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  1. Hello, Could someone please assist me with chaning OT name for the starter pokemon I receive in Pokemon HOME? I wasn't aware that the OT would be the same as my username in Pokemon HOME. As I lack a CFW I would need to trade it to someone for editing. Would that be an issue?
  2. In the Black Skyscraper / White Tree Hollow, some ace trainers have the trainer class "The Riches".
  3. Just made it to the champions league. This is how the message appeared when I unlocked it: MULTI BATTLE []is now open Also, whenever I win the lady says something along the lines of this For winning I will now award [Trainer Name] with battle points. Is this how it's supposed to be, or is it supposed to be "you" instead of my trainer name? Nice work so far. Edit - [] = one space
  4. Yeah, that is on v2 (the one I am playing right now). I am also not sure if this is due to the enlarged english characters, but when I picked up an item, I think there was a space before my name in the message: " [trainer name] found [item]" " [trainer name] put the[item] in the [item category] Pocket." If it is due to the enlarged english characters, I'll keep quiet. ^^;
  5. When teaching TMs to pokemon, either of these messages appear "Should a move be deleted and replaced wi" "Should a move be deleted and replaced" I think it should be "Should a move be deleted and replaced with [move name]?" Also, after I have taught a Pokemon Draco Meteor, after the message that says it has learnt the move appears, after I press the A button an empty text box appears. This is probably the case with all move tutors.
  6. Adding onto this, I have noticed that there are a lot of double / triple spaces between words and names in the world tournament, any chance of these spaces being corrected? I can tell you where I see them. Edit - Losing round 1 in the world tournament, the lady says this: "Great job! This is to commemorate your pBurghcipation!" and "Welcome to the Pokémon World Tournamet !" (space after tournament should be removed). Double spaces I have found when in the tournament bracket (as an example, as I have found more): "Falkner vs [Trainer Name]"
  7. Whenever I enter my PC and go to "Someone's PC" or "[Trainer Name]'s PC", a text box with a question mark appears before it loads the menu to withdraw and deposit pokemon, and in my PC, before the option to enter my mailbox.
  8. Haha it's been a while. And that sounds great, keep up the good work, I can tell more effort has been put into this.
  9. I really like this patch, well done. Are you guys going to offer a patch which retains the Pokemon's japanese name? I think this was done in the past with HGSS and BW1.
  10. He has already said it's going into his personal collection, thus NOT POSTING.
  11. Are there still going to be katakana versions of new patches or will there just be normal patches with names translated?
  12. Use the latest patch (Version 7) which should have fixed the Battle Subway freezes.
  13. Just made it to the subway master, so it seems the battle subway is fixed (it would normally crash halfway into my second / third subway run). =) Edit - You might want to check Occa Berry's activation message, seems the name of the pokemon and the item got switched when it activates.
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