with a moveset and a strategy ( I will come up with ideas later on). I don't really EV, IV, or nature train right now, but I think there are plenty of others on the team who can cover that. I won't be specifying an item either. So here it is: Venusaur_ Moveset: Sleep powder Leech seed Giga Drain Attract Strategy: I use this with my Venusaur in LG. It's basically just a complete setup. First, if your up against an opposite gender, use Attract on it. It will barely ever attack you after it is seduced. If it's not an opposite gender, use Sleep powder as an alternative. Once you have one of those (or both of them casted on it. If you can get both Attract AND Sleep Powder on it, that thing will be in a corner) induced upon the foe, use leech seed to automatically drain energy every turn. After that, just keep using Giga Drain on it until it faints. If it wakes up, just use Sleep Powder on it again. It's almost impossible for ANY pokemon to get out of this, unless it isn't affected by grass types. Also, You may want to give your Breloom Drain punch, since your team is based off draining.
  9. granted, but you cant understand anything they say, rendering it hard to know what to trade to them without being scammed. the game may also crash due to interference with a completely foreign wireless object (the DS) i wish that everyone who hasnt already done so would read every wish so they dont wish for a wish already wished.
  10. Hitmontop! i loved that guy from colloseum.
  11. granted, but the season only had two episodes. i wish that everyone would keep their wishes pokemon related, bc the half of us have no clue what the other is talking about.
  12. i TOLD you all someone was spamming! *eats can of spam for lunch* and yet i seem to find enjoyment in it! i vote for the second to last one because i found james' murderous flytrap appealing. i found it intertaining every time when he eats james. NOTE: Here's something many people don't know about victreebel: It defies gravity! And i can prove it! Here's how: Go to Wraith's post that had the two sprites of a Victreebel on it. Turn your head upside-down and then looks at it like that. You'll notice that it looks JUST like a big Weepinbel! Seriously, just from looking at the sprite like that, I think that Victreebel should be a a Psychic type also!
  13. dont even DENY that i just set umbreon on fire! (not literally, id never do that ) hes in the lead! wooo!
  14. but...*sniffle*... what about Umbreon?:frown: his moveset may be bad,but...
  15. Granted, but then Tingle (your not hiding nothing Mr.) finds you with all of it, and chases you around for the rest of your life telling you to buy his maps. I wish that Gallade wasn't looking like a girl before he evolves. They should sort of do it like Nidorans. Start out as a ralts, Males evolve into new MALE species, Females evolve into Kirlia, And then it goes on from there.
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